Accessorize A Room With These 10 Things For A Curated Look

Creating a beautiful, welcoming, and one-of-a-kind room may just be a few accessories away! Here are 10 must-have items to accessorize the rooms in your home.

I know you have probably heard the saying, “It’s all in the details”! So true. Today I’m sharing my 10 “room makers”! These are accessories that have so much pop, pow, pizzazz, and power they can literally change the look of a room. We are not talking about pieces of furniture or curtains or art! We are going to talk about smaller items that make a big decor difference!

Now is a great time to take stock of every room in your home to see if it has these beauty-maker items in it!

Let’s start our accessory must-have list with my very favorite…


Yes, pillows make the must-have list every time I talk about a room. For the money, NOTHING can change the look of a room like some great pillows! I usually buy a few pillows that coordinate together for the biggest impact. 

If your room looks a little tired, try adding a few new gorgeous pillows.


I am the self-proclaimed queen of vignettes! And I think almost every room should have one. A vignette is a small curated collection of objects that look interesting together tells a story of sorts.

Start with a basket or tray and build a captivating grouping in it. Lately, I’ve been just grouping three things together to make a simple yet effective vignette!

A vignette is a smart way to add a layer of decor to your room! And so so easy!


Candles are not just for the dining room table and lanterns are not for outdoor use only. Group a trio (or more) of candlesticks in varying heights together on a coffee table or entryway table. Top them with candles in creamy colors! Add an interesting lantern to any flat surface.

Candleglow adds instant drama! And every room can always use a bit of drama!

Be sure to light them or better yet, buy battery-operated candles on timers so they glow every night without the worry of a flame.

Here are my hands-down tapers and thicker candles.


A poof, stool, or garden stool can add a bit of charm to a room. Small but powerful, these small accent wonders are great accessories to tuck into a room next to a chair or in a spot that would benefit from a bit of texture or color.

They are perfect pieces to add a bit of whimsy or a tad of leather or a bit of burlap.

The garden stool in our foyer has been in so many rooms. It was originally school bus yellow and I painted it an interesting gunmetal color.


Lamps are necessary accessories, but they can also be fabulous! Just because their purpose is adding light to a room doesn’t mean they should be boring!

I think many home decorators keep lamps too long and don’t update them as often as they should. The same goes for lampshades. Maybe it’s not the lamp that looks a bit tired! Maybe the lampshade is out of date!

Shed a new and trendy light on your room by changing out your lamps and lampshades!


Big or small plants and trees literally breathe life into a room. Our eyes tend to search out living things. I say use them judiciously though. Too many plants can make even the chicest room look a bit like a jungle!

And pay special attention to the container your plant or tree is in! Make it work with your decor. And take care of your plant. It’s a real bummer when they look sick or straggly!

If you don’t have a green thumb for indoor plants choose great-looking faux ones!


If you have a pillow on a piece of furniture then you can add a throw! A throw will brings warmth and coziness and charm to a room. But only one throw per room, please!

Don’t just jumble up a throw. After you use it take care to drape it and even let a little bit of it or the fringe skim the ground. It makes a pretty picture!


This is my favorite way to change a room! Add a great area rug to your room. Think about moving rugs from one room to another!

Don’t be shy about rugs!  And don’t be boring! Have a couple rugs in your home that people will leave talking about!


I think there should be at least one mirror in every room. Maybe not the kitchen, although if I had space I’d probably have one in there too! Mirrors add light and sparkle and space to a room. Not to mention design!!! They keep a room from looking closed in! 

Again, go bigger! A small mirror on a wall looks sad and does nothing to enhance a room. If you have a small mirror think about adding a big empty frame around it. Wow, that will look amazing!


If you find a great piece that you love, even if it is a bit quirky or old, display it. I think the best-decorated homes reflect their owners and take on their personalities! Using what you love makes a home feel comfortable and happy. And a happy home IS a beautiful home!

If you love burlap and chippy things add a few to your rooms. If you love gold and glitz add that too!

The clock above the buffet is so old! I found it at Kohls for $27.00 over a decade ago. It had an ugly brown frame and I repainted it and how it is an iconic part of our home.  

Here are a few of my other favorite accessories:

  • books
  • small boxes
  • flowers
  • unique vases
  • decorative orbs 
  • big letters
  • seasonal items
  • small bowls
  • cloche
  • fresh fruit
  • large shells
  • nests
  • small objects d’art
  • old silver
  • risers
  • small pictures
  • decorative balls

It’s important to look at everything you have in a room and curate it. Add and edit, edit, edit! Only put those things in a room that will enhance it and you!!!! I hope some of these “room changers” will make a difference in your home!

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  1. Our French Oasis says:

    Fantastic advice as always. Pillows are such a great thing as they are relatively inexpensive to change and they really can alter a room dramatically. I have just bought five new ones in contrasting colours and they have certainly given our sitting room a new lease of life.

  2. June Gerstner says:

    Yvonne, I’m with you on all fronts and am constantly updating my home. Right now I’m on a lamp hunt but everything seems so generic and overly expensive. Your lamps are each so different and unique. Do you have a favorite place to find them (even if its a local store as I’m in your area frequently). As a matter of fact. I just came out to get my pumpkin fix and brought home a trunk full!

    1. Hi June, I like the Pottery Barn outlet on RT 30. I also like Wayfair, HomeGoods and Hayneedle. All great sources!

      1. June Gerstner says:

        Yvonne, Many thanks. I’ll check them out!

    2. I love your rug pictured under the rug category in the 10 things you need to accessorize your home. Could you please tell me where you bought this rug and the name and color of the rug? Thank you Yvonne!

  3. June Gerstner says:

    Oh, and I finally took my husband to Sugarplums and Tea. Have you been?

    1. Yes, I have had lunch there many times. A great place to take a few girlfriends too!

  4. genie steger says:

    Sometimes I just am so content with a vignette that I get in a rut, but lately, probably inspired by many of your posts, I am changing things out, i.e. moving a copper candle screen for 3 candles from a place on top of the linen closet (been there for 15 years)to a our TV amoire, and filling a beautiful Chinese porcelain Tub with blue and green hydrangeas and another blue and white jar for a new vignette!

  5. Great ideas to add to your rooms. I love the addition of pillows and try to buy or make some every season to add to my collection. Also the vignettes are fun to put together. Your rooms are always beautiful.

  6. Each time I see a photo of your chest of drawers, I just love it even more…the scrolling on the front is really what sets it apart and make it stand out. Just love it. Thanks for all the tips on lamps, rugs, pillows and mirrors, too!

  7. More great information. Thanks Yvonne. I’m currently trying to design my living room which feels overwhelming at times. Your tips have been truly helpful.

  8. Every single “room changer” was spot on! I love how you created a vignette on your foyer table with the container vases in the wire tray. Most folks would have just set the vase containers on the table by themselves. I can remember loving to group things together when I was a little girl cleaning my room. For as long as I can remember I have loved decorating spaces. Once I even rearranged my parents bedroom furniture while they were out shopping! I was probably 11 or 12. Don’t ask me how I moved that heavy furniture, I’m wondering myself!! But they never minded my rearranging and decorating; and thankfully, my husband is the same way. My 85 year old Mom still asks me to “change things up” at her cute little home. You are such an encouragement to us as we wait, with bated breath, to see what you’ve come up with next!!

    1. Me too, Deb! I loved to rearrange the furniture whenever my parents were out! And, the family laughs every time we rent a vacation home because they know I’m going to change things around. I do reluctantly put it back as it was, though before we leave.

  9. You most certainly are the Queen of Vignettes! Gorgeous and creative vignettes. Love the lantern and if it is new(ish) would appreciate knowing the source.

  10. Where did you find that clock? Love it! obsessed with all things that tick & tock! Just had one shipped from MN to CO that I found in cute, small-town shop. laura

  11. Norma Rolader says:

    Thank you so much for all the input on decorating on a budget You always have such beautiful vignettes and lanterns I love God bless

  12. Brenda Fitch says:

    I love your style of decorating so much!!!!! Can you tell me where youbfound the wonderful big white clock?????

  13. I always love your tips and tricks Yvonne. They inspire me. Thanks!

  14. I so agree with everything in your post.I try to incorporate these accessorizing tips into
    my home too.You do have the perfect touches in your home Yvonne.

  15. Arrilla Milby says:

    You spoke of mirrors in every room…I’ve enjoyed mine because they project so much more light into a room…including mirrored back-splash in my kitchen.

  16. You are so right!!! These are simple tips that can make a HUGE statement or transformation in a room. Thanks for making such a nice list for your readers! I do love a list…

  17. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Right on! Thanks for all the hints in one spot. You are the best! Thank you

    Regarding your post of September 30, Table for Two, please answer our questions in comments.
    PLEASE, please answer our ALL our questions from your beautiful post of September 30th!!!!!!!! It was too beautiful,, got to many comments to leave us hanging for info.
    I want to know where to show your area for the chamber pots? What am I looking for in a chamber pot? SEE, you got me going shopping.

    1. Hi Nan, I try my best to answer the questions. Sorry if I missed some.
      I found the white chamber pot in an antique store just outside of Harrisburg Pa. Hope this helps.

  18. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    Yvonne your tips are very helpful. Today my husband and I went shopping in Duren, Germany and I got alot of decorating ideas as well. My head is still spinning of all the things that I seen. I would like to go shopping without the husband next time.LOL Have a great fall day. Guten tag!

  19. great tips for all of us to decorate our homes…thanks!

  20. You have the best decorating advice & I always learn so much from your posts! Thank you!

  21. Mary Beth says:

    I added some new throw pillows this season since mine had served their time. And I bought a pumpkin pillow for the first time!

  22. Freda Carroll says:

    Your home is beautiful but what I love are your vignettes. The balance, texture and the greenery are in perfect harmony and are a joy to the eye. When I’m just a little stuck putting one together I always look back to yours for inspiration. Thank you

  23. Amazing how the little personal touches you use mimic what I do except for the plants. Used to, just don’t any more. Wreaths are an accessory that I like to use outside and some inside. Will hang a small one on a ribbon in front of a mirror or use one as a corral around a grouping of candles and artificial leaves, etc. for a table topper.

  24. Marsha Scott says:

    What I would like to win would be an entire day with Yvonne Pratt !!!
    So many great ideas on this post, Yvonne. And, yes, you’re so right about these 10 things. The room will change immediately and look young and fresh.. xx’s

  25. I agree with each and ever one!

  26. Oh, Yvonne, I almost cheered listening to the podcast when you said one could put a garden stool in every room. I just purchased a pair of ceramic/porcelain blue and white chinoiserie garden stools very reasonably. Was actually meeting with a lovely woman to check out a piece of furniture when I spotted the pair. Thought it an impractical purchase, but you have sealed the deal for me. Just love you three!

  27. designing vibes says:

    Yes….you are definitely the queen of vignettes. That is something I am striving to become better with. Great tips, friend.

  28. Love your blogs! I learn so much!

  29. Love your home. Just made your cole slaw recipe for husbands foot ball crowd and it was a hit. So easy too. My old recipe had me shredding the cabbage!,, love the short cut.

  30. Dianne Kropp says:

    Thank you for all your great advice. I am helping my daughter redo her home and refer to you all the time.

  31. New here after seeing your Fall Home Tour and I am hooked. Glad you are in Lancaster County as I live in Delaware County, PA. After seeing what you do, I think I have to redo some things.

    1. Hi Rae, So glad you found StoneGable!!! Welcome to our wonderful StoneGable family!

  32. Yup, I agree. I am thinking I may have to throw out some of my houseplants that have lived outside all Spring and Summer as I am out of space for them. Your home is always gorgeous. XO

  33. I agree, I just love putting together vignettes. It keeps things fresh.

  34. Had to laugh about the lamp and possible need for new ones because I put my thumb through the lining of one just this afternoon! Guess it is time to go hunting!

  35. Constance Leach says:

    Great blog! Learning so much on here, as always! :–)

  36. This is a great post. I like how you have recent posts easily accessible plus I can reread posts with your new toolbar and search engine. Lamps. I seem to change them often in my bedroom!!! I really like what I have right now. I’ve switched my great room lamps quite a bit but my floor lamps I keep but I can’t count how many shades I’ve gotten over the years!! That seems to change the look of many of my lamps. I’d like to update the great room mirrors. All of them!!! I don’t think a person has to spend a fortune but I bought at a discount store and there are ripples in the glass. I’m so tired of these cheap outdated mirrors. I spent so little on them. Your post gave me inspiration to focus on them as a necessary accessory. About throws?? am I the only one that likes new ones each season? Mine seem to get pill balls. I look for clearance throws at Pottery Barn and West Elm. I do not feel so bad about swapping out my “arm candy” that way!!
    Oh and orbs!! I want to make your stained hoop orbs too. I never tire of them.

  37. I have recently started following your blog and love it. I’m “decorating challenged” and would love to learn to design a beautiful room. I think your blog is a good place for me to start!

  38. Fantastic post — you wrote about all of my favorite things!! Love!

  39. I love your décor and how homey it is!

  40. Lanita Anderson says:

    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas for accessorizing….and the pictures to go along with them, for reference! I’ve been in the mood “to change things up a bit” and these ideas are a great starting place!

  41. Love everything you do. Everything is curated beautifully. Looking to see more.?

  42. Yvonne, your entire house is wonderful! The chest in the living room looks to have a linen? finish. Love it. Would you please share where you purchased it? You use the wood stamps (are they?) in so many of your vignettes, are they old or new? I love how you use so many different items easily found in a home to keep it interesting like the bowls of stamps and dominoes. Thanks for sharing.

  43. kari mcmillan says:

    Love all your ideas
    Thanks for all the great suggestions.

  44. Wish I had an unlimited budget!

  45. Marilyn Gillis says:

    Beautiful ideas! I learn something with every post!

  46. Pamela A Beck says:

    Yvonne, I feel so lucky to have found your blog spot! You have such wonderful ideas and I love the menu planning you provide. Your pictures are wonderful and so inspiring! Thank you for all of the ideas and ways to accomplish them. I recently moved to Florida from the north and have challenges decorating but look to your blog for ideas. Thank you again.

  47. Such great ideas, I always check here or on your blog for inspiration.

  48. I’ve been looking for something to give my home a little more pizzazz. Love these ideas.

  49. Thanks for the information

  50. Deb Gregory says:

    Well good morning!!! I feel like I am already a winner by getting these great tips! Thank you!!! Blessings!

  51. Julie Briones says:

    “Pillows, pillows, pillows!” 😉

    Love this post. I use all except two things, that I should probably implement. 🙂

  52. I think I’ll go lamp shopping today!

  53. Where is that lovely white clock from in the thumbnail?

  54. Pamela Jarecki says:

    Where did you get the chunky rug in your living rooms?! Love!!!

  55. It appears that I have mastered the 10 things to accessorize your room, as I have everything listed in my home. Sometimes less is more and other times more is best. I love this article.

  56. Beverly Turner says:

    Great ideas. Learned a few things that I’m going to use. I’m a big fan of Stonegable . Thanks

  57. Yvonne, I love the stoneware vase in your lamp photo. Is that vintage or a reproduction that is available to purschase? Thanks for all the inspiration!

    1. Hi Suzanne, you have a good eye for vintage things! I found it on an antiquing hunt.

  58. Yvonne the buffalo check pillow with the fringe where did u get that one. Thank you

  59. In all my years of surfing the internet, I have never come across a blog with all the component, I need in one place. Your blog rocks!!!

    Thank you for motivating me with your awesome, ways of saving money ?

  60. thanks for the reminders … sometimes we just need a jog to our memories. your blog is great! thanks

  61. Yvonne – another great post – thank you for showing us how to have a comfortable and “happy” home.

  62. Hello Yvonne,

    Greetings from Texas! My husband noticed the wire mesh lantern as featured in your tutorial, “Accessorize a room with these 10 things” and has been trying to use his über-geek skills to find it online without much success. Where is that particular lantern from?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Yani, the lantern was a gift from my sister. I think she purchased it from a little shop in Vienna, Va.

  63. Love everything about your blog Yvonne! It’s so helpful. I love to decorate but sometimes I find myself overwhelmed at all the choices. But I find that your pictures and blog give me a road map of where to head. Love your style and eye for detail. Thank you so much for sharing!

    (btw – love the living room lamps. Where are they from?)

    1. THANKS Alva! The lamps came from The Potter Barn several years ago.

  64. I love you posts for inspiration and knowledge. Where did you purchase you living room rug in picture? Thank you and God Bless.

  65. Please tell me where you got the beautiful rug in the above pictures of 10 things for a room. I do believe it’s the prettiest rug I’ve ever seen! Thank you. I do love how you decorate and enjoy all your emails!! Have a blessed day ?

  66. Please share the link to the beautiful area rug in your sunroom. The colors are perfect for my home.

  67. Such wonderful advise! Your home is lovely! May I ask where did you get the beautiful grey, blue and gold area rug?

  68. Checkmark on all these items.?You have taught me well.

  69. Please – the zebra rug source?
    I read you daily and so appreciate that you refresh and share.

    1. Hi Eunice,
      I’ve had this rug for decades because I chose a good rug. It has held up! If it gets dirty it cleans up beautifully!

  70. Susan Lambert says:

    Wishing i had those exact pillows and that exact throw!

  71. Your pillows above, love them so I’m off looking for some white/textural throw pillows! I agree our designs change a bit over time. Keeping the color to a neutral allows the gift of adding a surprise shade now and then but also allows timelessness? to prevail…plus saves dollars down the road.
    Throws are a huge part of my decor change up. Just found that great shade of nut brown for winter and excited to put it out.

  72. Thank you for inspiring me to greywash a 2-drawer chest and mimic the stenciling of your curlicue chest. Love the results. Also. I’ve kept 2 large real cornstalk plants and edited small faux plants . I see that need to simplify my vignettes. Less is more. Thank you friend.

  73. Debbie Pope says:

    Love your tips on everything.

  74. Working on my mantel, you sure help with ideas!

  75. pam Thornburg says:

    I love the idea of grouping pillows at one end of the sofa. It’s just a totally different look. I’m going to try that one! Thanks for all your helpful tips.

  76. I try to use the pillows and “chachkas” to enhance the room, but sometimes I feel things look to cluttered….I love having fresh flowers scattered around my rooms also.

  77. I love your style and everything you write! I especially loved the quote from Mary Davis this week! Thanks!

  78. Micaela Brundage says:

    So many things I did not know! Thanks for teaching ❤️

  79. Love all your helpful tips. I’m always looking for suggestions to improve my decor and your lovely photos help my staging iitems and furniture mprove my rooms so much.

  80. JoAnne Wujcik says:

    I’ve always admired your wood table with curly design in your living room. Do you have a source?
    Thanks, JoAnne

  81. Julianna Agoritsas says:

    I love your style. Can you tell me where you got the lamp on your buffet?

    1. Hi Julianna, thank you! I found the lamp at Kirkland’s a couple years ago.

  82. I am new to your amazing blog and can’t tell you just how much it has inspired me! I have been thinking about painting my garden stool. Would you be able to tell me where to find the interesting gunmetal color you used on your stool? Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and talent!

    1. Oh, I painted the garden stool so long ago. Look for Krylon products and find the gunmetal color there.

  83. Patricia Wing says:

    All great ideas! I did interior decorating years ago but always learning new things. I have a question, something that I have never found a great answer too. My apartment has carpeting in all the rooms except kitchen and bathroom. I love my area rugs but they don’t seem to stay put. They bunch up even with furniture on the edges. I used carpet tape before but leaves a residue when taking up rug. I have used rug pads. I rent so need to be careful what I do.

    1. If a wall to wall carpeting has nap, putting a rug over them is not a good idea. They will bunch. Enjoy the carpet, alone.