A Child Is Born, A Son Is Given

Isaiah 9:6 is a verse from the Bible often quoted at Christmas. Learn the historical setting for this amazing very and how it relates to our lives and times.


A Child is born! This is the message of Christmas! The Christmas story, the amazing and true events of Jesus’ birth, appears in the gospel of Matthew and Luke.

Luke’s beautiful text is the one that is most often read and quoted. But did you know that the story of Jesus Christ’s birth is threaded from the beginning to the end of the Bible? From Genesis to Revelation? Jesus’ birth should have been no surprise, and in fact, the Jews had been waiting centuries for their great King to be born onto the stage of history.

A Special Verse

One of my very favorite verses about the birth of Jesus comes from the book of Isaiah during a historical time of great disobedience to God and impending judgment! Let’s look at this unusually placed birth announcement.

Isaiah 9:6 is one of those scriptures that is closely associated with Christmas.  It is a beautiful scripture filled with the promise of an infant, a child, and a king!


But Isaiah 9:6 is more than just a scripture we read on the front of a Christmas card. It is rich in interesting history and heavy with strong imagery.

When This Verse Was Written

Isaiah 9:6 was written by a prophet of Israel when the young nation Israel had been fractured in two by distentions and intrigues! The Northern Kingdom was ruled by a string of terrible ungodly kings, and Ahaz (you know, Jezebel’s husband) was reigning at the time of this breathtaking prophecy.

The date in history was about 725 BC. Ahaz, in disobedience, had rejected God’s hand of protection on Israel and instead turned to the very people whom God had told them not to make an alliance with. Not only that, Ahaz led the people into idolatry and every kind of baseness, including infanticide!

This was a very low point in Israel’s history! The people of God were in big, big trouble!

God had tried for a very long time to woo them back to Him and also warn them but they turned away from Him in abject defiance!

In The Middle Of The Huge Mess

During the time of Isaiah 9:6, God is pouring out his prophesy of judgment on the people of Israel.  Judgment, not because he is a mean God but judgement as a way to make things hard enough on the king and the people of Israel that they would return to Him. This judgment was a just and forewarned punishment for their disobedience.

So, right in the huge mess of  Israel’s disobedience and God’s horrific judgment, God stops and utters words of promise, redemption, and comfort!

Can you imagine it? Can you see it? God, in his righteous wrath, is telling Israel through the prophet Isaiah what will happen to this terrible king and His disobedient people. God is making list after list of their wrongs and ways they had gone astray! He is on a roll! Dolling out righteous judgments right and left. Then all of a sudden, He stops and takes a deep breath.  

God’s Mercy And Love

Love fills His face. His eyes are sad, hurt by the rejection and sin of the people He loves so much. In the middle of His judgment, in His great and eternal love and mercy, He reaches down to these disobedient, idolatrous people to share with them His very good news. Good news for them! And good news for all people.

He can’t contain this news or His unwavering love. So right in the middle of this judgment prophesy, God burst forth with the most incredibly wonderful news. News of a baby that will be born to them, a child!

But not just any child! The child is God’s eternally existing Son that He will give to them.  He tells them that the government will rest upon this baby, this given Son’s shoulders.

Shoulders are an ancient sign of authority.

The New King

This child, this son, will be the long-awaited King! This baby will someday rule and govern Israel!

But God was not sending just another king to Israel. This king would be anointed to do a very once-in-eternity job. He and He alone would have the right, authority, and ability to rule with perfection.

If we think about this passage in the context of the mess going on at the time of the prophesy it must have been meant to give great relief and hope to the people. What a contrast to Ahaz! King Ahaz ran amok and left a trail of disastrous ruin and disobedience throughout his rule. So goes the king, so goes the people!

But there was hope of a new, promised King that would rule someday and usher in a time of perfect peace and goodness!

The Anointed King

 He would be a Wonderful Counsellor! One so splendidly and utterly wise. Able to perfectly rule and direct the human race.

He would be Mighty God! A strong God.

This phrase is so interesting to note! In ancient times everyone in the known world believed in a god. People knew who the best or the real god was by seeing who was the strongest, mightiest god! A god who showed himself powerful was surely the true god! So God is letting His disobedient people, Israel know that this Ruler will be THE true God himself!

He would be Eternal Father! These words in the original text literally say forever father. It does not mean that this king is God the Father but that this Ruler is a forever and ever king. It is an ancient term of great Hebraic poetic beauty. This king is described as an eternal father, showing His duration of forever and ever. His without end royal paternity!

He would be Prince of Peace! This is the most complex and rich phrase to describe this king. The word peace in Hebrew is Shalom. It is a word that encompasses such a deep and wide meaning. Shalom is the idea of wholeness.  It is the idea of perfect rest because we are whole and healthy in every single aspect of life and in every relationship. Shalom is the idea of perfection in mind, soul, and body. Who wouldn’t be at peace in that state!

This king would be the royal mediator of perfect wholeness. And he would bring about the most important peace of all. Peace between God and man! He would be the bridge to a perfect intimate, and everlasting relationship of complete wholeness between His subjects and the true God!

A Time In History Past

Let’s go back to the historical time of this text. A time of great disobedience. A time of a huge spiritual mess! So, as God in righteous judgment is judging King Ahaz and the people through the prophet Isaiah, He literally takes a time out and pours an extreme and lavish blessing of the good news like a balm over a hurting and disobedient people!

The good news is Jesus the King was coming! Did this news change the judgment of God? No! Did it turn the people’s hearts back to this God of perfect love? No! Did it give them a promise to cling on to? Some who listened, yes!

A King For All People And Ages

So my friends, here we are two and a half centuries later, reading this amazing prophesy on Christmas cards! And to most of us, this astonishing prophesy filled with wonderfully good news is only a nice sentiment at Christmastime. Why is this new important to us?

Because this news, God’s good news of a coming king, applies to us!

The king has come as a baby, born of Mary. He has come as the Son of God given by the Father.  He has come and made a way for us to be eternally at Peace with God through His Son’s death on the cross. He is the anointed King who will have a forever kingdom!

I hope Isaiah 9:6 is more meaningful to you. More of a reason for true worship. More of a picture of the Author of Christmas, the Lord Jesus!

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of THE KING and look forward to the time of His second coming. The time He comes to reign as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace! Hallelujah! Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

A verse to ponder…


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  1. Beautiful message. The best “Good News” ever prophesyd from the Ancient Days. Yes, Halleljah to the Coming King of Kings. what an exciting tme we as Born Again people live in.

  2. Karrie Elizabeth says:

    Hallelujah!!! What a beautiful message. To be reminded that even in the midst of disappointment, love still reigns! Our sin is truly the reason for the season, and may we never forget as we await our Kings return!

  3. We need this message more than ever. Thanks for putting this out there. I was just at Dollywood this week and their Christmas shows are all still very religious based.. I was so happy to see this. They were moving and emotional. Praise GOD.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed your advent posts Yvonne, it’s good to remember the true meaning of Christmas x

  5. Pamela Strother says:

    Yvonne, I particularly enjoyed today’s devotional and the commentary and explanation you provided alongside it. I wanted to know if you use a specific Bible companion text. I was actually looking through an online store for just such an item right before I read your post. If you do use something specific, would you mind sharing?
    Yvonne, your daily passages have come to mean so much to me. I am learning to be a more thrifty decorator (meaning I am trying to “edit” the number of items I use), I have come to understand what style I most enjoy, I feel more organized, and I am genuinely touched by the messages you give to your readers about our Heavenly Father. What a wonderful way to witness to others. Thank you so much for doing what you do with such flair, such creativity, such style, and such heart.

  6. I’ll add my “Amen!” to the comments posted above. What a wonderful Savior we have, so full of love and mercy. For anyone willing to repent of their sins and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ with trust in His shed blood for their sins, there is HOPE. If this world is the best it is going to be, we are to be pitied but thank God, there is a wonderful world coming for the aforementioned saved ones. I can’t wait! Several lines from the song, Mary Did You Know?, cause me to break down in tears as I think about the truth contained in the words and I share them with you as a Christmas gift to all of you. Here are the precious words: “Mary…did you know that you’re baby boy has come to make you new; this child that you delivered, will soon deliver you?…When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God…Did you know that your baby boy is Heaven’s perfect Lamb, the sleeping child you’re holding is the Great I AM.” Merry Christmas!

  7. A thrill of HOPE, the weary world rejoices!
    I love that you write these posts each weak. Even long time Christians need to hear the gospel presented in a fresh way, and how you explain things is so clear and enjoyable to read.

  8. Thank you for this perfect message of Gods love! Peace and love be with you and family at Christmas and forever!

  9. Mandy Thweatt says:

    I have so enjoyed all of your Sunday posts this,month! They have enriched my worship of the One True King and helped me keep my focus on the real meaning of Christmas I’ve also enjoyed and been inspired by the decorating blogs too! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  10. Judy Lincicum says:

    Yvonne, what beautiful biblical truths and promises you have stated in this post! Thank you for these reminders of the hope that is within us, a hope we live with each and every waking moment. Beautifully put and thank you for sharing this with us. Much Love, Judy

  11. Donna Wisodm says:

    These words are so truly precious and sweet! Such a blessing – Merry Christmas!

  12. Joanne B. says:

    I wrote to you in a private e mail few weeks ago, about how these posts have so made me think about what this Christmas really means to me! As I was busily preparing my home for family and friends, your wonderful posts about holiday decor interspersed with meaningful posts about the true meaning of the season, have made me realize I needed to prepare my heart for Jesus as much as I was preparing my home! With every post about the first Christmas I have come to realize what a gift God our Father has truly given us! Who but a God could devise a plan to save us mere mortals with the promise of eternal life if we only heed his promise to accept his son as our Savior? What kind of father could love us so much that he would give up his only Son to know he was sending him to Earth knowing full well what was to come? The gravity of knowing what would happen to Jesus makes the meaning of Christmas so amazing to me, that all the superficial and commercial hoopla that Christmas has become lately makes me sad in a way. I am overwhelmed with His love and vow not to merely give “things” for Christmas, but to have Christmas in my heart every day! Thank you for sharing your faith with us! There is not abetter gift we could ask for but the opportunity to know what you have so wonderful shared with us! Blessings to you and your family! Thank you for sharing your home and hearth with us every day, but mostly thank you for getting us to think about what a gift we have been bestowed!

  13. Yvonne, thank you for your deep, abiding commitment to the truth of God’s Word. The message today was not only knowledgeable, the Spirit was evidently directed your words. Thank you for living a public life for Jesus Christ.

  14. Thank you for the wonderful message!!! It is the REAL message of Christmas!!! This story and many in the Bible give us peace and hope in a crazy world! Wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

  15. Corina Smith says:

    Love this! This verse has taken on deeper meaning for me. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Hi Corina, when I first learned the meaning of this verse it had such deep and special meaning.

  16. Thanks for reminding us of this lovely message.
    Happy Holidays!!!

  17. Meda Branwell says:

    Beautifully said & explained, Yvonne! 🥰👏🏼👏🏼

  18. Patricia Brock says:

    Yvonne, thank you for sharing this message…ah, yes for sure “FOR A CHILD IS BORN TO US, THE PRINCE OF PEACE”…one of my many favorite verses. Your story telling is wonderfully written. Thanks again, Have a Blessed Day”.

  19. Heidi Walker says:

    Thank you for this meditation! I had just read this Scripture this morning. So thankful in our messed up world that we have God’s love and promise that He will come back for us! Advent blessings!

  20. Yvonne I am a newbie to your site and you have given me much needed inspiration not only with messages like this Christmas story but with you decorating and recipe ideas.
    I love how you retold the Christmas Story of our Lord’s birth and plan to read much of this at our Sunday dinner table tonight.
    Thank you for all your inspirtion.

  21. I love all of this so much. I praise the Lord and thank him for coming to Earth to save us from our sins. Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. Love your Sunday blogs… for some reason I could not go back and find it. So Please be sure I am sighed up for your blogs

  23. What a wonderful, beautiful read! As a Christ follower, I am encouraged by your bravery to put this message out to the world!

  24. Linda Charlton says:

    I need to send you a PM. Do you have an email address I can use?

  25. Sharon Ganne says:

    Dear, dear Yvonne:
    You are Wonderful! Thank you for this beautifully written Christmas message. The love you feel for Our Lord warms my heart. May He continue to bless you with many good moments in life. You are a gift to us all – an inspiration. Merry Christmas, Yvonne.
    Fondly, Sharon

  26. LISA Pobst says:

    Thank you for pointing this out, thank you for sharing! Prince of Peace.