Beautiful Torn Tissue Eggs Diy

Home Style Saturday #288 your mini weekend decorating and lifestyle magazine. This week HSS is featuring beautiful torn tissue Easter eggs, an Easter centerpiece, and a sweet printable, a delicious citrus salad, and hunting for antiques.

Welcome to Home Style Saturday #288. Today’s edition is all about spring… and more! I’m so happy to share beautiful ways to decorate your home for this lovely season, a colorful and lovely recipe, and a fabulous antique hunt!

Today I’m sharing how to cover eggs with paper napkins. Oh, these are so super easy and just so beautiful. If you would like to see the blue and white Chinoiserie eggs using this same technique go HERE.

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  1. Loved doing the eggs in the past I will be doing more. A basket of them with a few other things are a great gift for family or friends. Also the Citrus salad love love it.