MERRY CHRISTMAS, friends! We have been in our home for just one month today! And I’m so glad you are here too! I’m still trying to find all my Christmas decor in the basement full of boxes but come on in and celebrate Christmas in the Great Room!

Today is the first Christmas tour of 2019! A big thank you to Sheila at Maison de Cinq for organizing our tour this year!

If you are coming from Shabby Fu Fu, WELCOME! Isn’t Janets Holiday home truly magical? She is beyond talented! Thank you for inspiring us Janet!!!

Welcome to StoneGable! I am thrilled to be part of this Christmas tour! Let’s start in the Great Room!

Oh, before we begin I want to remind you to get your Christmas GIFT CHECKLIST below. Keep all your gifts giving organized! Never forget a gift again!

This year’s Christmas decor was not at all what I had planned. Well, nothing about this Christmas was according to plan! I had no idea we would be here at Tanglewood!

I had planned on a white Christmas with just a taddy bit of red, but you know the old saying about best-laid plans!

I feel like the Tanglewood house needed a calm color palette this Christmas. We had the house painted Simply White before we moved in and I’m learning so much about how to decorate a room with white walls.

Last week we ripped out the original fireplace (you can see it HERE) and had a new surround, hearth and mantel built. What a difference.

This year’s Christmas decor is called Christmas In The White Woods. I have collected a rather large mish-mosh of trees over the years!

So, I thought I’d use them throughout our new home. Really they were one of the first Christmas things I found in the piles of boxes marked “CHRISTMAS”!

I created a little stand of woods right inside my home! I used Bottlebrush and accordion paper trees! Frosted trees and flocked! Glass trees and white bleached trees. Tall trees and tiny ones. Wide and narrow too!

Trees, trees everywhere you look!

On the mantel…

And in the foyer…

On the coffee table…

And on the sunny buffet!

There are even trees in the dining area…

And the Curlacue Chest…

But the star of this stand of white woods is the nine-foot flocked tree in the center of it all!

And Hobbes likes this tree best of all!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Now please head over to our host Sheila at Maison de Cinq! You will love her beautiful French style!

romantic French blue holiday entry way Maison de CinqFrench Blue Romantic Holiday Entry Way


ironstone Christmas tree on On Sutton PlaceAn Ironstone Christmas Tree


Christmas living room with metallics on DesignthusiasmChristmas Living Room: Decorating with Metallics


magical Christmas home tour on ShabbyfufuMagical Christmas Home Tour


Christmas in the great room on StonegableChristmas in the Great Room

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  1. It’s just gorgeous – so beautiful it’s a winter wonderland that just draws you in . You are the queen of decor …..having only been in the new house for only a month and you’ve produced this vision of loveliness by just “rummaging” through some boxes in the basement . Thank you for sharing this year . I just love what you’ve done.

  2. Lovely to see all The white and your trees.
    Where should I begin looking for the paper trees used on table tops?
    Give us a source list, please.

    1. This years Christmas decor is just beautiful. I love the way you have put your touch into your new home and I wish you and Bobby many happy years filled with wonderful memories with friends and family.

  3. You Christmas decorations in your new great room are fabulous. I loved your old home but the new one is beautiful also. You are so great at creating a wonderful home. Lock forward to seeing how you do other rooms.

  4. This is truly stunning!! It reminds me of a calm winter evening and the quiet that comes with snow on the ground.

  5. Once again, you’ve inspired me. I love the simple basket filled with snow frosted pine cones. I will definitely be using that one. Your home is lovely! I love seeing it transform into Yvonne’s and Bobby’s place.

  6. I absolutely love your pale neutral palette, Yvonne!! It goes perfectly with your new home and the brilliant light coming in! It’s amazing how much Tanglewood already looks like StoneGable in its decorating style, while still maintaining its own unique identity. Beautiful job!

  7. Simply Beautiful! This was exciting seeing how you decorated for Christmas.
    Your new home shines with Christmas magic. I love that you can stand in one area and see so many rooms decorated all at once.

  8. As always, everything is beautiful! Would it be possible to get some posts of things being done to your house as it is progress rather than waiting for the final product? It is always amazing to see transformations in the hands of a decorator!

  9. Where did you get the garland that is in your mantle and is also in the white vase? It’s beautiful and has a sparkly , metallic look to it.

  10. Yvonne your Christmas decor looks stunning! I love all your little trees, and the neutral palette is so pretty! I’m so glad you were able to join us for this tour – I hope you have the Merriest of Christmas’ in your new home with your family!!


  11. Your tree, your new mantel and its woodland decorations, everything–so beautiful! I admire the peacefulness of your winter white scheme. And I especially love Hobbes under the tree, nestled in the coziness!

    But honestly, I have no idea where you get all that energy!! One month in a new house, and just look!! 🙂

    1. So sweet Rhonda! To be honest, I have an assistant that helps me with big decorating projects. What would usually take me a week now I can turn around my decor in a day. So I probably have the same energy as you but I have a little help! xo

  12. Yvonne, your Christmas decor is so beautifully coordinated that no one would believe it was unplanned. I think your large flocked tree is stunning.

  13. Beautiful, just beautiful! I’m curious though, where is the outlet for your tree? When I saw the location of your tree I immediately thought I could do the same but my husband came along and asked where was I planning on plugging it in. ?

    1. The plug runs under the furry wrap at the bottom of the skirt. And a thin cord runs on the ground to the outlet. I photoshopped that out. I don’t mind it in real life but it detracts from the picture. Now you know! lol!

  14. You must be so excited decorating your new home for the first CHRISTMAS, the first time is always so memabable,all things old seem new again….I’m excited for you. …
    Thank you for sharing everything looks lovely. .?

  15. I’m so happy I came across your blog, I love it and your decorating is absolutely beautiful!! I was just wondering about
    the two prints over the table in the foyer…where did you get them??

    Thank you for sharing!!

  16. Yvonne,
    Thanks so much for sharing your Tour of Home for 2019 @ Tanglewood!!!! Your home is lovely and I love all the little colored Christmas trees you’ve put in all the rooms. You do such a beautiful job of decorating your home. Very homey but elegant. I wish you and your family the most Blessed Christmas in you new place. Just enjoy.
    your blog friend,

  17. First, Allow me to congratulation to you and your new home. My-my, as always, you never disappoint. Your new home is just as fabulous, warm, and inviting as your previous home. Thanks for sharing.

  18. The discipline is what impresses me! I would have to hide half of what I own to strictly follow a palette. My “collective collections” have such memories and love for each item and each Christmas decoration – I’d never have a the discipline.

  19. Really Yvonne, I am always amazed how you can bring a room to life. If we stuck you in an old shed in the wilderness you would have it looking like a loved home in no time!! Loved all those Christmas trees!

  20. Hi Yvonne-just breathtaking! I feel tired just seeing all the work you’ve done in so little time, and it’s just gorgeous! I have a question-‘knowing’ you as we do, you are sentimental about your kiddos, and you must have a hodgepodge of precious ornaments collected over the years. Do you put them out on a tree we don’t see? I’m wanting to change up my holiday decorating, but just can’t imagine not having those sweet memories incorporated with the new ideas. Thoughts?

    1. Yes, we collected so many ornaments over the years. When each child had a wedding shower I wrapped up all their ornaments and gave them to them to start their own tree. And I add an ornament to their collection each year.

  21. What a beautiful,elegant decorated home! May I ask where the light fixture over the dining table was purchased ? I ‘m thinking I have a spot for one since it is gorgeous and just my style.

  22. Yvonne what a beautiful tree! Everything is so natural and calming and cozy. I can’t wait to decorate using a few of your ideas! Can’t wait until it’s cold enough for a fire! Your new fireplace is lovely too.

  23. I can’t believe you got everything decorated for Christmas in such a short period of time! The white and tan are a great beginning but I just know you will add some color before you cal it finished! Blessings for you and Bobby in your new home during the holidays.

  24. Beautiful! I love the tree theme?. It’s a lovely way to use all your different trees and yet make it a cohesive look. Bravo!

  25. Love all the trees and the neutral color pallet.The fireplace and mantle are perfect for your home.Is your tree new,I don’t remember a flocked tree last year.This is one of my favorite trees and after 18 years with the same tree,I finally got my flocked tree.I also went with all neutrals.You have done so much in such a short time, such fun to decorate a new home.

  26. Hi yvonne.First I want to say Bless you Bobby and your new home.I pray you have many years of good health and happiness in it.its lovly.And your trees are beautiful.your home even though not complete with your decor feels so peaceful and inviting.Happy Thanksgiving. You truly have been blessed. love you Sharon

  27. Yvonne,
    All of your neutral trees in every space are beautiful and beautifully arranged. Being able to see your main large Christmas tree from all over the house is one of those things that turn out beautiful in a new house, but you probably didn’t realize was going to happen. Love your new fireplace! Everything is looking ‘StoneGable,’ but with a fresh take.


  28. Hi Yvonne

    I’m not normally one for leaving comments, but ALWAYS thoroughly enjoy your posts and admire your style tremendously. However, on this occasion I felt compelled to tell you what a fabulous job you’ve made of your Christmas displays, they are STUNNING!!

    Sadly we seem to have reached a point in our lives where due to my being disabled, and not being able to get out and about much, that we don’t have many friends, and those that we do have live a very long distance away from us, as do family, so although I love seeing displays such as yours I really can’t be bothered to decorate anymore when it’s only the two of us who will see it.

    However, since seeing your beautiful ‘Christmas’ home, I think I might just be inspired to try and decorate my bedroom where we spend most of our time.

    I only wish that we had as much choice of decor here in the UK as you have where you are, as trying to achieve the sort of colour scheme that you have, (and which I love) is surprisingly difficult here.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you give me.

    Judi in the UK

    1. Judi, you have lots of friends here! We are just a click away. Please leave more comments. I hope anyone reading this comment will add theirs too! Hugs from your friend at StoneGable.

    2. I just want Judi to know that I am praying for her. You are never alone when you have prayers going up for you.
      I do a lot of online shopping, because I am my husbands caregiver. Yvonne, your house is beautiful. I love your color scheme. The mantle and white trees are gorgeous. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    3. Hi Judi!
      Perhaps a bit of white paint on whatever decor you find or have will help. White yarn or string can be wrapped around some things, too. Perhaps a young new friend will find you and be able to help you decorate some, as well as bring some friendliness your way.

  29. Love your ideas! Whites and wood look so good together. I have a large white mantle (20 years old) very similar to yours and I love it! Good decor structures are always in style. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  30. Hi Yvonne,

    Your new home looks to be really shaping up, and it’s beautiful, as usual. I love the new fireplace, and I have saved that photo. It is beyond beautiful!

  31. Your new mantel & surround has much more presence. I love it! A true focal point!
    You are truly amazing! Having just moved to a new home, setting up, putting your own stamp on it and finding the time and energy to decorate for a Christmas House Tour, in such a short time, is the sign of a well organized energetic person. ? Whew!
    Sometimes simple is best. Your plethora of trees add just the right amount of Christmas Cheer!

  32. All the trees and textures look amazing, Yvonne! I was just thinking about the curlicue chest, and then the photo came up. 😉 Your main Christmas tree looks amazing, as well! Off to visit some of the others, too! Scheduled to pin!

  33. Do you ever sleep? I can’t imagine getting all of this done after moving recently. Your new home is beautiful, bright, and serene. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Everything about your house and Christmas decorations is gorgeous but my favorite thing is the kitty under the tree. There is no way that a cat could resist that tree skirt. So sweet.

  35. Love, love, love everything about your Christmas decorating! And the new house! Can you tell me where you got the two pictures in the foyer? They are perfect!

  36. You’ve done a great job in a month’s time! And our cat is the same color as yours. Her name is Creamy, and I’m told it is rare for one that color to be female.

    Liberty @

  37. Everything looks beautiful! I hope you are able to relax a bit and enjoy your new home! I adore the framed art over your table in the foyer! Where did you find them?

    1. Bobby and I LOVE our new home. It did not take more than a day to know this is where we belong. The art above the table came from a local shop. I’ll try to find out if there is an online souce.

  38. Adore the great room ! We have 3” of fluffy snow this morning (Columbus ) everywhere but the roads ! Perfect! Merry Christmas already ❤️

  39. Such a beautiful neutral Christmas look. You made it look so cozy. Merry, blessed, first Christmas in your new home!

  40. I love everything you do. Your decorating is right down my alley. I love to pin your ideas so I can look at them later and be inspired. For some reason for 2 days now I have not been able to pin from your web sight. It says “opps something went wrong on our side, sorry”. I have had no trouble pinning from other sights, so Im not sure what is going on!! Love what you do, keep it up!!

  41. Your Christmas tree is lovely! Your home is lovely too! I just went through your previous posts talking about your move and selling your home. I’m amazed that you sold Stonegable but I can understand why and it appears you have moved into a lovely spot!

  42. Yvonne, your Christmas Tour 2019 was absolutely inspiring for me. I love everything you did! I also bought a flocked tree from King of Christmas recommended by you! It just came in yesterday. I love the way you decorated yours and gave me some ideas. Thank you again for sharing. Congratulations on your new home, and I wish you and your husband many happy years there.

  43. This is beautiful! I never get in a hurry to put away Christmas decor because I still love the the lights in the dreary days of winter, and this neutral color scheme has a very “winter” look to me. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your new home!

  44. Every time I would click to go to something I would get an ad for a promotion, which I get every time, or an ad for candles. I never could get anywhere.

    1. I only get an ad everytime I try to get on your site, used to be a winning something, now a work ad. I have to try again and again and sometimes I do get in.

  45. Hi Yvonne,
    Looks absolutely beautiful. I just recently ordered a flocked tree for this Christmas and can’t wait to see it up. I’m wondering where you got the pretty, big paper snowflakes.

  46. Hobbes looks as though he is part of the tree decor, so sweet.
    Your tree is charming and mimics my daughters tree this year.
    She has always had a “ glam” themed tree. It was time for a theme
    Change and she opted for glam with a woodsy twist. Beautiful
    Green tree heavily flocked. A pretty glam with the warmth
    and Love of Christmas.
    Rest my friend, don’t over do enjoy the seasons.
    A Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  47. Oh Yvonne it’s beautiful! I love all the trees. I collect trees also. I particularly collect bottle brush trees although I have wood and metal trees too. I just love trees. You’ve done a lot in one month. It’s looking wonderful.

  48. Yvonne, you have accomplished so much in your gorgeous home since moving in a month ago! Everything is just so pretty! Thanks for sharing your home with us. The new mantel is lovely and so is your tree. Hope you and Bobbly can just enjoy your time together and your gorgeous home over Christmas. As you look at the lovely pictures of your home decorated so beautifully for Christmas, you just have a feeling of peace and calmness! May you and Bobby be blessed with a wonderful Christmas is your gorgeous new home! Bless you, Yvonne, for being such a special lady! You put so much work into your posts and we enjoy every one of them! May God continue to bless you as you bless us!

  49. It’s really beautiful! I spotted Hobbes in one of your first photos of the tree – so cute! You’ve given me lots of inspiration for decorating my home this year and now I can’t wait to start!

  50. Hi, I was wondering where you found the delicate sprigs you have on the white Christmas mantle mixed in with your silver ornaments?

  51. I love your home, and your blog I cant wait to receive the next one. What I would really would like to know is where did you buy the stars they look like paper.all around your house.