Tips for Adding Beautiful Decorating Details To A Room

I think the most fun part of decorating is adding the details to a room. It’s all about the details, friend.  And for me, that usually comes at the end of the decorating process. Attention to the details in a room really makes the difference between a room that is nice and a room that is amazing! Let’s look at decorating with details.

Here are 5 tips to help you get the details in any room right!


Accessorize the rooms in your home like you accessorize your wardrobe. Too much jewelry can look overdone and garish. But too little can make you look plain.  The same goes for your room! Your eye needs to land on places that it thinks are interesting and also needs space to rest.

One post that will give you lots of valuable information about space and how it is used to create a beautiful room is THE DESIGN ELEMENTS… SPACE. In this post, you will learn how to use positive and negative space in a room. A very important concept to learn about if you love a beautiful home.

Our living room is very sunny and has a light, clean feel. So I didn’t want to overpower my room with lots of details. All details and accent decor have visual weight. Our eyes actually weigh what they see. Darker items have more visual weight and lighter colored items have less visual weight. Bigger things have more visual weight and smaller things have less visual weight.

Here is a very informative posts VISUAL WEIGHT AND DECORATING.

Pay attention to things like drapes puddling on the floor and a great tone-on-tone rug pattern! Even the littlest detail should not be overlooked!


It’s all about the details, so let’s layer them! Layering decor takes a bit of practice and a little time to play. Layering can be grouping things attractively together in a vignette or as easy adding something on top of something else like a decorative accent on top of a stack of books.

Layering decor accents add a lovely detail to a room. But a little goes a long way. Many home decorators add too many layers of stuff to a room. This is far worse than not having enough accent decor. When we have too much stuff it is so hard for our eyes to wade through all the decor and it looks confusing.

Using different heights, textures and keeping a tight color palette will help your accent details look amazing!


Many of you know this is one of my favorite decorating mantras! Because if you do what this mantra says your home will look so much better.

This mantra works for furniture and pictures and mirrors and most everything we put in our homes. And this mantra works for accent decor too!

Choose bigger items and let go of most of any little items or collectibles. They just tend to make a room look cluttered!

The image on the left is balanced and the accent decor is not overdone. Even though all the accent decor works together in the right picture it is crowded and there is no place for our eyes to rest.

Most home decorators put too much “stuff” in a room. And way too many details!

LESS IS BEST is a helpful post you might like to read that will explain this concept.

This is a little off-topic, but if you have a l-o-n-g flat surface remember you don’t feel you need to decorate the entire thing. Start with a group of three, putting a decorative detail in the middle and the other details flanking the middle. Leave the ends of the long flat surface undecorated. We don’t have to decorate every inch of a surface!


When you think you are done accessorizing, look again! And again! Make sure your accessories are balanced.

Not too much on one side of the room.

Look to see if your room needs a little more detail or a little less. And your best decorating assistant, the camera on your phone, will be a great help too. Take pictures when you decorate and evaluate them. It’s amazing what a camera will show you that your eyes may not!

Leave the room and come back to it later. Give it a very critical look and readjust your room details as needed! Do this tip! It works!!!!

I do this all the time. I recently changed the accessories on my Curlacue chest by putting the things on the chest in a basket creating a vignette. I think the basket corrals the accent decor and has a more cohesive, neat look.

Just paying attention to the smallest details make big differences in how a room looks!

Did you notice I changed out the faux plants? The more “fluffy” airy delicate plant looks so much better. The plant on the left, while very attractive is visually heavier than the plant on the left. And this one detail make a big difference in how the Culacue area looks!


I say this so so often! Before you go out and buy anything look around your own home! I bet you have some pretty terrific accessories that would look amazing in the room you are decorating!

That vase in a bedroom may be just the missing detail in your living room! No decor in my home is safe from me. I’m always snatching something out of one room and adding it to another. Because the color palette throughout our home is pretty consistent I can swap out furnishing and accent decor with ease.


Are your accessories and details collecting dust? Maybe you need to rearrange them.  Change details often. It’s fun and keeps your rooms from getting boring

As a blogger, I’ve developed this habit. Every Monday I go from room to room making small changes. It might be to add fresh flowers or add a stack of books to a table. Or it might be changing out a lamp or basket.

Get in the habit of playing with the details of a room to keep the look fresh.

Here are a few changes I’ve made on the white buffet…

Each image has a lot in common… the buffet and clock and the lamp and creating a group of three. But just small changes can change the look!

And speaking of three, did you know there is decorating magic in the number three. If you have not read THE RULE OF THREE make sure you do. It will change how you decorate!

I can create countless looks by changing out just a couple things on the buffet. It is the details that make the difference!

Here are some ideas for great accessories you can use to create beautiful decor details in your home…

  • books
  • pillows
  • orbs
  • small plants
  • wreaths
  • plants
  • pictures
  • bowls
  • baskets
  • objects de art
  • bookends
  • architectural pieces
  • vases
  • clocks
  • candlesticks
  • jars

Now, I have a challenge for you…

Pick a room, any room, and look around with a critical eye (constructive critical eye). What details can you add or edit in your room following these 5 tips?

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Great ideas – thanks.

  2. What a beautiful guest room! I like your idea of accessories being like jewelry. Puts a fun spin on decorating a room. I also need to take your advice on changing accessories often – not just at Christmas!

  3. Great room! Where did you get the sign behind the bed? It is perfect!

    1. There is a link to the bedskirt at the end of the post. The sign came from a local shop.

  4. Love the bed!!! So pretty!!

    Great ideas for accessories!

  5. Terrific looking room Yvonne. Where did you find the buffalo check duvet and shams… them.

    1. Hi Mary Lou,
      I just added the info at the bottom of the post. Thanks for asking!

  6. What wonderful ideas for decorating! I probably could do some serious evaluation per room….but I do move things and shop my home a lot! You have such a lovely style! Thank you!

  7. Where can I purchase your open weave linen redshift? Creating a breezy West Indies inspired guest room and your redshift would be a perfect addition. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Loved seeing your home featured in Autumn issue of Cottage Journal. Congratulations.
    Can’t wait to start fall accessorizing with old and new items. Your guest room is so simple but so welcoming. Love the drapes and bed skirt.

    1. Hi Mary Lou,
      I just added the info at the bottom of the post. Thanks for asking!Thanks

  9. You are so right! Details make such a difference! I love your suggestions for layering accessories and adding wonderful texture to make a room visually welcoming and warm!

  10. I’m thinking I may go “shopping” today (just around my home) looking for some detail treasures! Anyone free to come and shop with me? I’d love it!

  11. You always have the best ideas. Now it is time for me to put your ideas to work. Going to do this today. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your Monday!

  12. where did you get the bedskirt

  13. Norma Rolader says:

    Thank you for the great ideas on layering a room and bling bling of a room. I love the bedskirt all is beautiful! God bless and have a blessed week

  14. Where did you get the bedskirt? Or did you make it?

    1. The bed skirt came from Soft Surroundings. They have such gorgeous home decor and fashions!

  15. Those lights on the side of the bed are unique. I have never seen those before. Where did you get them?

    1. Hi Phyl, they came from Wayfair and are no longer in stock. I keep looking for them though. When I see them again I’ll post about it.

  16. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love that bedroom! It’s just beautiful. Great tips Yvonne – thank you!

  17. I love the bed and lighting. How high off the ground is the bed. I have trouble finding a bed skirt that is long enough.

    1. Harriet, it is a standard size so regular bed skirts will work just fine

  18. Love the natural and neutral bedroom!!! AWESOME!!

  19. I love everything about this room! Beautiful!

  20. What a soothing, beautiful guest room! That bed skirt really sets off the whole bed.

  21. Brenda Grisham says:

    I love the way you placed the drapes. I am going to copy the idea. Do you have a resource for the drapes? Combining the textures in this room comes off perfectly. Bedskirt balanced against drapes and bedding!

    1. Harriet, it is a standard size so regular bed skirts will work just fine.

  22. I love the checkered duvet with the open weave bed skirt, they are perfect together. I use the same things that you use in your accessorizing list, but I don’t have any orbs. I will definitely have to find some. I also re arrange things frequently for a whole new look, that’s part of the fun of accessorizing!

  23. Dianne Lanier says:

    The room is beautiful. I will have to use your tips for my guest rooms!

  24. Love the entire room….you did a fantastic job putting it all together!

  25. I love this room. It is so warm and inviting. Am I seeing some sort of blinds that are pulled up on the windows for covering at nighttime on the window?

  26. Yvonne, you always make your rooms look so visual welcoming. I love your guess room,especially the duvet and shams on the bed. Have a great day!

  27. A “White MALAISE (?) Quilt” I’m sure you meant Matelasse. You never want decor to suffer from “Malaise”. I’d just blame “spellcheck” if I were you.

  28. Deb McNelly says:

    I so enjoyed this guest room detailing. This is the best part for me too. Going back, looking, changing, finding things from other places. I think my favorites are the bed skirt, the silhouette of the dog, and the lamp. Oh and the buffalo check. I think I need to go to Home Good right now. Thanks so much again! God bless. ~ Deb

  29. Yes!!! Decorating is ALL about the details…

  30. Sue Malizia says:

    Yvonne, always love your ideas…especially right when I’m in need of some. I like how the duvet cover is without the comforter in it…lighter for warmer temps. Thank you for sharing the links of where to actually find items…the set is already in my pb basket. =)

  31. Sue Malizia says:

    P.S. Love the little sign welcoming guests…details! =)

  32. Jill Miglin says:

    Hi Yvonne. Love the guest room. Have to say it was nice to see that you have the same bedskirt that I have in our master bedroom. I even got the matching Euro shams. Love the raw silk with the rest of our bedding in shades of teal. Thanks again for all the great ideas.

  33. A beautiful welcoming room Love everything about it

  34. Wonderful decorating tips! I have learned so much from you & your blog! Thank you! Love your guest room!

  35. From my friend Pinky at Designs by Pinky: I just did this to the sitting area of our master. I decided that I wanted a “British Colonial” look. I had everything I needed in the house, didn’t have to buy a thing. I am loving the new look!!! I’ll try to send you a picture. I am also trying a new email address to see if my comments will show up. I still don’t understand why they don’t. We’ll see if this works:) MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I have a guest room I’m still working on but once I’m finished I’ll send a picture. Thanks for all the decorating suggestions. Sometimes I need a nudge to get my brain thinking!

  37. Vee Muller says:

    Love the details! I see you’ve moved the orb from your living room to the guest room. Unless you made more than one! Have started shopping my home. Fun!

  38. Love your guest room! It makes me want to come visit! ?

  39. Beautiful room! I especially love the smocked curtains. They are so unusual, but don’t appear as they would provide much privacy. I don’t remember. Did you provide their source?

    1. The pretty side drapes are just for decor, Phylis. If you look, you will see there are blinds on the windows; they are just pulled up.

  40. I’m loving your guestroom and the color palette you chose. I think we all can relate to today’s post especially downsizing accessories, for me I love beautiful décor and tend to go overboard. Also, I just want to say that I love all your tips and tricks and who cares if you make a spelling error, we know what you mean. Keep on doing what you do best because we love you and what you stand for.

  41. Love the neutral colors and especially the curtains and bedskirt.

  42. So welcoming…. liking all that texture….and that bedskirt is beautiful. Now we all know why you have so many guests. Better than the best B and B.

  43. Your room is very pretty. Love the wall lamp with the shelf and the little bird

    1. HI!
      As always, love reading your blog .
      The guest room looks so comfy.
      The bed skirt is very attractive
      Does the skirt wrap around the box spring?
      Could you tell me where you bought
      the bed skirt? Thank you!

  44. Beth Brown says:

    I love this bed-skirt. Its lovely and I love the color with the black iron bed – beautiful!

  45. Details can trip me up sometimes. Thanks for encouragement

  46. What a great guest room!

  47. Nancy Loyd says:

    Love this room and thanks for all the great tips!!!

  48. Julie Briones says:

    Very helpful tips. I found those ‘acorns’ at a local consignment store, and I loved yours so much, I bought them! 🙂

  49. What a beautiful guest room! Love the gingham duvet and pillow shams.

  50. Everything looks amazing, thanks for sharing your ideas. The details that you add everywhere are amazing!

  51. I love the little Welcome sign on the nightstand!

  52. Love all your posts, but this one especially for all the good ideas!

  53. Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally getting around to sharing some of the sources for this room! I see you did change some of the bedding up a bit from when you first shared the room with us but what a great idea to buy bedding that coordinates and change it up to refresh on occasion. I like both looks and couldn’t pick just one if I had to. As far as sources go do you have the source for the planters and bird on the bookshelf, the dresser and that cute little welcome sign?

  54. The room really looks perfect and beautiful I liked your choice for the curtains they add a pleasant look to the room.Great work!!!

  55. The room looks awesome, love the bed skirt!!

  56. You are so right – it is all in the details. I could always figure out the “big” stuff but the details challenged me. Your blog has made such a difference in helping me become much better at the details. Thanks for all the ideas and tips! Your talent for decorating is evident throughout your gorgeous home!!

  57. Stunning room Yvonne – and stunning website.

    Like almost everyone else I was so taken by the bed skirt. Thinking I might try making one in hessian! Thanks for the inspiration.
    We are approaching Spring here on the west coast of Australia so the neutral colours will work beautifully in my guest bedroom too – even better in the summertime as temperatures can reach 100 +
    Reading your posts is such a joyful experience.

  58. Ruth Watson says:

    Yvonne, I recently discovered your post and was just enjoying Decorating Details. It’s all about the Details. I love your help on texturing, and accessorizing. Not too little and not too much. It’s a wonderful blog and I will be a regular follower.

  59. Yvonne, I just don’t get the idea of puddling drapes. Don’t you worry about getting your foot caught in them or how do you keep them hanging straight? We aren’t lucky enough to have those nice large bedrooms like you do, lucky girl. Is this mainly for drapes that are stationary? I know I’m old fashion, they just look like they need to be shortened. Help me fall in love with this idea.

  60. Norma Rolader says:

    Awww just beautiful and I love all your info and tips … You are awesome

  61. I absolutely love the sconces, a shame they are no longer available.

  62. I also love those bedside lamps, but how to you turn them on and off?

  63. Wow, you truly decorate with so much class, elegant and fabulous flar for fablous designs. Thank you for sharing.

  64. Norma Rolader says:

    I love love this room

  65. So many gorgeous details. I love the bed skirt!

  66. this is gorgeous and peaceful and I want you to open a B&B… even the details at the top of your curtains are lovely… 🙂

  67. I want to work on layering my bed for this winter. This gave me great ideas as usual!

  68. You have proven that old adage IT’S ALL IN THE DETAIL. Thanks


  70. My summer project is to completely redo our foyer. I admired the wood burst mirror you had in your foyer. Do you think it would be too visually heavy for our 8’x8’ foyer with 8’ ceilings? Thanks!

  71. Additional information regarding the burst mirror in our small foyer…it will be hung over a 45” wide table. I don’t have a table yet but the width is determined by the wall space.

  72. I’m trying to find the lamps you have on the curlicue chest. Where did you get those?

  73. Kathy Menold says:

    Yvonne, Just this morning I was clearing off our mantle to replace the forsythia wreath with a painting and changing the candle holders and stone rabbits which were on display for Easter. Just sitting on our sofa with a cup of coffee deciding what to use for late spring. As you often remind your readers I like to shop my house and even if it takes a few days I will find just the right balance for the mantle. It is actually one of my favorite activities in decorating. But this time of year when there is so much to do in the garden I wait for a rainy day to do this change over.

  74. The candles are such a nod to summer! Please tell me about the rug I see in these photos if it is available. I’m thinking it would be linked if it was easy to find ;-( Is the small square black or navy? Gray or Brown overall color? Thanks so much.

  75. I don’t know where to start…most of the bigger rooms in my house need help….should I start at the entry? Theres so much to do it feels overwhelming. I have an idea of my style but like to mix it up some.

    1. Always start by knowing your decorating style Laura! And then stay in that decorating lane! Then choose a color palette and stay in that lane too! Know if your colors are warm or cool and know undertones. You have given me a great idea for a post. Look for one soon about WHERE TO START!

  76. I am more into color with a little black accent in every room. I do like your fresh style though. But just an observation… I feel the 2 lamps on the curlecue chest are overpowering it. One next to the wall with the decor a little to the left would look better to my eye. But you do you.

    1. Yes, I agree! I’ve since changed them out for one larger lamp. They are pretty but just not there.

  77. I think your advice is terrific. I *try* to keep too much stuff and too small stuff out. In a small hone, it just looks cluttered. I think I read something somewhere that someone once said about making the practical thing you have to have the prettiest version if you don’t have space for “decor” in a small room much. The kitchen here is small and I do not have room for much, but I found a pretty pitcher to hold my spatulas and utensils, and I got nice quality spatulas and utensils. I have a pretty set of cookware. That type of essential item I tried to aim for the prettiest version in great quality that I could afford. I think the bunch of cheap little khickknacks type shopping is just the desire for new and the impulse, and maybe too the feeling “I can’t afford the thing I really want”, so here are ten little things instead. I think that is sorta a disposable, ” fast food” type shopping rather than the good meal. I think save slower for the thing you REALLY want rather than buy the quick thing every time you go out. You end up able to afford the one GOOD thing you truly wanted by the time you add up the cost of all the clutter!

  78. Where did you get your small airy ferns in white pots (3)?

    1. Hi Robin, I found those locally. I’ve been trying to source them with no luck yet. Sorry!

  79. Great points! I can see exactly what you mean. I have spots I am going to look over now that I have read this. I think I can get used to placement of certain things and need to try different spots or even consider if I even want to use the item at all, if it actually enhances the style of the room and is adding anything special. I think my bigger items do seem more quality made. I think we get used to little things and can think of something as too big that may look amazing and make a statement. I think we get stressed about picking the right big item to be the statement piece, too. The little cheaper knicknacks there is a “safe choice” and no investment when it comes to it. I am going to go look around the house! 😉