A $75.00 Crate And Barrel Giveaway And Choosing White Paint

Welcome to Home Style Saturday #300- See how to choose white paint, update your deck with a new color palette, make a lavender sugar scrub, take a New England summer home tour and learn to build a beautiful shutter wall! Plus enter to win a $75.00 gift card. 
HOME STYLE SATURDAY #300- dining room with white paint

Happy Home Style Saturday #300! Thank you for enjoying HSS, your weekend mini decorating and lifestyle magazine! We are celebrating this 300 HSS edition milestone with five giveaways. Yay! Don’t you love giveaways?

As a small token of our thanks, we’ve put together an electronic gift card giveaway! Each one of us is giving a $75 gift card to a different retail site to one lucky reader. So that’s a total of five gift cards! To enter, just leave a comment on today’s post, and feel free to enter on every blog. For your convenience, the links are below. We will each announce our winner next Saturday.

Lory @ Designthusiasm – $75 to Pottery Barn
Ann @ On Sutton Place – $75 to Walmart
Janet @ Shabbyfufu – $75 to Amazon
Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality – $75 to Target
Yvonne @ StoneGable – $75 to Crate & Barrel

Just leave a comment and we will choose random winners. Stop by next week to see if you have won!

Good luck, my friends! And thank you for reading Home Style Saturday each week!

This week on Home Style Saturday I’m chatting about how to choose the best paint for your home. Come see the Ultimate Guide To Choosing White Paint. There is a ton of great information and lots of ideas in this post!

Welcome to this special giveaway edition of Home Style Saturday #300!


Please leave a comment and enter to win a $75.00 Crate And Barrel gift card! Happy Home Style Saturday #300!

HOME STYLE SATURDAY #300- white paint in the dining room

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    1. Thank you for yummy recipes, inspiring Sunday messages and home care …daily! Wow! Always uplifting and supportive ❤️ Ww

  1. I love your decorating creativity. You have given me confidence to try new items in my living space! Congratulations on your milestone!

  2. We are in the midst of remodeling and your ideas and photos are so inspiring. I am not a confident “decorator” so having your guidance has been amazing. Thank you!!!

      1. I enjoy all your decorating ideas and your recipes. I also look forward to your stories of your faith.

    1. I always look forward to posts from this group of fabulous women! Yvonne, I love your Sunday posts – they help keep me on track. Thanks so much.

    1. I am a longtime follower of yours. I have found so much inspiration from your beautiful posts! 🌻Congratulations on your 300🤍

    1. I absolutely love Stonegable and Yvonne! I have enjoyed so many of the recipes, which has helped me plan my weekly menu. My husband has also enjoyed the variety and the delicious food!

  3. I used Classic Gray by BM (the SW equivalent is Oyster White) in my whole house. It’s really white with a ‘hint’ of gray. I love it!

  4. I enjoy your blog. Your tip to keep the whole house in the same color scheme is right on the mark! I find it soothing to have consistency from room to room and when you want a change it is easy to shop another room… and it all looks brand new without dropping a boatload of cash. But, its occasionally nice to get a little something new, with say, perhaps a gift card??? LOL LOL Thank you

  5. I love Yvonne & Stonegable!
    You have made such an impact on my decorating . I now have more comfort & enjoyment while decorating! And I’ve learned not to buy everything I love at Homegoods! 😉

  6. Congratulations on 300 Home style Saturdays! What an accomplishment! I look forward to seeing post every week!

    1. I LOVE your blog..your decorating is so inspiring AND YOUR FAITH IS EVEN MORE INSPIRING 💗

  7. I have been decorating for over 56 years. Sometimes you feel like you get in a rut, but by watching your videos it inspires me to get excited again and do something new. I totally enjoy each and everyone of you. You cover a lot of different areas and that keeps me interested. I like the tours, design ideas, recipes and current trends. Keep up the great work.
    Thank you

  8. Thank you for all you our creative and fun ideas. You have inspired me each day w your knowledge and your faith. Good luck in your new home and happy 300th

      1. Thank you for a fun and informative website! I look forward to reading it on my breaks at work…as a teacher of 3 and 4 year olds I need the calm inspiration you give.

  9. I love your decorating style. You have a clean sophisticated look. I recently Moved to NC and bought a new home and use your clean style as my guide!

  10. Congratulations! I don’t know how all of you keep the creativity and ideas flowing but appreciate your efforts!

  11. I enjoy reading your blog each morning! Thank you for sharing your ideas and talent. Love love love your style!

  12. Congrats on 300!! It’s like Christmas morning every time I received notification that a new blog was posted! You have a gift!

  13. What great fun!
    Now I can watch not only for your news letter, but also a fantastic prize!
    Thank you and God Bless.

  14. I do look forward to your blog. I have bookmarked so many on my tablet for instant access. Your writings about faith and joy are particular favorites

  15. Yvonne, so excited to participate with everyone. I feel like I’m one of the girls , just reading all the beautiful posts and getting a chance to see where I can buy all my favorite items that you have found and then pass it on to me. Wednesday’s are the best! And Saturdays are a close second. You all are such inspiration and Fun!!!

  16. I had never heard of a shutter wall. It’s just beautiful! and inviting. Inviting me to escape from the north to the beauty of the south and enjoy that hospitality!

  17. Have been working von my home now for almost one year now. I’m taking my time because each room will have a different look. I love all the reference I find on your site!!

  18. Yvonne, You are the first blogger I subscribed and still here after two years. Enjoy all of it and look forward to each day’s post.

  19. I took your past advice and covered our living room loveseats in white matelassé slipcovers, which are machine washable and white window treatments. I accent with throw pillows that add a pop of color. It makes the room look fresh and clean, even though it is used daily.

  20. I just LOVE your blog! There’s always so many great ideas to change up an area in our home, simply! We’ve also been eating strawberries in your shortcake recipe, yum! Would LOVE to win a gift card!!!! Thank you for all you do!

  21. Happy 300!! I look forward each day to your site! Great tips and ideas from decorating to delicious recipes.

  22. Love all your blogs. White paint is my ultimate go to to make a room feel fresher and bigger. White paint will always be the one to transform a room ….as a blank canvas we can decorate endlessly. Thanks much♥️

  23. My granddaughter is getting ready to build a house and I have highly recommended that she check out the Home Style Saturday blogs.

  24. Lavender sugar scrub recipe comes just in time for me to use my first blooms from new lavender plants…excited to make and use it! Thanks so much

  25. I’ve been following your blog for many years and can say that your ideas are all over my house!
    I’m such a huge fan of your style! Congratulations and keep on posting!!

  26. Happy Saturday! Congrats on 300! What a wonderful surprise this morning. You gals do such wonderful work! Keep it up!

    Janice (Silver Bracelet Girl)

  27. I look forward to reading your blog every day! Your decorating ideas are simply amazing and your recipes are soooo delicious!

  28. Congrats on 300! I look forward to reading what you share every day & especially on Wednesday and Saturday.

  29. Love your website! I have so many great ideas from you! Everything from paint ideas, decorating, to recipes. I read your site every time it’s posted.

  30. I love your content, especially you Sunday posts. They are always so encouraging and meaningful.

    1. Hello Yvonne! Happy 300! What a milestone. I love your beautiful decorating ideas. They are not over the top. Just lovely and comfortable.

  31. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and decorating ideas with us! A wealth of information in every post.

  32. Enjoy your blog! Always find something I
    Can use in my own home. Love your style!
    Have a great summer!

  33. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I get so many ideas and always pin a bunch! Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  34. Congratulations! I follow each blog and enjoy them so much! I have used the inspiration you provide in two homes that have very different styles. Thank you!

  35. Aside from waking up on a Saturday and knowing it’s the weekend, I look forward to finding “Homestyle Saturday” waiting for me in my Inbox. I grab my cup of coffee, head to my favorite chair and relax while reading your blog. Thank you for that and for your 300TH!!!

  36. I have copied your style many times, and I found over the years you are my favorite blogger!

  37. Yvonne, you are one of the blogs I follow and have received so much inspiration from. I often have incorporated your ideas into my home and crafts. I have been reading your Homestyle Saturdays I think from the beginning. I love seeing the gorgeous photos and reading the inspiration in your writings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  38. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping up with so many posts. I think the Wednesdays are my favorite so far. So much in all the decorating & luv the meals you put together. Sure has helped me plan for my weekly meals & eating something different instead of my same old same old meals.

  39. Congratulations on your milestone! Where does the time go? I remember the times of the podcasts and telling my husband that you were my new friends, I was so lonely after moving here. There’s no question as to how much all of you contribute to those of us that follow you!

  40. These blogs are my favorite part of my morning. My morning coffee and your blog…what could be better!!!

  41. White is very nice. I’m more into southwestern colors. How to integrate different color pallets?

  42. Every day I look forward to reading your helpful blog. I’m putting what I have learned into our remodel/updating project in our new house. Thank you so much.

  43. Congratulations on this achievement! How exciting! May you continue to accomplish much and reach many who are already enjoying your topics and tips!

  44. Hi, I really enjoy getting your e mails. Your decor ideas are simple , and clean. I especially appreciate the Bible lessons . Thanks . Lauri

  45. Wow!! I read your blog every single day! A giveaway is not necessary to keep me reading, but I love you for the chance!! Blessings to you and your family! Thank you!

  46. So glad I came across your blog- love your decorating tutorials and Sunday Scripture is truly a blessing. Thank you for both!

  47. Thanks Yvonne—Congrats on the 300! Always love all your posts, and all the ladies on the Saturday blog !

  48. Congratulations! I have learned SO much from your blog and I look forward to it every day! I feel like my home is finally a happy and calming space for our busy family. Thank you for all your tips!

  49. I love the clean essence of the white paint/white home look. Although my home isn’t necessarily of that look & style, I love the unclutttered feel and try to keep my home feeling that way to some degree.

  50. Could you please tell me where you purchased your Wicker Light fixture? I look forward to your site. It’s full of wonderful ideas, and words of wisdom from our Father.

  51. Happy 300!! Always excited to glean new ideas! We just made a big leap and downsized to another state! Moved into a cute little cottage and all the cute decorating to come!

  52. I love reading your blog! It is so informative and no matter what style of decor the reader has, your information is relevant. I have learned so many practical principles of decorating.

    Keep up the good work!

  53. Love your blog. I especially enjoy your Friday menus. I’ve made many of the recipes you’ve posted.

  54. As usual, the posts are informative and inspirational! Thanks especially for providing links for those of us who aren’t on Instagram. It helps me not feel so “guilty” for not embracing all technology avenues of information 😝

    1. Don’t feel guilty. You are not missing anything! Life goes by and if we are always looking at our phones well will miss the precious moments. Good for YOU!

  55. Thank you for 300 opportunities to inspire me to make my home more “home”. I have shared your website with many people. Your light, bright and airy decor is addicting!!!

  56. I’ve read your posts for years and years, even before you did these Homestyle Saturday posts. I love your style! I hope to see 300 more!

  57. Thanks for the guide on white paint! I’m getting ready to switch from gray to white walls. Loved your blog for years. Love a give away!

  58. I love your styling and have been striving to get my home set up. Your posts are always so helpful and I love so many of the recipes you post.

  59. I followed your advice on choosing paint colors when I redecorated my home. I chose BM Ballet White for walls and had it cut in half for trim.I’m so pleased with the results! Thank you!!

  60. I’ve always loved colored walls-I’ve been painting living room walls yellow for almost 50 years.

  61. I think what I appreciate most about your blog is that you dedicate each day to a different part of our body – whether it’s our immediate environs, our stomachs, our spiritual nurturing, or establishing a reasonable sense of order and beauty – I think you have put a lot of thought about the whole person into your work. And I thank you for that effort. Congratulations ! t

  62. Wow…so many shades of white‼️Thank you for shedding so much light on this paint…it gives us such a great resource tool!!

  63. I love your posts you have a style that breeds comfort love and elegance. We were getting ready to sell our home of 38 years and got it scaled down and painted so it may be suitable for a young family. We choose “Snowbound” throughout our home. It looks different in every room, yet so refreshing. Now we have a problem…do we really want to sell our beautiful home that we love so much?

  64. Yvonne- I always enjoy your blogs, especially the new seasons forecast, and your ideas for pillows. I’ve learned so much from you! Blessings!

  65. Congratulations on 300! love coming to different internet sites to find such lovely ideas, thank you sharing them

  66. Yes, I love a giveaway. Congrats on 300!
    Thanks for the info regarding picking white paint. It’s the most difficult!

  67. I enjoy your blog very much and would be happy to win any of those gift cards. Buying something new to freshen up things for Summer sounds wonderful.

  68. Congrats Yvonne. I have followed you ladies a long long time. You’ve all inspired me. I’ve pinned lots of all your alls inspirational ideas.
    I have subscribed so I don’t miss much. Lol.

  69. I enjoy reading and looking at all the ideas every morning with my coffee. Congratulations on your 300th edition!

  70. Enjoyable way to spend time on Saturday morning ,, and a dreary one here in the PNW. Congratulations on 300!

  71. Yvonne,
    In the past I would find decorating to be so complicated but I have learned from you that decorating can be so simple and elegant!
    Thank you for all the fantastic ideas and suggestions!
    You have helped me tremendously!

  72. Yours is my go to blog. Whenever I need information, ideas, or inspiration this I where I start! I can count on casual elegant from you. I also love that you are a sister in Christ.

  73. I look forward to every post, especially your Wednesday ones. Thanks for all the work that you put into this for all of us to use and enjoy! I need the inspiration!

  74. I look forward to reading these posts and gain such great inspiration! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  75. Yvonne,
    I absolutely love your color pallet and your decorating tips. Most especially, I appreciate your Sunday “sermons.” Many times they are spot on with events or issues I’m my life. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Congrats on reaching 300!

  76. Your blog is one of my all time favorite! Your article on choosing to paint the inside of your home white…inspired me to paint my new home white inside…ceiling & walls by Sherwin Williams (Origami White). Oh how it suited by modern rustic decor! Thank You!

  77. I love reading all of the bloggers on Home Style Saturday and every day that a new blog comes out. You ladies are awesome and give me so many ideas and dreams to add to my wish list for “someday”, and as I update all the places I have lived until I get to my dream place to settle. Thanks and congratulations on #300!!

  78. I love the stylish, relaxed feel of this Decor style and I love this Blog! I always find useful information for decorating, delicious recipes, Spiritual advice, and calm approaches for life!

  79. Awesome achievement, milestone #300!!! All your work is greatly appreciated. Love your Saturday and Sunday posts! Thanks for the generous give away…a special recipient will be very fortunate!

  80. I love to open up your email and see all the creative things you do. it gives me inspiration to be even more creative!

  81. Yvonne- each day I look forward to your helpful tips, recipes and down to earth advice! Looking forward to the next 300 post from all of you! My home has had so much help for you!

  82. My house was built in 1888 and when we bought it the walls were painted bright white. They just didn’t go . Now I see all different tones so I’m rethinking about it.

  83. Me please!! I would love to win the gift card! I read your blog and make tons of your recipes on your site. I am a big blue and white girl and just love all your decorating ideas!!


  84. I have viewed your blog for years enjoying every post. I pray for continual blessings in your endeavors. Congratulations on #300.

  85. Even though I don’t normally comment on many blog posts, I have enjoyed your blog for several years and have been along for the downsizing ride. I am getting close to that point so I have bookmarked many of your posts. Thank you for all the informative info and congratulations on hitting #300!

  86. I absolutely enjoy every idea and photo….sometimes it is hard to visualize. I’m learning to move things around to different rooms for new looks.

  87. It was love at first sight when I discovered you online. I have learned so much from you and am so appreciative – not just in making our home more beautiful or in enjoying every last bite of your delicious recipes but the explanations of faith that you share with us. I love your devotion to Our Lord. I look forward to your messages each and every day. I’m grateful for you.

  88. Congratulations ! I look so forward to your design tips and the everyday post.
    The Sunday post are so uplifting and thank you for sharing all your ideas, always stunning and beautiful !

  89. Yvonne, While I give a quick glance at some of the blogs I receive daily, I read your posts from start to finish and always learn something new. Thanks for helping your readers transform their homes into a haven.

  90. Hi Yvonne,
    God had gifted you with SO many talents!
    Thank you for sharing & teaching us many of your tips. You make our world a more beautiful place.❤️

  91. Love all your ideas. So many great instructions on decorating and DIY’s. Look forward to all of your post. And Congrats on Home Style Saturday #300!

  92. Been following for years and love your blog and your style! You are lovely! Also, thank you for the giveaway and congrats to 300!

  93. Your post on Sunday are the very best and a gentle reminder of faith in action- thank you.

    I w joyed the post on white; we have downsized and white is the color that I have inherited.

  94. Choosing Whit Paint – what perfect timing
    as I am in the midst of just that – amazing how difficult it can be.

  95. Wow, congratulations on #300! That is so great! Thanks for your sharing such great content every week, and for having such a great prize for someone to win! Looking forward to the next 300 post!

  96. Congratulations on reaching 300! It’s a great milestone. I love your posts and for always inspiring us. I also love how you share your faith so openly. You have been so encouraging to me.

  97. Congratulations! Your decor style is beautiful & warm. We are currently building our dream home. I was unsure as to which decor style I wanted to go with until I found your site. Transitional decor is timeless and you put it all together so beautifully. Thank you for your ideas, decor tips and recipes!

  98. 300 editions = 300 new ideas. Thank you for sharing your décor knowledge, tips, diys, your home with us!

  99. I love all the creative enthusiasm for helping your home feel like a haven, some place to step into and be welcome.

  100. Go to you site almost everyday and so appreciate your decorating ideas. I particularly enjoy your
    vignettes and how to make your ow decorrative pillows. There is so much to take in but it’s fun and a positive way to get away from all the “bad news.” I also appreciate your ideas for “praying.” Blessings to you, and congratulations on your 300!

  101. Congratulations on Home Style Saturday #300! I feel like I’m invited right into your home and get to learn all your secrets!

  102. Congratulations on 300 I have been following you now for a while have gone mostly white in my home just love the all white with splashes of color when you want neutral/white easy to work with and very comfortable comfy cozy…… Thank You for your site..

  103. I found this site by accident and it has helped me IMMENSELY with decorating my new house! We just moved across states, which is daunting in and of itself, but I’ve never owned a new-build house. Starting from scratch is a bit overwhelming! I am very thoughtful now about what colors I choose, what goes where, etc.

    More importantly, I read every Sunday blog that Yvonne posts, as I’ve recently found God again in my life after many years. Yvonne has such such thoughtful, loving commentary and it has helped me to re-learn how to interpret the Bible. If nothing else, I am forever grateful for her in this respect.

    1. Oh STACEY!!!!! This is THE BEST COMMENT EVER! I know God has blessed me with this blog to show Jesus to all who read StoneGable. Oh, praise God for finding our loving Father again! God bless you to know Him and His Son more and more! Your comment brought me to tears!

  104. I have read your blog for so many years probably when you first began posting. I always get good practical advice and have purchased many of the products or tried many of the recipes you have posted. Thanks for Giving your readers a blog that is interesting and beautiful at the same time.

  105. Your site is always a blessing to me in so many ways. When I look at your photos they are so light and uplifting – reminding me of big puffy clouds with their clean white color!

  106. Who doesn’t love a chance for a give a way, and all i have to do is something I love to do. Reading your tips and decorating advice. Reading your inspirations from the Bible is such a delight from all the “stuff” out there! thanks We could all use more!

  107. A third stage of life downsize, left me overwhelmed and a bit discouraged. When I found your site
    it was a shot of hope and excitement. I was looking for clean and peaceful in my home and in my sole
    and there you were. When I open my iPad you are the first thing I look for, a visit with a friend.
    Thank you

  108. Thank you so much for all of the fresh ideas, inviting recipes, and encouraging words that fill your posts. Such a delight to read and be inspired to beautify where we are and glorify our Father in our everyday lives!

  109. I fell in love with your decorating posts at Stonegable and have enjoyed following your decorating Tanglewood. I love your weekly recipes and your Sunday inspirational Bible messages. I look forward to more of everything.

  110. I look forward every day to your post. Fun to see what you have done to your home and to get decorating tips. I pride myself for what I feel is a God- given talent when it comes to decorating. It gives me so much pleasure and joy to make my home and the homes of others special.

  111. I look forward to your posts every week. I am currently redoing my kitchen counters and tiled backsplash. Almost there!! What a journey. Your lovely home has been my inspiration.

  112. Your posts are so helpful, even explaining the difference in white paint. Who knew??
    Thanks for all the clever ideas, it is appreciated.

  113. What a perfect way to start my day along with optimistic and joyful women!
    Thank you for your support as we strive to keep our own homes a place of peaceful caring and continued love for our families. We are well fed…lol…and look great !
    Happy Summer,

  114. Congratulations Yvonne
    I have been following you from the beginning and have enjoy watching your blog evolve over the years. Absolutely for the best.
    Continue doing what you love and I’ll be following along.

  115. I love your decorating ideas and your beautiful home, I used to live near Tanglewood and I miss the beauty of Lancaster. Thank you also for bringing the love you have for the Lord each Sunday on your blog.

  116. Congratulations on #300! I so look forward to your posts every weekend-great ideas are shared!

  117. This blog is a daily read, love it so much! The menus, decor ideas & theory, & beautiful pix are awesome! Thank you.

  118. I love reading your blog. I have gotten so many decorating tips and DIY from you. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  119. Yours is the first decorating blog I ever read or subscribed to. I have gained so many insights from you and have purchased much decor based on your recommendations. I look forward to your blog each day!

  120. Congratulations! I really appreciate the time and work put into all of these blogs and especially the sharing of your personal knowledge and skills.

  121. Yvonne, I wanted you to know that you gave Decorating Courage! My husband and I recently downsized and I decided to go with all white interior. I was really scared how it would turn out, but I am so happy with the result. It was an older house and in need of much TLC! I love your style. And I love how you share your love of our Lord.

  122. I love all of the blogs! I look forward to receiving all of the great design advice! So glad I found all of you!

  123. My mornings are filled with coffee and reading your blog! I love that you are “just down the road a ways” so your outdoor posts are so very pertinent to the crazy weather of this area! Keep posting!