lots of pillows on a bed

Bed pillow arrangement is not only an art but a bit of science too! I get asked how to arrange pillows on a bed all the time. So today, I’m sharing EIGHT great ways to make a pretty bed!

I think arranging pillows is a very personal thing. YOU pick the pillows. YOU style them in a way that is pleasing to YOU. And YOU See them daily!

Today I’m sharing eight (yes, EIGHT) different ways to style bed pillows. I know this will jump-start your creativity and I hope you are inspired to make bed pillows a part of your decor!

pretty bed with lots of pillows

If you’ve been part of the StoneGable family for any time now you know that I am a self-professed pillow queen! I adore pillows and consider them like jewelry for a room!

I’ve shared how to arrange pillows on a sofa HERE. This post even has a video of three different ways to style them!

But I’ve never shared how to arrange bed pillows!

So here we are friends, in my master bedroom playing with the pillows!

You can see our Master Bedroom HERE. And see sources too!

I have a queen size bed. No matter what size bed you can create the same look. You may have to adjust the size and or quantity of pillows depending on the size of your bed.

This is my summer bed. I’m not a fan of a duvet because it is just too hot. I opt for a coverlet and a matelasse topper we fold at the bottom of the bed.


layers of pillows on a bed

Here’s the everyday way I arrange bed pillows on my bed! Our “sleeping” pillows are tucked behind the euro shams (26″ x 26″) which stand on end leaning against the headboard.

A decorative chetah pillow (18″ x 18″) on the diagonal goes in between the euro shams and a “bumpy, lumpy” white pillow (20″ x 20″) goes in front of the pillow on the diagonal.

The next pillow layer is a long Mongolian lumbar bed pillow ( 16″ x 36″) centered on the bed. I found this pillow at Crate And Barrel during the Christmas season.

And the front pillow is the same as the diagonal pillow, also centered on the bed.

bed with layers of pretty pillows

My bedroom has a very tight color palette leaning to monochromatic. I think it is so soothing. After working with color and decor all day long I love cleansing my visual palette and spending the evening in my visually quiet bedroom and sitting room!

Here are the pillows I use on my bed every day. I add and edit pillows with the season but I love this arrangement of patterns and sizes the best.

pillow collection


long Mongolian pillow on a bed

If I need a very quick and easy way to style bed pillows this would be it!

I used three euro sham pillows across the top of my bed. And added a long, Mongolian lumbar pillow. Our bed pillows are tucked behind the euro shams.

Three euro shams fit perfectly across the width of a queen bed.

close up of pillows on a bed

This is a simple and clean look.


easy 5 pillow arrangement on a bed

The addition of one more pillow makes this bed pillow arrangement easy and a bit more interesting!

I added a square pillow (18″ x 18″) in front of the long lumbar pillow for a very stylish look. If you like this arrangement make sure to add a pillow with a big decor punch to the front!

I adore animal prints! Although the front pillow is quite neutral it’s cheetah design make it stand out and get noticed!

close up of bed pillows


Here’s about the most color I will add to my master bedroom! I grabbed pillows off my living room sofa to share the next way to style bed pillows.

Think of 3-2-1! Three euros against the headboard, two pillows placed side by side in the center of the bed and a smaller long lumbar pillow in front of it all. I added another even smaller lumbar to the mix of pillows!

It’s so hard for me to stop myself when it comes to pillows!

summer bedding in the master bedroom

The square pillows on this bed pillow arrangement are 22″ x 22″ white pillows with a pretty natural woven jute cording. If you like this arrangement make sure your square pillows are big enough to show behind the lumbar pillow. If they are too small they will get lost!

stacks of pillows on a bed

Don’t you love how the pillow “stack” looks from the side? The pretty little branches on the bedside table are late blooming dogwood from our trees in the yard.


casual pillow arrangement on a bed

When it comes to arranging pillows on a bed there are so many options. Formal, casual, full, simple and so many more!

This pillow arrangement starts the same with three euro shams against the bed, two pillows centered between the spaces of the euro shams and three pillows placed casually in the front.

Get a casual look by tossing the pillows in the front and letting them fall where they may. Except on the floor, of course!


monochromatic pillows on a bed

If you like symmetry you might love this bed pillow arrangement! Add two large (22″ x 22″) sandwiched between three euro shams and two decorative pillows (18″ x 18″). What a pretty look!


The last bed pillow arrangement I’m sharing today is a full designer look. If you love a bed full of pillows this may be for you!

I love love love the layer upon layer of pretty pillows! Sigh! Let’s start with the pillow against the bed. Three euro pillows, two large pillows one long lumbar pillow and one pretty decorative pillow in front!

pretty pillow layers
close-up of pillows on a bed

Now, let’s tackle where to put those pretty pillows when we are sleeping.

I used to have a BIG basket to stash all my pillows but the euro shams in but I kept collecting pillows and they no longer all fit. Finding a big basket for your pillows is a great idea if you don’t have too many.

I now pile my bed pillows high on a settee next to the bed. If you have a chair, bench or settee you can pile them up there.

And here is nothing wrong with stacking them on a clean floor! It’s okay!

There you go… eight different ways to arrange pillows on a bed! I hope this has inspired you to play with your pillows and create a beautiful arrangement!

bed pillow arrangements on a queen size bed

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  1. Yvonne,
    Love your bed pillows and the many ways to display them. I use 7 on my queen size bed but would love to add a long lumbar pillow to my mix. Where did you find your great Mongolian fur bolster? I have been looking to no avail. Thanks for any info.

    1. I found it at Crate and Barrel. I think it might be a seasonal product. Don’t see it right now.

  2. I love the bedroom and have purchased everything to do my spare master the same. Question about round tobacco baskets. I ordered mine from Wayfair and they are really big. How big are yours?

    1. Where did you get the bed frame and cover for the base of the bed frame?

  3. Hi Yvonne, I just read your post on pillows and got so excited as they are an addiction for me ! The only problem is that it is late at night here and I need to stop thinking about what to do with my pillows other than sleep on one !

  4. tamara guilday says:

    Where did you buy the 3 round baskets above the bed? Thanks, Yvonne!

    1. HI TAMARA
      The baskets came from a local shop. Here is a good option to look into :

      You can see all the sources for the bedroom above at the top of the page under GET THE LOOK. Hover over the words GET THE LOOK and a drop down menu will apear. Click on MASTER BEDROOM. Hope this helps.

  5. Beautiful bedroom love the article! My absolute favorite pillow arrangement is the 3.2.1. Iove love your santurary armoire it’s gorgeous and comiortable seating, a chair to me is just as significant in the bedroom as the bed. Lovely post!!

  6. Love the look of layering pillows and the neutral tones.

  7. Yvonne, I have never seen the 3-2-3 assembly, but I will definitely use it. I have a true ridiculous love for pillows.

  8. Heidi Webb says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I would like to know where you purchased the great beige and white woven blanket on the bed in the pics? Just what I am looking for my bed. Thanks!

  9. Joan merchant says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase lamps like the ones in your bedroom! Thank you so much!!

    1. I found the lamps at Wayfair. I shared them before and they sold out. However, there are other similar styles.

  10. Margaret Davidson says:

    I love the coverlet on the bed and the fact that you don’t seem to have tucked in the bottom. Could you share where you purchased it or do an article on coverlets for the summer season? Is it light weight. As I age, I don’t like heavy covers that weigh on my body.


  11. Betts Adgat says:

    Where did you get your pillows?
    B. Adgate

  12. I discovered a great idea from either you or another blogger, sorry, can’t remember. Because of room constraints, I have 20″ x 20″ pillow forms and buy just the pillow covers that size and switch them out seasonally. It takes up so much less room so I can feel free to buy various pillow covers and change them out as is needed.

    1. Hi Eileen, I’ve been saying that for years! But I think more than one pillow on a bed looks better, but that is just me.

  13. Kerry Finn says:

    I’d love to know where you got that rug!

    1. Hi Kerry! I love this rug!!! It really gets a lot of wear and still looks nice. I found it at BALLARD DESIGNS. Look there.

  14. Jina Sheppard says:

    Love your sense of style and explanations of ‘how to ‘ emulate your designs! thank you.
    Now, any advice on the best way to store one’s pillows ? I rotate my pillows around the house as well as seasonally, I do struggle with storage. As always, love your blog!

    1. My very best advice is to buy pillow covers and just enough pillow inserts for your home. Then all you have to do is fold the pillow covers in a drawer. If I cannot separate the pillow covers from the inserts I store them in a shelf in the basement. Hope this helps!

  15. My Husband always says “Why do we have so many pillows on the bed?” I like the paired back look!!! Something new for Fall!!!

  16. When you reference pillow size, do you mean the size of the pillow insert or cover? I was thinking about pairing 26″x26″ inserts with 24″x24″ covers so they look nice and full. Does that sounds right?

    1. Sounds perfect! If you like fuller pillows then you are right to get the inserts one size larger.

  17. Krystin Combs says:

    I just started following you, I love your style! Where did you get your matelasse cover on your bed?

    1. Hi Krystin, Welcome to the StoneGable family! The Matelasse cover came from Pottery Barn.

  18. I have a small guest room that I want to buy nightstands for. What I have in mind is not on any website I have searched. I want tall Parson Tables that allow room for a storage ottoman to slide underneath that a guest can pull out an use as a seat to put on shoes, etc. and storage for the room and for me. Because it has a Queen size bed, floor space is at a premium. Do you have any sway with a company who might design and sell such an item? I may have to have them made but would prefer to just buy them.

    1. Hi Amanda, what a great idea for a nightstand. I’ve not seen one like that. You might want to think about an end table and look for a small ottoman that would fit under it. Hope this idea helps.

      1. I did find ottomans (with storage) but there are no tables in the correct size and shape on the market. However, my very handy son is going to make tables for me. The ottomans are 20″ square and he is going to make Parson tables for me 24″ square and 30″ high. The guest bedroom has a tall queen size bed so I need ‘weighty side tables. I will send a photo when done, but he has a number of projects ahead of mine.

  19. Kathy Merriman says:

    I love the neutral cheetah pillow covers. Can you tell me where you got them?

    1. Lovely and so helpful! Could you share where you got that beautiful bed skirt? I bought new bedding but didn’t like any of the available bed skirts at Pottery Barn, all too boring. Thank you for all that you do.

      1. Hi Lisa I found the bedskirt at Soft Surrounding online. Hope this helps. It is not boring at all!

    2. Hi Kathy, I found the cheetah pillow at Ballard Designs a few years ago. I don’t see it on their site right now. However, they have other cheetah pillows and so does Wayfair. Look there. Hope this helps.

  20. I would like some suggestions regarding pillows on a twin daybed please

  21. Anne Ablan says:

    Hello – Just wondering where you bought the mongolian fur lumbar pillow? I bought one but returned it since the quality was poor. Yours looks so pretty! Thank you!

    1. Hi Anne,
      I found it at Crate And Barrel. I did not see it this holiday season. Sorry!

  22. All I can say is that you have turned me into a pillow princess. My favorite accessory. Recently purchased a pair of down-filled, woven-textured pillows for new guest room bed in icy, light grey. Turning guest bedroom from all girls’ room with light pink accents into more neutral, with light walls and two pieces of painted white furniture. The rug is taupe patterned and drapery panels are textured white. Much of hardwood floors are exposed, for now. Shopping my house for decor items and light touches of color. Your bedroom is beautiful. The look I want, with slightly cooler accents, as floor is warm toned. Thank you for the great and usable ideas.

  23. About pillows: On a king size bed how and where do you hide those wrinkly and untidy pillows you actually sleep on?

    1. Lay them flat on your bed and put the decorative pillows on top of them.

  24. Love the pillows!! where can I find the cheetah pillows and the nubby pillow?? Thank you!

  25. Tracy Cook says:

    I loved this post. Really love pillows. On the sofa and in the bed.
    Never thought about seasonal pillows
    Will be rethinking That one.
    Re my bed I have an issue I can’t climb over.
    I have a small friendship pillow , a hand made pillow from two grandsons also small. Then I have another beaded on that I love it was from a friend. And finally one from my daughter with a great quote.
    How do I get rid of them we’ll exchange.
    Any ideas welcome please
    thank you