One big lesson I have learned from owning four homes over decades is it is so important to take care of our homes! And taking care of a home is work! Lots and lots of work! Today let’s talk about a lesson I learned about the importance of being kind to my home!

Today is Practically Speaking when we have heat-to-heart talks about all things home.

So let’s talk about why it is important to take care of the homes we live in right now!

I used to think, when I was a very young wife and a decorating novice, that if I could only get one room totally decorated I’d be done with the room. FOREVER! What was I thinking?

If you love decorating are you really ever done? Decorating and taking care of our homes is a process that should go on for as long as you own a home.

Your home is like a baby! It needs constant attention! It needs upkeep as it changes and we need to take care of it!

One of my favorite mantras when thinking of my home is…


Nothing in our homes stays static and forever!

And a house is always in need kind of upkeep. I learned this lesson in a very real and poignant way! 


This is the story of a once-loved home…

A beloved member of our family lived in a home for 40 years and never did any upkeep. A little paint here and there and a new roof and furnace but that was all.  

This was a party house in its heyday. A home that loved people and people loved being there too. The home sat on the edge of a Country Club golf course where the views were stunning. 

But after a couple decades, people no longer loved coming to the house. It became very rundown!

The carpets smelled of pets, and the water was a little rusty when it first came out of the faucets. The windows didn’t work well and the screen on the back porch was rusty and riddled with holes from years of neglect.  

The house became dark and unloved! And it became a sad, sad home! The owner had the money but did not make upkeeping the home a priority. And by the time things got to a crisis the list of to-dos was far too overwhelming!

One day the owner died and the home was bought by someone else who “razed” it. Demolished it to the ground.

The memories the home held in its walls scattered into the dust. No music from the past echoed in its hallway and no children’s laughter was heard in the yard.  

The land was valuable, but the home was not. It had been crying for decades for a facelift, an ongoing schedule of repairs, updates, and more!  

I wept for the house and the people who lived in it and all the wonderful times we had there. But it was beyond repair. 

This was a huge lesson to me.

Bobby and I try to “keep up with” our home.

And it’s not easy. Let’s say it’s a labor of love!

With all of our homes, we often did the lion’s share of work and we are not naturally born DIYers. Sorta DIYers out of need.

Working on home projects saves money. That is the bottom line. But there is a wonderful satisfaction that comes along with a job you do yourself! I think I love my home more because of it.

Tanglewood is the first home we have had “help” with things like painting and other home improvement projects.

It’s far easier to have an almost constant stream of big, little, and in between home projects and updates than waiting until a bunch of projects needs to be done! That can be overwhelming!

We don’t want to have a sad home that someone will “raze” to the ground someday!

We want a home that is comfortable and welcoming and well cared for.

And I want to live in a home that has been well-loved and cared for! And I’m sure you do too!

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  1. Yvonne,
    For the past month I have visited stores shopping for new flooring for my bedroom, laundry, entry, half-bath, and kitchen. In the past six years, I have replaced an AC unit (inside and out), dishwasher, microwave, stovetop, garbage disposal, hot water heater, clothes washing machine, and two decks. I replaced an outdoor walkway and added two new ones. There is new upholstery on the sofa, two chairs, and ottoman in the living room, and new upholstery on the breakfast year chairs. The roof has been repaired, and all of the skylights (3) have been replaced. The mudroom was updated. The half bath in the entry and the laundry are on the short list for updating. Yes, maintenance and upkeep are never ending, but so necessary. I want to continue to enjoy my home NOW.

    Thanks for the reminder about why all this is necessary. It is encouraging.


    1. Also, how could I forget. The entire electrical panel was pulled and replaced last November.

      1. Wow Judith, you have been very busy! Yes, I want to enjoy my home now too. Looking at your list makes me dizzy!

    2. Where did you get the curtains in the living room? The ones that are sheer with more texture at top portion. I read in one of your previous posts about doing more sheer or light weight fabrics rather than heavier fabric. Love the sheer ones though that you have and would love to know where you got.

  2. mattsgramma says:

    An ongoing labor of love inside and out!

  3. So true Yvonne, every word and so inspirational! Your home is your biggest investment and it only makes sense to reinvest over time. The updates and improvements only add to the value. And who doesn’t want to feel that their investment grows over time? Plus, what a blessing to have a home where people create wonderful memories and look forward to visiting! You and Bobby have a beautiful space called “Home.”

  4. Just love to wake up to your blog each morning, so inspired! Thank you 🙂

  5. erika wilson says:

    You are so right Yvonne, far to often people just exist in their homes! Five years ago my husband and i stumbled across singer, Madonna’s childhood home that was scheduled for demolition, as it had been left boarded up and abandoned for four years. We snatched it up just a few weeks before the bulldozers were to arrive and have spent the last 5 years rebuilding, repairing and replacing every inch of the house and very large yard. Now that it’s completed we’re going to list it for sale for another family to love and enjoy as Madonna’s large family of eight children did for so many years. The home is to large for us, so we’ll move on to something smaller, but in much need of love.

  6. Anne Marie says:

    Love this post – makes me think that I better get on the wagon!!

  7. Denise Moraris says:

    This post hits home! Our home the home filled with music and laughter! Our last home was as well. When we had to move due to a job, I cried and still cry missing the love that came though our doors. When we moved we thought no one will drive 1 hour away for dinner or parties. I was so wrong. I call they come. Yes I miss the revolving door in our last home, but the love has followed us to our new home.
    My husband and I are always fixing up our home as well. Being the care taker of our home is wonderful thing.
    Thanks for this post! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Erica Thomas says:

    Thank you for that bit of encouragement. I love our home but my hubby has some serious health issues so the DIY projects are up to me. Let’s just say we live simply. Less is more at our home. Simple is easy for me to keep up that is why I enjoy your posts so much. My home office is my project now. Like you say one room at a time until done. Our first floor is done, we just finished the master bath last year and now going to tackle the master bedroom. I am excited. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. LOVE your curtains! Especially the white shear set with the light brown top. You have privacy but there’s light coming in and can see the view.

  10. I am doing several improvements around my house and agree with you completely. Our homes are our sanctuaries and we need to enjoy the process…can’t wait to follow on your progress, Yvonne! Happy weekend!

  11. It is so true that keeping up with your home is a labor of love. So many things have to be done to keep up with the times and keep up with the repairs. Your home is an inspiration to us all.

  12. Mary Chris says:

    I believe that our personalities change as we get older so it will also be reflected on our homes.

  13. Great inspiration and my home is never “done” either.

  14. Wise advice, Yvonne. Even though I’m in a tiny rental, I want my family and friends to always look forward to sitting in my home, enjoying the comfort and peace… and fragrances! 😉 I’m thankful that I have a landlord who not only loves the Lord, but is a good steward of their rentals. She fixes things right away. The Lord was very kind to ‘give’ me this little gem.

  15. Jere Newcomb says:

    a good lesson to learn

  16. Thanks for such a great podcast! This is the first one I got to listen to, unfortunately I missed the others due to a heavy work load. But this podcast is wonderful, and I’m hoping to go back and listen to the other ones as well! Thank you for all your wonderful decorating advice, I truly appreciate it!

  17. Jill Miglin says:

    As always, very inspirational!

  18. I’m copying your tablescape from the round table. Great look

  19. Rebecca Nelson says:

    We were in one home for the first 15 years of our marriage and since have moved a lot, taking care of my mom and then my husband’s daddy. I am so ready to get into our home and stay there. Your home is so lovely and it really is a treasure to have.

  20. What a lovely way to describe the difference between a house and a Home! Thank you.

  21. We certainly are going through the same thing wiht our farmhouse. It is fun to make it more ours in heart and we sure don’t want to leave a mess for our kids. Good post!

  22. We moved from NJ to Florida a year ago and we are trying
    to make this house our home.We have added hardwood flooring,
    painted,replaced the lighting,put in new landscaping and a new
    air conditioning unit.The next big project will be a new kitchen
    hopefully next year.I feel your home is always a work in progress.

  23. This post hit home! My aunt’s house was the same way for 50 years. My husband always grumbles and complains when I want to update our home. I just smile, remind him of my aunt’s home and we proceed with the updates.

  24. We are not “natural DIYers” as you say and try to do much of the upkeep and repairs ourselves. And like you, DIYers out of need to save money, that is the bottom line. I’ve always been grateful thT my husband, when he can’t do something himself is willing to pay to have it done. I’ve met several women who need work done and their husbands can’t (or won’t) do it and won’t pay to have it done. Maybe it’s a philosophy, the difference between a house and a home.

  25. Lisa Tatum says:

    Reminds me of the old cartoon on Sillie Symphonies (Disney maybe) of the little house that was once loved and the area built up around it. I love old bones of a home! Thanks

  26. All these comments and your post are “spot on”. A real HOME is always a work in progress, and mine is no different! As someone else said…..I want to “live” in this home NOW…..and we are certainly doing that…..projects and all. So many people have commented how our house feels so cozy and welcoming. What a fantastic compliment! Our DIY list is also very long….but it gives us so much to look forward to for the coming months and/or years! Thanks for sharing.

  27. I have lived in my home for 30 years. I put every penny I could into my fixer upper, and today, it is finally taking shape with the vision I had for it. It is hard work and thankfully my son is an accomplished carpenter, or I wouldn’t have it fixed the way it is!

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  28. We are in the process of updating our home. We’ve replaced half of the flooring so far, plus all of the interior doors, trim and baseboards, the front door, and the flooring in the 2 bathrooms. We’ve painted the fireplace, and painted the interior and exterior of the house. There are still more projects to go…the kitchen, and replacing windows are the two big ones coming up. But, we do projects, get those paid for, then move on to the next. It’s truly a work in progress!

  29. You are on target with the fact that a house requires ongoing upkeep. A friend of mine recently retired and about one year before her target date, she began to prep her house for market. I can remember thinking that it was a wise idea but sad at the same time. She spent the time and money getting her house ready for an unknown family to enjoy! I know we all have a “to do” list but if you plan it out you can and should make improvements for the most important reason- your own enjoyment.

  30. I agree that those of us who love to decorate are never truly done decorating. 🙂 I also agree with the thought on upkeep. The best advice we got when we were building our house was “You don’t own the house, the house owns you.” because there’s always something that needs a bit of work or updating. But that’s part of loving your home.

  31. you are lucky that your husband is interested in keeping things up to date. My husband can repair almost anything that is broken, but absolutely hates doing home updates, even painting the walls. It’s always been left up to me. Last year I removed and completely re-tiled bathroom floor and walls, by myself. I don’t enjoy doing it alone, and I’m not bragging, but if I never did it, it wouldn’t get done. I am now taking on our hideous fireplace and can’t wait till it’s finished. I figure if I tackle projects one by one, eventually they will all get done. Enjoyed the post.

  32. Great post and I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I just finished the living room, one bathroom and the patio which acts like another room for us. I still have the master bedroom and bath and the kitchen. I don’t need to gut, but there is a lot to do especially in the kitchen. I really want to do the master bedroom/bath, but I know I should probably work on the kitchen first. How do you ladies decide what room to do first? Arg!

  33. Candace Geldreich says:

    My home is in the early stages of a rebuild. Everything is being removed and sorted by a clean up agency that specializes in catastrophic cleanup. I have begun to plan for the rebuild. We are adding and subtracting things from the list every day. We have determined to make this an excuse to redesign, upgrade and renew.
    God is good. Love this post. It spoke to me as if we were conversing.

  34. Robin Talley says:

    You have such a beautiful home!! I enjoy reading your decorating ideas and recipes the most!! You are such an inspiration to me!! Your hard work and love you put into your home realty shows!! I enjoy your blog so very much!! Thanks so much for sharing with me!!

  35. Great advice here on your blog! My husband and I have lived in this house for 5 years and have only done a couple of things to improve it. I am NOT handy at all, although my husband is. I have begged, cajoled, hinted, stated that we should do things to make this home nicer while we are here, but to no avail. It has been kind of heartbreaking. However, now we are planning on selling it and of course, we will do the necessary updates and repairs to get the most value out of this home. But how sad! I am truly of the mind, make your home beautiful while you are living in it so that you can enjoy it. I feel in some ways, we wasted our time. I hope and pray that our new home will be better cared for and better loved. I hope that whoever gets this place will love it and care for it and make it a REAL home.

  36. we have also done many projects at our home roof ,windows ,doors , new carpeting new floors ,added a dishwasher to a small kitchen ,lots and lots of painting projects some diy and some with professionals …LOVE our home and we’ll probably always do more while we live here

  37. I am always inspired reading your blog and looking at the pictures of your beautiful home. Thank you.

  38. Marcy Leonard says:

    Told my mother-in-law when we bought the house in 19998 that everything was perfect–move-in ready–didn’t need to change a thing! But then we painted every wall and changed all the window treatments. Then 4 years ago we began replacing old windows, gutting the bathrooms and kitchen, and removed all the old carpet and lino for new Saltillo tile. Just finished changing out the trim and baseboards and adding new paneled doors. Soon as the new entry doors get installed, we are moving to the exterior and the landscaping–phew!! I channel your energy and enthusiasm every chance I get! Please don’t go breaking anymore bones!

  39. I think spellchecker got the best of you. Since the last iOS update, it’s been horrible. I’m sure you meant “razed”. Since we had boomerang kids with kids move in and I had spine surgery, my house has been razed to ground with us in it! Could you all do a post/podcast on keeping a home together while recovering from surgery and living with adult children and grand children. I really feel like my home has been razed. No kidding! ;-(

  40. I enjoy listening to the three of you ladies on your new podcast! The topics are interesting and informative! Sounds like y’all are having fun, too!

  41. Yvonne,
    What a lovely tribute to StoneGable and to all homes that are lovingly kept up by their owners!

    We, too, are DIYers, having remodeled an old, old farmhouse, and then 25 years later, built a new farmhouse. It is the home I love and am slowly adding more farmhouse/cottage touches to. When we built it, we knew we wanted no carpet. I am so glad we used only oak hardwood flooring along with ceramic tile. They are classics, as you adherred to in one of the podcasts! Love. Love. your blog and podcasts! Keep up the great work, and I hope your foot is doing much better!

  42. Such a sad story of the forgotten house that got no love. Our town has lost so many beautiful old homes due to neglect and I grieve for each of them. I am going to start “reminding” my husband of some of the things that need a little love in our home which we built as newlyweds twenty-four years ago!

  43. I look forward to reading your blog every day!!! Always filled we fabulous ideas!! You are absolutely right about maintaining our homes!! We built our home 31 years ago and I still love it!! It is a work in progress slowly redoing and refreshing rooms!!! We have raised four boys here….our youngest a freshman in college now….but could not image what it would be like if we didn’t try to maintain!!!

  44. When we got married we bought a very small house that we could afford thinking it would be a starter home and then we would move in a few years. Well, due to many different reasons we are still here after over 30 years of marriage! Every year when we’d get our tax return money we would focus on a different remodeling project, even one year gutting the entire living room and kitchen, taking out the wall in between, raising the very low 7 ft. ceiling and putting in a beam down the middle for support. Very big project that year to say the least!

  45. I agree that it’s important to keep up with repairs and decorating. The value of your home depends on it. I am not much of a DYI but I can sew (and enjoy it ) and paint. I leave the carpentry work to professionals.

  46. Having a home is a big responsibility but doing the things necessary to keep it in good working order as well as attractive takes time and money. But I agree with you, it is worth what it costs to have my own home that I can be proud of and that reflects what I love.

  47. Yes it’s sad when a house isn’t kept up . My husband and I always did everything in our homes just like you and your husband do.
    It’s a lot of work but fun too when you can do it together .

  48. Cynthia Blaylock says:

    You are so right – taking care of a home is so important. When we have been shopping for homes over almost 40 years of marriage (we are now in our 6th home) I’ve noticed that often people will update cosmetic items (maybe new tile or flooring) but fail to keep an eye on the “hidden” things in their homes – like looking for termites, water leaks, structural issues. I was even guilty of being deceived by homes that were pretty “on the outside,” but my husband (ever the practical one) would point out foundation problems, or evidence of water leaks, or rotting wood trim. I’m so grateful that he keeps an eye on all those maintenance issues and takes care of them before they become problems.

  49. Yvonne, You have given your beautiful home a look that is priceless. So much love went into making it a home. It also tells me how much I need to labor for mine and you are right. The last we need is leaving a house that is in disrepair and crying out for help. I enjoyed touring your blog and will be sure to check it out for more suggestions on decorating I could use.

  50. Such love and wisdom in your words, Yvonne. The Lord has made great promises for those who are “faithful in the little things…”

  51. Carol Elkins says:

    Wonderful advice for all homeowners.

  52. GwenCondit says:

    Yes the years slip by quickly. My outside needs re painting. My husband did the trim every couple of years but since his health problems we realize it’s not going to be a diy anymore. Budget. So this year the outside needs updates. We need some updates inside too. But lots of dr bills too. A cycle that puts major things on hold and why a lot of the fix ups don’t get properly done? I’ve been a saver so college and weddings were covered and unemployment times but not planning an early by 15 years retirement and disability. It’s not how but the path God allowed. The wind blew and blew and the rains poured and poured. The house shook. The wind whistled. Water rose in the back. But we are warm and dry. We are thankful. We steadily continue as we can. I’m redoing my folks different furniture pieces to make them uniquely mine. I’m recreating using old and new. It’s fun. And the outside paint will get done as will my cabinets. And sinks and counters. Praise God for the process.

  53. Linda Silva says:

    Thank you for design tips, I have kitchen problems. I need counter top, and new stove top, Our next project. We are replacing windows this month. R

  54. Mildred Hoppe says:

    Home upkeep is never-ending. Paint this, replace that. I”m coming to the place where I”m ready to chuck it and move to “The Home” so someone else can worry about the upkeep.

  55. My gracious, you and Bobby have worked hard on your beloved StoneGable. It’s a beautiful home with caring occupants and I’m sure the love is felt as soon as one enters through your doors. You are not just creating a beautiful place to live but a place for family to live and love.

  56. Karen Vargo says:

    Where did you get your round basket that is on the dinette table?

  57. We just finished painting and freshening up our master bedroom including cleaning the hardwood floors and putting a sealer on top! Took us five days to do all this and although it was hard work and my knees are still sore, it was worth every hour we spent! It looks so much better and has given me the opportunity to declutter at the same time. I feel cleansed! Yvonne, you are so right about tending to, and always refreshing your home!

  58. Lisa Gabriel says:

    Thank you for sharing! Your home is lovely and it’s obvious that you love decorating. It looks very comforting and welcoming not stuffy like some others.

  59. Carol A. Wellein says:

    I’m exhausted just reading all the comments until I realized that we have been doing so many of the same updates and repairs. It is all worth the time and money when you are proud to have company and family come to your home.

  60. genie steger says:

    Loved all the posts and yes houses require lots of care and maintenance (shucks)…I lived in an 18th cape in CT, we did lots of improvements and loved it…after 25 years there we moved to SC and bought a basic cottage in a gorgeous development and it was only 4 years old, I have spent the last 16 years adding the country touches tht it needed, beadboard, crown molding, gas fireplace, wood floor, granite counters. etc…but what discouraging is all the things basic things that were not done right, outside trim, roof etc…and where we live it is a must to keep things in order..and I am happy yes….

  61. I agree with all your tips Yvonne.I always have a tape
    measure on me and measurements of whatever I am
    looking for.It saves on mistakes and on returns.

  62. I agree that we need to keep updating and improving our homes. They fall to disrepair so quickly! We have replaced our bedroom carpet with teak flooring and it has made a huge difference! I’m now starting on our family room. New draperies , chairs, tables…the list goes on and on!!!

  63. You’re so right. Where I struggle is our home will be 18 years old in May and we could use more energy efficient windows but they’re not “pretty”. Being in Texas we could really use a radiant barrier in the attic. Again, not “pretty”. Plus these updates aren’t cheap. While trying to save for them then the hot water heater needs replaced, work needs done on the ac unit, etc. It’s hard sometimes to do the practical when you want pretty. In turn I spend small amounts of money at Home Goods and the like on small decor type items trying to “update” my home so that it doesn’t look like we’re stuck in a time capsule.

  64. Kelly Middleton says:

    Taking care of a home to keep current and in good shape is a lot of work, but so well worth it!

  65. Your rooms are extraordinary!
    Inspiration by iPhone.

  66. Kathryn Barton says:

    This is so true about letting a house go to waste. In fact this is happening more these days due to not enough funds.Especially for seniors. So if you can help a senior keep up their home, please do.

  67. We have almost completed our house too. It has been 7. Years and though not done weare almost there and itching to get the last few things done. But they are not all little things. Need to remember your list of what to do before starting. I am ready to just have it done!! Got the restless itch.
    Thx Yvonne for your wonderful ideas each and every day.

  68. Yvonne, how do you hang décor on shiplap so that it is not ruined if you ever want to move that item? Your home is lovely.

  69. Frances Hurst says:

    If you love decurating, you’re never done—-you are SO right! When I chose colors for our home, I tried to choose colors that would work everywhere so that small furniture pieces and accessories could be used most anywhere. I love moving things around and seeing with a fresh eye and maybe a new appreciation. Never making a change, at least for me, can make for a boring space.

  70. Maureen brinkmann says:

    Your story made me cry! Our family home was just torn down due to years of neglect. I used to lie in bed at night and “redo” the whole house – even when I was around 10 and I always, always loved decorating. Smoking caused the most damage of all., I had to travel a long way to get the house ready to sell When my brother had health complications . I was determined to make this house a loving home again for another family. So many great memories of fun and laughter and love. Unfortunately, after weeks of cleaning, 5 truckloads of junk hauled away, and running out of money, I just had to admit defeat and let it go. The smoke smell was embedded in the walls, carpet and ceilings. It did give me a chance to say goodbye and be surrounded by all my happy, happy memories.

  71. Lisa Matarazzo says:

    Dear Yvonne – Thank you for this post. I have so many moments standing in my home, turning in circles overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. I love the pictures of your home. It’s beautiful and inspirational. I think I’ve figured out a plan of action and I have you to thank for it. I know it’s going to take me some time but I’m sure I can tackle all the projects I have in mind, one at a time as you have. I have high hopes but as the saying goes, I’ll shoot for the moon and land among the stars. Best Regards, Lisa

  72. Barbara Harilaou says:

    I believe that a person’s home is like a piece of clothing that we wear. We buy something and we love it so much and take good care of it because every time we wear it, it makes us happy, we feel good in it, it makes us smile, so we take very good care of it so that we may enjoy it for years and years to come. That’s how we should be with our home.

  73. This is a good reminder of how much our homes mean to us. It is good to plan and execute a schedule of maintenance and renovation/redecoration. I would say you are doing a wonderful job with Stone Gable.

  74. Really enjoying the podcasts.

  75. Wise words. Completely agree with you. I have been loving the podcasts, so keep them coming!

  76. I was wondering if you know the brand and paint color used on the pedestal table in the beautiful breakfast room you showed in this post. I have a similar table and would love to treat it the same. You have such a beautiful home!

    1. Hi Karen, I found this table on Hayneedle. It is called Four Hands Round Wooden End Table. It’s out of stock right now, but you can sign up to get a notice when it is back in stock. This table is a beauty and so sturdy! Hope this helps.

  77. I agree – our houses need a lot of care and maintenance. We’ve been in our home for 32 years – our first home. Many of our friends have moved from their first starter home, while we’ve stayed put. This house has so many memories tied to it and so I want to make sure we keep up on all the needed repairs as the house ages. We could always move to a newer house vs doing this upkeep, but this house is home. We don’t want to move.

    1. I bet you have tons of beautiful memories, Barb. New homes need lots of work too!

  78. Karen from Como says:

    You are so right. I do one larger scale update every year. One year I upgraded our door hardware and painted the doors. The next year I removed the dated vanity, mirror, and flooring in a guest bath. This year it was daughter’s old bedroom turning into my new office. All projects cost a few hundred dollars and my house always looks fresh.

  79. This is such good advice! We must treat our homes with love and care.

  80. We have moved several times through our 52 years of marriage, but I always tried to leave the house we were moving from in much bettr shape than when I moved into it. It takes a lot of upkeep and it is so well worth it.

  81. I’ve lived in 17 homes ( military) Many new builds but those that weren’t we always sold them in better condition then when we bought. New flooring, paint, new light fixtures, landscaping… It was not just for our satisfaction but for resale. I’m in my final home ??It was a new build in 2007. I’ve replaced carpet with hardwood, skimpy trim with beefier ones and even renovated the kitchen. Yes, it’s never ending.
    I might add decor needs to be changed/updated regularly. Styles change, our tastes change, furniture gets worn, etc.
    Yvonne, you come up with the best topics!

  82. Oh, love this idea! We have always tried to improve the many places we have lived in since we married more than 43 years ago. First little house was rented and we still did a lot…and it is now a parking lot. Sad. Loved your thoughts about the memories in a home. When driving down country roads and seeing an old house that is falling apart and overrun with weeds I often think ” that was once somebody’s beloved home..there were Christmas Days, and birthdays, and cozy nights in that house, and now it is so sad.” Now that we are retired and living in an apartments in a retirement community we don’t have much to do….decorating changes in the last three years, and just replaced countertops in our bath with a beautiful granite. But, we will continue to keep it beautiful…for US. Several times a week one of us will look at the other and say “wow, our place is so nice…we are blessed.” Even when I clean I think of it as blessing my home…showing how much I appreciate it. Had to laugh at your comment that you and Bobby are not big DIY people….over the years we laugh that if a project (shelves, painting, etc) will take 1 hour we have to always multiply that by Pi ! Not handy at all, but we try! Thanks for a great post !

  83. Mary Anne says:

    I’m with you on taking care of homes Ive lived in. This reminded me about the story The Little House that i recently read to my 2 little grandsons. They loved as did I, and my daughters did as well. We are only caretakers of our belongings for such a short time. I cherish the material things from my ancestors ….they loved the same things that I now love and take care of.
    Beautiful message today.

  84. Yvonne, I love your design ideas and use of various textures. I love the round wall mirror over the chest (two half mirrors?). Do you recall where you purchased them? I’ve been looking for a mirror and have not been able to find one even close to the yours. Thanks so much for your help.

  85. Carol Benchouia says:

    Home ownership is a responsibility! Our daughter and her husband bought a previously lived in home and decided that it was just too much work to update, so that was followed by two new homes. Imagine their surprise when the water heater broke and needed to be replaced…4 years old! I am constantly reminding them that they need a rainy day fund for these types of things. My husband is frugal to a painful degree, but we’ve never had to struggle to replace anything because we’ve had money set aside for this purpose. I’ve just joined a FB group commemorating architecture in my home town, St. Louis. Although crime is bad, unemployment is high, the city and residents keep a lot of the older buildings alive and beautiful. I have a philosophy about my own home…I don’t want to move until we help it live up to it’s full potential. Yes, I would be the partner that wants to Love It! Great reminder again of how we need to love and appreciate what we have!

  86. Jina sheppard says:

    When we emptied out a home after an estate sale, it looked very shabby because the decor had never been updated. Very sad.

  87. Can you please tell me where you got the large wooden vase (that has sunflowers in it)?

  88. Lisa Gorman says:

    I just had a conversation about the importance of taking care of your home with my mother! My mom is an amazing decorator, has a true, original and beautiful sense of style, and I like to think that she has passed that on to me. My youngest brother also has a tremendous sense of pride in his surroundings. My middle brother, however, does not. He and his wife have allowed what was formerly the sweetest little doll house to become run down, crowded and very dirty. I think they feel powerless to change it now, and I wish I could help but they don’t really care too much about their home. I know that he probably thinks my husband and I- and my mom and dad too- spend too much time and energy on our own homes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I need to feel happy at home, no matter what my resources. Thanks for posting!

  89. Gina morrison says:

    Do you recall where you found the framed scripture, May the Lord bless you? I love that artwork!
    Thank you and blessings to you and your family. Gina

  90. We have owned three homes over the course of our thirty year marriage and have left each and every one of them better than we found them. We are in the process of looking for a new home and are amazed by the number of homes we have seen that have never seen any love. It is like the owners moved in and never did a single thing to them. Even some of the newer homes seem to have been uncared for in that short time. This article has a very poignant message that I hope people take to heart.

  91. Rebecca Lopez says:

    2ne request for a source for the gray rug with white and blue accents.