Let’s talk about the best pillow tips! Pillows are synergistic magic when they all work together! They add beauty and texture and a layer of softness to a room. Here is my favorite pillow arranging tips.

If you have been reading StoneGable for any time you probably know I am a bit of a pillow addict! I love pillows!

I can hardly pass up a pretty pillow! Whether in a store or online the first thing I find myself looking for is a new pillow! They are all so so pretty!

Finding pillows you love is the easy part. To get the most out of their style and color and decor value we need to know how to make them work together!

So, I’ve put together 5 easy no-fail pillow tips for arranging pillows on your sofa like a pro!

Here is our blank canvas. This is my living room sofa. It has Modern Traditional styling and is a great neutral blank canvas.

One of my favorite things about having a neutral color palette is I can add any color I want to the mix!  But for now, we are going to stick with neutrals.

Pillows are like the jewelry of a room. Sometimes jewelry is understated and sometimes we want to bring on the bling! Pillows are like that too! Pillows give you the option of creating understated beauty and appeal or adding a big statement to a room!

The amazing thing about pillows! They are so versatile!

Here are 5 tips for arranging pillows like a pro!


Think of a pillow arrangement on a sofa as a vignette! They work together to tell a story or to give off a certain decorative vibe! One of the most important things to remember about arranging pillows on a sofa is to vary their size and shape!

Here’s an easy rule of thumb to remember…

The closer to the outside of the sofa the larger the pillow!

Simple, right?


A big reason to use pillows on a sofa is to add texture to a room! Texture is more than just nubby! Textures can be shiny, rough, smooth, silky, and more!

Think of adding pillows that have different textures!

All one texture, say smooth, is boring! Our eyes love interesting and different things. And texture is a big way to keep our eyes/brains interested. And we perceive this as attractive!

Just like all smooth pillows would be boring, all nubby pillows would be overstimulating and be perceived as busy!

A mix of textures when it comes to pillows will add beauty to our room!


One the most transformative things in your room can be your pillows! And they are so important when it comes to color!

Here’s what I mean. Pillows can add personality to a room because they…

  • can carry on the color palette in your room
  • or add a pop of another great or seasonal color
  • and even make a bold statement and add a bit of tension to a room

Three things that will give a room interest and personality! Now we don’t want pillows to do them all at once. So pick one way to add extra personality to a room through pillow color!

Color plays such an important role in how we feel. Color affects us! Even the colors in our pillows!

COLOR AND IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF INTERIOR DESIGN is a must-read for any home decorator!


I say, “there is magic in odd numbers when it comes to decorating”! And it’s so true!

Our eyes/brains love love love things grouped in odd numbers. Actually, our eyes will scan a room at lightning speed looking for odd number groupings. And we’re not even aware of it!

Pillows most often should be grouped in odd numbers. No wonder the most popular pillow arrangement is the 5 PILLOW ARRANGEMENT and the CASUAL PILLOW ARRANGEMENT I’m sharing today!

This is probably my best pillow tip and it is super easy!

Here’s a great post explaining THE MAGIC OF THREE IN INTERIOR DESIGN.


One of the big decorating advantages pillows bring to a room is the ability to CHANGE it!

So pillows can add a note of the season to a room! Even if a pillow doesn’t have a distinct seasonal or holiday pattern, by grouping pillows that have the colors associated with the season we perceive them as being seasonal!


Now, here’s my bonus question… to chop or not to chop?

I just couldn’t do a post about pillows and not address chopping! Let me ask you… do you chop?

I think it is a very personal thing to chop or not chop a pillow! So you decide.

My personal preference is some chopped and some not! A very middle of the road answer!

I think too many chops looks a bit contrived and no chopped pillows seems like I’m missing out on a fun detail.

To get the perfect chop a good down pillow insert works best in a pretty pillow cover!

Now YOU know some interior designer tips for great looking pillows too!!!!

HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT PILLOW INSERT is a post with tons of information about pillow covers and inserts.

Make sure you read HOW TO HAVE A PILLOW COLLECTION LIKE A DESIGNER to give you lots of tips and advice for collecting and curating pillows into a fabulous collection!

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  1. We must join “pillows anonymous”….I love every “pillow vignette” you created from the neutral monochromatic to the pop of that fabulous green!…
    Great tips…love your pillows!!…Have a great weekend!

  2. Love it. You made pillows 101 easy. Thank you now I gotta run and find some pillows. Hugs, Rose

  3. Great post! I am addicted to both pillows and GREEN. Now I have an uncontrollable urge to shop Homegoods. Your blog has become my very favorite, and I have gleaned so much useful information from it, not to mention the great recipes. Keep up the good work!

  4. Mary from Virginia says:

    Lovely, but where to store them all is the problem! =)

  5. I really appreciated this post! I just got a Pottery Barn Comfort sofa and its been sitting bare. Your post has given me a place to start. I wish we had a HomeGoods in our area. but we don’t. So many people post about the great deals they get there. Do you have a good, reasonable, online source for pillows?

    1. Hi Lorri, Target and Walmart has great pillows! And check out etsy for very fun unique pillow covers.

  6. Now a tutorial on bed pillows?

  7. Fabulous tips and, of course, fabulous pillows!! I love your pillow addiction … I’m afraid I suffer from the same thing as well! I’ve been meaning to ask you … where did you find your zebra print cowhide? xo

    1. I got the cowhide at overstocks.com. It was more than I would normally spend, but very reasonable for a good cowhide.

  8. Heidi Colton says:

    Love it!! I absolutely love pillows! Unfortunately my husband doesn’t. So I don’t get to play with pillows much.

    1. I understand!! My husband is the same way! I love pillows and wish I could play more with them too.

  9. Informative post, and I really love the green combo. If anyone has a Home Goods store, they have an abundance of pillows, stocked by color so you can get some good ideas. They are reasonable as well. And thank you for not “chopping” the pillows!!!!!! Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Yvonne, Just wondering if you have any tips for pillows for a sectional.? I just bought a beautiful neutral sectional, but am not sure how many pillows I should be using. Of course, I would really like to load it up (hubby doesn’t). I have three 24” pillows; one on either end and one in the corner where the two sections come together. Then two 20” on either end also. It seems so bare in-between . Should I use extra different size square pillows and lumbard style? How many? Thanks and have a great day. Love your blogs.

    1. Great, Linda! You are on the right track! I’d experiment with a few small pillows to toss in the middle and maybe one on one end. Remember, trust your own decor “eye”! You will know when it is right!

  11. All of your combinations are classy, can’t even pick a favorite. I love throws also., and use them year-round! Your green, black & white is always a winner, and those garden stools on the zebra rug just sing to me!

  12. Luv your pillow 101 Yvonne. we have a chocolate lab that thinks pillows were placed on sofas and chiars for him to take and play with. Do until we correct this behavior, I admire yours 🙁
    Hugs, Gee

  13. Linda in Lititz says:

    A fun post! Pillows are so much fun! I love the shade of green you used. The only problem with HomeGoods, etc. is that I have to get the whole pillow and I don’t have room to store all those pillows!! That’s why pillow covers are so nice. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Linda in Lititz

    1. Linda, all of the pillows I bought were down filled! I keep “extra” down iinserts in a space bag… or I give them away. Hope this helps.

  14. Teddee Grace says:

    Yes, poring over the offerings in the pillow aisle is great fun…and I’m glad you mentioned the removal and storage issues. I’m still trying to figure out a great storage solution for the pillows from my bed in my small one-bedroom apartment.

  15. Here are several questions for you. I have a hard time keeping pillows in place on my leather sofa, they slip around. Any suggestions? I have several pillows that came with sofas that I don’t dislike but also don’t use. They are not down and also do not have envelope or zipper openings, they are sewn closed. Why do you suggest refilling with a down insert? How would I reclose them? Or how might I repurpose them? I am looking forward to the upcoming posts on pillows. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Wow! What great questions Linda! As far as pillow slippage on a leather sofa… use an anchor pillow that has some traction like suede or velvet or other more textural fabrics… and then the pillow next to it will have something to “grab” on to. You can also replace the polyfill or down inserts with a plastic pellet insert. They are sorta like a beanbag and will stick where you put them. If your pillows have trim, run a bead of hot glue over the trim and let the hot glue completely cool! It will help your pillows stay put! If you use the hot glue method you might want to think about it twice if the trim is pricey or delicate. It’s all about choices!

      As far as the pillows that came with your sofa that you like I’d just keep them like they are. It is a pain to add a zipper unless you are skilled at sewing. Use them and enjoy them!
      Hope these suggestions help Linda

  16. We just got a new couch and yesterday I was online all afternoon, trying to find suggestions for how to place the pillows and how many and which colors. Then I log on today and find YOU had just the answers I was looking for. Now if I can get my husband to go outside and work in the garage, I can go play as I work better on this stuff without an audience.
    Happy Saturday!!!

  17. Thanks so much for the info about pillows and how to use them on the sofa. I would also like to have your input on pillow arranging for a queen
    bed as well as twin beds. Any updates on how to find the right duvet or bed ensembles would be appreciated. You shared about the guest room, and I have put several of those ideas into place right away. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’ve gotten lots of request for that, so look for an upcoming post.

  18. What a great post. Really helpful. I do have a question, we have a loveseat rather than a sofa..
    Would these suggestions also work for a loveseat?
    Thanks so much.

    1. I’d really experiment. See what looks best to you. It’s all about the size of the pillows. I might try 2 on one side and an accent pillow on the other. Give that a try. Please let me know how it works!

      1. Thank you so much for the advice. I will certainly give it a try. I think it is a great idea.

  19. Love your new blog, but I miss the convenience of your blog roll.

    1. Pat a new blog roll is on my to-do list. I am learning so much right now. It will be back soon

      1. Botanic Bleu says:

        Yahoo! about the blogroll. I, too, miss seeing blogrolls on sites without them. Not only are they convenient, that is how I discover many new blogs. The first week after discovering the world of blogging, I hopped from blog to blog using blogrolls. This is such a great way to connect to others with similar tastes.

        P.S. I miss seeing the photos for non-WP blogs. The photos are how I feel like I get to know the blogger….visual association.


        1. Judith the photos are EXACTLY the same size and quality. I’m still working on my blog… it’s a big learning curve. Please be patient as I learn and continue to improve StoneGable. Thanks!

  20. Sherry Myers says:

    Love the looks of your pillow/throw arrangements, Yvonne. You do such a good job with your tutorials. I appreciate your willingness to share with those of us that look forward to your blog posts. BTW..I went to Books a Million last night, scoured the magazine racks until I found “IT”! I stole a quiet corner and just breathed in the beauty of the magazine shoot. Lovely, inspiring, totally awesome…what more can I say!? I purchased two copies, one for me and one for my friend. It’s a keeper! Give yourself a pat on the back; you deserve it! Your readers are SO proud of you and your hard work!

    1. Sherry, this made me get misty eyed! Thank you so much for your kindness! I am so happy you like “it”!

  21. Judy Hubbard says:

    You have the most wonderful tutorials! I am also a Pillow Addict and proud of it! I change all my sofa and loveseat pillows seasonally.
    But have not thought about using pillow covers….a great idea! I also love your menus and recipes. Thanks so much for your creativity!

  22. This was so helpful – I love pillows too but always wonder how to arrange them.

  23. What a great article, many thanks. I’m a pillow addict too, now all i have to do is stop the hubby from tossing them on the floor!


  24. Love the pillow arrangements, Yvonne…..thanks for sharing great tips!

  25. Amazing the difference well-placed and different pillow themes make to a room. You make this look doable, and I can’t wait to try this out!

    Thank you so much!

  26. this is so helpful…now show us a Christmas pillow arrangement…please!!!

  27. Gracie Guillotte says:

    Love you pillow tutorial! I currently use the pillows that came with my sofa but now I am ready to ditch those and go pillow shopping. Should be easy and fun to choose pillows for the different seasons. Thanks!

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Your vignettes are beautiful, for sure, but just where does one sit?

  29. Loved this and learned so much! I like every arrangement but the green was my favorite. I do love pillows and this little “crash course” will help me with my future arrangements. Thanks!

  30. Tina Matteson says:

    Great tips on pillow arranging and I love the pillows in your photos! I also love your blog layout!

  31. Love all the pillows. They are beautiful but I have to be honest and say that every time you show a pic with those gorgeous brass lamps my heart goes flippity flop!! Oh what a lucky girl you are to have such beautiful lamps with such a loving history to them.

    I like pillows but I am addicted to throws! I just love them! I have them in every color, shape, size, holiday, etc. I have one linen closet full of just throws! Yesterday my hubby brought in a box from PBarn that was on the porch and said “Your throw is here.” I was shocked as I hadn’t told him I had ordered it. When I asked him how did he know it was a throw he laughed and said “Well what else would it be??” He is such a good hubby!!

  32. Question: with all these beautiful pillows about, how do you handle them when it’s time to sit? Sit with them at your back or remove them and stack aside, on the floor?

    1. I’ll be doing a post on “pillow etiquette” soon and cover that question.

  33. I love pillows too…I just bought ones similar to your green lumbar pillow…also at HomeGoods. I bought it for the sofa, but it didn’t look right with what is already there, so it’s in a chair and I love it there. I’m still working on finding a good pillow combo for the couch.

    I loved all of your examples!

  34. Hi Yvonne,

    I’ve just recently found your blog and am enjoying it immensely . Our new family room sofa is the same color as yours, and I’ve been experimenting with various pillows. Your tutorial is so helpful, AND tells me I’m headed in the right direction. Love your suggestion of using a big basket for holding pillows when sitting.

    Regarding HomeGoods, we’re lucky to have one less than a couple miles from home. I’m constantly stopping by just to make sure I don’t miss something wonderful. What FUN that place is…and extremely dangerous!

    Many Thanks,

  35. Botanic Bleu says:

    I forgot to say how much I enjoyed your pillow tutorial.


  36. For the 24×24 pillow, what is the actual size of the pillow form? Is it 26×26 form with a 24×24 pillow case?

    1. The size is the pillow case. I use a size bigger when it comes to inserts. I like big fluffy pillows. It’s really a matter of what YOU like!

  37. Also… How many pillows do you recommend for a loveseat? Should it match the 5 on the sofa?

    1. Because love seats are small, I would go with 2 on one side and 1 on the other. They don’t have to be the same pattern, but they should coordinate. Hope this helps

      1. Thanks!! What pillow size for each side of the loveseat?

  38. Love your pillow tutorial..you have beautiful pillows!

  39. Great tips! I like all of them….that might be why I have 2 closet shelves full of pillows….sigh…they are just so very cool and easy to change a bed or couch with and they come in so many colors and designs that i just can’t help myself sometimes. :0)

  40. Of course we are separated at birth….pillows are the soul to my decor. They can instantly change a room and I could change them out weekly:). Call me crazy!

  41. love this pillow tutorial. Can you provide info about your sofa

  42. Thanks for these great ideas. I have an L-shape and am battling to place the pillows. Is there any chance you could please share some ideas for this?

  43. Loved your pillow info. I have a dilemma. Whenever people come over, they never seem to know what to do with the pillows on my sofas…as they awkwardly sit down pulling them out from behind their back …I’m usually scrambling to make them feel less awkward and move the pillows and then i feel awkward for having put them there in the first place. I would be grateful for your counsel. Thank you !!!

    1. Great question S! I keep a large basket in each room so my guest can toss unwanted pillows into them.

  44. Debbie Thacker says:

    Love this tutorial! I have a question for you. I’m having trouble finding the right pillows for my burgundy leather sofa. I want something to soften the masculine look. Any suggestions? Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! Love your style!

    1. Have her pick an accent color she loves and add a big geometric or an abstract flora. That should soften it a bit.

  45. Love these ideas. A beautiful soft and luxurious handmade Alpaca throw would add a touch of natural sophistication and style.

  46. Hello there, I was curious if you could let me know which couch this is? Thanks so much!


  47. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me where your anchor pillows came from? These are almost EXACTLY what I am looking for. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa! The anchor pillows came from my local Pottery Barn Outlet. There are so many neutral pillows out there! Look at places like HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Marshalls and Pier 1! Hope this helps!

  48. This is amazing, now I learn more about the pillow and how to use it to decorate my home. Thank you for sharing experience!

  49. Thanks you for a great tips, but the big problem is …..where to store them LOL

    1. I use mostly pillow covers and inserts. When I change up my pillow I store the inserts in a drawer in the Curlacue chest in the living room and use the inserts over again!

  50. Hi,
    I was curious what type of pillow inserts you use? Love the look and enjoy your blog!


    1. Hi A! I use inserts from my local Pottery Barn outlet. But I hear Ikea has nice inserts too.

      1. GwenCondit says:

        I’ve used IKEA inserts and they go flat rather quickly. However a decorative pillow the size of a bed pillow for under $10 that was down has stayed fluffy and soft and cushiony through two broken feet!

  51. I have a quick question. We redecorated our living room and we are almost done. However I am not sure how to handle this situation. I have a couch that I have two plain pillows and two floral like you showed above…and it looks beautiful. I have two chairs next to the couch that have an abstract print. I then have a bench directly across from the couch that I would also like to put pillows on to give it height. Is there a rule of thumb for pillows on furniture across from each other… I also have a floral rug. Can I do another floral’on the bench?

    1. Hi Amy, I think I’d use something other than a floral. Too many florals will overstimulate our eyes and mind. Try a check or stripe in a coordinating color. Hope this helps!

  52. Kristin E says:

    Where did you find anchor pillows?

  53. I am so glad I found your blog not long ago and look forward to seeing what ideas you have to share each and every day!

    Thanks for the wonderful tips. I really like the idea of putting pillows in baskets. I am going to try and find me some nice baskets and try this out.

  54. Thanks for the insight! Love it!!

  55. These ideas are great for a regular couch; but, how would you arrange on a sectional? I just can’t seem to get them right

  56. Great post and great tips, Love all of your pillows.

  57. GwenCondit says:

    Thank you for putting together this pillow tip in one post. I have a little cash said I’d like to add the WM 18″ $10 pillows to change my pillows. Last year I admired the stacked pumpkin pillow at PB and I have a small return card I think I’ll use to purchase it today. If not for your post, I’d not have known!!
    I know I’ve read your how toarrange pillow post before but it was like new to see what pillow changes did for the room!! Also, because I now have a collection starting, and did not have a storage plan in place, I found two 24″ PB shams in with my store duvet!!! So I’m going to empty this large lidded basket and begin my pillow storage there.
    Question: when the pillow is squeezed flat in that bag, ( I only like PB down as they’ve kept their fluffiness and I use the 24″ one for head support) do they truly fluff back out??? I’ve always hesitated. And to get my answer do I need to read comments? I wonder if others have hesitated to do that with pillows for fear they’ll end up flat too soon.

  58. Portia Read says:

    Thanks for the pillow talk Yvonne! Very pretty and enlightening.

  59. Bonnie Harris says:

    I think my pillows are too big for my couch I want to stack them on the floor or by the fireplace

  60. Wow….the idea is just awesome. Now I can also decorate my room with my colorful pillows in this way. Thanks a lot for sharing such tips.

  61. Yvonne, I love, love, LOVE your site and all that you teach us. From the bottom of my heart … thank you! There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a Sunday morning coffee, and my iPad open to your site! ❤️ – Martha

    PS … I saw an adorable quote that I think you and your readers would like. It said “Throw Pillows Are The Suffed Animals of Grown Women”. I would say that’s pretty accurate! ?

  62. Wow….this is amazing. I just loved the green combination of pillows. Now I can easily decorate my room with this idea. Thanks a lot for sharing such an idea.

  63. D M Rescek says:

    I like that the pillows have a place! Now where do guests sit?

  64. What if I have sofa set . I mean three pieces in the same place . Is it ok to make them all look the same? I meant the same colors and arrangement or you have any tips

  65. I think my pillows for sidesleeper are too small for my couch. I want to stack them on the floor or by the fireplace

  66. Do these tips work for every type of sofa or just the type in your demonstration? I have a love seat sofa as well – would it work for that?

    1. Love seats get fewer pillows and pillows on sectional sofas are a bit different.

  67. Great tips! Thank you for this post.

  68. Reading this from the referral on this past Saturday’s post. I LOVE the idea of using pillow covers and just re-using the inserts! GENIUSSSS! My Wee Abode can’t handle storing even 5 extra pillows… but pillow covers? Absolutely!

    Will you be having a tutorial for pillows on loveseats?

  69. Great information. Love all the pillows you posted. Your design was interesting but was neat in appearance. Ive got a L sectional can i apply your basic principles. Trying to keep a clean timeless look without cluttering my sofa. Great job on the pillows 101. Thank you.

  70. It’s great to see what you can do with pillows. I really like how you matched colors, that green, black and white combination looks awesome.

  71. Any tips for an L shaped cream leather sofa?

    1. Hi Samanta, You have such leeway with an L shape! I like to see pillows on both ends and a few in the crook of the L. You can anchor some of your pillows by adding a throw to the sofa and putting your pillows on the throw. Also you might want to buy down pillows and flatten the bottoms. They will stay better.

  72. I am in the process of decorating a conversation sofa / sectional in our great room and a love seat and chair in our sitting room. This blog article came up when I searched and was just what I needed. It gave me some solid ideas AND confidence that I was already on the right track. Question: How many pillows would you use on a love seat? A chair?

    I am really glad I found your blog! And one more thing, it is so refreshing for me to find an empty nester blogger!

    1. Hi Patricia, Great question! I would use large matching square pillows on the ends of a loveseat maybe a lumbar shaped pillow in the middle. A great pillow with your monogram would look amazing on the loveseat. Just one pillow on a chair but maybe none depending on how many pillows you use on the rest of your sitting spaces in your room. But most importantly use what YOU love!

  73. Great tips and ideas. Each look is different and beautiful.

    Question for you … I see wall art hanging in the reflection of the mirror; it looks like houses. Who is the artist?

    1. Hi Janice, I get asked this question all the time!!! This picture is from a Washington DC artist named Daniel Kessler. Here’s his site. I really love his work! https://kesslerart.com/

  74. Beautiful​, great ideas

  75. Thank you so much for the pillow arrangement ideas. I have always wondered how tonmKe my couch and loveseat pretty and you have given me the answer. Thanks again.
    I love your two green stand, any insight as to where they were purchased?

  76. I enjoyed your post. I have been wanting to add different pillows to my sofa for some time now. However, mine is a floral print (yes I have had it a long time and can’t justify changing it, because it is still like new; I take care of my furniture, and sometimes things last longer than I’d like), and it goes with my decor. However, I am finding it difficult to find pillows or fabric that I feel would go with it.

  77. This is SO helpful! Thanks for taking the time to take the photos and write all of that. I know that post had to be very time consuming!
    Right now, my husband and I don’t use the living room much and keep the sofa covered because of our dogs, but we are planning on selling our home/moving in 6 months, so now that we are almost done decluttering, I want to start staging the house–or at least getting a list together or what we will need to pull each room together.
    I love how you broke down each step and even have the pillows that are interchangeable. I feel a lot better about investing in the pillows because we plan on getting a new sofa when we move, so if the colored pillows don’t work exactly, it’s not a huge waste! (I have an idea of the palette for our new living room).

  78. Thank you so much! Great tips and ideas!They are really helpful for me and my family. Really good job on the site, Keep up the good work! My best friend suggested that I should try choosing some nice pillows.

  79. Hi,
    I love your pillow arrangement , but personally I would have gone with gray 20 inch pillows because it compliments both the brown wooden floor and the black and white. Well…you know what they say different strokes for different folks. Great work!!!

    1. Great article with very helpful tips. One question that i would love to ask …How much pillow is too much ? Also gray would also look great on the sofa if combined properly

      1. You are asking a pillow lover! So I think 2 or three on each end of a sofa if the sofa is big enough for 2 on each end and one or two in the middle. Of course it’s important to think of things like pattern, color, sizes etc. Yes, I use a tad of gray often in my room.

  80. Donna Nugent says:

    Love these tips! I immediately redid the pillows on my sofa and it looks so much better….thanks tons!

    Quick question – how to do you keep pillows from sliding on a leather sofa? Mine stay upright for a while, but after a couple of days they seem to slide down onto the seat. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

    1. There are several ways to keep pillows from slipping off a leather sofa. My favorite is to add a throw and put the pillows on a throw. Also, make sure your pillows have down inserts so you can flatten the bottom of the pillow before putting it on the sofa. And make sure you buy pillows with lots of texture. They will sorta stick together and won’t slip as easily. Hope this helps, Donna!

      1. Donna Nugent says:

        Great tips…..thanks tons! I think my main problem is not having the down inserts. Will be heading out to get some today!

  81. My couch has real high arms, as high as the back. What is the best size pillow for that? Does the pillow need to be taller than the arms?

    Also, do you think the large pillow should be the solid color and the smaller ones bring in the print? I am so nervous to add color and print to my room.

    1. Don’t be nervous Jennifer! Yes, try to have a pillow be larger than the arms of the chair. And if the chair has a deep seat a small lumbar in front of it would be very nice. Remeber if you don’t like it you can return it! have fun!!!!!

  82. my trouble is doing love seat or sofa to match the other or vise versa? Should I switch up anchor pillows or decorative ones, and what kind of arrangement to compliment.

    1. Either would work. Play with the pillows and see which work with your room

  83. Hi, I love this artículo and love pillows but I don’t seem to be able to get it right .. I like Moderm to contemporary look.
    Would you be able to take a look at my pillow arrengrmet and give me your opinion ?
    Thank you so much

    1. Eli, you just may need an Interior Design Consultation. Look for it on sale in the next couple of weeks.

  84. Hi! I love your site and all of your pillow ideas. What are your suggestions for a L-shaped (sectional) couch? It’s leather and beige (cream) in color. Right now I have 3-4 small and medium sized pillows that are in the middle corner of the L, but they just don’t look right. I don’t think that they are big enough or something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. My best advice it to look at the L shaped sofas on Pinterest. You will find lots of gorgeous combinations.

    2. Put two on either end and three in varying sizes in the middle. A throw adds extra texture and cozy.

  85. Susan Tessner says:

    Love your pillows and arrangement! What size pillow did you use in the middle?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Susan, I like to use a 22 or 24 inch on the ends. A 20 or 18 next to the end pillows and a larger lumbar in the middle. Probably a 12 x 20 or larger. Hope this helps.

  86. And how would you add pillows to the matching loveseat in the room?

    1. You could go two ways, Susan. Either match the pillows on both sofas, or match some of the pillows but use different accent pillows with different designs. The later is harder to achieve. But both will look really pretty!

  87. Dinah Perez says:

    Some told me this week that the trend is to only have one big pillow on the sofa. Is that true?

    1. No, one big pillow might not look that good. Make sure you have “anchor” pillows on the very ends of your sofa then you can add one bit on. Hope this helps

  88. Judy Nemeth says:

    Love your pillow arrangement “Help me!” suggestions. Any helpful suggestions for arranging artwork over a large linen chesterfield sofa and very empty wall with 9 ft ceilings? Maybe 3 in a row or larger group of smaller art. Thank you!

  89. What does “chop a pillow” mean?

    1. There is an example of a chop in the images. It means to karate chop a pillow so there is a dent in the center of it. Hope this helps, Tamara

  90. I believe chopping pillows is OUT of style. It was over done with chops being too severe – rabbit ears.

    I agree with feather/down inserts. Nothing worse than stiff pillows or thin ones.

    I love your selection of pillows. Wish I had a HomeGoods nearby.

    1. I know it was so overdone but I love the interest it brings to a pillow grouping. I like to be in style but I always say, do what YOU love!

  91. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I love pillows and they are so easy to make! Scraps of designer fabric make very interesting pillows and are so affordable. Have a great weekend!

  92. Ruth Ledyard says:

    I have never understood the reason for chopping. I know that I am probably old school but chopping and putting books on bookcases backwards have always looked contrived to me. The latter I don’t understand at all since I love my books and frequently look for one. Your pillow selection and how to use them are spot on. I also love pillows and changing them frequently keeps a room interesting.

    1. Each to his or her own, Ruth. Chopping a pillow gives it a bit of dimension. And if you want a more cohesive look on your bookcase turning books so just the neutral pages show actually looks pretty! The bookcase does not look so busy. The important thing about decorating is to create a home that looks comfortable and pretty to YOU!

  93. Robin Estes says:

    Where do you get the white pillows with the brown trim in the first picture and I have two sofas in one room do you do the same pillows on each one

  94. Jina Sheppard says:

    Your pillow game is strong! I, too, an a pillow queen! Now if you would talk about storing them, my life would be complete! I have tried those bags that we vacuum out the air, but they always seem to re-inflate. Love your sense of style and your easy way of reaching others how to decorate.

    1. CarolbinTX says:

      I found it difficult to find just the pillow “cases”. I’ve only found a few tired versions at BB&B. I store my “whole” pillows in two hanging wardrobes. I currently have 4 sets of seasonal pillows for 2 couches and 2 chairs – probably 8 pillows per season. These wardrobes allow me to stack all of them. I rotate them so they are easy to grab when I’m transitioning to a new season.

      1. I love when we can find practical solutions to our decorating dilemmas. Yay, for you, Carol!

  95. Vonette Tully says:

    Love this article and yes it works!! I am a pillow lover too!! They add so much fun to a room!!
    Enjoy your posts and blog!! Your home and style is beautiful!!

  96. Karine Anderson says:

    I too love pillows! I love the mixed patterns and textures. You have a new Follower!

  97. Dear Yvonne, I wanted you to know how much I have learned from you about decorating. I often flag your blogs so I can find them easily. I especially like this article on arranging pillows. I have started ordering pillow covers because my collection of pillows is getting so large that I don’t have the room for storage. Thank you for that idea. My style is somewhat different from yours since I prefer more color in my room with accessories and textiles. I define my style as Relaxed Traditional with a touch of Glamour. I don’t know how you manage to accomplish so much everyday. You must be super organized and have a ton of energy. I do know that your blogs make a difference and reach many people. I have learned so much. Thank you and I hope to meet you one day.

  98. Cherri Mullins says:

    I love your pillow collection! Where do you have the most luck finding your pillows? Or do you have them custom made?

  99. nancy pereyda says:

    I love your pillow ideas and I cannot wait to go to homegoods! I have a small family room and I have a big sectional L shaped couch. I am trying to get better flow in the room especially for the upcoming holidays, so I have split the section and now I have one long couch and the “V” shaped sectional by itself. It looks better than I thought it would. What would you do with that piece with pillows? It could seat one or two people but it is very comfy for one person get comfy on. Eventually I will replace with a chair and 1/2 but not yet. Any ideas would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Nancy, I would put a 20×20 pillow in the center of the V and then put a smaller lumbar in front of the square pillow. Hope this help.

  100. Hi yvonne,
    I’ve been following you for years and enjoy your refreshing, relaxing, comfortable decorating style. My living room is neutral and I really love how it looks in pictures but have found that my husband and I do love adding some color. I was looking for some posts from stone gable and those gorgeous pillows you had there for some inspiration but can’t find them. Perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough. Help! I will keep searching in the meantime. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mary, from time to time I do a pillow post. Type the word “pillows” in the search box and you will see lots of posts. Hope this helps.


    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you. I’m so glad you are enjoying all the decorating ideas on StoneGable. That is my goal! Yay!

  102. I have a fairly new sectional with each end ending with arms and no open end or chaise attached. I love having my pillows on it. I hope it looks right, but I do 3 per end and 1 or 2 in the corner in the middle. The one in the middle is often the cute seasonal type “feature pillow.”. Silly but true. I layer throws, too. I feel that I have an issue with buying cream colored throws. I just love cozy throws in that color. We just shuffle the pillows around to lounge or pitch then into the leather armchair, or (gasp!) on the floor, which is probably one of the Lord’s cardinal forbidden sins, and my Memaw in heaven would waggle her finger at me and say not to do that. ;). I love the pillows and enjoy having the sectional. It is sand colored and so pretty.