12 Favorite Spring Decor Ideas

Do you need spring decorating ideas? Spring is a beautiful time of the year. Decorating your home for spring is easy if you bring a bit of the season indoors. Get 12 favorite spring decor ideas you can use in your home.


Do you need spring decorating ideas? Then this post is for you! I have so many beautiful spring decor ideas to help you. These are the best tips, tricks, and ideas for easy and effortless spring decorating! It’s all about being inspired by nature! And bringing it and nature-inspired spring decor into our homes. Here are 12 beautiful ways to decorate your home for spring.

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Hang A Spring Wreath On Your Front Door

Spring Decor Ideas- Cherry Blossom Wreath on the front door

Hanging a beautiful spring wreath on the front door notes the passing of winter and the welcoming of spring. It’s a rite of passage and the first thing I do when I decorate for spring.

A big, lush welcoming spring wreath is essential spring decor idea. I am a huge fan of making my own spring door decor using grapevine wreaths and baskets. And I fill them with spring flowers, moss, and sometimes a twiggy nest!

A spring wreath in an entryway offers a big cheery welcome of the season to guests and passersby.

The Cherry Blossom Weath was so easy to make with just a couple items. You might also like to see a Spring Front Door Basket which was another easy-to-make spring DIY craft.

I like to use lots of texture in a spring wreath and the same spring-inspired colors I see outside my door.

Do A Little Spring Cleaning And Organizing

A bit of “spit and polish” will work wonders for your home before you decorate for spring. It’s the perfect time to throw open our windows and let the fresh air in while we tidy things up.

Since I keep our home pretty clean and organized all year round using an Easy To Do Cleaning and Organizing System, I mostly like to concentrate on cleaning my windows and washing the window screens and interior casings as well as making my porch and patio spring ready. You will also find me decluttering my clothes. Getting rid of what I did not wear and organizing my spring wardrobe.

I also like to gather up the things I think I’ll be using in our home for spring, like lightweight blankets and pillows, to freshen them up. Things like vases and planters also get washed so they are ready for flowers and spring plantings.

Bring Spring Florals Indoors


Spring is such a short-lived season in my area so I LOVE to fill our home with real spring flowers. Fresh flowers are an everyday luxury especially when tulips and daffodils and other spring flowers are in season. Bring spring flowers into your home! This is such an easy spring decor idea


A bouquet of tulips makes a fresh spring centerpiece in the image below. I have a love for white tulips and they work well with my neutral decor. But don’t pass up tulips that come in spring pastels or brightly colored ones for a pop of color!

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- white tulips on a dining room table with a burlap runner

I strive to keep my cut tulips looking fresh for at least a week or more. How To Keep Cut Tulips Fresh Longer is one of my most popular posts. In it, you will find easy ways to keep your tulips looking their best.

Potted Spring Flowers

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- daffodils in a white pot with moss around the base of it.

If you are decorating with potted spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, or pansies it is best to remove them from their pots and replant them in a pretty container with holes for drainage. It’s also nice to add a bit of moss to hide the dirt. The moss will help the soil stay moist longer and prevent the potted plant from drying out too quickly.

As the blooms fade make sure to pinch them off so your plant looks healthy.

If you want to keep spring flowers in their plastic pots slip the into another pretty container. Potted spring flowers usually last a bit longer than cut spring flowers.

Planting Cool Stored Bulbs

You can also plant cool stored bulbs in a shallow dish or pot or other containers. Put pebbles in the bottom of the container and nestle bulbs, root side down, in the stones. Add water to just cover the root end of the bulb and set it in a bright spot. The bulbs will begin to grow stems and leave and then bloom.

This is a beautiful way to get in the spring spirit.

Use Faux Flowers

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- faux flowers in a spring vignette

I am a huge fan of faux flowers. In the spring I try to find the real thing first because I’m so excited to be using live, in-season blooms.

Faux flowers have come such a long way, and if they are very realistic I’m thrilled to use them in our home too!

My rule of thumb for using faux flowers is…

Spring Faux Flower Tip

Use only the faux flowers that are blooming in season outside.

This rule applies to cut flowers and not potted flowers like orchids or lavender.

Using faux flowers that are found outside in the spring makes them so much more believable. 7 Tips For Making Faux Flowers Look More Realistic has lots of helpful tips you will love!

Both real and faux spring flowers can add life and beauty to your home and are such an easy to do spring decor idea.

Decorate With Spring Organics

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- a trio of ferns in coordinating pots on a white buffet

Besides using spring flowers, my spring home would not be complete without other spring organics and greenery. I use both real and faux greenery but if I can find real-looking faux plants I often opt for them because I am not known to have a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants.

Think about adding a pretty potted fern or a bowl of moss to your home. Willow balls in a white bowl or a vase of tall pussy willow branches set the mood for spring in any room.

Blooming Spring Branches

One of my favorite spring decor ideas is to force flowering spring branches from trees or bushes. It’s so easy and is the most stunning spring decoration!

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- flowering quince branches, beautiful spring organics

How To Force Spring Branches will give you easy and detailed instructions to force blooms in your home.

Spring branches bloom in the most beautiful pastel shades.

If you cannot find spring branches to force why not buy faux spring branches to put in a big urn in your home. I’ve done this for years too!

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- Faux spring blooming branches in a big urn on a white buffet.

I use spring-blooming branches in my home every spring. What a gorgeous statement! And so so easy to do!

Create A Spring Vignette

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- a spring vignette using a tray, books, a white bunny and a fern

Another spring decor ideas is create a simple spring vignette.

A vignette is a group of items that tell a story. Another way to think of a vignette is simple layers of decor arranged together. The charm of a vignette is how you style it to show off your unique personality.

I like to use everyday items like candles, trays, and books along with spring seasonal accessories like bunnies, nests, and Easter eggs. 14 Easy Spring Vignettes will show you how to create lots of different spring vignettes from everyday items you have around your home.

A spring vignette makes an attractive mini focal point on a coffee table!

Fill Your Home With the Scents Of Spring

Refresh your home with clean scents of spring. Use candles or essential oil diffusers to add to a spring sensory experience!

I look for spring scents blended with fruit or woodsy elements because I’m somewhat sensitive to single floral note fragrances. With diffusers, you can mix your own one-of-a-kind signature spring scent.

Most of us decorate for spring but often overlook adding beautiful scents to our homes to complement our decor.

Introduce A Little Spring Color


Do you get inspiration from color? Even though I love my neutral home I still am a huge color enthusiast! In the spring I like to add a bit of color taken right from nature this time of year.

Our bedroom coverlet and shams are soft duck egg blue. I’m so drawn to this color. I’ve even toyed with the idea of painting our bedroom this gorgeous color. The soft hues of spring work beautifully with my color palette.

No matter what your color scheme think about adding a little color of the season to your decor! I’m working on a few ideas to add a little bit of color to my spring living room! Look for a bit more color in our upcoming Spring Home Tour.

Lighten Up Your Textiles

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- blue spring textile in lightened up cotton

Bed linens, throw pillows, decorative throws, bedding, accent rugs, and curtains, are just a few textiles you can lighten up in the spring.

Instead of using heavy or bulky textiles use lightweight layers. They will work better than one heavy layer.

Change out a heavy duvet for a lightweight coverlet. Swap out a wool rug for a sisal one. Think about foregoing curtains and adding bamboo shades. My favorite textiles to swap out our pillows. They can instantly change the look and feel of a room!

Opt for cotton or linen or light natural fibers in the spring. This is a spring decor idea you can use in any room of your home.

Use A Few Seasonal Accent


You don’t need to fill your living room with bunnies, chicks, Easter Eggs, and nests to decorate for spring. Actually, you don’t need to use any of these quintessential decor items. You can decorate for spring with things like spring flowers for a more subtle look.

One or two tasteful spring-inspired accent decor is all you need in a room to celebrate the season.

I’m not much for spring accents, except the occasion nest, but I could not resist this handsome pair of black rabbits. I purchases them a few years ago to sit on our spring mantel, but they have moved from room to room over the years! I think you might find them in our kitchen this spring.

The rabbits are an example of how one spring accent is just right for a room.

Plant Eary Spring Herbs

SPRING DECOR IDEAS- pots of herbs added on the kitchen island

When I think about spring, I think about herbs! I love to use them as decor.

They bring life to a kitchen and are perfect to have on hand to use in recipes! The Ultimate Guide To Planting Herbs Indoors will help you learn how to choose, plant, and take care of the herbs you plant indoors.

Right now I have small pots of mint, basil, thyme, and oregano in my kitchen.

In early spring I like to plant chives, mint, lemon balm, and parsley in the planters outside near our patio. When the plants are big enough to clip I like to make herb bouquets. A bouquet looks charming in a small glass vase or a pretty little jar put here and there in our home. Sometimes I tie a pastel thin ribbon around them before putting them in a vase.

Fresh herbs smell especially lovely on my nightstand next to my side of the bed or in the powder room.

Don’t overlook using herbs to decorate your spring home!

Spring Sources

You might like these attractive spring items to decorate your home…

FAQs About Spring Decor

Use natural elements that are outside your door to decorate inside during the spring season. Also use items like rabbits, nests, and other iconic things that remind you of spring. Use these things sparingly.

Swap out all heavy winter-inspired textiles and add lightweight fabrics. Use pretty spring colors and that creates a light natural look.

Switching to spring decor is a very personal thing. Most people start replacing winter decor sometime in March or as early as the beginning of lent.

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Spring is a season filled with great beauty. Let’s celebrate spring by using these easy to do spring decor ideas!

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  1. Awesome tips for Spring. I love the poppies and want to order. When I went to the website to order the color of yours I got confused. They don’t offer a peach color like yours or could it be pink?

  2. Great Spring decor tips, Yvonne! I like how you used the reindeer moss with the white flowers in your round dish. Also, putting some water in a vase with faux flowers is an excellent idea. I have always thought of having an indoor herb garden and I think this will be the Spring to plant one. You always have such great ideas for us and I thank you for always going that extra mile for us. Bless you!

  3. Hi Yvonne, I’m just coming back to this post. You inspired me with the pansies in the footed bowl. I took your cue , using a brass lattice work bowl. I purchased some moss sheets, lined the bowl, placed another bowl within the bowl and planted white pansies, covered with moss. I have it on my ottoman in a brass tray. Love the springtime look, since right now it is rainy, stormy and freezing here in the SF Bay Area. The unexpected snow makes our area lovely especially in Napa and Sonoma…Have a great week….

      1. Hi Yvonne, just an update on the pansies in the brass bowl, they are still blooming, and giving a much needed shot of spring cheer, on a rainy Sunday. I love your idea, and when the pansies, go I’ll find something else to plant for summer…have a lovely Sunday..tomorrow 1st day of spring!!!