Ready for a kitchen tour? It’s been a long time coming! This is my favorite room in our Tanglewood home and the brightest too! Let me show you around!


This is a huge post with lots and lots of pictures and the story of renovating an outdated kitchen into something we love!


Our kitchen can be seen from four rooms in our home. And I must admit that knowing how to makeover this room was harder than I thought.

I’m so happy I waited and lived with the kitchen the way for 7 months before we started the big makeover project.

Moving from a style I embraced and love and was as easy to me as breathing air to a new style took some getting used to.

Although I adore Modern Farmhouse the Tanglewood House was much more contemporary. Talk about a style change!

I’m a firm believer that your home often tells you what style it is and this house certainly did! Modern Farmhouse just did not suit our new home.

So the big learning curve for me was how to take what I love and what my readers have come to know as my brand and create beauty in a new and more open and modern-ish home.


Transitional style became my new best decorating friend. It’s clean and classic lines mixed with bits of my beloved Modern Farmhouse style seemed just perfect for Tanglewood.

To be honest I’m still finding my way but I have learned a new way to decorate and a new style that I’m making my own.

We knew when we bought Tanglewood the kitchen was on the top of the list to make over.

But we were smart enough to live with our kitchen for a time to really know what we wanted!



Here were the things that we were not going to change…

  • the location of the kitchen
  • the footprint of the kitchen
  • flooring
  • the windows
  • the refrigerator
  • the dishwasher

Everything else in our kitchen was made over. EV-REY-THING! The kitchen was a huge project so we hired a company to work with us from design concept to finish! I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted in this kitchen so I used our designer as a sounding board!


One of the biggest decisions we had to make was to replace or paint the existing cabinets.


We opted to paint the cabinets because the cabinets were new, good quality cabinets, and the right style for our new kitchen.


What a difference, right?

I’ve had a white kitchen for 26 years! I just could not imagine anything else. I did toy with painting the uppers and lowers different hues and then there was a minute I wanted to paint the millwork around the bar a moody blue… but only for a minute.


There were may reason I decided on a white kitchen and here are just a few reasons we chose white…

  • white kitchen are classic
  • our kitchen can be seen from so many other rooms in our home
  • white works with my color palette
  • kitchens are so expensive and I did not want it to be trendy
  • white will always look in style
  • I love a white kitchen

We chose to paint our kitchen the same colors as the rest of our home, Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

Our walls are flat paint and our trim and kitchen are semi-gloss. Just the difference in the way light hits the two surfaces gives them a slightly different look that will always work together.


We also had glass front cabinets and crown molding installed above the existing cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

We opted to put a glass front on the center cabinet that is a bit smaller than the ones that flank it. My hope was to give a little interest to that long wall of upper and lower cabinets.

Another big change that might not be noticeable at first glance is the island.

The entire island was replaced with a more simple design to work better with the cabinets.

What a difference!



We also installed all new hardware on the cabinets and drawers.

This proved a bit harder than we thought.

The original hardware were pulls and the new bar-shaped hardware did not match up with the original holes for the pulls. So the holes needed to be filled in.

But there was another issue. The pulls left “ghost rings” on the cabinets. The back of the pulls dug into the cabinets a bit and dented it, leaving a light depressed ring in the wood of the cabinets. And that could be seen even when the cabinets were painted.

This was a process! The cabinet holes and ghost rings were filled in again and sanded and primed and painted for a second time! The Kitchen Company we were using did not catch this issue the first time around! But I did!!!!


The long bar hardware was a good fit for the style of our home house. We chose a brushed nickel for two reasons…

  • I love the soft look of nickel
  • and it worked with the hardware in the rest of our open-concept

I was wishing to go with gold tones but the concentration of gold tones in the U-shaped kitchen would have fought with appliances and the rest of the house.

Sometimes we have to make adjustments in our wishlist!


Did you notice there is only one light switch on our backsplash and only one outlet that is hidden by the coffeemaker?


Can you see where the outlets are hiding?


To have our kitchen be up to code we would have had lots of outlets on our backsplash. And I did not want to break up the backsplash with outlets. So I had outlet and USB port strips installed up under the cabinets.

These are not visible unless you are looking up close from a crouching position like I was to take the image above.

We also have two pop-up outlets in our quartz countertop. These are amazing! And also have USB ports.


Let’s talk about the backsplash. Please find a picture with the old backsplash above! What were they thinking!!!!!!

This was a big splurge. Because the kitchen was so monochromatic I wanted the backsplash to work with the white kitchen but show off the color palette of our home without being obvious. And bring a bit of pattern and texture to the kitchen.

The photographs do not do the backsplash justice. They are much more tonal than is shown.


We chose Calcutta Gold marble in a basketweave pattern. The grout is a soft white that matches the white tones in the marble.

Calcutta gold is my favorite marble. It is predominately white with areas of gray, beige, honey, and gold. A very good match for the overall color palette of our home.


One big tip for anyone who wants a white kitchen with white counters is to really be careful your countertop works with your cabinets.

Just like paint, Quartz also has lots of variations of yellow, gray, greige, pink, brown, and other tones. However, Quartz with all these undertones are considered white.

We chose Ultra White for our countertops for several reasons but the most important reason was Ultra White Quartz was spot on with the cabinet paint color. It was not too yellow and not too gray.

In an area with as much white as our kitchen I had to be very careful to get all the whites “right”. Too yellow or gray or any other undertones would have make the entire kitchen look off.

I also am not a big fan of a lot of wide or dark veining on counters. Ultra White has lovely soft muted light gray veins.

If you look carefully you can see a couple of the soft gray veins on the counter.

The counter has a simple edge. My mantra in this kitchen makeover was KEEP IT SIMPLE.


The “before” picture below shows the granite “step up” or leaning counter. This really closed our U shape kitchen in. I wanted the window area to feel like part of the kitchen and I wanted an easy place to serve a buffet located near the dining area.

But most importantly I really wanted a bar area with seating for gathering and eating.


Getting rid of the step-up really opened up this area!


We also curved the countertop on the bar side of the kitchen. It gives anyone who sits here a little extra counter space.

Here is where I make meals. I love that I can look out and see so much of our house. My sister says my kitchen is perfect for cooking shows! Spoken like the gourmet chef she is!


And here’s how this area looks from my side of the kitchen…


This U-shaped kitchen is so easy to cook in!


While we are in this side of the kitchen let’s look at the sink. I’ve had lots of questions about this sink.

I knew I wanted a farmhouse sink and was leaning towards a hand-hammered stainless steel one. Until I saw this beauty!

It is a Composite Sink from Blanco. Made from ground granite and other materials. It is antibacterial, does not stain, is heat resistant, does not leave watermarks, and cleans up beautifully with soap and water!

I did my homework and chose this sink for its durability, ease, and color! The color is truffle. I just LOVE this sink!

Another smart feature about this sink is the divider only goes up halfway. This makes washing pots with handles so easy!


The companion to the sink is a smart faucet by Moen.


Without touching the faucet I can wave my hand and it will turn on. This is so convenient when I have food on my hands and they need a quick wash or I need to fill a measuring cup.



Our range (look for image above) is from the GE Cafe Collection. Since we did not want to change the footprint of our kitchen we needed a range that would fit into a standard 30 ” space.

I really would have loved a big industrial oven with lots of burners and other amenities.

However, this range has 6 gas burners and a griddle attachment, two electric ovens that bake, broil, proof, one is also a convection oven, and more!

Its a great professional oven that fits in a traditional range space!

I LOVE this range. It was expensive but it is worth every penny since I like to cook.


We replaced the microwave above the oven and put it in the long closet to the left side of the refrigerator. And had a hood custom built over the range.

It exhausts so much better than the microwave! Now I can cook steaks on the griddle without setting the smoke detectors off! Yay!


The sweet seating area by the window is a work in progress. With three windows in a U shape, I just could not resist putting a banquette here. The banquette base is already done.

We opted for open cubbies to put baskets in to hide things like cookbooks and my grandbabies coloring books and little cars. The baskets bring a lot of texture to this area too!


But it has taken me forever to find the perfect fabric for custom seat cushions that will sit on top of the base. I literally have stacks of fabric swatches!

Finally, I found a fabric I love just last week! It adds a bit of pattern and color to the kitchen and works with the overall palette of our home. It’s classy and fun!


It’s a performance fabric called Beadlet Birch by Ballard Designs. We don’t have a Ballard close to us so Bobby and I took a road trip to see the fabric in person. It’s just what will make this area complete.

I do think I’ll have to pull up the dining area rug though. The pattern is too close to the cushion pattern. I really like this Ruggable rug! But finding a new rug for the dining area will be a lot easier than finding another fabric for the banquette cushions!


The last major kitchen items we changed was the lighting. The original kitchen had canned or recessed lighting that drove me crazy! I’m not a fan of this harsh light!

We replaced most of the ceiling lights with lots of other lighting options all on dimmers! However, we did keep a couple canned lights.

The most obvious lighting are the large egg-shaped silver domed lights on rectangle link chains.


I understand these big pendant lights are not for everyone but I wanted something very different than most of the lighting I see now. I adore them!

When they were unwrapped I caught my breath!

They are huge and add a big punch of style to this white space!

The chains that hang the domes look nice with the backsplash!

At night these lights look gorgeous!

In the banquette area, we replaced the overhead chandy with wired in swing arm light above the windows. You can see one in one of the images above.

Lights were also installed in all the glass cabinets and under the cabinets too. At night we dimly light these areas.


There are still a few decorative things I want to do in the kitchen. I’m looking for some artwork and I want to paint and maybe recover the bar stools.

I’ve started to collect vintage breadboards to display too.

Well, that’s about it! It’s been quite a renovation during COVID!

These kitchen suites us! I hope to cook and entertain and show hospitality to friends old and new! And feed lots of family!

Tanglewood may be a home we downsized to but we have found it is our second forever home!

We want to fill it with friends and family and laughter and love for years to come!


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  1. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the idea of a smart faucet. That is a great idea and very practical!

    1. Thanks Maureen, we tried to make our whole kitchen pretty, smart and practical.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! Will you put a table in your banquette area?

  3. YVONNE! Your kitchen is absolutely stunning. Great choices and so WELL DONE ?

  4. Congratulations on getting what you want! Not everything is for me, but its not my kitchen! I just hope you dont catch your shirt, or pockets on those drawer handles…I ended up changing mine out!

  5. Love absolutely everything about your remodel! Hard work, but fun. Just what I would want. I have a question about finishes in the kitchen. If all the appliances have stainless trim and door hardware is a more modern glass, can you use gold tones too? The kitchen opens to family room where there are a few gold (brass) hardware and accessories. Thank you. Gayle

    1. Hi Gayle, goldtones was my first choice, but the appliances in the Ushaped kitchen were stainless and too close to the hardware. I tried a few goldtone samples and they did not work.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Source for the pendant lights and the cabinet pulls?

  7. Connie Abbott-Foster says:

    Thank you so much for these details. My kitchen has many similarities to yours; including the wood floors, the white cabinets, and built-in banquet. We have been remodeling in stages and the next phase is to remove an obtrusive closet and replace with an island. I am questioning whether to match the quartz with the counters or not. If I send photos would you give your opinion?

  8. Your kitchen looks beautiful now! We also painted our former grey surfaces in a warm white. It looks much better now!

    Looking forward to your next post, a big hug from Germany!

  9. To add that sink, how did they do your cabinets below? Did they cut out the existing ones and make new doors? Also, do you have a link for the Moen smart faucet? Your kitchen is very nice and a great improvement. I am anxious to see the new cushion for the banquette

    1. Hi Nanci, I had new cabintets installed under the sink. And I’m working on an whole page of sources. Hope to get them in the post later today!

  10. Beautiful! I’m a white kitchen girl so this is right up my alley! What a change! The lighting, backsplash, counters…everything is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Carla. This house really needed a more contemporary kitchen. I still have work to do fining art and other things to warm it up.

  11. Wow, what an amazing transformation! I have wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets for a long time. They are the exact ones you have in your kitchen. I am worried that they will chip or show wear once they are painted. What were the steps taken to get them from the wood stain to the white. We would have a professional do them but would love to know what all is involved.

    1. I’ve had a white painted kitchen for 26 years and never had a problem. Yes, these cabinets were professionally done.

  12. I would love new kitchen countertops in my condo with an undermounted sink.

  13. ANNE C ALLEN says:

    I LOVE the backsplash!! I’ve been looking for something just like that. Can you tell me the style name?

  14. Martha McAuliffe says:

    Bravo Yvonne! It’s spectacular! I have to say that backsplash is one of my all-time favorites! One of my clients used it in their kitchen and I just fell in love with it. I completely agree that photos do not do it justice. It is mesmerizing when the light catches it and the lovely colors it reveals. I was in love with your StoneGable kitchen and modeled mine similarly when we renovated a few years ago. I’m not a fan of modern but your Modern Farmhouse is a beautiful blend! As always, thank you for sharing your talents and lovely home with all of us! ❤️

    1. Hi Martha McAuliffe, You ae so right about Calcutta Gold. It give so much needed color and texture to our kitchen.

  15. Joan Moore says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! It is perfect. ?
    May you enjoy it for years to come.

  16. Your kitchen is beautiful and very elegant. But where is the iconic coffee sign? I realize it doesn’t exactly go with the new kitchen but I missed it right away. Don’t you?

    1. Not so much! I think it would look out of place in my new kitchen. I’ve passed it along to a family member and can enjoy it in their home! I’ll be adding lots of new decor accents to this kitchen. Just stay tuned!

  17. Love your new kitchen….what a difference from the old one!

  18. Your new kitchens is so beautiful! It looks amazing! Great job!

  19. Doreen Bednarski says:

    Wow, wow, wow! You certainly thought of everything and it shows. Your choice of backslash is outstanding. I just love every inch!

  20. Hi Yvonne
    Would it be possible for you to post photos of the after from the same angle as your before photo that would show your stove and hood? Also I’m interested in seeing the pop up outlets in your countertops?
    Your kitchen is great! I especially like how you hid the outlets. My plan is to install a brick backsplash ( painted white) and an outlet strip would be a great solution to add.

  21. Beautiful and well thought out choices, Yvonne. I had a Blanco 40/60 low divide and Delta Touch technology added to our 2017 kitchen updates and loved them. That granite blend sink was amazing. The added hood and backsplash are really handsome! I bet it feels wonderful to have this project behind you now! Enjoy!

    1. Now I’m organizing my cupboars and pantry! Yes, it does feel good!

  22. Jan Olson says:

    I love your kitchen remodel! I also see your dining room curtains and I am curious where you purchased them from?

    1. Hi Jan, Good eye! The curtains in the great room and living room came from Ballard Designs.

      1. Jan Olson says:

        Thank you for the curtain info! They are perfect!

  23. Did you use oil based paint on your cabinets or lacquer? Beautiful transformation! Well done!

  24. Your backsplash is so pretty. I love the outlet strip that was installed below your cabinets. I will definitely remember that for my next kitchen reno.

  25. CarolbinTX says:

    Stunning, I love it all! I started a list of things that I liked, but the list started to grow exponentially! My 3 favorite things…the backsplash, lighting and the outlet solution was ingenious!

  26. Miche Ortega says:

    Your kitchen is perfection, as is everything in your home. I especially love the back splash. Just beautiful. Well done, Yvonne.

  27. Love, Love, Love it all, backsplash is a winner!
    Please see
    RebeccaFoxArtGallery on Etsy, an amazing artist lives locally in Gap PA
    she will work with you and customize for your color palette and size

  28. It’s beautiful Yvonne! I love the whole thing! Backsplash is gorgeous as well as the lights! You must be so happy it’s done! Cheers to all the good smells and tastes you will create here!

  29. Your new kitchen is beautiful, especially the backsplash. Love white cupboards, maybe one day, hubby likes wood, which I don’t mind, but white is so nice and bright . Counter tops are beautiful and like the extra lights are just a bite to modern for me, but it’s your house. You know what your doing lol

  30. Kitchen is stunning. I also want to have my kitchen cabinets painted. Could you list your contractors. I don’t live far from Lancaster. Looks like they did a beautiful job. Thx so much. Always look forward to your blog

    1. KBE in Lititz did my kitchen. They did a lovely job but I had too many issues with them.

  31. Linda D Kennington says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love your backsplash!

  32. Kay Dalton says:

    Your reveal has me applauding and appreciating it on every level. It is simply stunning. It is a symphony of mood, materials, functionality, posh design, and your being attuned to the personality of your beautiful new home. Congratulations! On a side note, I am bereft in my inability to access your marvelous Minestrone soup. I never committed it to paper, always accessing it on your Archives or Pinterest. I am desperate with the ground beef and turnip in the frig awaiting the stock pot! Oh, what’s a gurl to do?

      1. Kay Dalton says:

        Oh, Yvonne, thank you so much! Your Minestrone is brilliant and has so much depth of flavor. We adore it! Thank you so much for the link! It is bubbling away (slow simmer) as I write this. Thank you for all that you do so beautifully! I will be sure to make a copy of this for future use. Love your blog and wonder at all your talents and big heart!

        1. Hi Kay, don’t worry I fixed the problem and it is on the blog to stay. I’m thrilled you like the Minestrone soup as much as we do!

          1. Kay Dalton says:

            Thank you so much, Yvonne! And I am sure I speak for many others who treasure this and others of your “Best Of” recipes! The minestrone is genius, btw.

  33. Julie Briones says:

    You done good, my friend! It looks amazing and can’t wait to visit someday! Love those pendant lights! And the new fabric is gorgeous!

  34. I’m so happy to see you got the GE Cafe range…I picked the same one for our new house and I’ve been holding my breath hoping I like it because it is an investment and one I will have to live with a long time. It looks awesome!!! Your kitchen is just beautiful❤️

    1. I LOVE this range! It works as a professional one! We chose a dual fuel range. Gas burners and electric ovens.

  35. Everything is Beautiful! I love that you added upper glass cabinets to the ceiling; that typically is a wasted space and a dust collector. And one level counter is so practical for a work space. And hiding all the outlets – love that! Doesn’t distract from your beautiful backsplash!

    1. Hi Clarice. Thank you so much! The backsplash seems to be very popular!

  36. Beautiful renovation Yvonne! The backsplash is gorgeous. I love the tones and how it reflects light. Also looking forward to seeing the additional texture that will be added with the fabric banquette, cutting boards and updated counter stools.

  37. What a stunning kitchen. I love white kitchens and your choices that incorporate some neutral shades are perfect. The only thing that doesn’t seem to fit with your new more modern look is the “Kitchen” sign. I’ve never understood the need for stating the obvious.

    1. I know. But I brought it from StoneGable and really wanted to use it.

  38. Wow and Wow……It looks fabulous!
    You have been so clever and thoughtful during this process. But, of course you would, you are a decorator. I absolutely love the backsplash.

    I need to update my 25 year kitchen and I am dreading the process. Reading your blog today has given me courage. Now, my problem will be my husband who thinks it”s great as it is. so, I will have to stand my ground.

    It is white now and I love white cabinets. They will remain but need new doors since they were the plastic overlay which was what they were selling for white cabinets in 1994.

    Thank you Yvonne for sharing. It has been a pleasure to see and I have learned from you.

    1. OH, I’m so happy you are learning here at StoneGable. Glad you like the makeover.

  39. P.S.
    I forgot to ask you if you have seen the art work of Julie Swartz in Intercourse. I do not own her work but love it.

    I am sitting at my desk in a room with several Peter Sculthorpe pieces. He is from the Chadds Ford, PA area. I think his color palettes would fit into your rooms.

  40. I love everything about it! I am swooning over the backsplash… love love love!

  41. Where did you say you put the microwave? Left of frig. In long door? What size is your microwave?

  42. Yvonne,
    Sooooo beautiful. Can’t believe the transformation. If you find breadboards on line would you mind sharing resources with your readers. Always on the hunt for those.

    Thanks Marjorie

  43. Amazing! The kitchen went from cookie cutter to a kitchen that reflects your style and lifestyle! Thanks for sharing. I am curious what color did you paint the walls?

  44. Yvonne…wow! Your kitchen makeover is an absolute stunner! The transformation is incredible and I love the banquette too! So much eye candy…you did good!

  45. Love your new kitchen! Back splash is gorgeous !! The only thing I don’t care for are the egg shaped lighting. Doesn’t seem your style Yvonne.

  46. Yvonne your kitchen is absolutely stunning and totally gorgeous!

  47. Susan Bokorney says:

    Your home is beautiful! Where did you get your foot bar rail?

    1. Our contractor got it and installed it. I’m waiting for a source list to post. Hopefully soon

  48. Lynette Ohse says:

    Are tha cabinets painted in semi gloss? The banquette, is that semi gloss too? I’m putting in a new kitchen and I love this. Great informational piece, thanks!

  49. Ann Schroder says:

    As with everything you put your hand to, it is a beautiful kitchen Yvonne. We are renovating and am looking for the perfect quartz counter top and love yours. Can you please share the manufacturer and color? Any issues with it staining so far? Thanks for your help!

  50. Lynda Schneider says:

    Your Kitchen is gorgeous!! I love the idea of the power strips under the cabinets. Everything looks so clean and fresh! Really nice!

  51. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Hi, Yvonne:

    It is just stunning! I do have a question about your new range. Did you convert from electric to gas? If so, how difficult was that? My husband and I would like to put in a gas cooktop where our Jennair is now. I am afraid it is going to be very costly. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


    1. Great question. We already had a gas line because we have a gas fireplace so I knew when we moved in I would have gas burners. However, I like an electric oven. I think electricity heats an oven more evenly. So we a have dual fuel range. Gas for the burners and electric for the oven. Hope this helps.

      1. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

        Yes, greatly! Thank you. And just one more quick question…where did you get your herb pots? I love them!

        1. Hi Beth, I found them at the local nursery where I found the herbs.

  52. Can’t wait to find out the name of the counter and the paint color on cupboards. I am in the process of picking counter and backsplash. tough job.

  53. Your new kitchen is beautiful! I love the idea of the swing arm light in the banquette area!

  54. So good!! The two chandeliers drew me in 🙂 I love mixing high/ lows and old/new but it takes a really good eye to get it right. Great job! Blessings!

    1. Hi Deborah! Thanks! It also takes a bit of bravery to decorate with what you love too!

      1. Please share the best place to look for cabinet hardware! Thank you

        1. Look online. I’m not close to an expert about cabinet hardware so I don’t think I’m the one to answer this question.

  55. Gail Blankenship says:

    Your kitchen turned out beautiful!

  56. Your kitchen makeover is stunning! We updated our white kitchen a couple of years ago and it makes me smile everyday. We kept our white appliances, saving some money at the time, and thought that when one breaks we’d change them all to Stainless. I love your new oven, it looks so professional. I never realized you could have gas and electricity. Silly me. I’ve always cooked on an electric stove but have decided to upgrade! I think it’s great you kept your KITCHEN sign, it reminds you of sweet Stonegable memories. The new lights are also a nod to the future, something new and unexpected.

  57. Stunning! I have yet to find anything you do that I don’t absolutely love! Anytime I’m looking for a little creativity boost I come to your blog. You never fail to inspire. My favorite thing about your kitchen, which was hard to narrow down, is that backsplash! You mentioned you purchased it locally and that it’s Calcutta gold. Do you mind sharing where you purchased it? I’ve searched the web and there seems to be several variations. As you mentioned, it is an investment! I certainly don’t want to purchase the wrong one.
    Thank you once again for the inspiration!

    1. We worked with a Kitchen company and got our backsplash at a local stone company.

  58. gayle Olson says:

    Very informational! We are redoing our condo kitchen and I the best idea of yours is the strip outlet!! But I loved the whole kitchen. We also have two cabins, one kitchen is all white and the second one is a light rustic hickory with light quartz counter tops. I need a back splash and I think yours will be perfect for the shades of color in the quartz. I will source it for Mn. Thanks so much

  59. Heather Taylor says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Your kitchen is perfect! I love your idea of putting everything away after it has been used, but obviously your husband is much better house trained than my husband.

    Does your sink have a model name or number? it looks exactly right for my new kitchen.


  60. Wow, I love this kitchen! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and loved your old kitchen at Stonegable but this one really speaks to me right now! I love how classic and elegant it is and that is simple and uncluttered, something I’m really gravitating towards these days. Beautiful! 🙂

  61. Beautiful kitchen! Love it all especially the sink and the backsplash. Where can I purchase the backsplash? I have very dark walnut cabinets and I’m wondering if this backsplash would brighten up the kitchen?
    Also have the brush nickel hardware but by light fixtures are good.

    1. The kitchen backsplash is Calacutta Gold marble and the style is basketweave. Hope this helps.

  62. Laurel Hopper says:

    I have been reading your emails and blog for a while now, but I did not realize until today that we have the same sink, Blanco and also in truffle color, and the same Moen kitchen faucet. I love both these items and I was not surprised to see you do as well. I also painted my house in Benjamin Moore Sonnet, based on your prior house and love the color. Happy Fall!

  63. Yvonne, do you know the manufacturer of your Ultra White Quartz? I have asked a couple of showrooms that our builder has sent us to, and they don’t seem to be able to find this quartz selection. I have looked online as well and am coming up empty handed. If you don’t know, would you be able to refer me to the company who handled your remodel? Thanks in advance!

  64. Anna Quartuccio says:

    I was hoping to see a sample of your countertops. Googling Ultra White Quartz did not lead me to the correct product. You mentioned in other comments that you would reach out to your contractor for the manufacturer. Can you please share the information? Your kitchen is beautiful.

    1. My contractor must be so busy. I’ve not heard back. Let me call them again today.

  65. You used Simply White on the walls, but what about the ceiling, is it the same color? Thanks

  66. Susan Jovanovich says:

    I so love your kitchen! I’m interested in your farmhouse sink and countertops, as well as backsplash. Would you be able to send links for these items. I appreciate it!