Welcome to our Christmas house! I’m so glad you are here. Please, come on in and look around. As I always say, “my front door is open to all friends old and new”! I’m hoping our home will get you in the Christmas spirit!

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Today is part one of the StoneGable 2020 Christmas House Tour. And part of the Blogger’s Best Holiday Home Tour.

When you are done part 1 of this tour you might like to see our 2020 Christmas Home Tour, part 2!


A big thank you to Kelly at THE TATTERED PEW and Mansa at THIS IS SIMPLICITE. A lot of work goes into organizing a big tour like this! Thanks so much, ladies! You have done a wonderful job! I’m so thrilled to be a part of this tour.

Welcome to all coming from THE FARMHOUSE LIFE. Don’t you love Kori’s Holiday Home? Just beautiful!

And welcome to EVERYONE! Let’s start in the foyer…

Our foyer looks like we just dumped a bunch of Christmas goodies right at the front door! Nothing like showing our Christmas spirit as soon as you walk in!

This little bench is so handy! Right now it’s filled with holiday cheer.

The vertical hooks come is so handy. They usually hold grab-and-go baskets but during Christmas, the hooks become another area I can decorate!

As you step into the foyer look up!

Aren’t these stars and snowflakes fun?

Our foyer is very long so I hung these paper pretties on fishing line from our loft. I wanted it to feel like you are walking through a snow squall before getting to the main part of our home.

I think it gives the entrance a magical look! A great way to set a festive mood as you come into our home.

Here’s where I hung stars and snowflakes from.

I thought it would be fun to give you a different perspective of our foyer from the loft. The Tanglewood House has very high ceilings and interesting architecture. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with it.

The french doors on the left lead to my office.

The large round chandelier is one of the first things we added to our home when we moved in.

At the end of the foyer is a table with a CHRISTMAS IN A BOX arrangement on it and my favorite faux snow! See the snow HERE.

This was a super easy arrangement to put together. There are a couple tips and tricks that help so much. Once you know these, you can create all kinds of “boxes” for any season or holiday!

The foyer open up to the great room.

This year’s Christmas decor features lots of various Christmas evergreens, metallics and citron green.

For me, there are a few things I nail down before I even begin to think about actual decorating.

The color palette, the mood, and style of our Christmas decor must come first! Even before I hang a Christmas wreath on my front door! And that always ushers in Christmas decorating!

I had originally planned on using red with lots of white and Christmas greens this year. But I don’t think my house does red! Funny how our homes often tell us what they like.

I adore citron green and chose that instead of red. So this year’s color palette is white/metallic and citron green. Because our home is white and I have lots of neutral color furnishings they were a great foundation for this color palette.

You can see it in our CHRISTMAS BEDROOM this year. This room was the first room I decorated for Christmas and my vision of the color palette was carried out in there.

However, I used a brown velvet quilt on our bed and so I added just a hint of brown to the color palette.

You might like to see how I decorated our Master Bedroom for Christmas and get lots of tips to help you decorate yours too!

Okay, let’s step back into the main part of the house?

The mood I wanted our Christmas decorations to portray is best described by two words… light and luxury.

And the style this year is new traditional. I love farmhouse, but this year I took a more classic approach to our Christmas decor. I think this year more than ever, I’m craving traditions.

Hobbes, our little tiger cat welcomes you to the great room! Hobbes LOVES having his picture taken. When I take out the camera he’s often in the images!

Our great room is wide and the ceilings are very tall. Living in an open concept home is such a delight! I think of the great room as the center of our home.

The focal point of the great room (other than the tree) is the mantel.

After decorating the master bedroom I turned my attention to the mantel. I LOVE decorating a mantel! Mantels are not always easy to decorate. Here is a post that will help you master the art of MANTEL DECORATING.

Every year I try to decorate the Christmas mantel a bit differently. You can see the process for decorating this mantel HERE.

This year I fastened two pine garlands together and draped it on top of the mantel in an asymmetrical way. Learning about symmetry and balance is so important to be a good decorator. You can learn about BALANCE HERE.

I decided to add stocking to the mantel as sort of an afterthought. I’m so glad I did.

I have such an easy way to hang stocking! See it HERE.

Spindle chairs flank the fireplace. I’ve had these chairs for about a decade. They are so comfortable! Citron green velvet lumbar pillows add a bit of color to these chairs!

Other than the mantel our large white buffet is my favorite piece of furniture to decorate.

In an open concept home knowing how NOT to over decorate is so important. Because we can look into different rooms at the same time keeping layering simple is a must!

This year I did decorate my buffet more than normal! It’s Christmas after all, right?

One repeated element in our Christmas home this year are candles. Lots and lots of candles.


As the days grow shorter and the evening gets longer candle glow is so needed!

The Christmas tree in the great room is dressed up with metallic ribbon and ornaments. And a few green ball ornaments too.

I found the most beautiful boxes at Target this year! Yes, target! They are wonderfully made!

You can see the round boxes HERE. The trio of rectangle boxes HERE. And the square boxes HERE.

That Hobbes! Always in the image!

A green velvet leaf wreath rests on the mirror above the Curlacue chest.

The coffee table is simply decorated with a trio of trees, a pair of reindeer and a mercury glass lidded candle.

I look forward to digging out my Mongolian pillows and throws at Christmastime! And I keep them out all winter long.

They are an instant dose of beauty!

One thing I usually do not show on the blog are our stairs. There are just so many spindles and they are so… oak!

We have two flights of stairs up the the loft, bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. And decorating them for Christmas has caused me angst!

One of our big renovation projects in 2021 is to makeover the stairs. Oh, I have plans for them!!!!

I just could not see putting garland on those banisters! Way too much!

This year I tried something sorta different.

I decorated the newel post…

And added lots and lots of candles up the stairs!

Then I added a few little faux trees…

It’s a nice way accent the stairs without using garland!

Here’s another image of the great room but from the loft.

Thank you for visiting with me today! I hope you are taking some ideas and lots of inspiration with you!

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  1. Ynonne!! As usual your home is gorgeous! I love the snowflake/stars you added!! Such a magical touch! And I’m heading over to check out your tips for hanging stockings the easy way…I fight mine every year!! XoXo

  2. Amy Kaminski says:

    Yay! I loved seeing some different views of your new home! You are so good at what you do.

  3. Hi Yvonne ,
    I love your colour scheme and decorations , beautiful . I had wanted to use citron this year , but couldn’t find it anywhere . Do you have pieces that you use , that have special meaning to you ?

  4. This is the most beautiful Christmas tour ever. It’s not overdone or in your face decorating. I love the expression “new traditional”. I like to decorate for the season instead of a specific holiday so we can leave a lot of our decor out throughout the winter. Great job, Yvonne!

  5. Tamara Guilday says:

    Stunningly gorgeous! Where did you get the large snowflakes? Thanks!

  6. Can you tell me where you bought the wonderful stars? They look amazing.

    1. Hi Sydney, the stars came from West Elm several years ago and the snowflakes I found locally. I know Amazon carries them. Look for “3D snowflakes”. Hope this helps.

      1. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
        My husband an I made a a delicious traditional holiday menu.
        Since it just the two of us, I decided to not use our DR or kitchen.
        Instead I set up our beautiful
        Gate leg table between the DR and LR. Cozy and intimate.?
        Beautiful Christmas decorations!!
        Does your husband share your office
        space? I love where the room is centrally located in your home.
        Will be sure to visit the other holiday
        Home tours. Miss not seeing
        Stay well

        1. Hi Su,
          My husband is a physician so he works in a dr. office and does nursing home visits.
          I love the idea of setting a table and using it as part of your decor. I always say “play with your dishes”! Merry

  7. LOVE your Christmas colors! It looks so airy and inviting. Where did you get your citron lumbar pillows? Also I love your stars!! I have some bells I wanted to hang in my entryway like yours and wondered how you connected to ceiling with fish line? Thx! Enjoy your posts!

    1. Hi Kandy, I found the lumbar pillows years ago at Wayfair. Yes, I did connect the stars and snowflakes to the ceiling with fishing line. I’m glad you enjoyed the tour

  8. I am adoring your color combo this year! The soft green and gold is so welcoming. And what an entryway! Those stars and snowflakes look so fun! What an honor to be a part of this home tour with you!

    1. Hi Jennifer. Thank you. We are so blessed to be part of this tour. I can’t wait to see what everyone has done to create holiday magic in their home.

  9. This took my breath away!

  10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your color scheme ??.
    So elegant and calming! Job well done, as usual’

  11. Your Christmas decor looks lovely.I just love the neutrals with the pop of green.The tree on the landing is the cutest along with the stars.

  12. Yvonne, Can you give us the supplier of your great room tree, please?

    1. Hi Kat, I found it on Amazon but it is not in stock now. This tree was quite inexpensive. I’ve come to learn, it’s really not about the tree but what you put on it. I used to think that an expensive tree (I have several) was the key to a fabulous Christmas tree. But after decorating so many trees I really think it is about its shape and what goes on the tree. As long as the tree is full it will work. I hope this helps. Merry Christmas.

      1. Thank you Yvonne! Merry Christmas. I love your decorating style.

  13. Barbara Edwards Armacost says:

    Love the decorations especially the green!! So pretty and festive.

    1. Thank you so much Barbara! I would love a little red, but my house disagreed!

  14. I love everything about your holiday home tour. You did such a great job of keeping a consistent theme throughout your home!

  15. Yvonne, your home is always beautifully decorated and you’ve really created something exceptional this year for Christmas! Absolutely love all the details and how you teach in your posts. So happy to be on this tour with you!

    1. Thanks, Anne! I’m spending my day enjoying all the Christmas decorations of all the bloggers in the tour. Merry Christmas!

  16. Alice Binford says:

    Where did you get the wall hanging, The Blessing, that is in your foyer. I love it!

  17. Everything is just so lovely. I loved the starts and snowflakes as well as you use of mostly whites and greens. Just stunning! So happy to be on the tour with you.

    1. Hi Rachel, I can’t wait to visit your Christmas home! Merry Christmas!

  18. Hello Yvonne,

    I love how your house is decorated for Christmas and am in awe of your artistic energy and follow-through! I hope I can have fun and be creative decorating in my home. I have definitely picked up great tips from you and the other awesome bloggers! Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh, Lisa! How kind! It’s a labor of love and so fun for me! The greatest joy in my work is when a loved reader takes something away and use it in their home.

  19. Yvonne – Beautiful. Elegant. Wow. Thank you.

  20. Miche Ortega says:

    Yvonne, your home is Christmas PERFECTION! I love the citron green. It’s such a different concept. Thanks for having us in, and give Hobbes a kiss.

    1. Hobbes is such a funny cat! He follows me around like a dog. He is such good company.

  21. Love love love it all. Where did you get your entry chandelier? Thanks!

  22. The stars and snowflakes are magical! What a festive way to celebrate your new home! Fun to decorate in a whole new way, using your loft! I love the simple candles, little trees and newel post decor on the stairway. And the citron green touches throughout with the subtle neutrals; so elegant. Always love seeing how you decorate and style your home, Yvonne! Such a treat:)

  23. I love that you chose to use that beautiful green throughout your beautifully decorated Christmas home. And the entry walkway is so cute! Love it all.

  24. Yvonne your home is incredible! I love those huge snowflakes that you use and your tree is GORGEOUS! Happy Holidays! xoxoxo

  25. Your home is so lovely and elegantly decorated. Merry Christmas.

  26. Isn’t Jesus is the reason for the season? Maybe in your part 2.

    1. Anette, of course He is. I’m waiting for my grandchildren to come to put out the creche together. Try not to assume. We often don’t know the whole story.

  27. Anne Baker says:

    I’m sorry, but these are my impressions:
    There are too many objects in one place – the foyer bench. for example.
    There is too much white – it’s blinding.

  28. Christine says:

    Beautifully decorated for Christmas! It’s like a winter wonderland.

  29. Your home is absolutely stunning, Yvonne! Everything is so magical, but my favorite has to be those paper stars hanging from the ceiling. What a fun and festive idea. I may have to borrow that idea next year.? So happy to be touring with you this week!

  30. You know your home best, but quite honestly I think a pop of red would be icing on a cake!

  31. Beautiful tour! Green is my favorite color and I am loving all the lime and olive green shades you used this year. That tree…swoon!

    Everything is styled to perfection and oh so cozy!

    Merry Christmas!

  32. DANA G Noack says:

    I just checked.
    West Elm has them in 3 different sizes and colors !

  33. Of course, I KNEW your tour would be epic… it always is! Love the stars/snowflakes hanging from the hallways, and all your citron touches are lovely. Ryker is sitting here beside me listening to your videos with the headphones and answering your questions that your are asking in the video. “G, have you ever used a pillow arrangement?” He also said, “Does she know that God is her everything for life?” This is the BEST tour I’ve had, since Ryker is enjoying it, too! “She has a pretty song!”

    1. Can you tell Ryker, Yes, she does know God is her everything for life… and He is! Hugs to Ryker and you.

  34. Your home is so stunning Yvonne. I am obsessed with those magical stars and snowflakes, and I just love the lime green throughout. Lovely.

  35. Your home is lovely! Such a great idea to hang snowflakes from the loft area. Also I liked the way you decorated your staircase. I’ve been stumped on this area in my home. Are the greens on the newal faux or live? Merry Christmas!

    1. All the greens in our home are faux. I might add a few bowls of real greens but not until a few days before Christmas.

  36. Your home gets me every time! Every detail is perfect and of course your Christmas decor doesn’t dissapoint! Thanks for all the inspiration – Definitely pinning!

  37. Yvonne! Wow…your Christmas decor from the entry into the family room had me collecting inspiration for my own home! Your tree is stunning and those pops of citron are gorgeous! Thank you so much for joining us on this tour. Merry Christmas blessings to you and yours my friend!

  38. Joyce kennard says:

    Love the front door wreath. Did you put it together? Question, did you decorated the black bench? Staysafe

  39. Your home looks gorgeous decked out for Christmas, Yvonne! I love how you hung stars and snowflakes in your entryway. What a great way to welcome guests into your home! The tree in your great room is so pretty and I love how you used multiple ribbon types and lots of gold and silver ornaments along with pops of green with picks and balls. Your house is Christmas perfection!

    1. Kathy Menold says:

      Yvonne, Tanglewood looks just lovely this Christmas season. At least we get to see it on your blog since in this strange year very few will see our homes in person. Love the color combination and agree our houses let us know what is right for them. The giant stars are great and add some whimsy to a elegant decor. Thankyou for sharing your amazing talents with all your readers.
      Stay well and enjoy the holidays. God bless you and all your loved ones.

  40. Yvonne, I absolutely love your whimsical stars and snowflakes! Your Christmas decor is lovely, and I like the warmth of the candles on the stairway, too! Pinned! Christmas blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  41. Carolyn Lamberth says:

    Merry CHRISTmas, Yvonne!
    Your home looks ready for a Christmas wedding. So sparkly! Would you mind sharing your source for the bench in your entry? I’ve been searching for one similar to it. Thank you!

  42. Julie Diehl says:

    Your home is beautiful Yvonne! I absolutely love the paper stars and everything in the living room. So beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  43. Yvonne, thank you for all your inspiration and sharing with us your beautiful home. You’ve definitely inspired me. Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you! One of my main goals is to inspire other women who love to decorate.

  44. Mary C Cancelliere says:

    I am so inspired by your home. Simply magical. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me where you purchased the coffee table in your great room.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you so much. The coffee table came from Ethan Allen about 10 years ago.

  45. Roni Wilbur says:

    Love all the ideas and what fun it is to see all your creativity… I’m going to use your idea of the stairs, little trees and candles up the stairway!! Love it ?
    Thank you, I always look forward each day to your emails! Merry Christmas… our Savior , rejoice in His birth!

  46. Since your Diy’s and decorative ideas are a, “never disappoint”, need I say more? Thanks alway for sharing your gorgeousness

  47. This was a beautiful tour. I like all the different picture angles. I’m looking forward to tour#2. I have always enjoyed your blog but I have to admit I haven’t been as consistent at checking in this year because I would get frustrated with all the pop ups. I noticed this through this tour they were not interfering. Did you change something? If so I like it so much better. Please note I am not complaining about you earning revenue at all it was just different to read the blog because the pop up would sometimes shift your location. Anyway love the tour.

    1. So glad you enjoyed our tour. As far as the ads. Without them, I could not keep StoneGable.So I am grateful for the people who are willing to advertise on StoneGable.

  48. I love your new home. The Christmas decor is beautiful. I was wondering Where did you get the paper stars and snow flakes? Also, I miss your weekly menus.

    Merry Christmas

  49. Your new home looks so pretty and festive for the Christmas season. The color palette that you chose is neutral yet festive and flows so nicely throughout the space. I look forward to Part 2!

  50. I adore your beautiful home decor, its all so gracious and the ‘new’ house is simple stunning although I was a big fan of Stone Gable too.

  51. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love the Christmas Home Tour! I also buy my wrapping paper and boxes from Target (Sugar Paper) and the boxes are so pretty and can be re-used year after year. Citron green is my favorite! I love it more than red, although I do use a lot of red in my kitchen, the citron green is so beautiful. I literally do a search for citron green Christmas decor to add every year. I love your home! Merry Christmas, Yvonne!

  52. Your Christmas decor is beautiful! So cozy and I love all the neutrals that still feel festive and magical!

  53. I love all of your neutral Christmas touches! The hanging star are a favorite of mine, obviously! 😉

  54. Glenda Shine says:

    I gather so much inspiration from following your decor blogs and your Sunday words of wisdom.
    Recently, you shared about Advent. I have been a strong Christian from a young age. I was raised in a Southern Baptist church and Advent was not celebrated. After reading your article, my husband and I thought celebrating Advent was an amazing way to bring focus back onto Chris rather than the commercial Christmas of today. I saved your post that walked you through the first two weeks of Advent and now I can see the 4th week but your post of the 3rd week can not be found!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  55. Oh, big YES to that citron green, Yvonne! It looks stunning in your home. I’m also running off now to find those boxes at Target. Who knew?! Glad to be hopping together again. Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Crissy, yes this tour is beautiful. I’ll be visiting your Christmas home this week too!

  56. Lindsay Aratari says:

    Those stars and snowflakes are my fave!!!

  57. Everything you do is magic, Yvonne!! Another gorgeous home tour!! I look forward to yours every year!

  58. Everything is just beautiful, Yvonne and flows so well from room to room. Your tree is stunning! I love the citron green and the stars and snowflakes are magical!

    1. Coming from you that is quite a compliment, my friend! Your Christmas home is gorgeous!

  59. Yvonne, your Christmas tour is lovely. Everything is so serene and I feel relaxed when I visit each room. I’m always in love with your pillows! Might you share where the Christmas bedroom white nubby and animal print pillows are from? Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspirations.

  60. As always, everything is stunning! I love the green you used this year! Where is your beautiful gold star tree topper from? Love Love

    Merry Christmas

  61. Wow!!
    Beautiful home Yvonne. I didn’t know you moved.
    I’ve been out of the loop for such a long time. Glad to be back.
    Merry Christmas ?
    Much love,

    1. Yes, we moved in October of 2019… just over a year ago. It was a hard decision but StoneGable was just so big and we want to be in a newer home and enjoy the perks of golf course living. Merry Christmas!

  62. I love your come let us adore him sign. Where did you find?(if you don’t mind my asking)

  63. Patricia Winter says:

    I like your Christmas decorations – the stars that hang in the entrance are an unexpected delight! But I really want to know where you got the iron (I think) hanger for coats by the front door? I would love to get one for visitors to use! Thanks!

  64. I love the simple colour scheme and the white starts! Definitely says Christmas without being overdone. Do you remember where you got that green and gold thick ribbon from? I have been looking for some similar but have not been able to find anything close for several years!