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  1. Thank you Yvonne for this post! As you know, I am in the midst of this mix and match thing. Still struggling to find a rug for my office thats reasonably priced to go with the mustard entry rug which is seen from my great room that has a jute rug.

  2. All of the rugs that you featured are absolutely beautiful and I would love to have them in my home but they are way out of my price range. Could you possibly post some rugs that would work and are not as expensive?

  3. Hello, this post is so timely for me and want to send a big thank you your way! I’m right in the middle of being overwhelmed by choosing several rugs to go in an open floor plan. These tips have already helped get me thinking in the right direction! Thanks so much!! Robin

  4. GREAT POST! I especially appreciate that in addition to th pictures, you actually provide links to the rugs that are shown! I’m in the process of decorating a new house, and will definitely be coming back to this post for some purchases!!!

  5. This is a very helpful post. When I first moved into my open concept home, rugs were a mystery to me. Afraid of making a mistake, I bought two of the same pattered rugs for the living area and dining space. I know! Boring, right? I’ve since changed my chairs & toss cushions in the living room and bought a new rug. I’ve left the dining area bare. I’m going to take this advice and find a coordinating rug for under my table. No more matchy, matchy.

  6. I am a lover of area rugs.I have done the mix and match in my home.The dining and living room are close to each other so I chose a medallion rug for the living room and a diamond pattern for the dining room both in neutrals and grays, looks so good together.Also have the diamond pattern in a rug at the front door entrance.After much searching, all rugs are wool and bought at Target.I was lucky to get one of the rugs on sale.The rugs in your post are beautiful.

  7. Hi Yvonne,
    I was wondering your thoughts about rug pads? Do you think they are needed for the rugs in this post?

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! I plan to buy 3 different rugs in for the main area of my home and this was so helpful!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I am absolutely in love with your living room rug. May I ask where you purchased it?

  10. What a perfect timing for this topic! I’ve been on a rug hunt…how did you know? 🙂 And of course I need help! ..I have a off white braided round jute rug in my kitchen and immediately next to the room is a sunroom that I need to add a rug in. I will be using a much larger rug and was going to go with another jute rug to keep it simple for me to decorate seasonally yet have some texture. Should I go with the off white jute since they would be so close to each other or can I try the natural jute? Also would it matter what pattern of jute I got since it will be near the braided one? Although separate rooms, these rugs would be about 4 feet apart.thank you so much for the advice!

  11. Perfect timing Yvonne. I am shopping for kitchen rug and one coming in from my garage. I have an open floor plan. Great tips!

  12. Me again…
    Are jute rugs a challenge to keep clean? We live in Minnesota…but we are also empty nesters. Considering one as you enter from my garage. Unfortunately I do not have a mud room. Thoughts?

    1. Great question June. The place where you enter from your garage is probably not the best place to put a jute rug. they clean up easily but real ground in dirt can be a bit of a problem. Use them in an area that does not get dirty feet fresh from the outdoors.

  13. This article is very informative! I just got my first apartment and have spent countless hours searching for rugs! I have a living room/dining combo and the living room rug I selected was a multicolor tribal shag with tassels. I’m now searching for a round rug for my round dining table.

    I appreciate the insight and I may take your suggestion to pull a solid color (gray/cream) from the living room rug. All the other colors in my living room rug are too bright- blue/yellow/orange/pink/green. Initially I was going to do the same tribal design (gray/cream) but I’m not sure !

    Would love to know your thoughts! Thank you

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