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Today is a good day to decorate for Christmas! And I’m sharing my best Christmas Decorating Ideas with you right here, all in one post! This is your go-to spot for all things Christmas! Get ideas, inspiration and lots and lot of ho-ho-ho Christmas spirit! Ready? Let’s get started!

Before we begin, make sure to get these printable GIFT IDEA CHECKLIST! Be more organized this Christmas…

Here are 10 super creative Christmas ideas…


Are you decorating your home right now? Many of us are! Well, I got a jump start on my Christmas decorating to give you lots of decorating ideas! Here’s our main living area all dressed up in Christmas!

tall Christmas tree

I’m busy putting the finishing touches on our Christmas house this year and getting ready for all the Christmas tours!

If you have not seen last year’s CHRISTMAS IN THE GREAT ROOM check out HERE.

arrangement of Christmas houses and candles on a coffee table

And here’s more Christmas decorating ideas! Give my SILVER AND GOLD CHRISTMAS HOUSE TOUR PART 1 and PART 2!


Need a little inspo decorating your mantel or other flat surfaces in your home for Christmas? I’ve got you covered!

Christmas decorating ideas on a mantel

See Christmas Village Mantel HERE. And get a little peek at this year’s mantel inspired by pretty Christmas greens HERE.


I think of the gifts under the Christmas tree as part of my Christmas decor! So I want them to be oh, so pretty!

Christmas decorating ideas to make a perfect Christmas bow

HERE is a post and a video about how to make my favorite Christmas bow! Wait until you see how easy it is! And beautiful!


Need ideas for setting a Christmas Table this year?

There are lots of ideas you can use in your home in my COZY CHRISTMAS TABLE.

Christmas might look a bit different for you this year and a cozy, beautifully set table is just what you might want.

And I love this sweet table with a woodland theme!

red and white woodland Christmas table

See it HERE.

Don’t tell the other tablescapes, but I probably love this table best! There are tons of pretty ideas in this SILVER AND GOLD CHRISTMAS TABLE!

small green wreaths used as chargers under white dishes on a Christmas table



Christmas decorating is as easy as making one gorgeous WOW factor arrangement!

big Christmas arrangement in a basket

I’ll show you how to make a beautiful Christmas arrangement for your home HERE.

And why not use what you have and make a sweet little arrangement in just minutes!

See it HERE.


I love love love to decorate with boxwood wreaths. They have their own special beauty!

Christmas boxwood wreath on a laundry basket

See how I used them to decorate and how to take care of these long-lasting beauties HERE.


And speaking of wreaths… let make an old tired wreath something special!

Christmas wreath on a white window

This is a must-read! You can make a gorgeous wreath from what you have in your Christmas stash! Really! See it HERE.


What do you do with broken ornaments? Oh, don’t you hate that? Especially if they are precious to you! Well, you can use them again!

Christmas decorating idea- broken glass Christmas ornament

Here’s a gorgeous way to make broken ornaments new again. Make them into Glitter Glass Ornaments.

I actually broke new (cheap) glass balls to make light-catching new ones. See them HERE.


What a fun and very festive idea! Make a HOT CHOCOLATE BAR! Big or little, short or tall, extravagant or simple. It really does not matter, just find a small space and create one for you and your family!

red and white Christmas hot chocolate bar

You can see my vertical Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar HERE!


I must admit, I used to be intimidated when I decorated my outdoor spaces for Christmas! I our old house there was so much to decorate!

Now I have a small porch and it is just right for decorating! Whether big or small you can use the ideas in HOW TO DECORATE A SMALL PORCH FOR CHRISTMAS and decorate a welcoming front door for Christmas!

Christmas decorating ideas- big wreath on a front door


There you go!!! 10 big, BIG ideas for decorating your home this Christmas!

Do you have a Christmas decorating idea you want to share? We would love to hear from you!!!! Comment below…

pretty ideas for Christmas decorating

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  1. PLEASE email me and tell me where you got the tree on your new porch….PLEASE! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

    1. HI Pinky, I found them years and years ago at The Old Millhouse Shoppe. xo

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    I always love your home at Christmas. So beautiful. It’s like a present in itself waiting to be unwrapped !

  3. I can’t find the post where you talk about the type of glue to put on the back of plates before you hang them on the wall. It was something you stuck a pop can tab in to use as a hook. Does anyone remember this post?

  4. After reading these Christmas decorating ideas, I am reminded of how much you have given over the years. “Rain or shine”, you just keep on blessing! Thank you!

  5. CarolbinTX says:

    I love the silver and gold table scape too…in fact, I started a collection of mercury glass last year when you posted this. So beautiful!

  6. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Thanks, again, Yvonne for giving us all this fabulous info in this post. We can always improve upon our decorating by following your wonderful example. We appreciate you so much. It is so much work for you to get this ready for us. We really look forward to your posts. They are always so helpful. You are such a blessing to us!

    Your home is absolutely beautiful! Hope you and Bobby can have lots of time to just sit and relax and enjoy your beautiful Christmas decor! Bless you!

  7. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Oh Yvonne! You’re home is so warm and inviting. You have decorated beautifully and so tasteful. I need to get my decorations finished by Dec. 6th and haven’t even begun:( Seeing your tour has given me some new ideas and I am ready to get started. Sometimes all I need is a little inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

    1. Hi Cecilia, that is exactly why I write StoneGable! Just to help sweet women like you!

  8. I live in southern Florida, but I’m not really into the coastal christmas themes.The woodland theme is still going strong and I am so glad! We have woods in Florida,especially in northern Fl.I love the red and white and black buffalo plaids with woodland animals. Owls are my fave. One of my bathrooms does have the coastal look,so I stay with that for Christmas. Love your blog!! Kerie

  9. Debra Matcovich says:

    I love your mantle with the simple paper tree with the garland. What type of garland is it.

  10. Sharon Payne Hardy says:

    Do you have a source for the cutout village? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find one that I like nearly as well as this one.