StoneGable has been our home for almost 24 years. And I can’t tell you what a joy and blessing it is to live here! I recently shared a post HOW WE CHOSE STONEGABLE and promised you a look at our upstairs spaces. So here’s a little up-the-stairs house tour.

To see the outside and downstairs of our beloved StoneGable you can see HOW WE CHOSE OUR HOME HERE. I’m also sharing how StoneGable came to be its history! Many never before seen images.

But today let’s head upstair and take a peek at a couple of the bedrooms and a newly renovated bathroom you have not seen before.

Why don’t we begin in the Gable Room. It is the bedroom with the larger center gable window, thus the name!

Just like part 1 of HOW I CHOSE STONEGABLE I’ve tried to give you angles and images you have never seen before.

The gable room is the bedroom that most reflects my love of farmhouse style. It is a little gem of a room with a vaulted ceiling and beautiful views of Lancaster’s farmland from its window.

This is the only double bed in the house. So this room is mostly used by one person instead of two.

I keep changing the pillows in this room. The arrow pillow was last seen in the living room and now it’s found a cozy home on the Gable Room bed.

Here is how the bed looks with a bed tray on it. I usually keep bed trays on my beds unless our guests would rather not use them.

The light just pours into this room! It’s even bright on dreary days!!!! The curtains flanking the windows are burlap. And the smocking makes the burlap so much more formal!

One of StoneGable’s signature looks is the juxtaposition between rustic and luxe.

This room houses my “pillow closet”. Bobby made shelved in one of the closets. Oh, I love having my pillows neatly stacked! The other closet in this room is our cedar closet. It is home to three wedding gowns. Mine, my daughter Jacqueline’s and my daughter-in-law Abby’s. All three are very different and so beautiful! It’s fun having wedding gowns in a closet.

One of the neatest things in the Gable Room are these fun sconces. They have a little shelf and a USB port to charge cell phones. Our guests really appreciate this feature!

Here’s a few more view of this guest room…

If you have followed StoneGable for anytime you might remember this little chair in the living room. It was originally purchased for the Gable Room but worked so well in the living room, so there it stayed. At least for a while.

Finally, it is at home in the Gable room!

Let’s move to the J and J guest bedroom. J and J means Jacqueline and Jonathan. You can see sources for items in this bedroom by going to GET THE LOOK FOR THE JACQUELINE AND JONATHAN BEDROOM.

Our daughter grew up in this room and now it is her’s and her wonderful husband Jonathan’s! And my two little grandsons have slept in a pack-and-play in this room too!

My hands-down favorite item in the J and J bedroom is the little handpainted tiger inspired table! An amazing HomeGoods find.

I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I knew it was coming home with me. It sat in the basement for over a year until we made over this room and it became the inspiration for this entire room! And I think it brings a big dose of sass to this popular guest room!

This is probably the most traditional bedroom at StoneGable. The room is ample and again fills with light!

The little chair in the corner of the room is very old! I remember I found it at HomeGoods and loved it at first sight. It will get a little makeover in the New Year. I am perusing pretty fabric for it!

I found most of the bedding for this bed at my local Pottery Barn outlet. I’ve changed up the bedding a few times but always come back to this gold medallion motif duvet and shams. It just suited the room!

Can you see the little dog silhouette sitting on the funky bedside table? J and J have a GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) who terrorized, ooops, visits StoneGable when they come. This is a nod to Bear the dog!

I made the Pennsylvania map above the bed. It was a new map I aged with lots of coffee and tea and crinkling and rubbing. Now it looks old. You can see how I aged it HERE.

There is a tiny red heart over Lancaster to remind my children that no matter where they wander this is their home and love lives here! This is especially important to me because they recently moved to San Diego and took my precious grandsons! Thankfully, it is not a permanent move!

The next room is the Chris and Abby guest bedroom. This room is going through a renovation right now.

So I have only a couple images. This room is a big work in progress. The Chris and Abby bedroom is morphing from a chippy, rustic style (picked out by Abby) to a more sophisticated room (also picked out by Abby).

I just recently found a really pretty low pile gray and natural rug for this room!

Most of the things in this room will find new homes. I love the bench and may use it the family room!

All the bedding is going! I love this pretty blue and white duvet and euro shams but they will not work with the new style!

The gray headboard is a new addition! I think I’ll share a design board for this room with you soon!

Here’s a room you have not seen yet.

This is our hall bath. It was totally remodeled. It has an upscale farmhouse feel. The vanity came from our local Pottery Barn Outlet. We live only 5 miles from the PBO and I am a frequent shopper! Especially for big ticket items!

The bathroom is ample. But hard to take pictures. What you don’t see is the tub and the pretty waffle weave shower curtain.

The next room is the master bedroom. Last year it got a complete makeover! About time!

This room is our sanctuary! It’s taken years to finally find my style in the master bedroom! You can see the sources for many items in HERE AT GET THE MASTER BEDROOM LOOK.

If left to my own natural inclinations I would decorate a bit formally. Even though I try to decorate with our modern farmhouse in mind. Most of StoneGable’s decor is a nod to the style of our home and the farmland that surrounds us.

But the master is a place I wanted to be comfortable yet let my natural inclinations go to create a more luxe environment!

My favorite piece in this room is the mirrored armoire. It was an investment piece but so worth it!

I love how it reflects the bed! And it is such good motivation for making my bed every morning. No one wants to see two unmade beds! YIKES!

We also have a sitting room connected to our bedroom. You will find me here working at the desk or sitting in a comfy chair relaxing with a book watching tv.

Now let’s go through the door in the pictures above and see a part of StoneGable you have NEVER seen!

This is the Guest Suite. This bedroom has been made over a few times! And like most rooms at StoneGable, it was made over from the floor up!

We recently had it repainted and gave away all the furniture. It was in need of a style makeover, for sure!

This is the bedroom so so many people have camped out in for longer-than-a-weekend stay with us.

We have had missionaries living with us and extended family members living with us as well as friends.

This is probably the prettiest bedroom at StoneGable. It’s large and has a window that overlooks miles and miles of rolling farmland.

The guest suite has its own private bathroom! Our guest really appreciate that!

It also boasts the best angles and walls and bump-outs! Can you believe I never actually have slept in this room?

Oh, but I love to spend time in here! When the room is not in use I set up my sewing machine in the big window and create!

Going up our back stairs is the easiest way to get to this room.

There you go! Five bedrooms and two baths. The only room not shown is our master bath! It’s the last room to be completely renovated.

I hope you have enjoyed our little upstairs tour!

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  1. I love your master bedroom. I refreshed our bedroom last year and I love standing there and just looking around. Silly? I know, but it is so lovely. Our furniture is cherry – a sleigh bed, gentlemen’s armoire, dresser, and for a bit of a transitional update I put a brass and glass nightstand on one side of the bed, added large lamps, a high-tech reading light, and a cream & gold accent lamp. Our colors are cream walls, draperies and coverlet. I used Euro style pillows in cream, also Pottery Barn accent pillows. Our accent colors are taken from a photo my husband took in Ireland, and we had it enlarged and printed on canvas. We just returned from Italy, and I am in the process of selecting just the right complementary photo to use on another wall. The accent colors were taken from the yellows/golds so popular in Italy. It’s so serene, stylish – but most of all so personal because of the photos taken on a trip. The room makes me smile just thinking about it. My daughter said – why don’t you just order a print on-line – I told her it meant so much more because her Dad had taken the photos. This room was such fun to decorate – it took me months to complete it, but it was easy because my base colors were all creamy off-white.

  2. Beautiful tour your guest bedroom is so pretty! I’ve loved the burlap curtains for a long time. It’s a beautiful home you have I love style of decorating!!

  3. Sharon Millsap says:

    Beautiful & charming home! That fifth bedroom is my favorite too. A cushy window seat with storage drawers underneath would be my comfort area to read and knit and just enjoy the view.

  4. Stunning as always! Your blog is my daily check in to see what you’re up too lol I love your Sunday posts as well!

    Why isn’t your Master in that large bedroom waiting a remodel?

    1. Hi Cheryl, Our master is much larger than the Guest Suite and has a sitting room. Also, the master bath is big! When we built StoneGable the guest suite was sort of an afterthought. We knew we would probably have lots of family and guests here and felt hospitality and sanctuary would be a big part of the reason for our home. So the guest suite made sense for our guests who had extended stays here.

  5. Such beautiful rooms. I also want the front room. When can we come? Lol. I was wondering if you could share where you purchased the duvets for the Gable Room (ticking) and the master bedroom checked one.
    Thank you so much for your blog.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Thank you! Look at the Pottery Barn for the duvet and pillows.

  6. Did you use the same paint color throughout the house? Love it!

    1. Hi Allie, great question. The main part of the downstairs is Benjamin Moore Sonnet. The downstair office and laundry room is Benjamin Moore Simply White. The front stairs and hallway is Sonnet and all the bedrooms and baths are Simply White except Chris and Abby’s room. It is Silver Mist by Sherwin Williams. Hope this helps!

  7. Thank you for sharing your upstairs at Stone Gable. I like the J and J room. The gold duvet and bed pillows give the room some warmth. Neutrals can tend to look cold without enough color.

  8. That last bonus room/loft looks like something from a Nora Ephron movie! Beautiful Yvonne. laura

    1. Thanks, Laura! This room is tucked away from the main house so it is private and is its own little haven.

  9. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me…your love for God home and people shows in everything you do. ..
    Your one special lady..
    God bless you. .

  10. Thank you for the tour, your home is beautiful.

  11. Gina Wicinski says:

    Can you please tell me where you found the guest room sconces with the small table? Such a great idea. Thanks.

      1. I believe she meant the ones in the guest room that also have the charging station and the small wooden “tables” attached. I love them too and was looking for a source as well!!!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing, such a beautiful home!
    Would you mind sharing where you found the rabbit head in the gable room? It’s so cute!
    Thank you

  13. What a wonderful home you have!!! I am completely in LOVE with it!!!

  14. Do you have a link to the rug that’s in the sitting area?

    1. My daughter bought the grey/white run for her living room on Amazon. I’ve seen it on several other sites, but check there.

  15. Beautiful! Love your style ~ thanks for sharing. I’ll view this post over and over.

  16. June Gerstner says:

    Yvonne, you always have the most unusual lamps. I’m loving the one on the desk in your sitting room. Can you give me a link?

  17. laura costa says:

    You inspire me yet again ! I love your style and how much you try to help us that need it. I keep sending links to my daughter-in-law 🙂

  18. Beautiful Stone Gable, from top to bottom.

  19. Nancy Davies says:

    What a wonderful post. It is lovely to see how you reuse bits and bobs from downstairs and other rooms. I just looove your style!!!

  20. LOVELY, WARM, AND INVITING! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Where are the lovely light sconces w/round shelf from? Iwas unable to find them in the blog info or from Get the Look….Or other similar ones? Thanks for any help!

  22. Beth Treaster says:

    Enjoyed touring your beautiful home as I always enjoy your post. Your home is lovely.I’m sure your views are really nice since that is such a pretty part of the country. I live in the sunny South…and very hot too, but have visited your area often as we have children and grandchildren in the Harrisburg area. We always love to go to the Sight and Sound theater when we’re in the area. I really enjoy your inspirational post also…if I lived near you, I’d want to be a part of your Bible study group. You are an inspiration. Blessings.

  23. I want to see the pillow closet, PLEASE??

    1. Yes! I was hoping to see the pillow closet and the wedding gowns!! Pretty please? says:

      Please show us the pillow closet and the wedding dresses! ?

      1. Monica Dameron says:

        Yes, please let us see your pillow closet!!!

  24. I loved your upstairs!! Just curious about where your darling grand kids sleep as a fellow grandma!! Do you have a kids room or playroom for them? Thanks

    1. My grandbabies are young (2 and under) So they need quiet, dark places to sleep. They have a room of their own and one sleeps in a bathroom. LOL!

  25. Love love love all the rooms you posted…What wonderful taste you have. I love your blogs and love to see what you post, wishing you a most wonderful weekend! Joanie

  26. I just love love love your post on your upstairs rooms… But then I love everything about all your post on Stone Gable. What a beautiful place to call home!

  27. Sharyn Grodrian says:

    I love the bedrooms. Really LOVE them. I can pick a few ways to improve my humble home. I don’t have the $ that it takes to decorate like you do but it is fun to go through your home and dream

  28. Thank you for the tour Yvonne! It is all just as beautiful as the 1st floor. You always create such magic!

  29. Your home is beautiful! And what a blessing you are to others, opening up your guest suite so others can stay and be comfortable, as well as being in beautiful surroundings!

  30. Monica Dameron says:

    Your bedrooms are lovely and look so comfy. I would LOVE to see the closet your husband did for your pillows. I bet other readers would love to see this idea also. My pillow stashes would scare most people!

    1. I got an idea for pillow stash right here on StoneGable. I have two hanging linen wardrobes that I bought at BB&B. I store 3 seasons for several rooms of pillows in there, they stack, I add my seasonal throws in there too. Best $50 I ever spent!

  31. Stunning bedrooms. I love the smocked window treatments. Where did you find them?
    Happy Fall!

  32. Donna RETHERFORD says:

    I love your style ,great ideas .Thank you for sharing.