14 Easy Spring Vignettes Using 10 Items

Let’s create an easy spring vignette. Let’s use 10 home decor accent items and create 14 pretty, simple, and easy spring vignettes.


Today I want to show you how you can make lots of easy spring vignettes with just two handfuls of items you already have in your home. There is a ton of spring inspiration here that is so easy to do in your home. Today let’s create 14 super easy spring vignettes using 10 decor items!

My challenge was to pick 10 decor items from my home and make as many vignettes out of them as I could. They are all simple vignettes with subtle differences that give a nod to spring. And these vignettes don’t overdecorate or clutter up a coffee table.

With just a change or two or the addition of other seasonal touches, these vignettes could work for other seasons and holidays too.

10 Things I Used To Make 14 Easy Spring Coffee Table Vignettes

The secret to this challenge is choosing wisely. I could only use 10 items to create all the spring vignettes!

Some decor items that are very versatile will appear in almost every vignette. The books are a great example. They add texture and height and are the perfect landing spot for smaller decor!

I made the burlap books and have been using them in my decor for almost a decade. Books are so versatile! Use books as they are, or cover them in a vignette!

Here’s a post about How To Cover Books With Burlap or other material. And here’s a post about How To Cover Books With Decoupage And Cocktail Napkins. Covering books to work with decor is a must-try DIY!

I wanted the vignettes I created using the items to…

  • work with my color palette
  • be spring-y, both for Easter and/or just for spring
  • have an organic element
  • use lots of texture
  • have varying heights
  • not overcrowd the coffee table
  • be a low enough profile (for the most part) to look over sitting on the sofa
  • only be things I already owned, even the flowers

So I looked around our house until I found these 10 items…

  • a tray
  • books
  • stylized architectural egg
  • small terracotta pots
  • fern in a white pot
  • English Daisies in a white planter
  • faux poppies in a glass cylinder
  • hydrangeas in a glass vase
  • a white ceramic bunny
  • black soapstone rabbits

I’m sure there were many more combinations I could have put together using these 10 items but I’ll share 14 easy spring vignettes right now!

So let’s begin!

Hydrangea + Book + Egg

The first and probably easiest of the little spring vignettes consisted of some cut hydrangeas I used in my Spring Home Tour in a glass cylinder vase, a trio of burlap books, and a stylized ceramic egg.


This is a simple but also such a beautiful look! And so easy to create!

The books become a riser for the stylized egg. This egg is a nod to spring and Easter, but I use it to tuck into my decor when it’s not spring, too. Then it does not seem to look so much like an egg and more like just an architectural element.


I used a glass cylinder for the hydrangeas so the stems would show. I’m really liking glass vases lately! If you like a more rustic look, a mason jar filled with hydrangeas would look nice too!

Most glass vases will work in this vignette as long as it has a low profile.

Tray + Book + Bunny + Fern

I know some people don’t care to use faux flowers or plants when decorating their home, but I love them!

When I’m shopping for faux flowers and plants, I buy the most realistic ones I can find, and then I have a big variety to add to our decor. I found the fern in this spring vignette at a local shop. It is really just a root ball and the fern. So I can switch out containers.


This easy vignette could be used for much of the year if the bunny was replaced with a small decorative box or a little candle.

I know differing heights of objects in a vignette are important in a vignette. I tried putting the white bunny on just one book, but that did not give it enough importance. Then I tried two books and finally three. Putting the bunny on three books looked best of all.


Because the bunny is stretching up, he appears a bit taller than the fern.

Tray + Hydrangeas + Books + Terracotta Pots

One of the most versatile items you can choose for a vignette is a basket or tray. Corraling items together is a pretty and organized look!

I choose a simple two-metal tray with little metal ball feet as a tray for these easy spring vignettes.


A tray cozies the items closer together and makes it look like one piece of decor! Vignette in French means to tell a little story. And when things are grouped together in a basket or tray, they tell that little story easier!


Spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils would also look so attractive to make this an early spring vignette.

Books + Egg + Hydrangeas + Rabbits

Let’s bring more of an Easter element into a spring vignette by using a pair of handsome soapstone rabbits!


This spring vignette was spread across the coffee table. Our coffee table is small, but no matter what the size, this vignette would look pretty across any whole coffee table! This vignette would look pretty on a sideboard, dining table, or buffet. Add a couple of candles, and it would be beautiful as a spring mantel, too!

The hydrangeas are the centerpiece and are flanked by the books on one side and these dapper black rabbits on the other!

I’m not much for cutie decor, and that is why I like these rabbits so much. They nod to Easter but really could be used at other times of year too.

I particularly like this vignette for the way it picks up the color palette in the sunroom.


The books pick up the caramel in the rug and the burlap trim on the pillows. The black rabbits pick up the black metal on the coffee table and the rug. The whites in the egg and hydrangeas pick up the whites in the sofa, rug, and pillows.

Tray + Books + Bunny + Poppies

The bunny in this little spring vignette is my one cute Easter indulgence! I thought he was just so darling the way he was stretching!


I added a bit of color to this vignette with faux poppies. However, long-stemmed fresh flowers would look beautiful, too!

One of my favorite faux bloom tips when using a glass vase is to fill it up a few inches with water. Paint the ends of the stems with clear nail polish so if the wire is sticking out it will not rust. You can see more tips for Making Faux Flowers Look Real here. It’s full of great ideas.

I gathered the vignette up on a tray and added the white bunny to the top of the burlap books!

If you like to display spring decor wouldn’t a nest of small eggs look sweet on top of the books?

Tray + Books + Terracotta Pots + Planter Of Spring Flowers


I love rustic things put beside more upscale things. They create such synergy!

This easy vignette can work for this season or, depending on the plant in the planter, can work almost any time of year. The English Daisies make the vignette look more like spring into summer decor.

Knowing how to tweak a vignette to make it work for more than one season or holiday is decor gold, my friend!

Books + Bunny + Planter

The nubby white planter of English Daisies and moss was part of the spring kitchen decor this year. There was a trio of them sitting on our island. So this planter will go back to the kitchen when I’m done using it in the easy spring vignettes.


I like the white planter with the white bunny and wish I had another one to leave on the sunroom coffee table until Easter is over!

The bunny is the perfect size for the books. He’s able to stretch out comfortably!

Tray + Books + Egg + Poppies

I like the egg sitting on the books. It has a bit more presence when it is elevated. I found it at a consignment shop long, long ago. There are just things we love and use over and over again, right?

The tray the decor sits on is another accent decor piece I’ve had for a very long time. In our downsize move, I almost got rid of it. I am so happy I didn’t.


This vignette could transfer very well to a kitchen table or any long flat surface in your home.

For spring, the pop of coral from the poppies looks bright and pretty! I’ve got to remember I like this color for this time of year.

Books + Eggs + Poppies + Bunnies

Here is a slightly different version from the easy spring vignette above. The tray was taken away for this simple vignette.

And just for fun, I added the bunny to the bottom shelf of the coffee table next to a round lidded basket.


There are so many spring ideas in this post, but one spring element that shows up in every single spring vignette is florals or plants. Whether real or faux, they add life and beauty to a vignette and to a room!

I’ve been styling vignettes without a basket or tray to contain them recently. I love the clean look!

Books + Pots + Planter

By now, you have probably figured out that the burlap books show up in every vignette. They are just so versatile! If you don’t care for the burlap books, choose books that work with your spring color palette.

For the vignettes, the burlap books serve four major purposes. They…

  • add texture
  • support the color palette
  • are used as a riser
  • and are used to put a smaller item on

They are a must-have in each of these easy spring vignettes.

A plant is a wonderful thing to put in a vignette. Like flowers, they are organic and add lots of life!

Our eyes naturally search out flowers and plants!


This is one of my favorite vignettes because it was so easy to style, and all the pieces of this spring vignette were natural. The English Daisies, the moss, the burlap, and the terracotta.

I’ve filled the little terracotta post with small natural-colored eggs, and they looked so sweet! They made a nest of sorts.

I love textural decor! The nubbiness of the white pot, the fluffiness of the flowers, the roughness of the terracotta, and the burlap. All set against the smooth blond wood.

Tray + Books + Pots + Poppies

This vignette is so pretty! I’m so glad I chose the faux poppies for the challenge!


Did you notice I also removed one book? Two books seemed to be the right height for the terracotta pots. I’m a big believer that less is often more!


The tray is essential in my arsenal of decor. Having great basic decor that you can use over and over again in many ways and in many places is so important to be a savvy home decorator.

Tray + Books + Egg + Fern

Replacing the white bunny with the egg gives the easy spring vignettes a whole different and more sophisticated look. It’s amazing how just one thing can change the look of decor!


If I want to put together quick, pretty accent decor for a coffee table, I know these three elements, the books, the architectural egg, and the pot of ferns will work well together and work with the rest of my decor!

Did you notice how the darker metal of the tray grounds this very light-colored vignette?

Books + Egg + Poppies + Rabbits


Here’s another vignette that fills our sunroom coffee table. This is the most dramatic of all the easy spring vignettes!


The colors and height of the poppies create more drama and excitement in this vignette!

Rabbits + Books + Planter

The rabbits will send off us as this is our 14th easy spring vignette!


It’s been a fun challenge to see how many spring vignettes I could make with just 10 items!

Why not challenge yourself to do the same? And don’t forget to take pictures of the vignettes with your phone so you have a record of what you’ve done!

Have fun creating pretty and easy spring vignettes for the flat surfaces in your home.

Shop For Spring Decor

Find spring items to use in your home this season.


Happy Almost Spring!

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    1. Use what looks nice. A tray or basket can be any shape. It’s more important that the scale and proportion is right. It should not be too big or too small. Just like Goldilocks, a tray or basket should be “just right”. Your eyes will tell you!

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    I have followed you for a few years now and I always enjoy your posts and your recipes. I have tried a few and they were a great success. You always give such wonderful ideas. I’m still battling what colour to have my house painted on the interior I’m trying to work through some colours so a lot of information that you posted is great information for that and I thank you for that as well. Regards, Trudy.

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      1. Yvonne,
        I too am suffering from Spring fever. So hard when our weather is flipping between winter and spring like temperatures.
        I use fresh flowers and plants to bring in a little early spring. We celebrate our anniversary in Febuary and my husband of 56yrs always gives me some beautiful Orchids. I have one in our bedroom and two in the kitchen. They make me smile everything I see them. Still have a couple of Amaryllis blooming in our familyroom along with some faux tulips which look so real especially when I and always inspire memix them with some real greenery.
        Your vignettes are always so pretty yet simple,and always inspire me.

        1. Kathy, I know what you mean about flipping tempertures. Right now we have snow on the ground, but in my heart and home… it’s spring!

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