We all love to see what’s popular in interior design so just think how fun it will be to see those Christmas decorating trends for 2021! This year is a blast from the past and the most popular decor for 2021 is so pretty and Christmassy! Here’s what’s trending for this Christmas.

At the end of this post are beautiful Christmas items picked with trends in mind. Please order early as decor closer to Christmas might be difficult to find.

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I’m so excited to share all the wonderful, sugar-plums-dancing-in-our-heads, Christmas trends. And just like the decor forecast for 2022 (see it here) the overarching words for Christmas 2021 are pretty and nostalgic!

Although there is really nothing totally new or earthshaking in this year’s Christmas decor forecast, there is a big emphasis on tradition and many of the quintessential Christmas decor icons are back in a strong way!



I think of Nostalgia as a super trend this year. It covers lots and lots of different decorating styles and color palettes and more!

Going back to family traditions and traditional Christmas decorations is what many of us are craving now! The pandemic still has a huge effect on what we do and how we live.

We want the security and warmth of home and family traditions and we are seeing these Christmas trends this year.

Traditional Red, Green And White

If you love traditional Christmas colors you will love this year’s Christmas decor!
We are embracing these quintessential Christmas colors on the tree, our gift wrap, and our tables!

Deck the halls with red, green, and white this year!



This is the year to bring out your collections! Christmas villages, Santas, and other holiday collectibles!

This year try displaying them in fresh new ways like wiring them into your Christmas tree as special tree ornaments or grouping them across your mantel!

And think about other things you collect and displaying them in fun, festive ways too!

Here are some ideas…

  • put Christmas cookie cutters in a large lidded glass jar and tie a sprig of greens and an ornament to the handle of the lid
  • tuck your collection of Santa Clause’s in the tree for a showstopper effect
  • add collectibles to garland
  • get all white houses and create a pretty Christmas village under the tree
  • stand Nutcrackers in the corners of the stairs
  • frame family pictures of Christmas past and display them in the tree or en masse on a table
  • create a fun display of Christmas cards

Family Favorites

This year is all about family traditions!

I love this! Memories make traditions and this Christmas is all about conjuring up family memories of the past and making them part of your Christmas 2021.

Classic Christmas


Here are a few classics you will want to add to your Christmas decor…

  • Tartans
  • Pointsettias
  • Candy Canes
  • Real Evergreen Wreaths
  • Santa Hats
  • Christmas tree collections
  • Tinsel- Yay!



I’ve been hearing the words natural sustainability associated with this year’s Christmas trends!

Evergreens And Other Greens are going to be very popular this year.

This year pretty evergreens and garlands and trees will take center stage!

Real greens have that natural beauty and smell divine but faux greens are much more practical! If you are using faux greens make sure they look real! No fake looking fakes!


Garland is lush and green and full for 2021. No skinny garlands this year! Buy prelit garland to make it even more magical!

And add other embellishments to your evergreen garland. Think about tartan ribbon, metallic balls, snowy ornaments, and other trending add-ins!



Just like garland, wreaths are evergreen and very big and full! Thank goodness!

I’m so glad to see the skinny wreaths on hoops or those thin eucalyptus wreath out of favor this year!

If an evergreen wreath is flocked better yet!

Here are some wreath hanging ideas…

  • Hang a big wreath on the outside of yoru front door.
  • How about hanging one on the inside of your front door too!
  • Hang several wreath on the outside banisert of the stairs.
  • A wreath looks so pretty hung over a mirror.
  • Wreaths look lovely hung from the inside of windows
  • A small wreath looks lovely hung on the back of a chair


Did you like the look of two decorated Christmas trees in one room that we have seen a lot of last year? My guess is you will see bloggers creating this Christmas look but it was one of those mico-trends. Here and gone… other than in bloggers’ homes.

Trees span the gamut this year! Although flocked trees reign supreme!

Create a tree you love! If you don’t have a flocked tree but would love one then add flocked evergreen stems to the tree!

One trend that has been around for a while is a very densly and ornately decorated tree. LOVE IT It’s still here and very popular.

I really can’t find any new trendy looks and maybe that is fabulous! So embrace what you love and create an over-the-top tree!



This year it will be a white Christmas! Again, very nostalgic and very pretty!

Greens will be crusted in snow and so will tabletops and other flat surfaces.

Christmas looks even more magical with snow! So go ahead and make your Christmas white too!

Here are ways to use snow in your Christmas decor…

  • frost pinecones
  • use white Christmas balls in various sizes in your tree or garland
  • billow large white velvet ribbon in your tree
  • use Mongolian throws or chunky white throw around the base of your Christmas tree
  • use lots of white berries and other white or flocked faux organics
  • hang beautiful icicle ornaments on the tree, garlands and wreaths
  • decorate with white trees and other white decor
  • add faux snow to the bottom of glass cylinders and hurricanes



To play along with the blizzard of snow this Christmas, snowy and cozy textiles will be big this year too!

Drape chairs with Mongolian throws, add white loosely knit pillows to your sofa, and don’t forget to drape a white faux fur throw over the end of your bed!

It’s a white-out this Christmas,my friends!



Winter Glam describes beautiful, shiny, metallic forward Christmas decor. Think glitz and lots of bling!

There is a move away from very rustic and farmhouse Christmas looks. Christmas decor will be a bit more refined and dressed up for 2021.

This year you will see lots of pearly stems and chandelier crystals and anything that sparkles shines and adds an opulent feel!

Silvers and golds will be big again this year and look so beautiful encrusted with glitter or snow.


Soft neutrals (and soft blush) shades will still be strong this year.

From a white Christmas palette to one that celebrates neutral hues, the key to this year’s color palette is to keep the tones warm! Cool neutrals and grays have had such a long run but this year it is all about warmth!

Use white with lots of warm neutrals and your decor will look perfect!

Neutrals pair beautifully with greens. They are a perfect match for a natural and neutral Christmas!

You can add color to a white Christmas palette but use the color very sparingly! What a pretty look!



Enjoy the nostalgia of Christmas this year but remember to keep your color palette tight.

Coordinate your gift wrap with your color palette.

Layer throws and pillows for a cozy look.

Add tons of lights to your decor this year! Remember this year is about sparkle!

The same goes with candlelight!

If you are using real greens this Christmas change them out often. There is nothing pretty about crunchy, dropping greens!

Add snow and glitter to everything this Holiday season!

Make old-fashioned Gingerbread houses and display them.

Enjoy Christmas decorating! And remember THE REASON for the season!



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  1. donna zoltanski says:

    A very special season – Christmas. I just bought a new small tree in Pa – just fluffed it up a bit! It’s patiently waiting for some lights – but your timely post has really put me in the mood! Time to pull out our neutrals!

  2. I love your inspiring post! This year I shall also be pulling out my wooden soldiers, large stuffed vintage Santa, wooden Pinocchios, large and small, and various Crèches. This time of year is such fun. I live opening boxes and finding nostalgic treasures.

  3. You absolutely made my morning. I had my yearly dermatology appointment this morning and it is an appointment that I always dread. Just seeing your beautiful home and the many beautiful Christmas decorations took my mind off my appointment. Thank you.

  4. Like you I love a flocked tree which I finally bought a few years ago.This year the tree will be neutral with a touch of red.Can’t wait to see your home decorated and your new flocked tree.

    1. I’ve been searching for your usual July post about the. ” 10 things to do noW to get ready for Christmas” and can’t locate it!
      Long time subscriber, but have been absent in recent months.

      1. I’m redoing it and will have it up next week! Thank you for reading StoneGable and a big hug to you.

  5. You are my favorite blogger! I learn something from each post but this post is especially beautiful and makes me itch to start creating my holiday decor. Thank you for teaching this old dog new tricks and keeping me and my decor current.

  6. That fur throw from Pottery Barn quickly caught my eye but yikes, not the price! I love looking at new trends but I am always attracted to the red and silver for my decorations. I always wanted to decorate our Christmas tree to look more like a ‘designer’ tree than my mix of odd and end collection of ornaments purchased to remember life events. (Our tree was purchased from a Kmart after Christmas sale 20 years ago! I think I will want to look for a new one in the next couple years but I love the idea if adding flocked branches to it!) Last year, I used wide red and silver ribbon looped throughout. Then I bought some new glass shiny ornaments dispersed around the ribbons, then added my mod podge of ornaments from years gone by. It was a cross between a ‘designer’ tree and our yearly ‘family’ tree and I just loved it. I try to buy an ornament that reflects what my son was interested in that year and when he gets older, I will give them to him when he has his own family.) I got the best of both worlds, designer and memories!

    1. I love your tree ideas! Jamie. We have family ornaments too but not too many. Every year we bought our children a new ornament for our tree. When they grew up, my children got a special wedding gift as I wrapped up all their ornaments and gave them to them. It’s just so wonderful to see the ornaments on their tree and to see them passing on this tradition to their children.

  7. I love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures you post. This year will be a nostalgic tree in my dining room. I have been collecting ornaments all year from the 50’s and I can’t wait to decorate with them!! Thank you for all the ideas!

  8. Had to laugh! Last year I dragged out my tinsel and used it for the first time in years! It pays to save some stuff! It still wasn’t fun to remove it, but hey…I’m retired, what else do I have to do?!?

    1. LOL! I also love adding tinsel but taking it off, if you save it, is a grinchy activity!

  9. Carol Benchouia says:

    I add new touches each year, somewhere. I get a bee in my bonnet and it becomes a quest! One year I was on the hunt for all things mercury glass…I’ve finally curated that collection and I concentrate most of it in the dining room. Since we painted our fireplace this last year, I’m on the hunt for mantel decor. I want one remaining piece that I’ve been unable to find…a very tall and skinny canvas of a gold partridge in a pear tree and it’s driving me mad!! Anything I’ve found comes in sets of 3, so the price is prohibitive (and I don’t need 3)! I wish I could call out my inner artist, but she is dormant most of the time! Our tree is table top and I mostly keep to very traditional vintage glass in red, green and gold. I rarely buy stuff for the tree anymore as it is FULL! Everything on that tree reminds me of something nostalgic and a wave of memories hit me with everything I hang.

  10. Jina sheppard says:

    You DO have a super power! Breaking down the elements of good design, and now for Christmas! Thank you