June’s Musings And Decorating Tips

Do you want to catch up with recent things going on at StoneGable and The Tanglewood House? And get lots of decorating tips too? Great you will find all this and more in today's post.
June Musings and More

Hi, Friends! My heart is so full as I chat with you today! I’ve been reminded again and again this month just how much all of you mean to me! And you have blessed me with so many kind words! Thank you! I love this crazy job because I get to connect with you. I know I have so many friends I have not met in person! Wonderful and diverse friends! So let’s start June’s musings, friend!

I don’t want to get all gushy and mushy but musing are for telling you the more personal side of my life. So, here goes…


Saturday we, the Home Style Saturday girls and I, celebrated our 300th HSS! Each blogger is giving away a $75.00 gift card to our favorite decorating haunt. I chose Crate and Barrel. Great products at reasonable prices.

To enter you just need to leave a comment. And so many of you did. But I was quite overwhelmed by all of the readers who had such wonderful things to say about the blog and, humbly, me!

One of my biggest passions is to help women be more confident decorators. And to break down Interior Design concepts into easy to understand, doable, and repeatable processes you can do in YOUR home.

I LOVE LOVE LOVED reading that I’ve helped you! I’m still walking about 3 inches above the ground over that. I feel like I am fulfilling one of my life’s purposes.

It gets a bit quiet during the summer months on the blog. I often feel like I am writing to the walls in my office. And I want to say, “Are you there?” “Am I helping you?” “Hello!”

Well, you let me know! Thank you!

BTW, you still have time to enter to win 5 different $75.00 gift cards. Enter the GIVEAWAY here.


If you are a homebody raise your hand! I am too! I love our home and love my job. And most of my days are filled with writing about home and taking pictures of my home and editing pictures of my home and creating recipes in my home. And on and on!

But I also love small jaunts away. A week away is just about enough for me.

So Bobby and I took two back-to-back trips since May’s musings.

First, we traveled south to one of my favorite small cities, Asheville NC. I am a huge fan of this energetic and frenetic city! We’ve made a few trips to Asheville.

We stayed in the beautiful Grove Park Inn. What a place! And the history of Grove Park is fascinating. It is tied to Alka Seltzer!

The Inn was built into a mountain and has a craftman/art deco style. The top image is the front of the Inn and the bottom pic is the back. There are 514 rooms in this magnificent Inn.

I think Grove Park looks like a hobit built it!

June Musings and More
June Musings and More

One of the first things we do when we travel somewhere is to take a Trolley Tour. It is a great way to get an overview of a city and a bit of history too.

We ate delicious food in eclectic restaurants and enjoyed the art, music, and vibe of the city. I had pork belly for the first time.

The second trip was very different! We traveled north in our RV to the Finger Lakes and wine country of NY. We glamped on Seneca Lake.

This was a very laid-back trip of long mornings with coffee around the campfire and afternoons taking wine tours at amazing wineries. This area is known for their plethora of wineries and craft beer breweries.

We toured the beautiful town of Geneva. This college town is full of interesting history.

And we took one field trip to Letchworth State Park. This is a must-see destination. Breathtaking nature, for sure. It features a long glacial gorge that is known as the Grand Canyon of the East and waterfalls and miles and miles of pristine hiking trails. Very impressive!

We also had lunch at the Glen Iris Inn which sits right by a waterfall and boasts quite a history of her own.

A bit of travel was fun, but like always, I’m glad to get home!

Did you know I take you with me wherever I go?

I do posts in hotel rooms and by the pool. I post in the car and on planes and in airports! I post in the RV and around the campfire. Often when we take RV trips I can’t get internet reception. So Bobby and travel the area to find a place I can write and post in the car. Finding a Walmart is golden! I can almost always get enough of a connection to put out a post in the parking lot!

Our next trips are to Newport RI and the Upper Pennisula MI and Williamsburg VA. And maybe a trip at Christmastime to Savanah GA. Savannah is one of my favorite cities. It’s especially pretty in early spring.


In a recent post I asked who chops their decorative pillows and who does not. Can you guess what I do?

We all have definite opinions about chopping!

June Musings and More

The image below highlights why I like to chop. See the difference?

I remember when I first saw a chopped pillow, it was love at first sight!

Chopping a pillow works best with down filled pillows. And there is a bit of an art to creating a perfect chop.

Here’s how to make the best chops…

Fluff your pillow then karate chop it so it makes a sizable dent in the middle of the pillow. Next take the ears of the pillows and join them together in the middle. And finally, while you are pinching the ears together with one hand smooth the back of the pillow down and let the ears go. This works like magic to create a pretty chop!

Give it a try!


In a recent Summer Bedroom Tour, there was a picture of beautiful roadside flowers I picked and put in a vase on my vanity and in vases next to our bed. So pretty, right?

June Musings and More

They look like Queen Ann’s lace but are not. So I asked you if you knew what these flowers were.

A few of you said they were poisonous hemlock weed. I found images of the weed and after a quick glance decided these flowers were a bit different. Then later upon closer inspection…


June Musings and More

The pretty roadside flowers were really very very poisonous! Can you imagine my surprise and horror! I’ve lived in Pa all my adult life and never has anyone every mentioned poisonous hemlock weed!

Since our cat does not come into our bedroom and we were not going to ingest the weeds I left the pretty killer weeds on my dressing table and guess what?

A week later they look just as fresh and gorgeous as when they were picked!!!! They are certainly survivors! Hydrangeas or peonies or tulips would be wilted and spent.

This makes me think… evil things often come in pretty and enticing packages!


I’ve been busy making over a couple areas of our Tanglewood House. It’s taken a long time to figure out how to decorate and live in this open concept home. I never would have guessed that an open concept would have been so difficult for me to embrace.

I absolutely love our home and the openness and the windows and the light but decorating it has proven to be a big learning curve.


One room I am working on is the sunroom. It’s s-m-a-l-l! And our family like to all smoosh together in it. There are lots of other comfortable areas to congregate in our home but the sunroom has a certain draw!

We bought a sectional for this room and it worked well but for various reasons, we decided to give it to our son and his family and get a new sofa.

June Musings and More

We also got a pair of handsome end tables that won’t be in until September and I have new lamps waiting for them.

Until the end table come I’m on the hunt for a new chair and a small round side table.

I hope the sunroom will be ready for my fall home tour!


I’m pretty happy with the living room, at least for today (you never know with me). Except for the coffee table. I’ve had four coffee tables in this room and returned them!

And I’m questioning the one I have now in the living room. I like it a lot but the finish is too bright. So I’m sending it back too!

I had an epiphany the other day. I’m thinking I might get a big square coffee table to fill the space in the middle of the room and make the living room more of a cozy conversation area. Still thinking and looking for another coffee table online!

June Musings and More

What do you think? Tell me in the comments.


I ordered this bookcase for our very long foyer. Oh, this is a keeper! I’m so excited to have bookshelves to decorate!

I’m still thinking about and looking for wallpaper for our kitchen. This one is still my fav.

June Musings and More

And I’m almost finished with the upstairs Golf guest bedroom. If you missed the little preview of it you can see it HERE.

June Musings and More


Last spring we did a lot of planting around the outside of our home. So this summer we can really see growth! One of my favorite plantings are the seven ruby slipper hydrangeas planted next to the walk on the way to our driveway!

June Musings and More

They bloom white and then get pink splotches on their petals. Then those splotches seep into the rest of the petals and by August the hydrangeas are a gorgeous scarlet color!

June Musings and More

We also put a cutting garden at the end of our driveway. Because we can’t dig up the yard, I made a “pop-up” cutting and herb garden! I love this little space.

June Musings and More

You will find me early in the morning with a cup of coffee fussing over each plant! Right now there are lots of marigolds thriving there. This week I’m adding more pink annuals to the planters too.

June Musings and More

You can see the raised beds HERE.

This is a great location for my herbs. They get so much sunlight!

Do you have a little garden you love?


Here are some of the things I’m doing behind the scene of the blog.

I’ve been making banana bread. Lots of banana bread. And I’m really not a fan of banana bread. However, what do you do with all those overripe bananas?

Here’s one of the fails. This banana got a little overdone but it was not very tasty. Looks can be deceiving!

June Musings and More

I make delicious Maple Glazed Banana Bread Scones but I also want to make an amazing banana bread with a magical streusel topping! So I’m still making banana bread. When I get it right I’ll post the recipe.

Bloggers try to be about 6 weeks ahead of any season and holiday. This gives all of you time to think about and get ready for an upcoming season. So I’m busy creating my fall blogging calendar. Oh, I have pretty and fun things in store! Fall is my favorite season so I’m having lots of fun planning for it. This year, gorgeous saturated rust is the color of fall at StoneGable!

I’m still working on covering books, painting a very pretty pumpkin, improving on a chimichurri sauce, researching upcoming trends for 2023 and the color green, and downsizing emotions for future posts.

Work life is crazy busy but I LOVE it!


  • July 4th will be here before we know it! We don’t have any specific plans yet but our kids and grandkids and my mom will be with us. I’m sure a lot of swimming and good food will be involved. I make these Cherry Pies In Jars With Stars every 4th. They are so good and perfect for Independence Day. The post is a decade old but the recipe is delicious!
June Musings and More
  • Food is on my mind. Another recipe that I make when we get together is The Best Potato Salad You Will Ever Make. And it really is! This is my Nani’s recipe and I get asked to make it for gatherings more than all my other recipes.
  • Do you swim? Swimming is my form of exercise. I swim all year round but particularly like swimming in an outdoor pool in the summer.
  • Our daughter Jacqueline was commissioned as a deconess in her church yesterday. I am so very proud of her and her husband Jonathan. Serving the church in that capacity takes the whole family. Jacqueline may God bless you and strengthen you and give you wisdom for the task.
  • What do you eat for lunch? I have gotten really board with what I eat! Salads and soups mostly. Do you have any yummy ideas?
  • As I said last month, I am not a naturally neat person. However, I like a clean and tidy home. But my desk has gotten no better than it was last month when I mused about it. So today I’m spending as much time as it takes to get it in order and everything put where it belongs.
  • Duck update: If you read last month’s musings you might remember I shared a picture of 8 duck eggs behind one of our hydrangea bushes in our front landscaped beds. The dear duck sat on those eggs diligently and while we were on one of our trips the eggs hatched and all that was left were a few empty shells. We wish the mother and her babies the best!
  • I hope you enjoying the musing posts. If you have musings of our own you would to share leave them in the comments.
June Musings and More

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  1. Lovely post – we love the Grove Park Inn as well. When we took a 2 week driving trip a few years ago we did a big loop around the area, and even went horseback riding with a guide in the mountain area outside of Hendersonville. When we checked in at the Grove Park we were told – oh, you are in the Kissinger Room. How cool. I do have a great lunch tip. I make tartines a couple of times a week. I love Trader Joe’s tuscan bread. It’s oval in shape, and not too thick. I first broil 2 slices on both sides – just enough to brown them. I top them with a variety of items – our favorite is smoked salmon with minced red onion and capers, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and cracked pepper. I cut them into 6 narrow slices. Delish. Other topping favorites are bruschetta, avocados, tuna melts, and prosciutto. It’s a good way to use leftover grilled veggies. Since it’s just the two of us now I put the bread in the freezer and a while before we eat I take out 2 slices and wrap them in paper towel to thaw out. The bread keeps very well in the freezer. Lovely with a glass of white wine!

  2. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    What is the name of the plant (white , narrow leaf that is on your opening page of this post?
    It is lovely in the white bowl.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m not sure. I found it at our local Amish greenhouse and need to go back and ask them.

      1. The plant may be a white variegated wandering jew….it is stunning!

  3. I have a friend that recently purchased a new home. She had a lot of furniture to buy. I was very surprised when she kept buying and returning. Chairs, sofas, bar stools, bedroom furniture, you name it and she returned it! I laughed out loud when I read that you had returned 4 coffee tables and maybe 5!
    Love your home and the blog!

    1. I KNOW! Buying online is wonderful but not seeing it in real life before I buy makes it hard!

  4. Yvonne I LOVE your new Musing blogs.
    Get to know you a little more personally. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of June.

  5. Donna Dunk says:

    So you’re a fellow RVer! What kind of rig do you have? We have a 32ft class A . We are heading out for a three week adventure to Maine in a few weeks. Like you, I love being home so it’s a balancing act between adventuring and longing for my screen porch. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you in my mailbox each morning.

    1. I enjoy your beautiful pictures and posts. Thanks for the give-away.

  6. Yvonne, not to get mushy and gushy, but I DO feel like you are a friend I’ve never met! I adore your blog and have learned SO MUCH from you. You seem to be a “giver” rather than a “taker”. I love that. While my home isn’t nearly to the level of yours, I am slowing incorporating concepts where I can. Keep up the good work!

  7. I would love to hear more about your “glamping” adventures! My husband and I just bought an rv recently.

    1. Hi Becky, I am a bit of a high-maintenance girl! So camping would really not be for me. We chose a large camper that is light but is full of nice amenities and I have it fixed up. We put indoor outdoor rugs around the campsite so we don’t have to walk on gravel. Lots of little luxuries make camping a fun and comfortable experience.

  8. Good morning and Happy Monday! Would you share the link for the wallpaper you are considering for your kitchen? Thank you for the time, effort and thoughtfulness you put in each blog post. 🙂

  9. Christine says:

    Great post! I think I would love to visit Asheville and stay in that inn. My husband and I visited Newport, RI in mid-May. We enjoyed the picturesque town and surrounding area, visited some mansions, and I enjoyed looking at all the 1700’s and 1800’s colonial houses.

  10. Terry, Chadds Ford, PA says:

    I love your “musings”. It feels like we sat down together and had a cup of coffee and shared like friends! I have enjoyed your blog for years and I must say that my home has become more neutral and I love it! I also love touches of red and rust so I am excited to see what your fall look will be. Your recipes and “whats on the menu” has inspired me as well. Thank you for blessing us with your kindness and care about our homes and families.
    If you have never been to Newport, RI, you will love it! Just a great town and the views of the water are amazing. I am sure that a few mansion trips might inspire, interesting for sure. Travel over the bridge to Jamestown; an island. There is a great lighthouse and park there Beavertail Lighthouse. Both are beautiful places for lots of photos!
    Keep enjoying our beautiful summer here in PA!

    1. Terry, Chadds Ford, PA says:

      OH, I love that you got a new sofa. The photo of the fabric is just what I want! Can you tell me where you purchased it from? Unfortunately, I have to wait to get a new sofa until my 3 “old men” cats are gone. They are 15 and 16 years old, 3 long haired Siberians that love dearly but I am on the look out for the sofa of my dreams! I can’t imagine getting a new sofa and having any of them pick it with their claws or getting tons of fur on it! You are lucky that your cat seems to leave the furniture alone.

  11. Beth Groff says:

    Good Morning Yvonne! Since Gary’s surgery 4 years ago we have become home bodies also. It is so hard for him to get out and hard for me getting his wheelchair in & out of the car. I do like to travel and will do some in the future with friends and the one stop on my list is the Biltmore. I have always wanted to see it and will some day. Life throws us curves some times and we just have to deal with it and keep on going. As I have written many times my days are not complete till I read your blog every morning. God Bless You! Hugs Beth

  12. Those Banana Bread Scones are SO good. I have made them several times, even freezing them raw to bake “as needed”. Looking forward to trying your streusel banana bread!

    1. So glad to hear you are enjoying the scones, Dee. Hopefully I’ll have a perfect banana bread soon!

  13. Yvonne, you and your blog have been my morning coffee pleasure for a few years now. I’m excited to hear that you and Bobby will be visiting Newport. Rhode Island. The Ocean State is not only surrounded by gorgeous beaches and coastlines but is also culinary heaven. In Newport don’t miss the Inn at Castle Hill. There are a few great dining options at the Inn, but a favorite is the Adirondack Bar- sitting and sipping on the ocean front lawn watching the boats go by…sublime. Other favorites in RI are the Matunuck Oyster Bar in Wakefield, the Coast Guard House in Narragansett, and the Ocean House in Westerly. I hope you love RI as much as I do! Enjoy!

  14. Rosalind Mitchell says:

    Love the musings, i miss your dish sets. You got me hooked! Love to read your blog.

  15. RayeLynn Fletcher Longhini says:

    My husband is from the area of NY near Letchworth Park. My first trip “up north” to visit his family, we stayed in a B&B near Letchworth. He wined and dined me at the Glen Iris Inn and topped off our time there with a hot air balloon ride over the canyon. Quite an experience! We were dating at the time and I think he was trying to impress me. It worked!? Thanks for reminding me of great memories!

  16. I just returned from the Lancaster area. We go once or twice a year to take advantage of the farmers markets there. Lots of good food and shopping. It’s a beautiful area.

    We traveled to Asheville NC a few years ago. Unfortunately we didn’t stay at The Grove Park Inn but we did visit there. It is worth seeing.

    One of my goals was to visit all 50 states. I completed my goal in 2012. Each state has something wonderful to see and do.

    1. Oh, Wow! That is our goal too! However, Bobby and I are not retired so traveling to see the farther reaches of our country in our RV will be a few years away.

  17. Yvonne Abel says:

    Hi, Yvonne! Guess what? Another Yvonne checking in! I have been following your blog for months/years? My hubby and I also recently downsized to an open concept one-story villa and we love it! I have used your many blogs to think about my new home – everything from paint colors (I chose SW pure white for cabinets, trim and ceiling and Natural Choice for my walls throughout). It is a perfect neutral background. My furniture is primarily natural linen and French country style wood and creamy white colors. You are right! What fun then to add in trendy or seasonal pops of color. Yes, I had some floating shelves added in the TV alcove just for the fun of decorating. Thank you for your commitment to providing inspiring and functional posts. Plus so many pretty pictures! I hope you continue doing what you love for years to come! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Yvonne! Congratulation on your move. Your home sounds beautiful!

  18. I love the pillows above in The sun room. Where can I purchase them? I love your decorating ideas and your Sunday messages are inspiring.
    As a fellow Christian, can I please ask you to add Baby Myla to your prayers? Our friends baby was born on Thursday and did not breath for a couple minutes. Please pray for swelling in brain to go down to illuminate seizures.
    I know this is a decorating blog, and this is a strange request but I believe in the power of prayer.

    Enjoy your week and thanks again for the fun ideas!!

  19. Yvonne, always so enjoy your posts. But I must say the new “musings” are delightful. A little glimpse into your life in a more personal level.

    Savannah – one of my very favorite cities, as well. Asheville, so delightful. A fact for you, my grandfather was the Pastry Chef at the Grove Park Inn for a couple of summers in the 70’s. He and my grandmother loved working there and taking day i trips in the afternoons.

    All best to you.

  20. Your trip to NY sounds delightful. I love to visit wineries. The cherry pies are so cute. There is a morning dove nest on my patio with a bird sitting on her eggs now. This is the third time birds have used the nest this spring!! They will have to build a new one to use next time!

  21. Yvonne, I love your Musings posts! It was interesting to learn that you & Bobby take RV trips. I would love to hear more about your trips and your experiences; especially tips on organizing your RV, necessities to pack to make life away from home easier, camping meals (cooking in the RV and outdoors…. grill, campfire), space-saving ideas that you use, making your RV homey, etc. I so look forward to your posts and they are the first things I look for when I open my Inbox! I especially love your weekly menus and recipes. I can’t begin to count how many wonderful and delicious recipes we’ve added to our family’s favorites. My family often hears, “This is one of Yvonne’s recipes!” as I serve dinner and we know it’s going to be good! Thank you for all you do. I’ve learned so much from you. 🙂

  22. Hi Yvonne, Nice post. Your trips sounded wonderful. I can’t throw away a banana, so I peal and freeze them and make, bread, cake, cookies. All are very good. Last but not least, Lunch: sliced honey roasted turkey from the deli, Lacy baby Swiss sliced cheese. and pickled asparagus all rolled up together. Turkey then cheese then asparagus and roll. We pickle our own asparagus but it can also be found in some nice groceries. Hope you give it a try. Vicky

  23. Christina Fullerton says:

    Yvonne, I want to tell you how very much you inspire and make me smile. It is so easy to see how you put all you have into your blog posts. Over the last few years, I have unsubscribed to some other bloggers (who are perfectly lovely), because it can become overwhelming with so many in my inbox! I will continue to receive your posts, because your words and content bless me so very much. Thank you, precious lady!

  24. Yvonne,
    Keep sharing your travels. I love to see where people go and what places they recommend for travel ideas!

  25. Read that you will be traveling to my hometown of Newport, RI. Very busy town for being so small. Tourist love it and newcomers that want to reside here love it. Being a local I have seen many changes, and now it’s to the point where the town has changes so much it’s not the town I grew up in.
    Don’t want to turn you away. There are LOTS of things to see and do here. Just bring a lot of cash with you. LOL If you love the water and all the nautical things that are going on here, you are in for a treat. Enjoy your stay. They might even be making a movie . Three so far this year. Movie stars like to visit all year round and other famous people. You might be having dinner with one.Norma

  26. Am I thinking correctly or were you going to tell us a story behind the round mirror?

    Something about it took so long to get??

    Love your posts and keep up the good decorating advise! We really do listen. Paula

  27. Deb❤️ says:

    It’s late in the evening and I finally just now finished reading your “musings” post. I HAD to comment and say how delightful it is to hear about the things going on in your life. Thanks so much for sharing with us! You’re a blessing to all ?

  28. Barbara C says:

    What a fun post–thank you for sharing!

  29. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, you are definitely that wonderful friend that we have never met! I really enjoy your Musing blogs. This was a great idea to do this for us. We always look forward to reading your blogs. You always do such a great job.

    Glad that you and Bobby were able to get away for a few weeks. There are so many nice places to visit.

    Your container flower gardens are so pretty. Also, Yvonne, I agree with you on getting a square coffee table. We changed our coffee table to a square one with a shelf on the bottom and we really like it. Sometimes it takes time to settle into a new home and decide what is best.

    Glad your ducks all made it. I’m sure you will see them swimming on one of your ponds! That mamma duck sure knew the perfect house to pick to have her babies! So cute!

    Have a wonderful week, Yvonne, and thanks for all the wonderful posts you bring us!

  30. I am so enjoying your “Musings”! It is a wonderful way to spend this early June morning, and now I’m thinking of making the geranium wreath. Double wreaths is a great tip. I look forward to July musings now!

  31. I had to laugh at myself when I didnt quite read the intor to how do you feel about chopping. All I couls thiunk was Why is Yvoinne talking about chiopping with the Chinese tersm becaseu the Chinese are very picky about how they chop vegetables and meat. Then I Finally got it was [pillows! Ours never stay in position so I have no opinion about chop or not. Now what kind of marterias to use, absolutely. Forgot you are now an RV’er. We’re thinking about it. Newport is on our travel list. I do love your Musing post.

  32. I feel desperate to start redecorating my house, summers need a lot more than others do. I’m not sure where to start but I need to start! Should I start at the front door? It seems so overwhelming! Any words of encouragement would help! I feel like I need a little help I am looking at pictures and your blog helps somewhat but I don’t know what’s wrong with me I just can’t seem to take a step.

    1. Hi Laura, don’t stress just start! Pick your favorite spot and begin. Decorating is not a race. Just take your time and enjoy the process!

  33. You bring sunshine into my day. I look forward to your sharing insights into decorating our homes.
    We live close by in Kennett Square. I feel like we are friends and neighbors.
    You helped me through a difficult time recently and took my mind off things. I am most grateful. Love your musings. ??

    1. I hope your difficult time is over, Mary! Thank you for your lovely comment. Bobby and I visit Longwood Gardens often.

  34. I have been busy lately, and have not had the time to read all my emails, but I read this one from start to finish, and so enjoyed all your musings! I especially enjoyed your travel stories. I live near the Finger Lakes, and we go there often for day trips. Also, Letchworth Park is a gem, as you said, “The Grand Canyon of the East.” So glad you got a chance to visit our neck of the woods! We have to make a point of going back to Asheville, as we have not traveled much with Covid. As for decorating, I am always looking at your blog for inspiration, have just put out all my white decors for the summer. Your faith is an inspiration as well. Thank you for all you do!

  35. First, we must be on the same mindset lately as I too am looking at using some ripe bananas but not a huge fan of banana bread. I’ve just ordered some new sofa pillows but I really haven’t found an insert that I love. I prefer a dense cushy pillow form but many are too stiff, sound crunchy or too light and airy…any ideas?
    My husband and I are always looking for quaint places to visit so I’ll keep your trips as notes for later trips. I love flower gardening and am always in my yard tending to them or trying a something new. I just planted a dwarf Tidbit Hydrangea early May and the blooms are already popping out. My Annabelle hydrangeas and Incrediballs are all in bloom. Patiently waiting for my new Cafe Au Lait dahlias to show some blooms.
    Summer is very busy but realize you are being read daily. It’s hard to reply to all but I try. Your designs are so much what I am looking for in our home. White’s and all shades of white are so me …with a touch of texture or some light blues. Please keep posting…we are here:0)

    1. Down inserts always! Go up one size to get that dense and full look. If you pillow cover is 20″ get a 22″ pillow insert.

  36. Lynn Burnett says:

    I enjoy your blog and the ideas you share. Definitely going to chop my throw pillows.

  37. I always chop my decorative pillows.

  38. I enjoy the musings and hope the ducklings are doing well (make way!). Not a fan of chopped pillows. A few chopped but not all of them. I like some just sort of naturally slumped snd some straight. Nice mixture.

  39. June is a great time to go outside and do some puttering around. I am a brown thumb so I shy away from tackling any gardening but I do have fun fixing up my little patio in the back. Its a great retreat in the summer.

  40. Teresa Brownie says:

    I look forward to hearing about your trip to the Upper Peninsula, MI! This is a place that my husband and I would like to visit sometime soon.
    I never knew there was an in depth technique to “chopping” a pillow. I have used the technique before, but am more intentional after reading your post. The picture you shared of a pillow chopped and not chopped read an excellent indicator of the added decorating value from chopping a pillow. Always enjoy reading your posts while eating my lunch!

  41. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Biltmore. I live just over an hour from there. The NC mountains are beautiful. I feel so blessed to live in NC.

  42. Yvonne,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. I enjoy your weekly recipe ideas & I really appreciate your spiritual insights.


  43. I love the idea of your Musings… sharing even more of your personal activities and thoughts. Thank you, Yvonne!

  44. I live within driving distance of Grove Park Inn and have not been there, but I do enjoy occasional shopping tripe to Asheville. I always enjoy your decorating advice.

  45. Yvonne, thanks for this fun new weekly giveaway.

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