On The Menu #229 includes 27 scrumptious summery recipes! YUM! Let’s plan to eat good food this week! And treat ourselves to some delicious desserts too! Are you hungry? Here’s what’s On The Menu…

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Ready for a delicious, summer-inspired menu plan?


This is a super fast meal to make! I usually double the recipe and freeze the leftovers in individual servings. It just gets better and better!!!!

Need a quick meal? Chicken Taco Soup should be it!

Here’s a fun way to serve soup…

Put the entire pot of soup on a thick wooden cutting board on the table and serve from there! Use classic kitchen towels as napkins!


It’s pasta night, here at StoneGable! We love pasta. Especially, Bobby! So I try to make pasta almost every week.

To make this a little more “skinny” I’m replacing the heavy cream with 1/4 cup evaporated milk and 1/4 cup nonfat Greek yogurt. I find this creamy substitute works just fine when most recipes call for cream.

If you want to splurge USE CREAM! Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves!

Such a scrumptious recipe from Upstate Ramblings! UR is a StoneGable Foodie Favorite blog!

Have you ever sprinkled buttery breadcrumbs over pasta? What a difference a garlic infused Parmesan breadcrumb topping makes on any pasta!

It’s so easy to make while your pasta water is coming to a boil…

In a pan melt 2 TBS butter and 2 tsp olive oil. Add crushed garlic and gently cook on low heat until the garlic is just starting to get golden. Do not let the garlic burn, it will taste bitter. Add breadcrumbs and stir to combine. Cook until the breadcrumbs are golden brown. Remove to a bowl. Add 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese and a TBS of chopped fresh parsley and 1/4 tsp zested lemon peel. Mix and sprinkle over pasta.

This takes pasta to a whole new level!

I love the way Ann ties a towel around the hot pan of pasta. This will remind you not to touch it! I have grabbed way too many hot handles in my day and spent dinner holding a bag of ice! Ouch!


Pizza is at its best when it is baked in a brick oven or on a grill! Fire does something so special to the crust.

I love making bread and anything (almost) that is dough related. I feel like I am doing something so so good! Tonight’s recipe can be made with homemade dough or store bought.

This yummy recipe is from Lauren at Tastes Better From Scratch another SG Foodie Favorite!

If you don’t have fresh pizza dough use Lavash bread. Most grocery stores carry it. Just be careful when you put it on the grill. It will burn fast!

My daughter cooks her pizza dough over a grill and then tops it and finishes it in the oven. Smart girl!

I like any food that is single serve and homemade pizzas are great as individual items! Why not set out all the toppings for pizza and let everyone help themselves! So fun!


I’m so excited about tonight’s main dish! I love Swedish meatballs but don’t make them or eat them… until now! These are skinnytaste meatballs!

No wonder they are so delicious! Traditionally, Swedish Meatballs are usually swimming in heavy cream! YUM!

Gina, who is a rockstar in the foodie world, has made them not only delicious but without all the cream. And don’t they look scrumptious!!!!!

I have her SKINNYTASTE AIR FRYER COOKBOOK and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Gina has a bevy of amazing healthy eating cookbooks! Thanks for letting me share your Swedish Meatball recipe today. Skinnytaste is a StoneGable foodie favorite blog!

Tonight’s diner is perfect for serving everything in a large shallow bowl. Let the flavors marry together! YUM!


On Friday’s Bobby and I usually have a laid-back dinner. No different tonight! This chicken from Ann at Upstate Ramblings looks amazing and is so so easy to make! Chicken and prosciutto together are so tasty! Yes, another recipe from Ann! I love her recipes!

I’m serving this pretty chicken on a bed of arugula. If you have not tried my Arugula salad you should! It will become a favorite salad!

Another perfect dinner to be served together in a large shallow bowl. Top the salad with one chicken breast sliced diagonally. So pretty!


Just family tonight but it is such a treat when they come!

Have you ever had Gazpacho? It is so so wonderful and fresh. I’ll serve it in bar glasses as an appetizer. YUMMY!

Tonight’s main dish is salmon. And this recipe has become my go-to favorite! It’s so easy and the flavors are company worthy!

Thanks, Lyuba at Will Cook For Smiles another SG Foodie Favorite!

I love to serve Gazpacho in stemless wine glasses on a white platter. Along with little white bowls of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and bacon! So pretty! Keep everything white to show off the gorgeous color of the Gazpacho!


Tonight we are having a very casual dinner on the patio. Our patio is set up like a living room and we don’t have a picnic table. So we are putting the food out on the coffee table and eating on tray tables! A bit adventurous, right?

I’ve never done this before. We usually drag out the table and chairs and set them under the tree, but since there are just going to be four for dinner I thought we would give this a try!

Thanks, Keikilani from All My Good Things!

My go-to summer dessert is my absolutely yummy Rhubarb Galette. It is so easy and so pretty and so delicious! I could make it in my sleep. The great thing about this recipe is you can use an in-season fruit to fill it. Raspberries are in season so tonight’s galette is raspberry!

Don’t forget to use some pretty candle glow outside too! You might like to see how to make MASON JAR BIRDSEED LANTERNS. They take only minutes to put together!


Scones are one of life’s great treats! I have a friend Margaret who makes the best scones ever! I can’t wait to share these cookies with her, I bet she will love these too! Berry Scone Cookies are from Mary at Barefoot In The Kitchen, an SG Foodie Favorite blog.

Most cookies can be frozen and I think these would probably freeze well too! Here’s a super-easy way to freeze cookies. Completely cool the cookies after they bake. Place them on a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet and freeze them. Then put them into a freezer bag or other freezer container. Label with the cookie name and date.


What a smart and great way to make CHEESY GARLIC BREADSTICKS for a crowd… or you if you are hungry!!!!

So making this CHEESE BAKED EGG TOASTS when we have overnight company!

SOUTHWEST PASTA SALAD is a side dish everyone loves! I make it all summer long!

EASY GRILLED CAPRESE CHICKEN is easy enough for weeknights but company-worthy!


I’m ready for another LOW COUNTRY BOIL with crab!

I’m using up my zucchini to make my favorite sweet bread recipe, GLAZED LEMON ZUCCHINI BREAD!

One of my favorite soups to make in the summer is New England Clam Chowder!

Have a happy, and scrumptious week, Friends!

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  1. I LOVED your addition of tips and sources after each day’s recipes! Fabulous addition to my already favorite post of the week!

    1. I’m so glad you like the tips. I’m always thinking of ways to make my posts more helpful to you