Accent Decor Every Home Needs

Accent decor can add style and your personality to a room. It is an important part of decorating. Here are 13 types of accent decor you should use in your home and tips for how to use them.

Accent decor is an important part of creating a beautiful, welcoming, and personalized home! Here are 13 types of home accents EVERY home needs. They are essential decor so make sure you use all the decor accessories on today’s list!

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Accessorize Your Home With Trays


Trays are the most useful accent decor. They are versatile and very practical. They add beauty and are functional.

Trays come in many shapes, sizes, and materials so there is at least one right for your room.

Trays add a unique decorative element to a room. Choose one that compliments your style. Use them to corral a vignette or contain the essentials you need. Trays are the perfect catch-all for items that tend to make clutter.

Place a small tray in an entryway or foyer to collect keys or on a nightstand to put your glasses in.

Use serving trays to help serve drinks and food. Choose a sturdy tray with handles with a solid non-textured surface.

Trays also work as bed trays. Use them to enjoy coffee and a muffin in bed while reading or a snack while lounging and working on your laptop. Choose a tray that is large enough to hold plates, coffee, and other things you need.

My favorite way to use a tray is to create pretty vignettes in them! A tray adds a boundary and a frame to a vignette, calling attention to the objects inside.

Candles, Candle Holders, And Lanterns

ACCENT DECOR- candles on a table with flowers and a plant.

Candles and candlesticks are not just for late-night dinners. They add a layer of ambiance, style, and warmth to your home.

Collect and use candlesticks in different sizes and shapes to create groupings. Candlesticks look better en mass. Use lanterns along with candlesticks to make a big decorative statement.

Use candles on a table as part of a centerpiece. They add a layer of interest and contrast against flowers or other organics in the centerpiece.

Light candles to set the mood and create a cozy and warm feel in the evening. I like to use battery-operated candles with timers so I don’t have to think about lighting them and blowing them out before I go to bed.

A grouping of thin candlesticks in various sizes is an easy and time-honored way to decorate a mantel.

Lanterns look great on tables, mantels, or almost any place you can use candlesticks. Large lanterns can sit on a hearth or even on the floor next to a chair or in a foyer for an illuminating statement.

Candlesticks and lanterns can be tucked into your decor when you need a bit of style, personality, and batter-operated light in a space. They work well propped on a stack of books or gathered en mass on a pedestal plate.

Remember to use caution with a real flame.

Throw Pillows Are The Perfect Accessory

ACCENT DECOR- a trio of pillows on a sofa

I must admit, decorative pillows are my go-to way to accessorize a room. They are like room jewelry! They are the one perfect piece of accent decor that can totally change the look and mood of a room. And they are a brilliant way to add a pop of color when needed!

Use pillows on a sofa or chair in different sizes, patterns, and colors to create an eye-catching look.

Layer pillows on your bed to create an inviting space. Use larger pillows against the headboard and a few pillows in front of them.

When you need a bit of texture, color or a little dose of your own personal style try using a pillow.

Here’s an easy tip for perfect pillow styling…


Group pillows in threes for instant appeal. Our eyes love the look of three things together.

Throw Blankets Are Decor Essentials

ACCENT DECOR- a throw blanket draped over the end of a sofa

I think of throws as a near and dear cousin of the pillows. They play so nicely together! Pillows add color, texture, and “pretty’ to a room. Every room (except maybe bathrooms and kitchens) needs the softness and fluff of a throw! Think of them as essential decor!

A throw blanket is a fabulous way to add an accent color! Choose a throw to compliment your color palette.

Throws come in different weights, textures, and feel. Change the out seasonally. When the weather is cooler use heavier throws and conversely use lightweight throws when it is warmer.

No matter the season throw blankets offer comfort to us and they add an attractive look to our rooms.

Drape a blanket over the arm of a sofa or chair in the family room for a casual and inviting look. Or if you want a more organized, tidy look fold a throw neatly over the back of a piece of furniture in the living room.

Throw blankets create a mini focal point folded and stacked together on a shelf or in a cabinet or hutch with the doors open.

You can create a decadent and luxe look if you layer different textures of throw blankets together and casually drape them over the end of a sofa.


Use a throw blanket over a chair, bed, or sofa you are not crazy about and it will make the offending furniture look far less offensive!

Here’s a helpful post about 6 WAYS TO STYLE A THROW

Poofs Are Attractive, Fun, And Functional

Do you have a spot for a poof? They are so on-trend right now and add lots of fun to a room! A poof can fill a bare spot under a desk or table or they work great in front of a chair!

Think of a poof as a versatile and functional piece of accent decor. They can be great additions to a room that needs more seating.

A poof also works as an ottoman to provide a place to rest your feet and get comfy.

If you think a room needs a little something but don’t know what, think about adding a poof! It’s a way to add a trendy and often textural accent decor to your home!

Using Vases And Planters

ACCENT DECOR- a container of flowers on a coffe table

I’m not a big collector. I don’t collect things like precious tchotchkes or figurines. But I do collect practical home accessories. And vases are not only decorative but practical too! Small, tall, wide-mouth, glass, ceramic, and more! They are an important part of my home decorating accessories!

Collect a variety of vases in different heights and sizes to use all over your home.

Think beyond holding flowers and twigs and leaves and things. Yes, they are great at that but they can also stand alone as an object d’ art!

Need a container to hold things like seashells or pebbles. Use a vase. You will create an instant conversation piece.

Tuck small empty vases in small spaces that need a bit of style.

Glass vases can be called into use to become beautiful candleholders. Group them as a centerpiece on a table. They will reflect the candlelight and look beautiful.

Hide the ugly plastic container of a plant in a wide-mouth vase or pottery container giving a plant so much more style!

Collect a well-curated stash of vases to use in every room!

Bowls And Dishes Are Versatile Accent Decor

ACCENT DECOR- a candle and flowers in a gold tone bowl.

Don’t overlook another utilitarian but fabulous collectible, dishware. Choose pretty decorative bowls or plates to add a bit of color to your room. Also, you can get a little wild and decorative dishware that does not necessarily blend into the rest of your decor, causing a bit of much-needed visual tension in a room.

See how to make the PRETTY AND EASY CENTERPIECE in the image above using a gold tone bowl.

If you need a little height in a vignette or arrangement stack three bowls in an interesting way in the vignette.

ACCENT DECOR- flowers on a stack of white dishes

A decorative bowl can be used as a stylish candleholder. This makes an attractive arrangement and a focal point in a room.

Use a small bowl to corral small items like jewelry. I put a pretty decorative dish on the nightstand in our guest room for guests to use.

Use a bowl or even a dish with low sides as a container for plants like succulents.

A bowl filled with a single fruit or other organic adds a pop of color and life to a room. You don’t need to limit displaying fruit to the kitchen.


See how a beautiful bowl of lemons and lemon leaves work in our family room? A simple white kitchen bowl can become stand-out decor when filled with fruit.

Dishes are so versatile too! Stack them and use them as risers when you want to give something a bit more height.

Hang them on the wall to create a striking gallery wall. Use dishes that work together and work with your color palette. They create such unique wall art. Also, think about mixing dishes with artwork on a wall.

Stack them on a bar cart along with other dishes to serve food like salads or desserts.

Use small appetizer dishes as coasters to catch moisture from drink glasses. Or use these dishes beside your sink or bed to put your rings in.

Flowers And Organics


If you are part of the StoneGable community then you know how much I love to use organic things in my home. Especially, if they are faux!

If you love flowers but don’t have access to the real thing think about finding a very realistic faux instead. Here’s my rule, if you cannot tell if something is real or faux from one foot away then the faux is fabulous! Organics are a must when thinking about decor accessories that make a huge difference in a room!

They are interior design gold!

Look at faux blooms and other stems as an investment. I collect several every year. And now I have a wonderful stash of flowers all year long!

Flowers and other organics are a great way to add life and color to a room. Customize the colors of the flowers you use for a personalized look! If you love white ranunculus then make them your signature flower and decorate with them.

I love white tulips and they have become a signature look in my home. I have white tulips almost year-round in our home. HOW TO CARE FOR CUT TULIPS SO THEY STAY FRESH LONGER is a very helpful post if you love real tulips and want the to last as long as possible.

Grocery store flowers can be very economical and can create a beautiful centerpiece. Check out your local grocery stores to find the widest variety and freshest flowers.

I love organic moss balls and use them to fill bowls for a pretty look! You can create them yourself and they are so so easy to make. See the TEXTURED MOSS BALL DIY HERE.

See HOW TO MAKE FAUX FLOWERS LOOK MORE REAL. This is such a helpful post!

Using Mirror In Your Home

ACCENT DECOR- a large urn filled with faux greens on a white buffet

I think every room in your home deserves a mirror! They are magical, adding extra light and an artful element to any room.

Accent mirrors come in so many shapes and sizes! They are both decorative and functional.

Mirrors can create an illusion of more space. And they reflect the beautiful things you have in a room.

ACCENT DECOR- living room

We usually use large mirrors but forget small ones. And they can add so much interest to a wall, bookshelf, or even sitting on an accent table!

Shape is very important when choosing a mirror. You might want to “mirror” (I could not resist) shapes in your room. For example, if you have a round coffee table you might want to add a round mirror to the wall.

I particularly love mirrors grouped together on a wall. They fill up a wall like a big mirror and are so interesting! Just think how pretty a grouping of mirrors would look in a hallway or up a set of stairs.

Hang a mirror above a buffet, couch, or console table to fill up a large wall.

We often don’t think of them as accent decorations for your home, but they are!

Accent Lamps Are Essential

ACCENT DECOR- pottery lamp

Lamps are utilitarian accent decor in our homes that also add tons of beauty and interest to a room.

Accent lamps are usually smaller lamps that work to add ambiance and light to a small area.

Accent lighting can be used to highlight artwork and picture galleries on a wall.

They can be tucked into a bookcase to create a focal point or used on a kitchen countertop and as a night light.

Candlestick lamps can be added to a mantel to add drama and call attention to the fireplace area of a home.

You can create a statement with an accent. Choose one that will get noticed. Use it to add a bit of color, texture, or a specific style to a room.

Using Decorative Baskets

ACCENT DECOR- a basket holding books and a plant

I must admit I have quite a weakness for baskets!

Baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so there is probably a basket for every decorating need you have!

Hanging baskets on the wall is a creative way to use them! They make wonderful and unique wall art! Hang a trio of them over a bed like I did or use them to fill up an empty wall.

ACCENT DECOR- a bed with a group of baskets above it

I use them to put pillows in and as a container for plants.

Baskets are full of texture and can be the best decor items to stash and stow lots of things away and out of sight! They can be used for storage and be attractive decor all at once. This is a win/win accent decor!

There are so many uses for baskets! Every room in my home has at least one large basket in it. And I change them around a lot!!!! Go for baskets with interesting textures, designs, weaves, and shapes!

Decorative Boxes

ACCENT DECOR- a small picture on top of a box

Small boxes are an accent treat! I’ve been slowly collecting them and they add a layer of detail and interest to a room! I think you get what you pay for when it comes to these precious boxes. Think of them as a very pretty investment!

The box above is a great riser for a small and precious picture to me. I found this picture years ago at the bottom of a summer beach bag… at the end of the summer. I loved this picture of my kids when they were five and six that I framed it even though it was water stained and crumpled. It has a story to tell. And the expression on my son’s face tells just who he is and how much he loves his sweet sister.

Small decorative boxes can hold precious little things on their inside and out!

Use these boxes in a vignette or on an accent table with other decor.

Just like the small dishes we talked about above, small decorative boxes are great things to hold jewelry and other small bits and bobs.

I have a small silver rectangle box on my nightstand for my lip balm. And put a few pretty stackable boxes on a buffet with things you need to keep handy, like cloth napkins

Small Decor Frames

ACCENT DECOR- small picture frames in a vignette

Using small picture frames adds tons of your personality to a room. These little accent decor gems can stand alone or be grouped together in so many places!

I know you don’t see many small pictures of my family decorating my home. That’s only because I blog.

I love small family pictures in distinctive frames like the ones above! The desk in my office is littered with small frames and even more darling family pictures!

I’ve been collecting picture frames and changing out the images as my grandbabies grow?

I’m loving sepia or black and white images of the family in a mosaic frame lately. Like the bowls above, Frames can be a bit wild and not in step with the style or colors of a room. How fun!

Mix and match frames and display them all together in a tray or across a table.

Little frames are great companions for vases of flowers or a group of books. They work in little nooks where you want to add a bit of decor surprise!

Put pictures of one event like a trip or a wedding in a few coordinating frames and display them to tell a story! This is such a good idea for a conversation starter!

ACCENT DECOR- a plant on books

There you go! Lots of home decor accessory ideas and lots of my favorites!

Use this inventory checksheet to look over every room in your home to see if you are taking advantage of these decor essentials and using them to create beauty in your home.

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FAQs About Accent Decor

Accent decor is small home furnishings that create beauty, stand out against the other decor, and add your personality to a room.

Yes and no! Accent decor can work with your decor and style but a piece or two can look interesting if it is a bit different.

Great question. Too much accent decor will make a room look busy and cluttered. And not enough will make a room look bland and without personality. Aim for somewhere in between.

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