decorating on a budget with lots of items in the dining room

I love love love to decorate. But I’m not a fan of spending tons of money doing it. And I don’t have too because I am a savvy budget decorator! We all can get the decor looks we love for lots less! Here are some tools, tips, and guidelines for decorating on a budget!

Having a beautiful home you love and being a budget decorator aren’t exclusive. They actually go hand in hand quite nicely! Here’s how…


inspiration board of bedroom to be budget friendly

I always say if you fail to plan you plan to fail! And that is so true! So no matter how big or small a home decor project is MAKE A PLAN!

When budget decorating it’s so so important to be thoughtful about every detail and penny. Make a master plan and include everything you are going to put in your room! Make lists and keep track of EVERYTHING!!! Think outside the box.

Create a budget for every decorating project! And stick to it!

Because the secret to being a budget friendly decorator is to stay within your budget!

I put all my plans down on paper and I use Pinterest to make boards of things I love.

Another idea I use all the time is to make an inspiration board. It will take the guesswork out of how your decor will look together. The image above was my inspiration for decorating my master bedroom!

I use PicMonkey to make a digital inspiration board.

I know this is an extra step but it will save you lots of headaches and $$$ in the end!


I know this is just common sense, but it is worth repeating. Best budget decorators use things that are freeeeee! Take a second look at what you have, and I mean EVERYTHING you have! Is there anything you can use in another part of your home that would work in the area you are decorating!


I can’t stress this enough! If we would just know our decorating style it would be so much easier and enjoyable to decorate. No more getting STUCK or bringing home furnishings that don’t work in our homes.

Budget decorating starts with knowing your decorating style!

I have a decorating course that will help you know and name your decorating style! And learn how to use it to decorate your home! Your small investment will save you lots of money in decorating mistakes! And how budget-friendly is that?



If you are crafty at all go the diy route when decorating on a budget! Create your own art, make furniture, paint furniture, sew curtains, and craft one-of-a-kind accessories! Not only will you save tons of money, but you will create a room that is uniquely your own.

I cover old books in burlap and use them as accents, risers and more! You can see how easy it is to cover a book in burlap (or any other fabric that works with your decor) HERE.

Knowing how to use simple diy tools will save lots and lots of money the more you use them in your home!


It doesn’t matter if your a spending $100,000.00 or just $20.00 on a decorating project. Don’t rush the process. If you hurry to get a room “done” you are bound to make not-so-good choices and mistakes! And don’t impulse buy! YIKES that’s the opposite of budget friendly decorating!

When you are decorating on a budget you should be willing to wait for sales and keep hunting for what you want for a room at a great price! Enjoy the hunt!

Our dining room has “evolved” over seven years. We took our time and changed out pieces slowly. The most beautiful rooms are those that look like they have been curated over time!


budget decorating using an old repurposed bar cart in the dining room

Oh, yes! Now here is a sure way to save lots of money and create beautiful decor out of tired or worn out pieces! I think this is my very favorite way to decorate!


armoire in bedroom

If you are buying new things for a budget friendly project know when to spend. If you are buying new, splurge a little more on heavily used items like sofas or great chairs and go modestly on things like rugs, curtains, and accent pieces!

mirrored armoire in bedroom

I learned this lesson the hard way. This beautiful armoire above was my first choice to add to my master bedroom but it was quite pricy so I did not get it. I bought another armoire at about half the price! But it was not a good fit and did work with the look I wanted for my master bedroom.

So I bit the bullet, and got the armoire I loved. And I am so so glad I did. Did I have to opt for less expensive items in my bedroom? Well, yes and no! But really, the armoire was a savvy purchase that will last for decades!

Returning the armoire that did not work and purchasing the one I loved was a really hard decision. The master bedroom was an expensive makeover but I opted for many budget friendly items to cut costs.


vintage store ginger jar

Big room accessories add up to big decor value. Lot’s of tiny tchotchkies only add up to clutter! Spend on one or two great budget friendly home decor accessories. Or better yet, recycle one great thing or buy it second hand!

white budget friendly ginger jars on the dining room table

I found the BEAUTIFUL white ginger jars at a vintage shop for a song. You can bet I did the “happy dance of joy” all the way home! Budget friendly decorating! Score!

Here’s what to remember about decorating on a budget…

Budget decorating does not mean giving up decor you love for second best. Wait for sales, look in vintage shops. Make an investment of sweat equity to create the room you love!  With a little creativity and a great plan, you can create the budget friendly room of your dreams!!!

Budget decorating is successful when you can love the look you create…no matter the cost!

white ginger jar on buffet from vintage store very budget friendly

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  1. I love your armoire and went immediately to buy it but then saw the price. Oops! Way more than I can spend at this time. But, I do love it!
    I haunt Winners and Homesense for discounted decor items. I also check my local thrift store which receives some lovely items from those downsizing. I bought a beautiful big mirror for over my mantel for $24 among other items. Some things need a bit of paint but I love a little DIY.

    1. Just like I said Joanna, it was a huge splurge! But I made up for it with other more reasonable and free things in my master bedroom. I would have probably sold my right arm for the armoire. haha! It makes my bedroom.

  2. I have always tried to decorate on a budget.I’m a believer in shopping your house.Pain and spray paint are my friends to transform an old piece into something new again.Sometimes you do have to spend more for a statement piece or for a pice of furniture that’s used every day like a sofa.

  3. What wonderful tips to decorate by reusing what we have got at home. I love curtains, so sometimes I just change them from one room to another, sew some or take advantage of the sales when everything is really cheap- only on condition I like them.
    Thanks one more for all your help.

    1. CarolbinTX says:

      I love curtains too…and rugs and bedding/towels! I switch them out every season…Fall, Christmas, Winter, Spring/Summer. I watch for sales and I reuse them for years, sometimes I switch them out and use them in different rooms. I’ll wait too until I find something I absolutely love. My husband thinks I’m crazy but it makes these things last much longer, I don’t get bored, I have something fun to do every 3-4 months by changing it up and they get cleaned at least once a year!

  4. i love the bedskirt in your mbr. hat fabric is that did you make it or buy it love it

  5. CarolbinTX says:

    I love it that you repeat some of your blogs occasionally! I love it too that I see some of the same pieces in your rooms from season to season, just styled differently. I’ve started to do that too because it would be daunting and expensive to do a total switch-out every time you decorate. I do buy new pieces almost every season (I bought a ceramic bread bowl as a Christmas gift to myself this year), I give some away or put it away for a season or two. I’d rather have decor items over clothes these days!

    I did something different this time after I put all the Christmas decor away. I gathered all my wintery type decor – mostly white/tan pottery, woods and dark oil rubbed bronze pieces. I put them on my extended dining room table and I categorized them – bowls, lanterns, candles, candle holders, trays, fillers – pine cones, greenery, etc. I then “shopped” my dining room table. I took an inventory of all my flat services – the dining room buffet, table and cabinet, the mantel, the piano, the window box in my kitchen. Then, I started gathering things in “threes”, creating vignettes (this was my first time doing that, I’ve been following your blog for years), placing things, changing them out. I had so much FUN!

    I boxed up everything I didn’t use, put them away…perhaps I’ll revisit them in the Spring or wait until next Winter! I’m already shopping and planning my Spring/Summer decor! I’m going to sprinkle in some raspberry/fuchsia colored items this year!

    1. When you see an archived post it is because I added new content or new images or both. Enjoy!

  6. Marianne Sullo says:

    You had the most wonderful picture on one of your walls. It was a Paris scene of row houses with a black frame. I no longer see the picture, I was so in love with it. What did you do with it? I just you decorating and helpful ideas.

  7. You’ve probably posted this many times before, but where and what band are the side chairs around your concrete top table?

  8. CAROLYN SMITH says:

    Hello….love your blog. I wanted to ask you about the chest in the Plan It board up there, would you know the information about it? I have been looking for something like this for a while and it caught my eye. I looked on Pinterest but I didn’t see it on your posts? I appreciate it.

    1. Hi Carolyn, I found it on Wayfair a while ago. I don’t see it right now. But check them out. They have lots of beautiful things.

  9. I love the use of items taken from one room and used in another. I did just shop my home to make a few changes. My parents were given some original artwork about 30 years ago from a lady who owned an art studio. The watercolors were given to them by the daughter of some elderly neighbors who occasionally needed a ride to the doctor, etc. She lived out of town and wasn’t able to be there all the time. The artwork has been sitting in a closet for all these years. They are beautifully matted and framed. I’m not sure why I didn’t hang them before now, but they have made a wonderful addition to our family room.

  10. Brenda watson says:

    Where did you get the armoire. I love it. I also looked at that bedskirt on Soft Surroundings. I just love it.

    1. I found the armoire at Wayfair over a decade ago. Sorry it is out of stock and I can’t find a source for it. The bedskirt is also out of stock. Again, sorry!