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Join us for a Spring Home Tour. Get lots of easy organic spring decorating ideas you can use in your home.

Happy Spring, friends! Welcome to my Easy Spring Decorating Ideas Home Tour. I’m thrilled you stopped by! I have lots to share. This tour shares easy ways to incorporate spring ideas into your home! You might also like Best Spring Decor-The Ultimate Guide and 14 Spring Vignette Ideas.

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The Front Door

I hope this tour will inspire you and give you lots of spring decorating ideas for your home. Thank you for visiting!

Let’s start at the front door.

For me, the bigger, the better when it comes to wreaths. This spring, I hung this big, fluffy faux Silver Dollar Wreath. It is a bit unusual for me because I most often hang a wreath that is more spring-inspired! But I just loved the look of this wreath on our front door!

I added a bow made from my favorite black and white French striped ribbon. Later in the season, I’ll hang a Forsythia Wreath I just made. Look for a DIY next week. If you are looking for a wreath to make now, check out the Spring Cherry Blossom Wreath DIY or the Spring Front Door Flower Basket DIY. Both of these wreaths are easy to make.

Ready to head inside…

The Foyer

Our foyer is ready for spring! The centerpiece of our foyer’s spring decor is this dough bowl filled with faux tulips, a nest, and moss. Flanking the centerpiece is a fern under a cloche and framed ferns in a gold floating frame that my sweet daughter-in-law gave me for my birthday last year.

I recently changed the mirror in the foyer. The change is part of a furniture shuffling we did here this winter! I’ve not shown the mini makeover in the living room until now, so I’m excited to show you. I hope our changes will inspire you, too.

Have you ever used a dough bowl to hold spring decor? I usually use my dough bowl for fall and Christmas decorating, but this year, I brought it up from the basement to try it in the foyer!

I thought it might look too visually heavy for this time of year, but once I filled it with spring decor, the richness of the wood added to the look!

It’s important to experiment, work, and rework decor. You will become a better decorator and come up with the most original and unique ideas!

Pro Tip

Decorating is part science (interior design rules) and part creativity! It’s important to experiment with your decor.

The vertical coat hook gets decorated for every season. However, I actually use what’s on it.

I brought out my straw hat to use when I start planting flowers, veggies, and herbs that can tolerate the cooler weather. The weather has been so mild here I just might plant big planters filled with salad green seeds in a few days. I prefer to plant them near our garage in planters because they look pretty and are close to the kitchen.

The basket on the hook also gets lots of use. I love to shop at the Market for fresh produce and meat several times a week.

We have such wonderful, locally owned markets here in Lancaster County. Soon, Amish farmstands will be popping up all over the countryside.

I grab my hat and my basket and off I go!

Let’s head to the living room…

The Living Room

Standing between the foyer and the living room is a large bookcase. This area needed something tall to break up the long foyer!

Do you have trouble decorating a bookshelf or bookcase? I have an easy way to get decorating your bookcases and bookshelves right every time. See How To Decorate A Bookshelf The Easy Way. I really enjoy styling this bookcase seasonally.

A tall container holding spring-blooming branches peeks from behind the bookcase. Tall decor items like spring branches are perfect for putting in a container on the floor. They are such a fun surprise!

The White Buffet

The white buffet is the first thing you can see from the foyer. It’s dressed up for spring with a profusion of budding branches!

Did you notice something new above the buffet?

A clock used to be above the white buffet. It’s been there since we moved into our Tanglewood home. It came with us from StoneGable, which hung above the mantel for almost a decade. The clock was starting to show its age, and I felt it had run its course in our living room, so we replaced it with a big glass panel mirror that is lightly antiqued.

We needed something big above the white buffet because our ceiling there is about 30 feet high at its tallest point and the room is very open. We needed something that was big enough to call attention to itself while grounding the living room.

The mirror comprises panels and has a bit of sepia aging to give it interest. The black detailing in the mirror actually “mirrors” the rug. It also lets me work in a bit more black in this room. I felt my living room was getting too white.

Spring On The Buffet

Every spring, I add a big urn filled with faux budding branches to the buffet. It wouldn’t be spring in our home without them! They are such lovely harbingers of warmer and longer days ahead.

In years past, I have forced real branches to bloom. My favorite is quince. You can see How To Force Spring Branches if you want the beauty of natural branches in your home. I will bring in some cherry blossom branches from our tree in the front yard to force this week. The buds on the tree are already swollen and ready to burst, so I should have beautiful, real blooms very soon,

Along with the branches, a pair of handsome black rabbits and a turned pedestal of speckled eggs celebrate spring!

I prefer non-cutsie seasonal decor, so I like to give a wink to the season by styling organic items myself. Instead of using a nest, I added moss to a very old pedestal and nestled some faux eggs into it. It sits under the budding branches and reminds me of a bird’s nest in a tree.

I just love this pair of rabbits. They were initially on the console in the foyers, but like most of the decor in my home, things change a lot.

They make me smile!

The New Addition Above The Mantel

The next and probably biggest change in our living room is the new painting above the mantel.

We have been looking for quite a long time for the right piece of art to go over our mantel. I’m sorry the glass is reflecting the hearth bricks below.

Bobby and I both like landscapes, seascapes, and abstract art. Actually, we love almost all art!

I felt strongly that a seascape was out since we did not have a coastal home or live close to a significant body of water. More miniature seascapes would look beautiful, but the art above the mantel had to represent who we are. So after months and months of looking, we found this piece of art.

I love a landscape with lots of sky, and the sky in Corner Farm is just so beautiful. I’d actually like to find some accent items for our home that have that warm grayish/ light blue.

Another thing we really love about this picture is the farmland. Lancaster Co, where we live, has the most beautiful farmland. This picture looks like home to me. I really loved the color palette too! I know art does not have to work with a room’s color palette, but serendipity, this picture did.

We are so happy living with this piece of art above our mantel.

Because the art is so big and takes up most of the mantel, I did not add any additional spring things! A trio of brass candlesticks with battery-operated candles on timers was all the mantel needed.

Bench Turned Coffee Table

On a whim, while I was taking pictures for this spring tour I changed out our most recent coffee table (#6) for a bench that sits on the landing of our stairs. I just don’t seem to like any of the coffee tables I’ve had in our living room! It’s becoming quite a joke around here. My husband and assistant are betting on how long a coffee table I bring into the living room will last.

So I thought, give the bench a try. It is the seventh coffee table we have had in this room in three years!

The bench is just the right size for the sofa and the room. And it is black, which I like with all the white neutrals in the living room. We will see how long it lasts here! I have a white bench just like it waiting in the dining area. Maybe I’ll give that one a try too.

I love tulips, so they were a must for the bench coffee table. Orange tulips are a close second to my beloved white tulips! If you love tulips, too, make sure you read How To Keep Cut Tulips Fresher. It has smart ways to keep tulips looking their best and lasting longer!

On the left side of the bench is a stack of books with a pretty little eggs-shaped bowl sitting on top of them. I like to collect books to display and use as risers when I decorate. My favorite books are white and Covered Burlap Books. However, I like the colors of these books together for spring! And these books are some of my favorites to read. Decorating With Books You Have And Love is an informative post with ideas for decorating with books.

On the other side of the bench, the coffee table is the only item I have from my father’s side of the family, a small white platter. It belonged to my paternal grandmother, and it is so precious to me. A pretty candle in a frosted green glass container sits on top of the platter.

I’m so fond of the pretty, soft green color of the candle’s glass container. It’s another color I would like to add to our home in the spring.

Above The Curlacue

Another decor change in our living room is over the Curlacue chest. The mirror that is now in the foyer was hanging over this chest. However, when we got the large mirror for the buffet, we knew we had to find something else to replace the mirror over the Curlacue. Two mirrors across from each other in the same room would not work at all!

We chose a pair of thin black floating frames to add a bit of black to this side of the living room.

Abstract landscape watercolors are sandwiched between two pieces of glass. They are companion pieces in the same color palette. See Meadow Flowers 1 and Meadow Flowers 2. The bright sun washed out the painting to the left. They really are more like the painting on the right.

I painted these abstracts using the richer colors in the living room’s color palette.

The chest does not have any overt spring decor on it. However, I think of ferns as spring plants. There is no need to fill every surface of a room with decor of the season!

The Drink Table And Chair

In front of one of the spindle chairs, I added a black drink table. I love love love drink tables. I’m obsessed with these darling, handy little tables that come in so many shapes, designs, and materials!

On top of the drink table is a green and white book and a stylized tortoise shell vase with white tulips. Tortoiseshell is something else I just love!

The pillow on the spindle chair is a nod to spring! I bought one of these pretty spring pillows for each chair. The pillow behind it is a staple here at the Tanglewood house. I also have ones in gray. The flange around the pillow is a lovely, textural woven jute. And they are downright cheap! See the floral pillows here.

The Round Coffee Table

The last new things in the living room are this round coffee table and the lamp.

At one time, I had a larger round French table there, but it was way out of proportion with the sofa. This table works just right! It’s really important to know about scale and proportion when we decorate. Knowing just a little about interior design concepts and how to use them in your home will make decorating more straightforward and make you a much better decorator. Read Why Is Scale And Proportion Important And How To Use Them.

When I found this table, I thought I would paint it a linen color, but I really like it just the way it is.

The table is only 23 inches round, perfect for a lamp and some small accents. I added a bone box with a tiny picture of my children when they were four and five. I found the picture in the bottom of a beach bag long ago, a little mangled and worse for wear. But that made it more precious to me, so I put it in the tiny gold frame. I’ve displayed it for over two decades somewhere in our homes. It really shows my kid’s personality!

As we tour the kitchen, you will see some stunning ranunculus with long, sturdy stems. They are the prettiest ranunculus I have ever seen. I cut a few to go in this little bottle vase.

I added this unique hammered metal container with a rabbit finial to the table. I keep this container out all year in my office but put it in the living room for spring.

As much as I love classic furnishings, I do like to embrace a few interesting and quirky accent pieces.

I don’t have many small collectibles in our home. I most often choose more oversized items. But I think I’m missing an essential part of the decor- personally collected things. So, I think I may, over time, collect things like interesting little vases, pretty boxes, and picture frames and display them in groups. How fun, right?

I have not taken new pictures (well, maybe two) of our home since Christmas! As we were changing things around, I wanted to surprise you with this tour! So, surprise!

Ready to head to the dining area…


This spring, I kept the dining area very simple. It’s so open and small that the only thing I can change is the tabletop!

We did get a new rug in this area. It’s an indoor/outdoor rug. I am a huge fan of using great-quality indoor/outdoor rugs in my home. This rug has a low pile with pretty raised, almost embroidered white splotches on it. About a month ago, strawberries were spilled and squashed on the rug. And they came out! Totally! With six grandbabies six and under, this is a rug that will hold up.


As decorated as the living room is this spring, I wanted the dining area to be a bit more restful. Because the dining room can be seen from the living room, I wanted to be able to look beyond the decor and see one statement piece that was rather large and serene.

I like to use the same runner on my dining table all year because of its lovely texture, but I change out the rest. This spring, I used a big, heavy, modern-ish handcrafted terracotta bowl in the center of the table that I filled with three different kinds of moss for spring.

This bowl was a splurge, and I’m so glad I did it! It is just so pretty!

I would love to put a bar cart in the dining room. But I’ve tried a couple, and they just make this area look crowded. The only other thing I have in this room is a bench with an upholstered cushion under the window. You can just see it peeking out of the bottom right corner in the image below.

Let’s leave the dining area and head to the kitchen.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is to the left of the dining room.

Spring decorating, to me is using what I might find outside of my front door. Spring has come early here. Many of the daffodils are already up! So I’m using them in the kitchen! I can find lots of potted spring flowers at our local grocery store now.

I made a little spring centerpiece by taking 3 potted grocery store tete-a-tete daffodils out of their pots and put them in a white pedestal bowl. Then I added moss to the base of the plants. They will last a bit longer than cut flowers and when they are spent I’ll get more spring potted flowers to plant in the bowl. This is such an easy and pretty spring diy.

I have a decorating saying… “The cheese stands alone”.

Remember the children’s nursery song The Farmer In The Dell? The farmer takes a wife, the wife a child, the child a dog, the dog a cat, the cat a mouse, and the mouse takes the cheese. And the cheese stands alone.

Think about decor that way. The daffodil centerpiece is the cheese! I don’t want to let it stand alone! The lesson here is that most decor looks best grouped with other things. No cheese, please!

So, instead of letting the bowl of daffodils stand alone on the kitchen counter, I added a candle and a funny, stylized, stretchy bunny. When I make some new torn cocktail napkin eggs, I’ll replace the rabbit with a bowl of them closer to Easter. Have you ever made Torn Tissue Eggs? Oh, they are so pretty and so so easy. You should give them a try.

At the other end of the cabinets is our coffee station. It’s simple but ready for spring.

I like to add colorful napkins to our coffee mugs. They look so welcoming! These napkins add much-needed color to my all-white kitchen and bring out the colors in the backsplash.

When we have company, I usually put out sweet quick breads like Streusel-topped banana Bread or Lemon-Glazed Blueberry Muffins for a morning treat with coffee before a leisurely breakfast.

A little vase of ranunculus sits on a tray along with the containers that hold K cups, sugar, and sugar substitute.

A springtime vignette sits on the island and can be seen from the sunroom, dining area, living room, and, of course, the kitchen.

My friend Katie has an Amish relative who has a greenhouse and styles flowers for high-end weddings. Katie was able to get the stock and ranunculus for me. I’ve never seen such big healthy blooms! I’m so thrilled to share them with you too!

I put them in a white urn and put the urn in a basket along with a little pot of oregano and a candle. Simple decor so it does not steal attention away from the gorgeous flowers.

I love having herbs in my kitchen, so I recently planted oregano, basil, mint, and thyme in little pottery containers and put them on the island. I use the herbs to cook, add to little bouquets of flowers, and just enjoy them in general.

When the weather warms up a bit more, I’ll transfer them into the raised beds in our garden, along with other herbs, to enjoy all summer long. If you would like to plant some herbs and enjoy them inside until you can plant them outside, then make sure you read Growing Herbs Indoors- The Ultimate Guide.

I transplanted the thyme from its pottery container to this plump bunny planter. The plant has grown so big!

I think it’s about time to end our tour! Thank you for spending all this time with me! I hope you are leaving with lots of spring ideas and inspiration. Stop back on March 20th for part 2 of my Spring Home Tour. It will be closer to Easter, and I’ll share more of our kitchen, sunroom, master bedroom, stair makeover, and loft, which has never been seen before. And if I have enough energy another guest bedroom.

Thank you for stopping by and being part of our spring home tour! And make sure you visit Part II of our Spring Home Tour!


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  1. Oh Yvonne,
    Thank you for investing the time, energy and creativity to bring us a beautiful Spring Home Tour! Your home is a great breath of freshness while still having a classic natural look. I’ve missed your home pictures. Thanks for the surprise!

    1. I’m glad you liked the surprise. It was hard not to take pictures but I really wanted to reveal the living room when all the new items were in place.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your Spring 2023 decor. My dream home looks just like yours. I love all of the white, natural textures and now your added touches of black. It all looks just perfect. I look forward to Part 2 of your Spring Home Tour.

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  6. I always look forward to your tours Yvonne – your home is always so light, bright, and beautiful. And the new wall art and mirror look amazing! I also love how you’ve added those touches of black around, and the different coffee table. You are such an inspiring decorator – thank you for sharing your talents with us for so many years.?

  7. I don’t know how you come up with fresh looking vignettes all the time. I get stuck with the same seasonal look. It’s all beautiful, Yvonne. I love the changes you made – the mirrors, the art…The bench as a coffee table is a favourite. It adds texture and keeps the room interesting. Your home is ever evolving in the most beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your home with us so we can be inspired.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the “coffee table”! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it there. I’m enjoying how your home is starting to warm up a bit color wise. Keep adding the color to your gorgeous spaces and Happy Spring!

  9. Yvonne, as always, your home is breathtaking and your Spring decor is perfection! I just love, love that new artwork over the mantel and agree the farm and fields is a perfect fit for your home and location. And I still covet your kitchen!!!

    Thank you for opening your doors to your lovely home!

    🙂 Linda

  10. Calypso in the Country says:

    Your beautiful home is like a breath of fresh air! I love all your pretty spring vignettes and the changes you made. The mirror over the white buffet looks perfect! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

  11. That front door is just gorgeous! I love all of the bright colors and touches of greenery throughout your home. The changes you made are perfect for the Spring season!! Pinned!

    1. Thank you so much Anne. I had a lot of fun with this home tour. Can’t wait to see yours!

  12. Gorgeous as always Yvonne! I always get so much inspiration from your seasonal decor and simple vignettes. Do you happen to have a link (or shopping info) for that beautiful bookcase with black doors? I love that!
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  13. I have followed you from almost the beginning…it is delightful to see you change and move around favorite pieces and sometimes invest in a new piece. I like the addition of black accents. With six Littles as grandchildren it changes up the game a bit… but, like you, I have found baskets come to the rescue and are unbreakable decor. I will be putting out the little nests you taught me to make with my tulips. You have blessed my life all these years, and I wanted to let you know that…

    1. I’m so happy to hear from you Becky! Thank you a million times for being a founding follower and friend! God bless you. Yes, I remember those nests. Aren’t they pretty? See you tomorrow! Sending hugs and love your way!

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        Can’t wait for the DIY… I’m so impressed! Also, I’m delighted to be featuring your post at Tuesday Turn About this week! Pinned!

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  17. Your living room looks lovely. I recently made a small improvement that paid off in a huge way. We bought a new coffee table – round brushed brass with a mirror top – I’m a traditionalist at heart, but this added a bit of transitional style that I love. It’s a wonderful spot to create a seasonal display. I also purchased a round brushed brass mirror and battery operated brushed brass sconces. These changes made such a wonderful addition to not just the room but to the whole ambiance of the home. Thanks!

    1. Sounds so pretty Lyn! It just takes a few things to make a huge difference in a room.

  18. I am always in awe of your home and how you change up your decor. Each post is a lesson in decor and design and I hang onto every word. Your home is gorgeous and has evolved into such a beautiful space filled with tons of inspiration. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season, your home is a favorite and I love seeing how you change things up.

    1. Marty, dear friend! You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for including me in your wonderful tours season after season and year after year! xo

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    Beautiful! Now where did I put the nests? Your decor made me think of them…I have no idea which box I placed them in last year! The thrill of the hunt, no telling what else I’ll find!

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    Your whole home is so bright and cheerful. Love it!
    Niky | The House on Silverado

    1. Thank you, Niky! Coming from you I count that as quite a compliment! Your homes is beautiful too!

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  22. Deborah Pope says:

    I love the looks in furniture and mirrors but I can not spend $2000 on anything. I would like to see lower priced items that are affordable for folks like me. Please think about the average person that is trying to decorate on a small budget. Thanks for helping me out.

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    Hi Yvonne
    I love how you decorate with neutrals. Everything is so calming. I copy so many of your ideas.
    I have a question on the Eland Performance Rug from Ballard Designs that you have in your dining area. I really like how it looks. I’m unsure of the color you used. Is it the sand color or glacier color? I couldn’t tell from your picture.
    Thank you

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    Finally got to take the tour, Yvonne! Absolutely stunning! And…so very peaceful feeling! Can I come visit too?? 😉
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    I do have a question though. The big lamp on your new, smaller end table seems too big. It’s a gorgeous lamp but it seems to be almost as tall as the table and so big for the smaller table. Is the scale or proportion wrong?

    1. I think you are right Joanna. I just did not find a lamp for the table I loved yet, so I used what I had.

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    Yvonne, What a wonderful tour with so many creative ideas for bringing spring into our homes! I don’t even know where to begin to start adding similar touches of springtime layers to my home right now. I have done a few of these things, but I certainly could do a little more! You have adapted it all beautifully to your Lancaster home! Happy Spring and thank you for sharing!

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    Beautiful spring tour from Stone Gable. Inspired by your lovely decorating! Thank you for sharing, and thanks also for all the handy tips.