5 Savvy Ways To Find Budget-Friendly Decor

Do you like beautiful home decor? And wouldn't you like to find it at a great, discounted price? Here are 5 ways and lots of strategies and ideas for shopping budget friendly home decor!
budget-friendly decor- LAMP AND MIRROR

Let’s talk about decorating our homes with beautiful things that can be a real bargain! Because of all the home decor flooding the market we can find amazing home decor that is good quality and will last a long time. And we can find it at a bargain price point. Here are 5 savvy ways to find beautiful budget-friendly decor.

If you are looking for decor you can find almost anything pretty cheaply. Or you can spend half of your fortune on the same item! One decorator’s bargain is another one’s splurge.

Instead of looking for cheap decor or overspending let’s be smart and learn the best ways to find budget-friendly decor that works with your home!


budget-friendly decor- WHITE BUFFET

So what defines budget-friendly?

There is a difference between budget-friendly decor and cheap decor. Cheap decor may cost less but in the long run, but it often does not hold up or stand the test of time. So we are not talking about cheap decor!

Budget-friendly decor does not stress your wallet either! Most of the time we don’t need top-of-the-line decor either.

Budget-friendly decor strikes a balance! I like to use the example of a smart little girl, Goldilocks! She was always looking for something just right. Goldilocks looked for just right furnishings like a chair and a bed! And we should be looking for decor that is just right for us too!

There are 3 things to consider when talking about budget-friendly decor…

*Your budget

*the quality of an item

*and how long you think you will use it in your home.

The budget-friendly sweet spot is finding reasonably priced decor for your budget, that is made of good quality products and is something that you can use in various places in your home over time.

My mantra for buying home decor, especially furniture is…

Only spend as much as the years you are willing to live with something.

You should memorize this and make it your decorating mantra too. If you only want to live with a chair for five years spend only enough for it so at the end of five years you are willing to let it go if you want and get something new.

I’ve made the mistake of paying big $$$$ for something and then having to live with it for years after I was tired of it and it had gone out of style! I bet many of you have done that too! How frustrating!

Being budget-friendly is being smart enough to know the dollars to years of use equation for home decor!

Now that we have a good idea about what budget-friendly decor is let’s learn where to find it!


budget-friendly decor- CHAIRS AND RUG

Before you go hunting for that item you want for your home at a budget-friendly price, you need to know your decorating style and color palette.

I know I say this so so often. Because it is that important! You MUST know your decorating style and color palette so you can filter everything you bring into your home through those two most-important thing.

A beautiful piece of furniture or a stunning accent piece is not budget-friendly if it won’t work in your home!

So first things first, my friend!

Do your homework and know your decorating style and your home’s color palette.

Here are posts that will help you…



budget-friendly decor- BENCH AND CURTAINS

When you know these two most important things you will not be susceptible to magpie syndrome. A magpie is a bird that is fascinated and attracted to anything that is shiny. Many home decorators are the same way. I certainly am!

Pretty things attract me. I keep reminding myself I can look at beautiful home decor but not all of it can come home with me! Anything I consider getting for our home needs to be filtered through my decorating style and my color palette.

If you are a bit of a magpie then pretty things, no matter what they are, are tempting. This is called a trigger! And to combat a trigger we really have to have a way of preventing the trigger from tempting us into our bad habit.

I defuse my love of stuff trigger by walking away from what temps me. You will understand as I explain later in the post.


budget-friendly decor- POTTERY LANTERN

Impulse buying usually equals overspending. And we want to be savvy budget-friendly shoppers!

Only once in a blue moon, which occurs about every two or three years, do I even think about buying something I have not thought out and made a plan! Actually, that has only happened once in my life!

The Curlacue chest in our living room was somewhat of an impulse buy. It was love at first sight! Real decor love, not just a crush. I saw it at a local furniture store and would have bought it on the spot but it was too expensive!

So I started looking for the same piece online. And I found it at Joss And Main for 30% off the price in the local furniture store. It was still more than I would usually pay for a chest but it was my blue moon splurge! And I have never regretted it! Every time I look at it I smile! If I were a piece of furniture I would be the Curlacue chest!

budget-friendly decor- PRETTY PILLOWS

Here’s a hard and fast rule to take to heart… never, ever, ever, ever, never impulse buy! It most often leads to overspending and that leads to regret.

The the only exception to this rule is if once or twice in your whole life you see somethings you just can’t live without and know when you buy it you can still pay your mortgage, your husband will still talk to you and feed your family. Then and only then is it maybe okay!

You will be a much happier Goldilocks if you follow this rule!



Vintage and second-hand shops are a treasure trove of inexpensive and beautiful decor. These shops are amazing places to hunt for bargain-friendly home decor if you don’t mind a little bit of work to bring them up to their potential!

You can find many one-of-a-kind items that will add lots of personality to your home.

Always look for good quality and gently worn items. Not only are the treasures found in these shops budget-friendly, they are often cheap (in the best sense).

budget-friendly decor- GINGER JARS

Look for shape and form over color and pattern. Think about spray painting a ginger jar lamp or upholstering a stool. We can paint something a different color but we can’t change its shape.

With a little bit of work, and even ugly duckling items can become swans that will look lovely in your home!

Here are some of my favorite things to find at vintage and second-hand shops…

  • picture frames
  • vases- like the one in the image above
  • ginger jars- like the ones in the image above
  • books
  • stools
  • mirrors
  • Christmas decor
  • trays
  • candlesticks
  • ironstone
  • garden furniture
  • small tables
  • baskets
  • table linens
  • textiles
  • boxes
  • cutting boards
  • lamps
  • more

What do you like to hunt for at your favorite vintage shop? Share in the comments below, please.

Let’s chat about online community marketplaces for a minute.

These are wonderful places to buy or sell new or used items and services.

Make sure you read how each different platform works and follow all the rules. If you are buying something locally and need to pick it up find out the best and safest way to do that.

You can find lots of information online about these communities like Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List and their best practices.



This is by far my favorite way to shop for budget-friendly decor! There is a sale on something all year long! You just need to know when the home decor you like is on sale!

Keep your eye on all the things you love and are looking for at your favorite brick and mortar or online stores and watch for sales!

I don’t pay full price! To me paying full price is a waste.

I usually want at least 20% off everything I buy! And if I am buying online I like to get free shipping too. However, that does not happen all the time. It really depends on the online stores you frequent.

And if I can buy online and pick my budget-friendly decor up at the store and not incur the shipping I am a very happy girl!

Recently, I was looking for new pillows for my living room. And I found gorgeous zebra pillows and white linen pillows with a gold embroidered band, both with down inserts, and both on sale! I found them on a luxury brand site on clearance for over 50% off! LOVE these pillows and the bargain!

budget-friendly decor- PILLOWS

Here are seasonal sales to look for month by month…

  • January- after Christmas sales
  • February- MLK, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day sales
  • March/April- Easter and Spring sales
  • May- Mother’s Day and Memorial Day sales
  • June- Father’s Day sales
  • July- 4th of July sales
  • August/September- Back To School, Labor Day, and Fall sales
  • October- Halloween and Fall sales
  • November- Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales
  • December- Christmas sales

If I’m looking for an item like a pretty duvet and it is not on sale I often call the brick and mortar store and ask when the next storewide and bedding sale will be coming up. It does not hurt to call and ask!

budget-friendly decor- BEDDING AND LAMP

Also, know the return policy of a store you purchase home decor from. It’s not budget-friendly if you want to return something and you can’t or there is a restocking fee.


budget-friendly decor- BASKETS

Shopping discount stores for budget-friendly decor is another favorite of mine.

Discount stores often carry amazing dishes and accent decor and rugs and chairs and bedding and more!

I’ve gotten a house full of decor over the years from stores like HomeGoods, Wayfair, and TJ Maxx!

In these stores, it helps to know your brands! Look for brands that you know are good quality. It’s not budget-friendly if an item is not of good quality!

These wonderful stores tend to bring out the Magpie in me. Everything is so so pretty! Browsing equals overspending for me! I can find so many amazing things! Being left to walk up and down the aisles perusing and looking is a huge trigger! So no browsing for me!

It’s important to know your triggers and practical ways to make budget-friendly choices.

Here is a list of some of my favorite budget-friendly and discount stores…

  • HomeGoods
  • TJ Maxx
  • Marshalls
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • H and M
  • Joss And Main
  • Hayneedle


budget-friendly decor- PICTURES AND TOPIARIES

If you want something custom made and have a talent, like being about to sew or wallpaper barter for what you want.

Some stores sell “open box” items. These have been returned and are in perfect or almost perfect condition. They often come with a good discount off the regular price.

Shop your house. That is no cost decorating. You might tlioke to see 6 BRILLIANT WAYS TO SHOP YOUR HOUSE.

Budget-friendly decor adds beauty to your home and $$ to your wallet. And that is a very big win/win!

Be as discriminating as Goldilocks and find home decor that is just right for you!

Happy budget-friendly hunting!


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  1. Good morning Yvonne Hope you are enjoying some lovely June weather like we are in N.C.
    I adore shopping thrift stores for good quality decor items. Somethings I always look for are faux flowers, vases and artwork since I change these items seasonally. Hunting for that just right item is so much fun and doesn’t break my budget.

  2. Sondra Gettys says:

    Do you know where you found the flower picture in the bedroom picture above…the bedroom that has the sky blue quilt on the bed.

    1. I found the pictures in my bedroom at a local shop. I’ve searched for a source but have never found one. Sorry!

  3. I have always admired that chest. I too smile everytime I see it. I can see why it was your “Blue Moon” purchase. Have a blessed day, Sharon

  4. I peruse Facebook Marketplace often. I’ve only bought one thing (a slipper chair for our bedroom to replace a wing chair I no longer liked and sold on FB) but I have sold a lot on that platform. You have to be quick to get anything good that is not overpriced and I always stop to consider whether it will fit the space, the aesthetic of the room, the color scheme…and then it’s gone. But as you said, if it doesn’t fit and is an impulse buy then you have to try to resell and recoup your money.
    Thrift stores are another good place to look for decor pieces. I’ve found some great pieces that have probably been donated because of downsizing, passing away of a family member, or they simply bought on impulse.
    Winners is another store I hit up often. It can be an impulse buy because they have a good return policy and most often only have the one piece so if you think it might fit in with your other decor, grab it, take it home and see it in your room.
    Lots of good tips here for shopping retail. I never thought to call the store to see if they are having a sale soon or to simply ask for a discount.

  5. Your suggestions and advice are always SAGE. Thank you.
    I have recently discovered ONLINE AUCTIONS. It is basically estate sale shopping from the comfort of your home, AND the savings are amazing. If you are the winning bidder you must go to the designated pick up location to get your items. However, if you “shop” the auctions locally that is not a problem. It is a fun and financially rewarding experience!

  6. Those are good thoughts. Another store that often has some amazing decor and house items is Tuesday Morning.

  7. Great tips, Yvonne! Please do a feature on styling a lush beautiful upscale bed, perhaps with poufy duvet covers and the right amount of pillows. I’m thinking of designing a bed for my new lifestyle as an older woman in divorce… where I put modest money into luxe-looking linens versus a mediocre boring bedframe and headboard. I own pillow inserts, so can have fun with covers. This week I hope you experience a special joy.

  8. I have lots of items from my previous house that I liked but wanted to change the color to neutrals.With paint and spray paint the items are transformed and found a new place in my home.

  9. Janice Forbes says:

    I’m a ‘senior’ with a limited budget, so finding a treasure at a reasonable price is always my goal!

  10. Yvonne, thank you so much for sharing your decorating wisdom. Your understanding of how to make things look beautiful is simple and straightforward and I appreciate your insights! I’m working on my home and truly making it my own, and thanks to your advice my love of neutrals is no longer anything to be afraid of. I am embracing it with gusto! Have an amazing and blessed day!

  11. Pam Green says:

    I’m a long-time thrift store shopper who loves a good bargain.

  12. I love your message and ideas. My husband and I are always looking for deals online via FB Marketplace, Neighbors and OfferUp. We go to estate sales and find the most interesting pieces and sometimes exquisite silk clothing. Having a truck is definitely a plus for hauling. However, Strapping items down is highly recommended after a chair flew out on a four lane highway. LoL

  13. Jeanne DiOrio says:

    I agree with this and have found that once you accumulate nicer pieces you can reuse by shopping your home and using in different areas.

  14. Terri Herman says:

    All great tips!
    With a house full of furniture that I adore, I do have not impulse buy. We also moved from the foothills to the coast so many of my beloved decorative items just don’t do it in our new home.

  15. Sandy Wright says:

    I too enjoy the neutral colors you decorate with. Recently repurposed an old jug/vase with neutral paints.

  16. Great tips! I have had good luck at Consignment stores…we have one in our area that gets new things from a high end designer that are in the European style that I love,I’ve scored some great things by watching for those items. I’ve also had a great luck with Facebook marketplace and antique stores…the hunt is part of the fun!

  17. Thanks for listing your go to stores for budget friendly buying. I plan to keep them in mind.

    1. Love your thinking! I too do not buy anything that is not on sale and actually love the hunt of just finding the right thing. I’m currently looking for dining room chairs and hope to discover just the right ones soon.

  18. Janet Schavnis says:

    Love reading your site for budget decorating, I am retired and on a budget,

  19. Tina Sipe says:

    I’m looking for a small chest for my spare bedroom just like your curlique piece. I’m holding out until I find something that fits my space and budget. Thanks for the tips!

  20. Yvonne, I like your Goldilocks strategy.

  21. I love your your Site! You have given me so many ideas. I look at my items in the basement so differintly now. Now I see a chair or lamp in one room, I move to another room. It’s fun to find “treasures” in my own house thanks to you and Sutton Place.
    Love, love, love it!

  22. Thank you for providing all these resources. The hunt will be much more exciting now that I will go organized!

  23. Great tips! Budget friendly is always in season. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I always buy on sale or clearance! I just can’t see paying full price when you can get it on sale. I love shopping at HomeGoods and places like this for lower price items.

  25. Karen Cadden says:

    Thank you so much for all your helpful tips. Especially this one on budget friendly decorating. i love to change things up in my seasonal decor without going wild! Storage for all my treasures is a problem, so I like to see how others switch things up!

  26. I love this post and how you share ways to be budget friendly but not cheap! My latest find at Home Goods was a Pillivuyt large white platte for $24.99. As you said, know your product and prices.
    I always tell you this, but thank you for your Sunday morning posts. Balm to the soul.

  27. Karen Schweiker says:

    So appreciate all the more budget friendly advice, Yvonne. I do a lot of online browsing along with going to thrift stores and local garage sales. I almost never pay retail for anything I see, unless it’s a one of a kind item that will never appear again.

  28. Yvonne, I appreciate your decorating style and your wise counsel. I’ve certainly learned the hard way that impulse purchases aren’t a good idea. I have definitely bought things I think are pretty and at a good price but I didn’t consider that they didn’t match my style. On the other hand, there have been times when I was browsing through Home Goods, Marshalls, or Target and I found something that I knew was meant for me! The bench at the end of my bed caught my eye when I was walking through Home Goods. I wasn’t looking for a bench but when I saw this one I just knew it was just what I needed to complete my bedroom. I found the Euro pillows on my bed at Marshall’s. I had just bought a new white quilt set for my bed and these caught my eye because of the intricate tone-on-tone embroidery. In this case, I went home and thought about them for a day before I bought them. Eventually, I found blue lumbar-style pillows at Home Goods that, along with a blue throw, are the only color on my bed. The small throw rug by the door to my garage caught my eye when I was wandering through Target. I wasn’t looking for any of these items so I guess you could call them impulse purchases but the difference is that I immediately envisioned them in a specific place in my home.

  29. Alana Sheffield says:

    Love the ideas, always great advice, thank you.

  30. carol dizio says:

    I am a big fan of your decorating style!! I love how inviting, fresh, and elegant your home is. Your rooms flow so well together with one room flowing effortlessly into the next.
    We just downsized from a five bedroom house (as you recently did) to a 1938 cape with an unfinished second floor. It is very liberating and somewhat challenging as I need to donate a lot of my “treasures” or find a new spot for them. I will be studying your rooms with an eye to learning how you use many of your pieces in different rooms. i know one of your motto is a tight color palette.!!!
    Thank you!!!

  31. Your shopping lists are great! I love to shop “second-hand,” especially for vintage and antique pieces.

  32. Thank you for these suggestions and advice! I agree that we can always find good friendly budget decor at many discount stores! I switch my decor during different season – so it’s like getting a new decor every year 😉

  33. Thanks for the great tips

  34. Melissa Kendall says:

    Super good advice. Great read Thanks!

  35. These are great guidelines. I tend to stick with “classic” pieces that won’t go out of style, but I need to find some new second-hand stores. My usual local ones have become very overshopped.

  36. Great ideas! Thanks!

  37. “Only spend as much as the years you are willing to live with something” Gold words! I love to thrift for this reason. My daughter is the same so when either of us tire of something, we check to see if the other wants to use it before donating! I also like to keep things I just can’t let go of in the basement and “shop” there when I need a change! LOVE your blog!

  38. Great tips! Looking for practical advice in decorating….thank you!

  39. Melanie C says:

    I’m so jealous when people have their design style figured out! I love a little bit of everything but don’t know how to make it work together and look intentional. I have plenty of decor, Thrift stores are my kryptonite! I just can’t seem to create the look I’m longing for. I guess I will keep searching your blog until I figure it out. Thanks for all your helpful ideas!

    1. Yes, there are so many posts that will show you how you can do just that!

  40. I am currently in the redecorating mode and I found your two blogs, 5 Savvy Ways to Find Budget Friendly Decor and How to Know Your Decorating Style to be very helpful. Thanks for your inspiration and informative blogs.

    1. Thank you, Karen! It is my passion to help other home decorators like me.

  41. Thank you! Enjoyed the article. This is my way to shop and you gave a number of additional good ideas to shoo.

  42. Ruth Newton says:

    I have to say I’m definitely guilty of impulse buying. I have a basement of stuff I’m sure I’m going to use someday because I love it but honestly have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I love to get a good bargain and I’m always quick to take advantage of a sale. But it’s not worth it if you’re not going to use it. Thanks for the reminders.

  43. The cost to years is a good way to look at a purchase.
    I will use this to evaluate my purchases in the future

  44. Kari Moers says:

    How about free stuff collected by all the wonderful women in my family-that’s my favorite. Comes with love and a story. 🙂

  45. I love your budget friendly designs. Your so talented, you give me ideas for my own home. I just happened to find your web sight maybe five years ago not sure though time flies the older you get. Thank you for being so creative, I really enjoy all of your designs you come up with.

  46. Thank you for all the tips on budget friendly home decor. There is thrift shop near an upscale neighborhood that I also enjoy browsing….as well as the discount stores you mentioned. Some lovely items can be found without breaking the bank. Thank you for your perspectives about this.

  47. You have some nice budget ideas. They are something to keep in the back of my mind as I shop.

  48. Decorating on a budget. That’s my style. Thanks.

  49. Amanda Gregory says:

    A Lot of great tips here. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  50. Thanks, Yvonne, for your many creative ideas.

  51. I am working on a guest house and I am trying to stick to a budget, thank you for some great tips! I will be looking for the local second hand stores!

  52. Gayla Greer says:

    Thanks for all the great places to shop for decor and many ideas in this post! My decorating style is traditional also and I am gradually moving toward the soft, neutral, lighter colors.

  53. Kelly Baldwin says:

    Great tips! Thank you!!

  54. Thank you for your knowledge and experiences. Love the helpful lists! “Less is more” is a worthy goal for me as well as quality products. Worth taking time and saving for. I appreciate your ideas on using what we have in new ways as well…seasonal home, garden, foods and activities are so enjoyable. I have been reading and learning for awhile !

  55. Thanks for all the fun decorating ideas!! Such wonderful inspiration!!

  56. Gail Prowant says:

    Great tips! Thanks!

  57. Donna Hasbrouck says:

    Love those budget friendly stores, but don’t forget Hobby Lobby! They have GREAT home decor and almost always 50% off! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your home and decor!

  58. I have learned in the years not to make quick decisions on things that I like. I do have an issue buying things from craigslist. Not sure why but I do.

  59. Dana H. Sharbrough says:

    Thanks for your tips to “budget-friendly” decorating. I love going to those stores and finding bargains. Very helpful information.

  60. Love Carola says:

    Thank you so much for your advice! I don’t follow a lot of posts, so I look forward to taking a break from the everyday to refresh and read yours. I especially enjoy your spiritual nuggets that you share. You are true wordsmith in the gentle way you present difficult topics. I appreciate your encouragement as well!

    Your tips on how to hunt for treasures on a budget is really helpful. I know it goes without saying, but I just want to remind folks not to go it alone when meeting up for buying or selling through online community websites. It might be difficult to find someone who’ll go with you, but it’s worth waiting to go when a friend can go with you, right? Just don’t hesitate to contact the person selling an item. Be sure to let them know you’re interested as soon as possible.

    As far as my own ongoing search for treasure, I find that estate sales that post online (through folks who professionally do that for a living) can sometimes have “solid” pieces at great deals. They usually post pictures so you can see ahead what you might like, and many run by the same rules: a 3 day sale offers items at full price on the 1st day; 2nd day, it’s often 25-50% off; 3rd day, is 50% off or more.

  61. sandsgrandmother says:

    Thank you for simplifying the process of choosing a piece of furniture for a guest room I was confused about how to make the correct choice.

  62. Keep the tips as great decorations ideas coming. Just love it all. Thank you

  63. Maggie Morrison says:

    I love baskets! Often find them when thrifting. I agree that they are such charming additions to decorating the home. You inspire with your suggestions!

  64. Enjoyed your ideas for economic decorating!

  65. Love your blog. So happy I found it. Great tips

  66. I love a day where I can go to the second hand stores and find “treasures “

  67. Love the entryway table, it’s doesn’t take up too much space

  68. Lori Davis says:

    Yvonne, you’re a breath of fresh air! You have taught me so much about decorating, and I couldn’t be more appreciative! ?

  69. Debi S Beiland says:

    I learned so much from this post! We moved to a new, much smaller house a couple of years and my unfinished basement is 1/2 full of stuff I couldn’t part with at the time. That is where I do a lot of budget friendly shopping these days!

  70. Thank you so much for the great tips. I have learned so much from your blog. Your home is stunning

  71. I just love your posts and look forward to reading them every time you post one. Such great tips!!!

  72. I love to shop at thrift, stores and garage sales. I also love Facebook marketplace. I am never able to find anything on Craigslist. I love stopping in Kirkland’s clearance section. Lastly, I love shopping hobby lobby