I slept in this morning. It was deliciously wonderful! I woke up to the smell of bacon which meant Bobby was busy making breakfast! The day outside my window was just so beautiful! A perfect late fall day with saturated falling leaves and a crisp chill in the air. Oh, how glorious! Then I remembered the world outside was upside-down!

That didn’t make the outside world any less beautiful, or the falling leaves less saturated. The air was still gloriously crisp!

But the thought of a world-wide pandemic made my stomach churn! Yes, it is a scary and serious time for our whole world! Let’s just acknowledge that truth upfront! But I also want to tell you another truth…


I love the book of Esther! It’s certainly a rags-to-queen-riches kind of story! But it is so much more than that! This fairytale story is true!

The real story takes place in a time God’s people, the Jews, were in exile from their land Israel and the Persian empire was ruling. It came about during this time they were in danger of being totally annihilated. They were in a very, very bad way!

Eventually, the fate of the Jews came to rest in the hands of a girl who had caught the eye of the king. So much so he had made her his queen.

Little did the king know that she was a Jew!

Earlier in the story this king, Ahasuerus, had been tricked by a wicked man Haman, who loathed the Jews. Ahasuerus was tricked into writing an edict that all the Jews were to be slaughtered!

For God’s chosen people the world was turned upside-down!

The Jewish queen, Esther, had a very wise uncle Mordecai who advised the queen to go before the king, unravel the evil plot of and beg for mercy.

Going before the king uninvited also meant almost certain death. Even for his queen!

Uncle Mordecai said to Esther…


This story has a happy ending for Esther, her uncle Mordecai and the king. But not for the evil Haman!

You can read how this true story turns out in the bible. Or you can read it HERE. It’s really a wonderful true story!

We too have been placed here FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. And even at this time and in our dire circumstances GOD IS IN CONTROL! Just as He was in control in Queen Esther’s time and in all times past. And will be in control in all times future and in eternity.

Let’s be real, yes there is a lot of bad and worry and angst and trouble in our world! But I have read and believed God’s word so I can be at peace.

Jesus said,


So we, who believe and trust Jesus for our salvation from this world and its troubles CAN have peace!

Be comforted friends! You and I no matter what we are faced with can trust God and have peace! We are told upfront this world will always be full of trouble. But when we have a relationship with THE LORD Jesus the Messiah we can have peace.

The words, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS keep rolling around in my mind these days. And I believe I am here FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS to bring glory to God and help others!

And so are YOU! You are also here FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

Worry and its close cousin fear are thieves and time-wasters! Giving in to them shows a lack of faith and a belief in the lier of the world!!! Worry and fear can add NOTING to our lives! Worry and fear cannot change our circumstances but they keep us wallowing in them.

I may worry and I may be fearful. Those are the times I run to God’s Word for truth and peace! Only in Him are they found! God is Truth! And in Him alone is peace!

Instead of worrying about the upside-down world right now thank God that this is where you are right now because He is with you! Ask Him to show you how to be a joy and a comforter and a help.

We cannot change where we are but we can change how we think about it! We can align our minds with God’s truth, His word!

We can be a blessing because we are here FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

Please do not leave a political comment. Today’s post is about God not government. Thank you!

I pray for you always, friends! Be safe and smart and trust God! xo

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  1. Thank you so much for this timely reminder that God is, in fact, in control. Even though it may not seem like it sometimes. I needed this today.

  2. Thank you for a sweet reminder this morning. I do love this story and it was good to re-visit. You could have built it up even more by referring to her negative mother in law, and what inner strength it must have been for Esther to rise up. She was a blessing for her people and God.
    Happy Sunday, I was feeling a bit “blue” due the time change, COVID, and thinking of how to best navigate the holidays, you reminded me, I was made for such a time as this! I’m often the “joy giver” in my family, work, and friend relationships, and maybe that’s my role for a bit longer. I just need to remind myself to keep filling my own tank!

  3. Loved this post and read the story of Esther. It helped put everything into perspective. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  4. Thank you for this post. Sometimes we need to be reminded of things. Today feels like it is that type of day for me. I love the story and your gentle reminder was lovely.

  5. Good morning, I’m so thankful I found your site after visiting OSP. You nailed the message we all need to hear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Have a blessed day

  6. Dear Yvonne, what a comforting, encouraging, and timely post!! I deeply needed this reminder, that God is in control. I was looking at my circumstances and allowing the enemy to make me feel hopeless. God bless you! ❤?

  7. I love your Sunday editions. For the past 10 years I dealt with my hubby having Lewy Body Dementia. The last 5 after he got the diagnosis. This past year was awful for him. He fell a lot; I tore my meniscus trying to help him; EMTs became our best friends; and in May, when I could no longer continue, I placed him in memory care. I was finally feeling a little like myself again when my ceiling in the family room crashed to the floor without warning. For a month I and my big dog had to live with various relatives during repair. I had just gotten back into my house when my hubby took a turn for the worse and died. If not for the promises of God I could not have made it. Keep on sharing His Word ad promises. You are doing a good thing…bringing hope.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful post and story of how God is always with us, ‘in such a time a this.’ When we’re filled with the Holy Spirit through God’s word and prayer we can make a difference! Exactly as you said: ‘be a joy, a comforter and a help’. We need to support one another this way and be His light in this time. God Bless you, and enjoy your beautiful Fall Sunday!

  9. This is perfect Yvonne, thank you for this so very true. Fear is a liar and a bully! I love the story of Esther, what a woman of character, conviction and faith she was! Happy Sunday! Be blessed!

  10. You are such an amazing woman. I look forward to your Sunday blogs. Well, actually I look forward to all your blogs. But on Sundays you always come through and show how much you love the Lord. You’re blogs have a true Christian spirit and they always make me closer to God and helps lift my spirits during a trying time. So Thank you.

  11. I agree with you in this sentence “Ask Him to show you how to be a joy and a comforter and a help”, as most of us are so worried about how things may turn out eventually. I was calling some students’ parents last Friday and one of these people sounded so, so sad, that from memory I have just called her home again. Her husband answered the phone and He couldn’t believe there are people praying for his wife to get better. I firmly believe it deals with the current situation the world is under. So, if somebody else would like joining praying for this family, I am a hundred per cent certain, everything will improve for her.

    I am worried about the way the world is going, but I am sure He is is charge and will keep all of us safe from illness and safe from despair and deep sadness.

    Big smile for you, yours, everybody on this blog, but specially for those that really, really are more in need to feel His LOVE.

    Huge hug from Spain once more,

    1. Charo, I will pray for healing on the family you need help for. God is so good and I truly believe the more that pray the faster the healing. God bless your loving Spirit.

  12. How do you share your post? I would love to share these wise words from you on my Facebook page. I see share this post, but it’s not clickable.

  13. I’m enjoying this Sunday morning, reading about Esther and trying to remember that we are not the first to go through such devastating times, that plagues and and other things have happened in biblical proportions yet the world has survived. We can only control how we react. I’m going to try to do better.

    1. What a great reminder. We can react with fear and anxiety or we can react with trust and anticipate how God will move in our lives. Thank you! How we act is such a witness to others.

    2. Amen!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful lesson. Your blog is truly inspirational. Have a wonderful week and God Bless You.

  14. Thank you my sister in Christ for the gentle and loving reminder. God is in control of everything. I am grateful for your ministry. You decorate my heart.

  15. Thank you for your wise words of truth! I have always enjoyed the book of Esther and it’s a good reminder that God can empower us to be brave and courageous. I am grateful for His peace that I have experienced during this upside-down season. Thank you for the beautiful way you share your heart with us.

  16. I simply cannot wait to meet Queen Esther! Thank you for sharing today…….it was just what I needed to read. And God wins. He has overcome the world! And knows my journey of grief and pain. I am so thankful and blessed by those promises. Be blessed today as you move about your day. I know I will.

  17. I love the story. It is so true. As you said we may be worried and fearful but we must put our trust in our Heavenly Father. Have a wonderful day.

  18. I always look forward to Sunday and your beautiful words about our Lord and Savior. Thank you for sharing your faith.

  19. I love your wise words! Thanks so much for sharing your Sunday blessings!

    Happy Fall love the month of November!!

  20. Thank you for these words of wisdom. I believe in God’s holy word. Sometimes we need a reminder and an encouraging word.

  21. Thank you so much – I live each day with the fact that no matter what happens, God is now, always has been and always will be in control.

  22. I too am a believer and I do appreciate you and all of your posts. Please keep up the great work you are going! You inspire me for decorating my home as well as my walk with Jesus. God Bless you!