Easy Fall Bedroom Ideas

Need tips to add a little fall decor to a bedroom in your home. Here’s how to choose and use the right fall bedding and how to add fall decor to work with your bedroom’s color palette.


A fall bedroom is a comfortable bedroom. A tidy bedroom. A bedroom with just a nod to the fall season. It has comfortable and attractive bedding. As the weather turns cool and the leaves become saturated with color, here are some helpful fall ideas for your bedroom.

Come on in and have a peek at our master bedroom. This is a small-ish, cozy room. Bobby and I love to head to our bedroom a bit early after a long day and watch TV (yes, we have a TV hanging on the wall opposite the bed) or read.

I thought you would like to take a little walk down memory lane and reread last year’s fall bedroom post as I work on a late fall master bedroom post for next week! There are some changes in our bedroom from last year till now!


This is also Hobbes’s favorite spot too! He is such a Diva! When the camera comes out, he wants to be the center of attention!

Hobbes is 15-ish, and he has been a member of our family since we rescued him as a baby. I love Orange Tigers, they are all males, and they are the nicest cats! We like to say Hobbes is a Dog/Cat! He is so friendly and wants to be in the thick of everything! And he thinks everyone comes to visit him.

I bet he thinks you came today to visit him and rub his head!

A few nights ago, Hobbes had a seizure. But he’s okay. It was just so scary for Hobbes and us. He’s been checked out and is doing well.

So, of course, I’m being a bit indulgent! And he wanted to take a nap right in the center of the bed.

He was letting me know I was disturbing his nap as I was changing out some pillows. Or was he just smiling? I’ll never tell. Not only is he a Diva, but he is also very chatty!

Choosing The Right Bedding For Fall


This fall, I’m keeping the same comforter and quilt on the bed that I had for the spring and summer. I just love it, and it is just warm enough.

I’m not a fan of a heavy duvet. Yes, they look pretty, but to be honest, the duvet either lands on the floor all night or we throw the heavy thing on our settee.

Whether you like light layers, like we do, or enjoy nestling down in a duvet, the most important thing about fall bedding is the bedding’s ability to keep you not too hot and not too cold. It should keep you just right!


Our bed is layered with a few important light layers that we can pull up or push down according to how we feel.

I’ve used linen sheets for years! They work in hot and cool weather. Fall is the perfect time to sleep with them next to our skin. Last spring, we started sleeping with just a fitted sheet and no top sheet. Bobby kicks the sheet loose from the bottom of the bed, and sometime in the middle of the night, it ends up around my neck. So, I finally got smart and got rid of the problem. And honestly, we don’t miss it. I treat the Matelasse coverlet like a sheet and wash it when I wash my fitted sheet.

For fall, the white Matelasse coverlet and the comforter work together to keep us snug until the very cold weather sets in.

I have kept Matelasse coverlets on all of our beds for decades. They are so pretty and can be laundered as easily as a sheet! And I find them to be durable. I’ve not replaced any of mine in over a decade.

As the cold weather sets in, I’ll put our caramel velvet comforter on the bed and put the one we have on now away until the spring… I think!

My Favorite Fall Bedroom Idea

You will not see my favorite fall bedroom idea on our bed! No! Hobbes would not have it!


Right where Hobbes is lying is where a beautiful white nubby throw should go! Do you see Hobbsie giving me that “please don’t move me” look?

Hobbes was sleeping, and I just did not have the heart to move him to style a comforter.

I love draping a pretty heavier throw on our bed when cool weather shows up. I just think it gives a huge nod to the season! And if I take a cat nap, I can use it to cover up.

A beautiful seasonal throw should be part of your fall bedding! And when I say seasonal, I’m not necessarily talking about one with fall colors or fall motifs. What I’m really talking about is the weight of a throw! I think there is a big difference between warm weather and cool weather throws. It’s nice to put a thicker throw on a bed when the weather gets cooler. Choose nubbier throws and all kinds of chunky knits.

Fall Flowers

Flowers always make the list of best fall bedroom ideas! Flowers are such an important part of my life, regardless of the season.

This fall, I added a couple vases of fall flowers to our bedroom. I think fall-inspired flowers do a wonderful job making the room feel autumnal and beautiful.



Putting flowers next to my bed is such a delightful treat! This fall I added stems of rust-colored faux flowers next to my bed! They work with the color of the pillows and the comforter because they are complementary colors. Just one pop of fall color is really all you need.

If you are not a fan of orange for fall, try to muddy it up a bit and use burnt orange; it is quite sophisticated. Or go more red or yellowish orange. Peach with some darker orange will look pretty, too!

These flowers work, not because they are typical fall flowers (they are cosmos) but the color screams of fall!


That’s a great fall idea flower idea!

More Fall Flowers


I feel very spoiled because I have a vanity in our master bedroom. The piece of furniture that sits near our bed is a lovely place to do my hair, put on my moisturizer, and apply a bit of makeup before starting my day!

I keep this area very simple because the center top of the vanity pops up to reveal a mirror and work surface.

Our Limelight hydrangea bush had a banner year for blooms, and I know they are probably at their prettiest at the beginning of October! Oh, they take on the loveliest blush! And just think, they were white all summer long!

I have the easiest way to DRY FALL HYDRANGEAS so they last longer. You might like to read this post!

I put a handful of these pretty October-tinged hydrangeas in a white vase! So easy! They will stay nice for months. I’ll probably put them in the basement at Christmastime. Or maybe I’ll add a few springs of evergreen to this arrangement! It’s wonderful to have options!

This room is very sunny! The big window offers up a view of the seventh tee. You never know what new and often funny swing you will see as the golfers tee off!



This fall, our master bedroom is decorated “lightly” for the season. And although I just love pumpkins, especially white ones, I only used a few.

The white pumpkin works with the hydrangeas and the candle to make a decorative trio. I’ve said so many times there is magic in threes! Especially when it comes to decorating.

If you have not read THE RULE OF THREE recently, it might be a good idea to read it again! Decorating in threes creates instant beauty!

The Magic Of Candleglow

Just one little candle or lantern can add a big dose of ambiance to a bedroom.

I added one green candle to the vanity, and that one little light looks so pretty in the evening! Even if we have the lights on! It’s getting darker earlier, and candles and lanterns should be used liberally!

I do suggest, especially in the bedroom, using battery-operated candles. No falling asleep with a real candle on! Most of our candles are on timers, so they go on and off without me even thinking about them.

More Fall Bedroom Ideas


I used to have a much heavier hand when I decorated for fall. But I found fall looks even prettier if I just hint at the season! And this is so true when it comes to our bedrooms.

Here are some other fall bedroom ideas you might like…

  • add textural pillows
  • hang up a fall wreath
  • string fairy lights across your headboard
  • put potted mums in a basket on the floor
  • add a big basket with throws
  • perch a bowl of baby boo pumpkins on a nightstand or bookshelf
  • put a branch of fall leaves in a glass vase and display
  • diffuse fall scents
  • use warm wood and metal
  • add a trio of amber bottles to your decor
  • use a long bed pillow in a pretty fall color

I hope you have enjoyed all the fall bedroom ideas and will use some of them in the bedrooms of your home!

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Here are times I can find links for in our bedroom. When an item is out of stock, I try to find one very similar.


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      1. I love the flower art behind your lamps in your bedroom. Could you please share the source along with the 3 baskets above your bed?
        Hobbes is cute.
        Your blog is my favorite.
        Thank you.

        1. Hi Thelma, the art behind the lamps came from a local shop. I have never been able to source it! Sorry!

    1. Denise T. says:

      Where did you get the bed ruffle? So pretty!

  1. As much as I love your decorating and seeing your pretty Fall bedroom , Hobbs had my attention in each photo . I love the first one , he looks like he is laughing ! Pray dear Hobbs will be seizure free.

    1. Thank you for praying for Hobbes. He is such a darling part of our family!

  2. Your post is full of nice ideas,,,,,as well as an indulged, beautiful cat! Love him! And, he is such a lovely autumn color!

  3. ANDREA C WALSH says:

    That’s just gorgeous! You have given me some great ideas! I also have kitties, Olivia & Lucie, and they always get cozy on the bed, no matter the season. Hobbes is a beautiful guy! Very handsome! ?

    1. Hobbes is blushing! He’s quite a character! What pretty names for cats.

  4. Victoria Roush says:

    I love your bedroom. So calming and peaceful. Where did you find the bed skirt, I just love it!

    1. You have asked the question of the day! The bedskirt is from Soft Surroundings. Happy Fall.

  5. Kathy Menold says:

    Yvonne, Good morning. I just finished making our bed around a 16 lb tuxedo cat named Ollie. As soon as I remove him from our bed he jumps back on it. It is a losing battle! Oh well we love him and he will stay on an old blanket that doesn’t look so pretty but keeps the bed linens clean. What do you do to protect your beautiful bed?

    1. Hobbes says hi to Ollie! Hobbes is an indoor cat and so clean. He’s always washing himself.

  6. Yvonne,

    Pls tell me more about your bedskirt!!! Is it a burlap blend? Do you have a link you could share please??? I’d love this on my bed; it’s just beautiful!!!

    Thank you,
    Happy Fall!!

    1. Hi Robin, the bedskirt is raw linen. I found it at Soft Surroundings.

  7. I also had a feline fellow named Hobbes. He was a big Bengal and my best friend. Now have two females named Stardust and Callie who bring joy every day but I will always miss my big guy.
    Love your bedroom. Like you, I’m keeping it more minimal lately. I have found that a little of the best is what works for me…and there is a lot less to store!

    1. Wow, Bengal cats are so unusual and pretty! Yes, I’m a lot more minimal than I used to be. I like a “clean look” much better.

  8. Susan Molloy says:

    Where did you get your bed skirt. I’ve been loving it for a long time now!

  9. Oh Hobbs. Love him. We have a fireplace in our bedroom. I put two bronze sconces on each side of the fireplace and a flameless candle in each one. They turn on at dusk. Such a cozy way to retire for the evening. I also put them in our dining room on each side of a large picture.

  10. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, your Master Bedroom is beautiful! The flowers on your night table are so pretty. Hobbes really adds the perfect Fall touch to your bed! Such a nice cat. Thanks, for sharing with us. We appreciate you so much! Bless you always — Bobby, too.

  11. Teri Offield says:

    Well Hobbes is adorable. I have an orange too who loves attention. Ok now I will go back and look at the bedroom, lol

    1. Hi Teri, I was just thinking Hobbes stole all the attention. As he should.

  12. Teri Offield says:

    Also I used hemp oil and it stopped my cat’s seizures. Ask your Vet if this is ok for Hobbes. Give him a hug for me.

  13. Can someone help me out? I don’t see any of the text in the post. All I see on my end is the box that says my latest videos then a photo of Hobbes laying on the bed.

    1. Hi Rebecca, visit again. I’m not sure what happened. It’s fixed now. Next time something like this happens, please email me. I get those messages quicker and they are easier to find so I can take care of a tech concern. Thanks so much!

  14. I am redoing my kitchen so this is way off topic of your bedroom post. Like everyone else, I am obsessed with your backsplash!!! Did you ever post sources for your kitchen remodel? I want that backspash. We are starting our remodel the first of November. Help me find it!!

    1. Hi Debe, the backsplash is Calacutta Gold Marble in a basketweave pattern. My kitchen designer found it so I don’t have a source. I would think this backsplash is pretty common.

      1. Thanks for your response!! I just saw it Saturday after looking at other ideas I had. Bingo….. changed my direction completely. Just beautiful so I will be looking. Lovely home!

  15. Sandi Biquet says:

    I love your Hobbes! We have a yellow tabby cat, a feral, outside. He is very sweet and chatty too. I’d have him indoors but my inside Kitty would not like it and she doesn’t have her front claws. Your Hobbes looks to be very loved and your bedroom is beautiful in those colors for Fall. I’d love to know more about your bedskirt. It’s very unusual and I like that!

    1. Yes, Hobbes is a sweetie! The bedskirt came from Soft Surroundings.

  16. I love the neutral colors. You room looks cozy and dreamy. Love these ideas and I will replicate same for my home

    1. Here’s a pretty and reasonably priced one. It comes in different colors too.

  17. I hope Hobbs is doing well. I love to visit your older posts because I love your style and of course Hobbs.

  18. Jim Holcomb says:

    I am thinking about open my house as a B&B. One of my bedrooms has a beautiful simple walnut antique bed and I would like to make it POP with bedding. 2 windows with with very fussy drapery. The room also has an antique walnut desk and chest of drawers. Drapery is a gold ish background with teal, rose, cream and smokey blue small floral.

    Might you have some ideas for me and places to look?

    1. Hi Jim, it’s hard to give you suggestions without seeing the room. Can you take some pictures and then email them to me? Then I can help you better. Send images and descriptions to stonegable333@gmail.com

  19. Kristi Bilecki says:

    And Hobbes is gorgeous and thank you for sharing him! I hit send accidentally before I had a chance to type this.

  20. Lovely room with fall decor. It looks so peaceful and the touches fall decor seem just right. I especially like your touch of orange, Hobbes! We had a Hobbes years ago, and he was a great cat, so I love to see yours, and I hope he is feeling better.

  21. Love your bedroom. What a welcoming bed. I’m a bit skittish around cats…a fear from childhood with a simease.. Wish I could get past it. My son who has two but don’t see them often. I have always loved that picture next to your bed. Where did you get it?

    1. It’s a silhouette of granddaughter Emma Kate. My daughter-in-law had it made and she gave it to me for a gift. I cherish it!

  22. The bedroom looks so relaxing. I love how you used just a touch of color o define Fall which is my favorite season. Similarly to you I love layers too, not a fan of comforter or duvet for sleeping. Enjoy the rest of your week. My best to Hobbes.

  23. Your bedroom looks purrrfect! Hobbs just adds the best touch of Fall! We adopted 2 orange brothers this summer and they make our lives so full of love They are growing so fast. I can’t imagine how I’ll be able to put up all my Christmas trees, with 2 kittens in the house! Thanks for all your decorating inspiration,

  24. Diane Vasti says:

    Beautiful bedroom! What color is it painted, where did you get the headboards and night tables?

  25. Marilynn Vannelli says:

    Your post is very timely for me. We just re carpeted our bedroom yesterday, and I am slowly putting it back together for fall. I wish I were not severely allergic to cats because I think Hobbes is the perfect accent for fall!

    1. This gave me a good giggle Marilynn! Hobbes is the perfect accent for fall! Happy Fall!

  26. Your bedroom is what all bedrooms should be – calming and cozy.
    Where did you get the prints over you bedside tables- they are perfect.

    1. Hi Emily, I get asked this question a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t have a source. I found these at a local furniture store years ago.

  27. I love. your ideas but I did not see any mention of the dust ruffle. Do you know where I can get it? Thanks

      1. I have that same dust ruffle and love it too! You should have probably added a widget for it as so many have inquired…lol. Anyway, as a lover of cats, especially ginger cats, I loved seeing him in your bed. We have a couple of senior cats too so I hope Hobbes will be ok (love his name). I ordered that flameless candle from your link and it’s on sale! I’ve been wanting a realistic one. I love that blue quilt..always have admired it on Ballards Designs. Happy Fall…we are waiting here in OK for cooler temperatures…it’s still summer like here.

  28. I, too, have matelasse coverlets on my beds but I add a duvet for the winter months. During the day the duvet is folded at the bottom of the bed. At night, I remove the matelasse. I find them heavier than the down filled duvet and not nearly as warm. I like to keep my house cool for sleeping and find snuggling under the duvet to be warm and cozy.
    Your bedroom has just the right amount of fall touches.
    Hobbes looks to be a character. I hope you have many more years with him.

  29. Lovely bedroom, love the fall accents/ Also – loving the cute cat!

  30. Patty Rusin says:

    Where did you get that wonderful bedskirt?

    1. I found it at Soft Surroundings, however I don’t see it on their site anymore.

  31. Jean Tovern says:

    Hi Yvonne–I just love your home and your blog and especially Hobbes!! <3 I have an 11.5 year old orange kitty named Gerry who I also rescued at 4 months old. He had his first (and so far only!) seizure on 4th of July weekend. Very scary, but he's also doing great and I've stopped using *anything* with chemicals or scent around the house.
    Okay, I will put some water with cinnamon and vanilla extract in the oven to create a nice smell. I love the flowers in your bedroom! Big hugs to you and Hobbes!