father's day printable of Psalm 12:1-3

Happy Father’s Day! This Father’s Day printable will make a wonderful gift for the men in your life! What better way to celebrate his life and influence than to frame this handsome printable and make this a gift for him to treasure!

This printable is suitable for framing as large as 8 x 10″.


  • Find the three little dots to the left side of the image of the bell in the right had corner of the page
father's day printable
  • Click on the three little dots and a dropdown box will appear
  • Click on DOWNLOAD and the printable will be downloaded to your computer.
father's day printable written instuctions

I love the book of Psalms. I try to read one psalm every day doing it all over again and again and again…

When my children turned 12 I asked them to read a psalm a day until they graduated high school.

I was so blessed that they continued to read a chapter of the Book of Psalms far after graduation!


The Book of Psalms is a group of divinely inspired lyrical poems. Psalms is a word taken from the Greek word Psalmoi. And that Greek word was taken from the Hebrew word Tehillim. Both words mean “songs of praise”.

The Psalms are a book of worship. A tale of what God has done and who He is. It’s also prophetic in that it tells of event future to the time of the writer so precise it is as if they were eyewitnesses. It is in this great book I first learned of the character of God.

I hope you like the printable and will make it part of your Father’s Day celebration.

My husband and both of my boys will be getting this printable of Psalms 1:1-3 as a little gift!

A blessed and happy Father’s Day to the men in your life!

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father's day printable

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  1. Oh thank you, Yvonne! Your posts are always SO thought filled. I appreciate your wisdom not to mention such wonderful decorating advice.