Don’t you love to find the perfect thing for your home? It makes my heart sing. The most frequently asked question here at StoneGable is “where did you get that“. So I’m sharing sources for my master bedroom room today!

This room was been a labor of love! And I’ve taken my time and slowly styled and edited and added over about a year. This project was a total gut. We replaced the hardwood floors and everything from there up!

Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, well except the sheets were kept. After 23 years there is not much I wanted in my old master!

So many of you have requested sources for my master bedroom.

I have lots of sources for you and you can find them HERE.

You can also hover over the words GET THE LOOK under my header and a dropdown box has both the dining room source page and the master bedroom page.

Remember you can visit StoneGable to see everything on my blog anytime by going to OR googling StoneGable blog.

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  1. I see so much of Jesus in your abundant & gracious heart. May He continue to bless you as you bless all of us with your wisdom, gifts, & talents. I pray we will learn much as we offer you our docile hearts. ?

    1. You need to go to the GET THE LOOK “page”. If you read down the post there is a place to click HERE and it will take you to a page of sources. The rug and the bedskirt are there. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Yvonne!
    I was so excited to see a post from you today. You have been such an inspiration both in decor and spiritually.
    I have missed your regular posts.

  3. I have a room i call the cowboy room (only because my grand kids called it that ). I think your bed skirt would look fantastic in there. My question is did you make it yourself,and if you did ,did you wash it first? And how do you wash burlap. I just love that room you created. On a day like today i would read in bed and sip a cup of Tea. It would feel like Paradise.

  4. A lovely retreat after a long exhausting day for sure. Animal prints and the many textures compliment each other beautifully.
    The grand babies sitting on the night stand turn it from just a pretty room to a home full of Love and memories in the making,
    Aren’t we Blessed❤️

  5. Lovely bedroom retreat. Curious if the rug you used in your bedroom is from Ballard Design? It looks like the one that I have been coveting or months now! If it is, can you tell us what color way yours is. The rug you posted on your Source section for the bedroom does not look like the rug in your pic. Also, a while ago you talked about the lambswool pillow on your bed and I am particularly interested in knowing where you found that! I think I recall you saying it was a great find/buy! Thanks in advance for any info you have to share!

  6. Yvonne, i am addicted to your info and pics, seeing that i am not creative at all. It seems that all the shops i go to online do not ship to south africa! My basket would be full, only to see that my very exciting shopping spree was for nothing.
    Any idea where else i can try with similar items to choose from. There is not a shop in south africa that sells the variety of the ones overseas. Thanks for listening and colouring my life with your ideas! Sonja Steyn

  7. Beautiful bedroom! Regarding the tobacco baskets—Is that one set above the bed or did you purchase two sets and use 1 large and two mediums? The photo angle makes the outside baskets look like they are the same size.
    Thank you!

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