There is always room for one more Christmas decoration especially when it is as bright and sassy and easy-to-make as this Christmas Stacking Bowl Arrangement! Even if you are not crafty you can make this! And don’t you love how colorful and merry this Christmas arrangement is? How cute and kitschy!

Let’s make a Christmas Stacking Bowl Arrangement…

Don’t you love the bright colors!


Spot On was inspired by the “New Dots” pattern from 1967. I was actually around in 1967 and remember it! What a fun blast from the past!


You can use any bowls as long as you have a large, medium and small size. They don’t even have to match. I’m styling this arrangement with all white bowls!

Ready, let’s get started and make a Christmas arrangement!


You will need…

  • stacking bowls
  • 2 smaller bowls (to insert in the stacking bowls)
  • a candle (for one variation)
  • lots of little pieces of greens
  • tiny ornaments
  • *use your imagination and decorate your arrangement the way YOU love


  1. Stack the large and medium bowls as shown above. Put a small bowl or cup in the bottom of the largest bowl to prop up the medium-size bowl. Make sure the inside bowl/cup is tall enough so when the bowls are stacked the design on them shows. It’s all about the designs!
  2. I added a few pinecones around the base of the cup in the large bowl as a filler. This is optional, but it really saves on greens!
  3. Stick little bits of greens into the bottom bowl so they fill the gap between the bottom bowl and the middle bowl. Make sure they are short enough so they don’t cover up the middle bowl. At this point just add evergreen sprigs… no other greens or decor.

4. Stack the small Vintage Charm bowl into the medium bowl the using instructions 1 and 2.  

5. Add greens around the base of the medium bowl.

6. Arrange greens in the small bowl… or add a candle to it. (I added a candle to mine and work the greens around it)


7. Embellish with other greens and little ornaments.


Now all you have to do is light the candle! So easy and such a pretty arrangement!


I love arrangements like this one because they are a recipe or a formula, of sorts. There are so many ways to remake this! You are only limited by your own imagination!


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  1. Paula Gross says:

    I remember this pattern too, and it is my favorite! My grandmother had a set, I have some 30 plus year old Pyrex, just love it! Your blog is very inspirational and your home is lovely. Happy Holidays! Paula

  2. Lovely! I am making one.

  3. I love this idea, and so easy, which is just what I need! Thanks! I love those bowls too. I have my moms with aqua around rhe edge but I forget the design. Horses and carriages maybe?

    1. You have such a prize. I wish I would have my moms! Pyrex lasts forever!

  4. Carrie Gibson says:

    Birds of a Feather…love this one!

  5. Carrie Gibson says:

    Favorite Christmas recipe has to be my mom’s gingerbread cookies. We would all spend a December evening decorating these together and I have the fondest memories from these times.

    1. Gingerbread is such a favorite here too! I bet making it in Vintage Charm would be so nostalgic!

  6. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I like the rise and shine.

  7. Rebecca Musser says:

    I was around in ’67, too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Rebecca Musser says:

    I like Memory Lane the best!

  9. So stinkin’ cute. Pulling my bowls out right now and doing the same!! ??

  10. Linda Allison says:

    YES! I have the perfect bowls for this. Thanks, Yvonne, for sharing your creativity.

  11. This arrangement is so clever and very eye catching! I must make one right away! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Ok that is totally adorable!!! Great imagination Yvonne!

  13. Christine Schires says:

    So cute! Love the Spot On and Memory Lane designs! However, back in the day, I remember owning a set similar to Golden Days! Thank you for sharing with us.

  14. Martha Durick says:

    Memory Lane is my favorite. Grind fresh cranberries, fresh orange segment and sugar. Mix for the best holiday condiment. Use on sandwiches or to top vanilla ice cream.

  15. Now that’s darn cute!! Thank So! You could do this with a lot of different bowls…..or even something square like nested trays…but I think round would look best.

  16. Love the Pyrex, my favorite pattern is birds of a feather.

  17. So simple and clever. I like the spot of color and the bowls are simply charming.

  18. love those Pyrex designs…happy you chose those!

  19. Barbara Grignoli says:

    I really loved this idea and will be using my Williams Sonoma Melamine bowls instead and my glass prep bowls for the inside holder!

  20. Love this…simple and beautiful! My favorite pattern is Golden Days… reminds me of my mom’s!!?

  21. Rosemarie says:

    Time to dig out my vintage pyrex bowls. What a simply wonderful idea. Goes to show you that all you need to do is dig through things you already have in your house and viola……

  22. So cute! I like Memory Lane and Rise N Shine the most!

  23. Carol Davis says:

    The Rise and Shine is the one for me. We live in wheat country and it fits in so well with this part of the country. I still have some pyrex bowls that are over 50 years old and I use them on a regular basis. Although I am down to two from a set of five, and the colors have faded over the years they are some of my favorites.

  24. Tickle Pink is my favorite selection.

  25. Elaine Wesselman says:

    Love this idea. Yes the Pyrex lasts forever unless you break it. I dropped a dish recently that I had had for years. It hit a cement floor. Darn it! I have replaced it with another Pyrex dish. I also have some of my Mother’s corning ware that I use almost daily. Have wonderful holiday !

  26. Babette Thurston says:

    Really sweet project!! You always have such great ideas!

  27. Nancy Sennett says:

    I too love the spot on. I have several pieces of Pyrex that were my grandmother ‘s. I treasure it. Thanks for the great stacking bowl decoration. I wouldn’t miss reading your blog. You have become a valued friend Merry Christmas

  28. Wow, was I young and stupid! I realize now that I shouldn’t have put my Spring blossom green Pyrex bowls in a garage sale! Guess I need to buy some, but they won’t be Yintage!

  29. shari harniss says:

    Tickled Pink is adorable! Thanks for the chance to win such charming bowls!

  30. Anne Marie says:

    My favorite recipe is homemade fudge with lots of nuts.

  31. I love them all. If I had to choose one I guess I would go with Tickled Pink!

  32. Favorite holiday recipe? Would probably be a dessert – chocolate cherry cheesecake!

  33. Marilyn Soto says:

    What a sweet video -I’m in love with the Rise and Shine pattern ,even though the colors in Birds of a Feather would match my kitchen better ……I have to go with my “heart” it’s Rise and Shine for me . They just make me happy every time I look at them. Thanks for sharing these.

  34. Well how creative you are- luv it! The Spot On would work well in our kitchen. Thank you.
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  35. Patricia Brown says:

    Beauty in simplicity! Bonus of sweet memories!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  36. Memories of my mom’s Pyrex bowls being used everyday-meal prep, baking, you name it, probably did it with a Pyrex bowl. Still in use today at mom’s. Love this updated look on a classic pattern.

  37. I honestly thought those bowls were true vintage! Love the Birds of a Feather set – Black and White and Adorable. Great idea for some kitchen table holiday cheer! Thanks as always and have a great one! xx-hb

  38. Rise n’ Shine is my favorite pattern. Reminds me of my Grandmothers set my daughter inherited.
    Yvonne Have a Beautiful Week.
    Patricia (NC Coast)

  39. Oh the wonderful things my mother made in her Pyrex bowls of green, yellow, and red in tree different sizes. Your darling arrangement is so imaginative and clever….love it!

  40. Loved this idea, polka dots are my favorite, have a set of red and white , will be perfect..another winning idea thank you ?

  41. I use my 38 year old Pyrex bowls often. These are adorable. I will have to look for them on Amazon!!

  42. Pam Richards says:

    What a cute idea! Love using things I already have to make new arrangements. I love this blog for inspiration!

  43. Cute idea. It is very colorful and Christmas looking.

  44. What a great idea! I love my vintage Pyrex bowls, they were my aunts and I think of her everytime I use them.

  45. HOW do you think up all these awesome ideas???? Love it!!!! Now I know what to do with my favorite bowl set!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  46. What a sweet arrangement. I, too, like the Spot On – so fun! Thank you for your many creative ideas.

  47. Marcy Leonard says:

    Great Idea!! Especially the gingerbread men idea! I have a set of Christmas-attired Teddy Bears, and this bowl idea will be perfect for the display. Fa lal la la la!

  48. I was around in the 60″s also and remember these vividly. I love them all but birds of a feather and rise and shine are my favorites today! Cute cute idea!

  49. Rebecca Nelson says:

    I love ideas using things we have and love. The possibilities are endless.

  50. I almost deleted this post because I am So. Saturated. With Christmas DIY. Glad I didn’t! What a clever idea, and I had never heard of this line of Pyrex. Love the Spot On. Great Job!

  51. So creative and charming Yvonne. This idea would be lovely with some of your well-loved white ironstone bowls too.
    Have a wonderful day!

  52. What a great idea! You are so creative. The vintage patterns are wonderful. My own Pyrex set is 30 plus years old and I use them every day.

  53. I bought one of the new teal bowls to go with my vintage set. This will be a great way to utilize them for Christmas too!

  54. Elizabeth says:

    This is an adorable idea! I can’t wait to try this with some of my vintage bowls! My mother and grandmother were proud owners of many Corningware and Pyrex products, and, started me on my collection many years ago. Some of my favorite pieces are the mixing bowls! And, my favorite piece is my grandmother’s small Corningware teapot with the chickens and a tulip in the middle! I love seeing it every morning! Thank you for your blog that reminded me of my many memories of these two wonderful ladies!

  55. What a lovely arrangement and so creative. I love those bowls. Brings back memories of my Mom. I only have one left now. Took a peak at the website and I’m drawn to the “Birds of a Feather” set.

  56. I love all of your Christmas ideas…… lovely and also do-able.

  57. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love this! I am going to start looking for these bowls as soon as I finish leaving my comment.

    Thank you once again for this idea!

  58. Marychris says:

    I like the dual purpose of items with the bowls. Vintage and retro items are in.

  59. Love these! I can see myself doing these for other occasions too!

  60. As you do every time I read your blog, you put a smile on my face. You are a blessing!

  61. Martha Franks says:

    I’m with you, Yvonne! I love the cheerful, sassy Spot On. I’m definitely old enough to remember these patterns!

  62. Michelle E says:

    Getting these for my girls Love them!

  63. I do believe rise N shine is my favorite!

  64. Tickled pink is so cute! I am ashamed to say I am using old plastic stacking bowls I acquired years ago. Wow, how we get stuck in ruts! I have one good glass bowl that I use regularly because it scraps down so much easier and doesn’t get greasy like the plastic ones. With that said, why don’t i get some new bowls? I DON’T KNOW, but it sure is time.

  65. May I suggest using wooden bowls with greens and berries for a colonial touch or baskets.

    Your ideas are always wonderful Yvonne! Merry Christmas!!

  66. Dorinda Selke says:

    Just want you to know I remember 1967 too!! I was 7 years old then. I remember my Grandma Elizabeth having bowls like these. I love the flowered ones and the polka dot ones (should have jotted down the names) LOL. I used to make jello with fruit in it in one of the bowls with Grandma so that is what I would make to bring back treasured memories. Hugs, Dorinda

  67. Teddee Grace says:

    Really cute. I also loved Tickled Pink. It has sort of a Scandinavian feel that would also tie in with Christmas. And I agree…that video is so darling. I loved the background song!

  68. Linda Charlton says:

    I actually still have one of my original bowls, the 4 qt. orange one. I like the golden set and hope I win.

  69. Karen VanLoo says:

    I remember 1967! I was five. But I love anything with vintage charm, I’ve been collecting some of the Pyrex anniversary items, and I love anything that looks vintage Pyrex! I have my mother’s Corningware, the white with the blue flowers that everyone had. But I’ve always loved Pyrex. They have some vintage ones in pink that I would totally collect if I had the storage space! These are great, and what a cute idea stacking the bowls with greenery and a candle. I want to do this in my kitchen, I absolutely LOVE it!

  70. grammy goodwill says:

    Oh, what a hard choice. I like them all, but I think Tickled Pink is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. Jamie from Kentucky says:

    Such a cute idea and I have one of the original Pyrex bowls already..

  72. theyre all cute ! i like the birds of s feather bowls too

  73. This is the cutest and most clever idea!!! Love it! Thanks.

  74. Carol Elkins says:

    I love the Tickled Pink! I love that your ideas are not too complicated and you explain the directions so well. Thank you!

  75. memory lane is so cute

  76. i love caramel corn during the holidays

  77. Like the use of vertical space for kitchen, to spare counter space and still have beautiful Christmas decor. We still use our white, with cornflower blue flowers, coffee pot, as well as bakeware. All were wedding shower gifts from 1972. Were Corning and Pyrex the same manufacturer?

  78. Love “Birds of a Feather” pattern. I’ve had this idea from a number of years but have never done it. I have a set of green bowls by Hall Pottery that would be perfect for Christmas. Thanks to you I must do it! Thanks for the nudge.

  79. Karen Tavolacci says:

    I love Memory Lane. It matches my brightly colored kitchen very well. I have a couple of old bowls in solid colors from my mom!

  80. What a neat idea to use some of those pretty bowls I have here at Christmas time. Thanks for sharing Yvonne! Merry Christmas!

  81. Yvonne, You never cease to amaze me. Creativity pours out of you. I am going to do this!

  82. Love vintage bowls.This is a cute idea and so simple.
    Probably my favorite cookie recipe is basic chocolate
    chip cookies.I make them every year.

  83. I love and collect a few Pyrex bowls. My Mom’s big yellow bowl holds many memories! I use all of my vintage bowls for everyday!

  84. Oooooh – these fit in perfectly with my love of 60s and 70s design. The colorful and simple memories of my childhood! I love Golden Days and Spot On the best.

  85. What a cute and imaginative idea!

  86. Valerie Tingley says:

    I’m pulling out my Nana’s crockery mixing bowls today and making an arrangement for the kitchen! Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  87. Love Golden Days and Tickled Pink. I would put my Christmas Cheese Ball in the smaller bowl. Combine two 8 oz. softened cream cheese (the full fat kind) with three chopped green onions, including the green part, one jar of dried corned beef, chopped, and one half to one teaspoon Accent (found in the spice aisle by the salt). Clean your hands really well, squish all incredients together, and form into a ball. I like to reserve a couple pieces of dried corned beef and cut star shapes to garnish the top of the cheese ball. It is simple and soo yummy!

  88. Thanks for the inspiration, it will be a good excuse to use more of my blue and white china.

  89. Sandy Manning says:

    All of the designs are so cute! I love what you did with the Dots bowls. I guess if I was forced to pick a pattern it would be Rise ‘n Shine. I have always loved the original amish design. But boy they are all so cute! I’ve seen a little bit of this at Target but didn’t realize there was such an extensive line.

  90. Nancy Mattox says:

    All beautiful. The backbone of a working kitchen. My favorite, hard to decide, is Memory Lane. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!

  91. Galinda Porter says:

    Your unceasing creativity,never ceases to amaze me. :-))

  92. I have Pyrex bowl that was my ,mothers; I think its a Harvest Wheat pattern ( not sure of the correct name)…I’ve collected the other sizes of the Regular and Cinderella style bowls – I use then daily! I love your idea for decorating the stacking bowls, and I’m going to give that a try! Thanks for ongoing inspiration!

    Hint – The colors stay nicer if you don’t put in the dishwasher!

  93. What a darling and simply Christmas arrangement! Love it.

  94. Rose Marie says:

    Love all of the designs, so hard to choose!
    Love your blog too, thanks for your inspiration!

  95. I still have my set of Pyrex bowls that I received as a wedding gift many! many! years ago. Over the years, I have collected several other sets and love all of them. I think Memory Lane is my favorite.

  96. Linda Gilliam says:

    Tooooo cute, I love those bowls!
    I too remember that pattern!
    Who wouldn’t love that cute centerpiece??
    My fav Christmas recipe is homemade caramels, recipe I’ve made since the early 70s for my boys!

  97. Sandi Stephon says:

    Love this idea! I’m all about Christmas decor all through the house. I’ve also seen one done with stacking flower pots to use in a sun room.

  98. Love the Rise N Shine pattern.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy Holidays.

  99. janeinbama says:

    Just love this! The best thing about “new vintage” is it can be put in the dishwasher. I have accumulated a few pieces of vintage and I hand wash those suckers. It does not keep me from using them though.

  100. I love these bowls. I have the “Rise N Shine” 6 piece set, and I have the “Tickled Pink” to give for a gift. 😉 I inherited my mom’s vintage Butterprint casserole bowls (lots of fond memories and use of these bowls while growing up… can’t believe we never broke them!), and I have been trying to add on pieces to it. The Butterprint is pricey! Love your arrangement idea!

  101. I like the Vintage Charm. All are beautiful!

  102. Mary Beth Johnson says:

    What a great idea! I have a set of stacking bowls that would be perfect for this project!

  103. Nita Thedford says:

    I love the Spot On. Have always loved polka dots. Besides, my son-in-law’s family is British & that’s a familiar phrase.

    Another idea is to turn the smallest bowl upside down & perch the largest on it. It could be a punch bowl or just elevate a salad for an interesting buffet

  104. A cost effective arrangement that is so pretty too….

  105. Mary Michelle says:

    Our Story is my favorite design. Love the red – perfect for Christmas.

  106. Deborah D says:

    What a truly lovely idea! I love it!

  107. This is a darling arrangement and seems easy to make! It would be a perfect Christmas decoration in the kitchen. I like the Tickled Pink set of bowls. 😉
    Thanks for all of your wonderful Christmas ideas!

  108. Becky Unruh says:

    I prefer the actual vintage pyrex, as opposed to this reproduction. It’s fun and beautiful to collect. One of my favorite things to look for while antique shopping. 🙂


    I love the Spot on bowls. They take me back to my childhood!

  110. Heather Sebastian says:

    I love Birds of a Feather!

  111. Cami Valenzuela says:

    My favorite pattern is vintage charm. Such a cute idea.

  112. Cami Valenzuela says:

    My favorite recipes is my nanas tamale recipe. Nothing taste like hers.

  113. I too was around in 1967. Love all of your ideas Yvonne. I especially like the Rise and Shine pattern. I think my aunt my still have something similar in her vintage Pyrex collection. ?

  114. I’d say these bowls remind people of their childhood

  115. What a great idea for a Christmas kitchen decoration. I have a gingerbread theme in my kitchen so I could imagine some cute little gingerbread people tucked into the greens.

  116. I too was around in 1967. Love all of your ideas Yvonne. I especially like the Rise and Shine pattern. ?

  117. I love Pyrex bowls and have some we received as a shower gift many years ago, these new colors are amazing!

  118. What a quick and pretty idea! I’ll be using it all through the year!! Thanks for sharing!

  119. Lisa Marutz says:

    Cute in 1967, and even cuter today!

  120. Love the Pyrex bowls. I have some that were my Moms.

  121. Bette Jo Hixon says:

    Birds of a Feather!

  122. The Birds of a Feather is my fave! Great giveaway and blog!

  123. Very cute!! I dare not enter the giveaway, tho’ as I have more bowls than I have cupboards for already!

  124. The Memory Lane print is my favorite!

  125. I enjoy making my Coffee Cashew Biscotti for family and friends at Christmas.

  126. What a wonderful idea! I bought a set of cherry mixing bowls at Cracker Barrel a few years back and they would be darling with this idea. I have a few or aments left so now to find some greenery. Thanks for the inspiration. PS Wish I had room for the retro bowls I saw them at Target and they are so much fun.

  127. I like the pattern called Tickled Pink.

  128. My favorite holiday recipe is a really easy one for Peppermint Bark candy

  129. MaryLisa Noyes says:

    I can do this.

  130. Diva Kreszl says:

    I just love visiting your site, I always feel so inspired to try some new decor ideas! I love the Tickled Pink pattern, I really like them all!

  131. Sylvia Pelekane says:

    What a novel idea! I love Pyrex! I have both of my Mother’s sets (bowls & containers) and as a result, I’ve yet to purchase a set!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas!

  132. Anne Porter says:

    Kitchens highly deserve special decorations during the holidays…after all, kitchens are where it all happens! The Pyrex inspiration is perfect…here’s to our Christmas kitchens!?

  133. Sandra Nelson says:

    I love all things vintage and the little girls in the video remind me of my girls back then.

  134. My mom had Pyrex baking dishes in brown and white and gold and white, Thanks for the post, it brought back a lot of good memories of my Mom and her delicious cooking.

  135. I am not crafty at all, but I think I could pull this off. Thanks for the step step by step pictured instructions

  136. Oh Yvonne, how charming. My daughter has my Mother’s original Pyrex bowls, with fruit on them.
    I’ll forward your idea for sure!
    Merry Christmas from Ohio

  137. What a fabulous way to decorate and display your bowls all at the same time! Love it!

  138. Darlene James says:

    Darling idea stacking your Vintage Charm bowls with greens and things. Also perfect and so festive filled with 3 different cereal snack mixtures. “Oh how I love CHRISTmas”.

  139. Such a cute idea! Love it when you can take something from around the house and use it in such a special way.

  140. I really like the Rise ‘N Shine pattern; it reminds me of the vintage Butterprint Pyrex my grandma had. Stacking the bowls like you have is such a cute idea for Christmas decor in the kitchen; thanks for the idea.

  141. My favorite Christmas recipe would be my mom’s Tie Dye Brownies. Very simple but delicious, a family tradition and are now requested whenever we attend other gatherings.

  142. I love vintage! I kick myself often for letting Mom’s vintage pyrex get away! So now, I might get to start over! So cute and so cheery for the season!

  143. Courtney Cloe says:

    Oh my goodness! You will not believe how excited this makes me. My mother in law gave me a turquoise and white bowl several years ago and I have been searching every antique store for others, ever since. Now, I can get all three, brand new❤
    Thanks sooo much for sharing about Vintage Living, I’m in love!

  144. These patterns really take me back to the days of watching my mom in the kitchen! I still use Pyrex bowls – couldn’t be without ’em! Hard to choose just one of the Vintage patterns; they are all adorable!

  145. I love cooking the traditional Italian Christmas dinner my mom always made – homemade sauce, meat and cheese stuffed jumbo shells and bracciole (steak roll)! So blessed to have family around to share the bounty!

  146. Dee Parker says:

    I like “Birds of a Feather” – it manages to be retro and modern at the same time.

  147. Love these old Pyrex bowls and your ideas using them to decorate with.

  148. L. bryant says:

    Never thought to stack my vintage green pyrex bowls. This idea will work great for my appetizer display!!!! Thanks so much. Merry Christmas

  149. What what a cute and oh so cleaver Christmas decorating idea!

    I love the rise and shine pattern and color! I would place my favorite Coconut Snowball Christmas cookies in the bowl!!!

    Thank you for an awesome contest opportunity

  150. Thanks for the giveaway. I love Tickled Pink.

  151. My favorite recipe for the holidays is sugar cookies.

  152. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Such a cute idea, Yvonne!

  153. SONJA HANSEN says:

    That is just fun in a refreshingly unexpected way.

  154. SONJA HANSEN says:

    My family friendly egg nog. It is a real keeper

  155. I love decorating ideas using everyday items in the home. My favorite pattern is Birds of a Feather. I can picture lots of greenery, red baubles and black and white ribbon!

  156. Birds of a Feather pattern is my all time favorite and it is impossible to find in consignment and thrift shops 🙁 !

  157. Sausage and egg breakfast casserole made the night before Christmas morning. A big pot of coffee, assorted teas, bagels, muffins and toast at the ready and I’m all set.

  158. This could not be cuter!! It is so perfect, I might have to make one. LOVE your stuff. Best wishes, Linda @crafts a la mode

  159. I love you sense of whimsy, this is adorable, I’m glad I recently found your website

  160. Sherri S.. says:

    R his is a great idea! Vintage+ Christmas=adorable!


  161. Jiinny Foor says:

    Once again~ you’ve inspired me!
    Merry Christmas to the Pratts.

  162. Sheryl kienholz says:

    Very cute. I still have my yellow stacking square Pyrex set from 1971. Love it.

  163. This is a great idea to get those old bowls out on display! Thanks!

  164. Teresa White says:

    I absolutely love this website and especially the tutorials you have on here. It makes things must easier to be able to see how it is done without having to go to several different pages.

  165. I love these bowls. I had a set of Crazy Daisy Cinderella nesting mixing bowls as well as some casserole dishes of Crazy Daisy. Unfortunately, hey have not managed to survive moves, children, and divorce. Love the idea of fixing the bowls for a Christmas design! Awesome job. May have to do some searching on Ebay.

  166. I am so in love with your blog and instagram! I just found your site right before Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent and spirit with all of us. It has been so fun to actually create some of your wonderful centerpieces. You are inspiring and helping me to be a better person, homemaker, mom, and wife. Merry Christmas

    1. Welcome to the StoneGable family, Lisa!!! I’m so thrilled you are enjoying StoneGable.

  167. Lorraine Straub says:

    This is something I could make for my daughter as she loves vintage and she would find a perfect place in her home to display. Love this idea and it is so easy! Thank you !!!!