I have five fabulous winter mantel ideas for you! If you are like me and want to bring the beauty of winter to your mantel without it looking like a slimmed down version of a Christmas mantel then this post is for you!

You can use these pretty winter mantel ideas on any flat surface on your home. You don’t necessarily need a mantel!


I love to use some objects that look wintery. I’m not much for using overtly Christmas things though.

I usually have had my fill of Christmas trees and twinkling lights and stylized snowflakes. And I am ready for just one or two things on my mantel that give a little nod to the season!

This year I’m using a mix of natural and white pinecones! I love pinecones from fall to spring. They are organic and look beautiful tucked into any decor!

I’ve added them to a dough bowl filled with little green plants.


For me winter is a time to love the saying, “less is more”! After the abundance of the Christmas season it feels good to use less and enjoy the “bones” of our home!

The winter mantel is divided into three sections…

  • candles
  • dough bowl
  • and candles

Did you know our eyes and mind love things grouped in threes? Yes, I call it the MAGIC OF THREE but it is known in the design world as the RULE OF THREE!

Make sure you see THE RULE OF THREE post. It will help you be a better decorator!

If you have a tv over your mantel this arrangement would work wonderfully!

I like to keep my mantel looking tidy no matter what the time of year. I’m not a fan of too much on it! Our mantels are usually the focal point of our room. They are the first thing that catches our eye and you want to have a simple and well-defined beauty.

We want it to make a very good first impression and a taste of what to expect from the rest of the room.


Winter is the time to add lots of candle glow! Who doesn’t love the look of candles especially when winter nights are long!

If you use one thing on your winter mantel it should be candles or lanterns!

Use them liberally!

I’m using my favorite wooden candles in various sizes. They are the workhorses of my candles!

I’m creating a more casual look on this mantel and although the candles resemble each other I chose candles of different heights and created an overall asymmetrical look.

It’s important to think about balance, symmetry and asymmetry when decorating something like a mantel.

You can find out how to use all these concepts in your home to create beauty HERE.


Even in winter, bring a bit of organic color to a mantel. Green is a very powerful color in decor! It translates into “life”.

I’m not using evergreen boughs or trees because I’m done with them and put them away with my Christmas decorations.

So I’m adding little green plants that just hint to the season to come!

I collect little plants. I have a big long shelf filled with all sorts of faux green plants!


You know how I feel about decor standing alone in our home!

Don’t let a mantel stand alone! It’s important to take an element and bring it down to the hearth or the floor.

It does not have to be a lot. Just a little bit of something so our eyes don’t get stuck on the mantel and have nowhere to go!

I used the candle glow of the mantel and brought it down to the hearth. Along with one of the little faux plants in a sassy pot!

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  1. I love the less is more attitude. It’s so relaxing and clean looking. I’ve taken that approach to all aspects of my life. Very serene.

    1. Yes, it would help many of us if we took this attitude in all aspects of our lives! Great thought!

      1. Are you using your fern pictures with the black background in a different location? I believe they were over your fireplace. I found those pictures to be extremely attractive.

  2. What is the name of the white paint on your walls?

    1. Hi Marilyn, the white paint is called Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It’s my favorite white. It’s just a taddy bit on the warm side.

  3. KIMBERLY Q says:

    I love your candlesticks! Could you share where you got them please and thank you!

      1. Thankyou!
        Sorry for the duplication
        Be safe

  4. I love the candle sticks, can you share where you found them please and thankyou!

  5. Love your blog!! I recently purchased the candlesticks and remember you posting about doing something to the finish. Would you post that link please?
    Thanks so much!!

    1. Can you email me and expand on what the candlesticks looked like? I might have painted or whitewashed a pair.

  6. Kathy Menold says:

    Thanks Yvonne for these ideas for my mantle after Christmas . I will take down my final decorations on Epiphany and like your idea of using a long wooden bowl as a focal point. I have just one similar to what you showed,pinecones and now need to look for my faux succulents to mix in. Candles and lanterns and I will be done till spring. Thanks again.

  7. Hey fellow lover of Winter! It’s my favorite season of the year too, well actually anything from late October onward. My favorite days are what some would call bleak or gloomy, especially if rain or snow is involved. Yes, we are a rare breed 🙂

    Love your website, I subscribed a few months back and I’m learning so much! I know what kind of decor I like, but it can be overwhelming and I don’t have that internal “eye” of piecing it together like some do. Your tips and recommendations have been tremendously helpful and I thoroughly enjoy reading all your postings. Thank you!

  8. Debbie McBride says:

    Always enjoy your decorating ideas, the delicious recipes you share, and the inspirational Sunday Bible messages.

  9. Can you tell me where you got this dough bowl?

    1. Hi Amy, I found the dough bowl locally. Sorry I don’t have a source for you.

  10. Sunni Larsen says:

    What is the white lattice piece above the “gather” sign called. I am looking for one of those and don’t know how to search for it online…what to call it?

  11. Elaine McKinnon says:

    Your blog is my go to for after Christmas inspiration. What’s your rule on using family photos in decorating?

    1. Decorate with them! I keep my family photos in my office and in our bedroom mostly. One of our children does not want their children’s images on the blog as a precaution.

  12. Love this! Have you ever styled above the front door soffit? I don’t like country look, more of a modern clean/fresh look. I have a huge soffit at stair landing and front door that is perplexing. Love to see your take on this

  13. Hi! I’m sorry if it’s already been asked, where did you get the vase? I love the texture and rings at the top and bottom make it stand out against the mantel and tie it in with the candles. Thank you!