10 Things To Do For Fall Now

Get ready for fall with these 10 super easy fall ideas! Make a fall wreath, get your porch and patio ready for the season, create a fall vignette, and more! Here are 10 things to do for fall now.

Are you thinking about fall? Maybe you reading this at the pool, beach, or on vacation? Now is the perfect time to think about and plan your fall decor! Here are 10 things to do for fall now!

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These easy fall-inspired things to do will get you in the mood for the upcoming sweater weather!

Pick Hydrangeas

Now is the time to pick hydrangeas and bring them in to start drying. Hydrangeas make the prettiest fall decor! How To Dry Hydrangeas has lots of helpful information about how to dry hydrangeas so they stay looking their best.

Discover the hottest fall decor trends of 2023. From this fall’s most popular color to what to put on your front door. Elevate your home with these beautiful trends that embrace the season. You will love them!

The trends for fall are beautiful! I know you will love them. See them HERE.

Make A Fall Wreath

One of the very first things I do to decorate for fall is to make a big wreath using elements of the season! Welcome fall and everyone who comes to your front door with an autumnal wreath! Make it now and it will be ready when you are to decorate!

The pretty FALL LEAVES WREATH above is super simple to make!

Wouldn’t this look so pretty on your front door? 

Or if you prefer a more brambly wreath, why not make this BITTERSWEET WREATH.

Or this Brambly And Bright wreath. It’s so easy to make!

Create A Transitional Vignette

fall vignette

Now is the time to create a vignette that will transition from summer to fall. Choose things to go in your vignette that will work for both seasons.

Pears are a great natural element that works wonderfully this time of year!

Another fall beauty to add to a vignette is sunflowers! What a statement! Real or faux, make sunflowers a part of your fall decor!

See How To Create A Gorgeous Fall Vignette Here.

Get Out Your Fall Dishes

This year get out your beautiful dishes and other fall accents. Don’t let them sit in plastic bins or cupboards! Get them out now so you can use them all fall long.

Set a pretty fall table and enjoy!

Take a little stroll back in time and visit a Table For Two On The StoneGable Porch.

Use them on the table as part of your decor! Stack them, layer them and use them as a perch for great fall accents! This is the year to show them off!

Get Your Fall Textiles Ready

Do you have fall pillows or throws? How about a cozy fall tartan or bedspread or duvet? I bet you have napkins that would look gorgeous for fall. How about a table runner or tablecloth?

Right now is the time to get them out and launder them. Make sure they are in tip-top shape for fall! Don’t forget to dry clean your pillows every now and then! They get soiled and dusty too!

It’s also time to PURGE outdated, tired, and worn textiles you won’t be using this fall. Don’t hold on to them, let them go! You will feel so so good!

Go Through Your Fall Decor And Purge

Just like purging our old fall textiles that are no longer usable, we should go through all of our fall decorations and do the same. So when you are ready to use your fall decor, you will know what you have, what you need, and WHERE EVERYTHING IS!

Just think how much easier it will be to have all your fall decorations organized! Start now and purge and organize a little bit each week until fall. It will be here before you know it!

Also, think about the things you may need to complete a fall look! Do you need a little bit of faux bittersweet or a great glass cloche or a tray to corral everything in?

You might like to read Essential Fall Decor Every Home Needs.

Invest In A Dough Bowl

One of the best investments I have ever made was my dough bowl. It’s not old, and it is probably not hand-carved but it still looks great and is perfect for fall decorating!  

You might like to read How To Style A Dough Bowl In Ten Minutes. And Beautiful Fall Centerpieces is where you can see how I styled the dough bowl above.

And here’s a long dowl bowl full of pretty fall elements…

How To Style A Fall Dough Bowl has tons of ideas and sources for making the prettiest fall arrangement!

Big or small dough bowls are a fabulous fall element!

But don’t just think about dough bowls. Invest in a few bowls that will look great with your fall decor.

Make A Fall To-Do List

My fall to-do list looks something like this (in no particular order):

  • find fall decor
  • purge… be ruthless. NO CHACHKIES!
  • make a list of what I need… yes, another list!
  • put fall decor in plastic boxes on shelves in the garage for easy use
  • collect acorns and deworm (upcoming post)
  • collect bittersweet
  • make a bittersweet fall wreath
  • style living room with transitional fall decor
  • put away all summer decor and label
  • decorate the mantel with transitional decor
  • decorate the front porch for fall
  • decorate back porch
  • plant planters with mums and fall plants
  • get pumpkins from the pumpkin wagon
  • get out dough bowls and fill them with fall fluff
  • create fall vignettes

There is lots more to go on my list. But I’ll add to the list as I think of things to do! It’s so important to have a list that is reasonable and doable, and real! And it feels so good to be able to check off each fall task!

You might like to read The Smart Girl’s Guide To Fall Decorating. I talk about lists and an easier approach to fall decorating.

Make A One Of A Kind Pumpkin

Even if you are not crafty, you can make a one-of-a-kind pumpkin to display with pride this fall!

The pumpkin above is an easy decoupage project made with torn cocktail napkins. See Torn Tissue Pumpkin DIY here.

Or make Blue And White Chinoiserie Pumpkins, my favorite fall decor to use!

Okay, Bonus- #11 Is Your Turn

stack of dishes with a little white pumpkin on the top of them.

Please leave a comment with what you think you should do NOW for fall! I can’t wait to read them!!!!! And thanks!

Happy Almost Fall!

kitchen table vignette with green apples and mason jars with flowers

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  1. I’m in the “jus beginning to think about it” phase. My list: linens, candles, wreath. UNshelled nuts.

  2. August for me is my pre fall, sunflowers , pears, apples , moss a lot of the golden hues from the sunflowers. I have been preparing for a month, I get a little excited.

  3. Plan vignettes and displays in a manner that works from early fall through to
    Thanksgiving with only minor changes…sunflowers, apples, pumpkins, and, finally, my treasure trove of turkeys.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Great ideas – can’t wait for fall!

  5. Mary Jo McGovern says:

    Re-program your battery operated candles so they will turn on at dusk as the sunset moves steadily earlier. : (

  6. I also make a list of home projects I’d like to see completed before the cold weather sets in. Painting my main floor rooms is high on that list this year. I want it done before that Christmas tree is put up! Love your blog, Yvonne!

  7. Great post! I will be picking my hydrangeas so that I can start to dry them and use them all over the house for the next year or so. This is usually how I start to get ready for fall.

  8. Lovely ideas! I love the apple wreath! My favorite season!

    1. Beth Powell says:

      Make burlap ribbon napkin rings

  9. Norma Rolader says:

    Goodness great ideas for fall! You have such beautiful dishes! I will have to start looking for dishes, your tablescapes, wreaths and so much more are great, Thank you and God bless

  10. Where did you get your dough bowl from? What size is it? I reprogram my battery operated candles to come on earlier as well. I have them everywhere. Kind of obsessed with them in lanterns!

      1. I have a lovely old dough bowl from my grandmother that I re-decorate each season! Love it! Such sentimental memories too.

  11. I am loving all the white and neutral colors that you make work for fall … white pumpkins, burlap, etc. You’ve given me lots of ideas! As always!

  12. Crystal Brazil says:

    I love looking at your fall decor….fall here in Florida is slow in coming.

  13. I’m excited!! I have already started thinking of fall and doing some of those transitional things that you have mentioned earlier. I love fall and enjoy having the colors of fall around my home! Thank you for your helpful suggestions!

  14. I have already started my fall list! Got pumpkins and pillows already to go! working on porch stuff now! thanks Yvvonne! Great list!

    1. I just ordered a few new fall pillow covers. Can’t wait to share them in late August!

  15. I am just in the “thinking” stage. I love fall, cooler temps, sweaters, fire pits, cocoa, pumpkins, sunflowers, falling leaves and just feeling cozy. You got me inspired to get busy. Thanks, Yvonne, enjoy your day!

  16. Love the pumpkins, love the pillows and love the pretty green apples. Love it all !

  17. Karen VanLoo says:

    It’s going to be so HOT here in the deep south this next week, so just even thinking of Fall and doing some early planning makes me happy! I love my tartan throws, I have the same one you do. It took me a long time to find it, but I did! It was made in Scotland, so I know it is authentic, and is one of my favorite pieces. My front porch needs cleaning badly, everything washed down, but it’s so hot right now I may need to put that off for a couple of weeks. Then I will start preparing for my early Fall decor. Love your ideas, and tips, as always!

  18. I am in seize the summer mode and doing all the things I don’t want to say I didn’ have toime to do this summer. To ready for fall, I am on the look out for some fall bloomers for my perrenial and cutting gardens and trying to keep the deer and grondhog from eating my pumkin vines!

  19. What a wonderful list of ideas! I especially like your bittersweet wreath. I think I’m drawn to the beautiful simplicity of it. Similarly, I especially like the green apple centerpiece with its natural, organic beauty. I’m definitely going to give these a try!

  20. I love your porch decor!

  21. Fall is by far my favorite season! We have a huge pumpkin patch and I’m watching all of the pumpkins grow. We have giant ones down to baby boos. Looks like a bumper crop this year!

  22. It seems crazy that fall is upon us, but here in Colorado it’s cool and rainy this week. I love having snuggly throws around and have ALWAYS loved bittersweet. I used to pick it in the country in Kentucky. Thanks for the tips.

  23. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Thanks for the pre-thought and inspiration!
    I am a red, red person so I enjoy the white pumpkins. They really do last a long time.
    I also will be savoring some lovely wine bottles and items to add to them for vinegars, I e green olives, herbs, and fresh cranberries when available. Just add white vinegar, a cook, and a bow. These jars are lovely on a window any window sill but really, really nice with the sunshine shining thru them. Some use the vinegar, I do NOT. Even when gifted, I say on the tag for display only.
    These will last from year to year, just a little different from what everyone shares.

    One of my greatest fall things to do as a parent, grand, and NOW a great grand (that’s me) is to take the children to a pumpkin patch for pictures! Come home and make a little photo album for each of the children. OH, when they are young, they enjoy this time.

  24. All great ideas. I love your tartan throw. Here in Wisconsin you can just tell that the summer days are numbered. As much as I love Fall it still makes me a little sad because that means winter is coming and our winters are so LONG!

  25. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Hi Yvonne, Thanks for the great ideas. I love that No-Sew Burlap Leaf pillow! Right now, we’re trying to make the most of those last few weeks before our community pool closes. Blessings!

  26. Everything is so accelerated! Christmas items are in the stores in June. As much as I love fall, I’m going to enjoy what’s left of the summer.

    1. Of course! But we like to stay a little bit ahead so you have inspiration for when YOU are ready!

  27. I love the change of seasons and while I’m not rushing Summer, I am looking forward to fall. I have my planning list and have started to gather a few things. Getting the pine cones cleaned for my dough bowl and doing a little transitioning now with sunflowers. The weekend after Labor Day everything goes “fall” at our house. Thanks for your tips.

  28. I love this post. Fall is my favorite season – except for Christmas – and since I usually purge my decorations at the end of the season, my fall box is ready to go. I have a beautiful elm bowl a friend’s father made for me from an elm tree that fell during a storm. Apples and pumpkins look great in this bowl. My colours are reds and golds taken from my great grandmother’s china that came from soap boxes. It’s cream with two shades of rust and brown and looks great on a red tablecloth. Lots of great fun and will start taking things out a week after Labour Day.

  29. I am in charge of seasonal decorations for our church, so I am always looking for new ideas. I welcome those from this fun blog and can alter some for a church setting. BIG on my list for this “fall” is a trip to Pennsylvania’s Amish countryside. I cannot wait to see the beautiful autumn colors!!!

  30. Love these ideas for fall! I need to make another wreath for my front door. Thanks for the ideas!

  31. I’m thinking I need to make a wreath for my front door. Love yours! Joann’s has some really cute faux pumpkins, but they are dark colors. I want white. So my search continues. I love your hutch too. I have one that my children kindly painted with white chalk paint as a Mother’s Day gift. I have wanted this for years. So thankful to have it now. Oh and I REALLY need to find my fall decorations now. We moved in Feb 2017 so I don’t know where the fall things are. Time to head out to the garage and search! Thanks so much for the tips and inspiration. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  32. Wonderful ideas, from the readers, as well.

  33. Lillian Lane says:

    It’s still too hot in northern California to even be thinking about fall–I leave my patriotic summer stuff (i.e. for Memorial Day, Flag Day and July 4th, up through Labor Day when I start thinking about fall. Then up go the fall leaf wreaths along with some fall flowers and flags. The plain pumpkins come out then, but I hold off on jack-o’-lanterns until after October 1st. Once Halloween if over, I leave out the fall/harvest decor, take down the ghosts and other strictly Halloween decorations, and get out the turkeys and cornucopia.

  34. Fall is just a continuation of hot summer here in SoCal, so Fall decor inside my home is doubly important to celebrate the season since the outdoors will NOT look like Fall. I have been using various sizes and colors of ceramic pumpkins for years… lovely ones from Hallmark… but I’m ready for a change from “same ole” towards ones made from all sorts of materials and in more neutral tones to add more texture and interest. This is a great post, Yvonne, with lots of ideas!

  35. Thank you for the placemat pillow cover idea.
    That may be on my list for fall.
    Love all your pretty dishes!

  36. Hmmm I do believe I’m going to have to do something. I’ve not been myself. I was looking for photos for someone and noticed how pretty my hutch was decorated in years past. I like the idea of decorating my hutch. But I think it is time to tear out my drooping flowers from window boxes. Tear out the stays green all year pots that line my entry sidewalk and start fresh. Everything seems weary. It’s been so hot for so long. We are still in the 100’s. And in our part of the country, our fall leaves don’t shed their color until Christmas time so we can’t wait on weather!!
    My to do list? A simple wreath for the door. Get out fall dishes and decor for my large open shelving hutch. Also take out old window box soil and plants to replant for fall and winter. Spruce up all the pots by the front door. We begin getting mums the end of August so it is time to accent with a few of them too!! Thank you for your reminders. Changing and purging pillows was a good reminder!!Thank you!!

  37. I’ve been scouring my favorite stores on the internet looking for a few new things I’d like to add to my Fall collection. I might try to make a seasonal garland…I really like yours and I don’t have any garland besides Christmas.

  38. We’ve lived in Florida for 30 years now. We know it will still be hot for several months. Come late August or early September I get the urge to bring out my fall decorations no matter what the temperature. I usually change the wreath on my front door first and gradually add the other decorations. By October it’s full blown autumn at our house no matter what the temperature may be outside. Every year I still get a thrill when I begin to see the autumn things appear in the stores even though we live in a warm climate.

  39. It’s taking all of my will power to not go FULL BLOWN FALL in decorating!!! But I am determined to enjoy every last drop of the season that we are in. Thanks so much for the great tips and ideas. 🙂

  40. In the midwest, it is time to think f fall. The days are getting shorter and cooler evenings. I can’t wait for the pumpkins to come out in the stores and am thinking of some burlap projects, especially the leaf pillow. It is a wonderful time of the year.

  41. One year I decorated for Fall on Sept 1st and then felt like Fall was a year long. I suggest planning now, but holding off decorating until it’s actually Fall – Sept 21. I like to remind myself it’s still summer during the first weeks of September even tho school is back in session. I want to enjoy summer as long as possible.

  42. Fall is my favorite season. I plan on doing the apple wreath and the bowl of pumpkins and pinecones

  43. Cheryl Ann says:

    Cut back on some of my beachy shell décor. Especially remove all the shells & sand in the dough bowl. For Fall it’s going to be the beautiful moss, pine cones, stones, and white orchids. Thanks again Yvonne! Great ideas! Many blessings, my friend…

  44. Deb Gregory says:

    Hi Y! What great ideas! I like the idea of going thru your fall decor early & doing an evaluation to see what you have & what you need. This is a great time to do this since the merchants have their fall decor & supplies out in the stores. If we wait until fall the selections dwindle & the choices aren’t as good. And I love having things done ahead of time ( while alot of people all still out shopping).

  45. Colleen Rademacher says:

    I suggest tearing out dead annuals from outdoor pots (which I just did, Minnesota summer fried my calibrachos) and replace with fall annuals. Our local greenhouses still have a huge selection of asters and zinnias.

    1. Yes, I have to do that too! And get some green tomatoes for fried green tomatoes! YUM!

  46. Living in Florida now,I still decorate for fall even though the temperature says summer.
    Love dough bowls filled with pine cones and any kind of pumpkins along with some
    nice fall scented candles.

  47. We rarely have a Fall season in So Cal. So when its 90 degrees in Oct. seems silly to put out fall decor. I do it tho hoping for cooler weather which rarely comes till closer to Christmas! Enjoy your ideas!

  48. Stencil a fall table runner, and trim your magnolia tree and put branches in a preservative to prepare for your fall wreaths.

  49. Lisa Bero says:

    Gather up all those delish, fall apple recipes Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg–those smells shout fall!

  50. I love your vignettes. I am going to make your bittersweet wreath and apple candle holders. Obsessed with the white pumpkins!

  51. This year fall is stressing me out.. I moved to Arizona.. Its 105 today…. Fall to me really start until late October here.. but I want to decorate much earlier than that…. Fall to me is cooler mornings and evenings, colors changing, its getting darker earlier… I have none of that here…..

  52. Diane LaFond says:

    Summer always seems to go by so quickly, and this one is no exception. I love your idea of transitioning into fall with decor. It makes me mourn summer less, and look forward to fall with it’s warm colors and crisp air!

  53. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Way to early to think about the Fall season..it is one of my favorite seasons though. I know as a blogger u have to talk about…but I am enjoying the heat for now…?

  54. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    I received my box of pre-ordered new fall goodies yesterday, and I am giddy with excitement! While I put some of the pillow covers aside (not quite ready to change those up quite yet), I used my lambs ear stems and my new 12″ black monogram letter “P” on my cotton wreath on my front door. Slowly but surely, I’m pulling things and putting them away, and prepping for my new stuff to make it’s debut.??

  55. You are so ambitious and have many good ideas! Love your photography as well!

    Here in Wisc. , I don’t want to think about Fall yet, summer is far too short anyway! But, I love your ideas and will put them to good use soon.

    I especially hope to decorate with burlap this Fall. I am painting a shelf Aleutian blue and will line the back of it with a burlap that has blue flower designs running through it. I plan to display my white ironstone pitchers on the shelf.

  56. just thinking…can’t wait for pumpkin spice everything!

  57. An inspiring post for me. After my husband passed away this year I never even got summer out and was beginning to wonder if fall would show up – thanks to this post I believe I can make a list and actually make the change. I also plan to do the merciless purge – my attic is filled with ‘stuff’ (worn or broken) that I will never put out again, so it’s going. You always seem to be able to get my appetite whetted for change, large or small.

    1. My condolences, change may be just what you need now. Prayers for you.

  58. Ahhh, Autumn is truly my favorite season. I’m wondering if we will have a tinge of early cool weather as I’ve caught a peek of the slightest yellowy outline on some tree’s leaves?

    I’ll be thinking of what to do in my front porch planters, trying new recipes of soups, bread, and seasonal dishes, creating fall fragrances of all spice and cloves, early Christmas gift list ideas, shopping and crafting, deep cleaning, washing of comforters, yard trimming, the list could go on! We probably wont get it all done, but it ‘ll be on the list!

  59. Today is my first visit. I found this blog through Pintrest. Fun ideas! Thanks

  60. Stephanie C says:

    Love all the great ideas!

  61. Great get ready for fall decorating tips. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  62. That last pillow is to die for! Also going to go find a dough bowl

  63. Great ideas – love autumn decor!!!

  64. Thanks for sharing the great autumn decorating ideas!!!

  65. I’m a little stuck at dec the rate front porch. Not so ready for fall just yet, I need a quiet couple weeks of summer. However, will keep your post to check it out in a few weeks. 🙂

  66. Julie Briones says:

    #10… Read all of the early fall posts of the blogs I follow! 😉 Then stencil cork place mats and layer for table runner. 🙂

  67. genie steger says:

    I love reading all the fall blogs (absolutely love anything pumpkins)….after living in my coastal cottage for 16 years, I moved a candle stand with copper leaves from on top of my linen closet in master bath (where it displayed with antique aqua bottles)to the top of our TV cabinet andput it next to a beautiful blue and white Chinese tub (not sure what else to call it but I have used it to chill wines with ice in it). I am gong to fill the tub with little pumpkins and copper pine cones that spill over onto the top of the TV amoire. Your blue and white & orange inspired me.

  68. Yvonne, you are such an inspiration! With everything going on here in Houston, it is really hard to think about anything but the devastation. We were lucky and suffered no damage or flooding, but seeing what people are dealing with is so disheartening. I believe we must pick up and move forward and not let these happenings get us down. Your words and decor brighten my day and encourage me. Thank you and God Bless!

  69. Yvonne, Where did you get those wood pieces in the “transitional vignette” photo? I love them!

    So many lovely ideas here!

  70. Wonderful list! Thanks for the inspiration.

  71. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh wow!! love your 10 things to do for fall!!! All is beautiful and great!! Thank you and God bless

  72. Thank you for the list of things to do for fall. I bought a little burlap in different shades and I am going to try making the pillow with the fall leaves. I love your beautiful ideas.

  73. I’m looking forward to getting out my velvet pumpkins. I have a big dough bowl that I will fill with pine cones, then real gourds and pumpkins, and the velvet pumpkins all over the top. I will add velvet acorns, maybe some nuts (in the shell) and beautiful fake fall leaves.

  74. Judy Levin says:

    Now is the time to hit the fabric stores for cool fall burlap patterns. Also, burlap ribbon. There are so many ways to use it.

  75. I love all of these ideas, especially the purging old decor part, something I really need to do after thirty odd years of home keeping!
    I have been drying flowers from my garden. I grew strawflowers specifically for this, and of course tending the pumpkins that are still growing. Also, an idea that has just occurred this past week, I’ve been collecting sticks and stalks that have interesting shapes and textures, will possibly spritz with black spray paint to create a spooky scene for trick or treaters.

  76. Linda Pinion says:

    Get out your picnic basket and put together your tailgating package. Buy some fall inspired “paperware”, napkins, plates, plaid tablecloth, etc. Team themed colors or fall inspired..dosen’t matter. Be ready for those picnics during leaf peeping season, or when you headed out to root your team on!

  77. Jamie Stewart says:

    What a motivating post!! I’m heading to my attic to start fishing around as soon as I’m done with this comment. Something I do to prepare for fall, or any season for that matter, is I change the 4×6 family pictures to pictures appropriate for the season. Occasionally I will update one but since I keep several pictures in a frame at a time, I usually just pull the fall one from last year to the front and voila. My kids are in their 20s now, and I still have pics from when they were little and it warms my heart to see them each year. Whole house takes 10 minutes and it immediately makes it feel “fally” around here.

  78. Doris Campbell says:

    I love how you take the simple things and turn them into spectacular. Love the blogs and great decorating tips. I can always spot your style when I’m on Pintrest. You’re great.

  79. bonnie rush says:

    I love all of your fall ideas. I inherited my mother-in-laws chintz dishes. Each fall I set the dining room table with these dishes which have more ‘fall’ type coloring with a cream background. They look wonderful and are a sweet reminder of the many family meals we shared with my in-laws using these dishes.

  80. Janice DavisJanice says:

    I can’t wait until Fall. It is my favorite season. Thanks for all the great ideas, Yvonne.

  81. Laura Harrie says:

    Love the two wreaths! Each wreath is so classic, the look great!

  82. I’ve just bought a new house and will be in August 26th. I can’t wait to unpack, dust off, clean and get ready for fall. I am so excited. I have a new front porch and will be buying two rockers which of course need a new throw and pillows. I can’t wait to purchase some pansies for my garden and mums to go with the porch.

    1. Congratulations on your new home Brenda. May you enjoy many blessed years there!

  83. Great ideas!! Can’t believe I don’t have a dough bowl… First on my list for adding to my Fall deco. Thanks for your wonderful ideas! Hugs D

  84. Thanks, Yvonne. Beautiful, inspirational post! I cling to summer as long as possible and gently transition to fall. Your beautiful ideas will help. Finally found just the right soft orange throw to go with the sofa and pillows. I plan to embrace hygge and to start using more candles as the days get shorter.

  85. Can you please tell us where you purchase any of your decorating items? You do such an awesome job with all your decorating ideas, but I have no idea where I could go to buy some of them. Thanks for all your inspirational décor ideas!

  86. Christine Yates says:

    Beautiful ideas! Inspiring and yet something I feel I could do with things I have accumulated over many years but have tucked away. I’m excited to get busy with my Christmas decorating. Thanks for the inspiration!

  87. Chrystal Coleman says:

    Yvonne: I love these ideas, but I feel overwhelmed by them. I think my list is just to simplify what I can fit in during my current season of raising two young grade school children. Weren’t you a teacher? Did you do all this decorating when you were working and have young children? My 7 and 8 year old started school last week, already caught some type of cold virus, and now I have a deluge of papers in my inbox and school meetings/events on our calendar. If I could check off one of these todo’s for fall that would be amazing.

    1. Chrystal, this list is not made to stress you out and is not mandatory! It’s just to help you find what fits for you and encourage you to start now. Decorating for fall should be enjoyable and the purpose of my whole blog is to encourage you and inspire you! Take a deep breath, take care of your sick babies (always comes first) and I hope you can see StoneGable in a different light. I’d love to have my children be 7 and 8 again!

      Yes, I was a teacher but I’ve always had a designer’s heart.

  88. Hi Yvonne, the blue plaid throw is just the perfect color combo for my living area. Then I saw that the post was from an earlier time and it’s probably no longer available. Could you share where it came from?

    Also, about dough bowls, this year they had them at our Brimfield Flea market. Hundreds of them, in all sizes, shapes and price ranges. I know some people frown on finding new things in this setting, but if you’re not lucky enough to have a vintage bowl, these are a great bargain. They do not look mass produced and you get to pick out what you like instead of buying on line.

  89. I’m leaving on Sunday for Italy with our family for 2 weeks, but I am already making a list of “stuff” to do for fall. High on our list is keeping it simple, but still adding fall decor. The first thing I do is redecorate our mantel. I change out a seasonal picture that is over the mantel, and I go from there. I add bittersweet (artificial – boo), artificial pumpkins, and lanterns with battery operated candles. My dining room table is also simple – a large white bowl stuffed with pumpkins, and gourds, etc. Such a lovely time of year.

  90. Maryellen Belton says:

    Already started getting fall throws, pillows out Going to try the Wreath.

  91. Lucy Beliveau says:

    Hello Yvonne and Happy Almost Fall!!
    You have created a monster, I’m afraid!! I absolutely adore fall and you’ve got my juices flowing to decorate for this utterly wonderful season! Your list is fantastic! My addiction would be to add some fall fragrance! Perhaps some potpourri or some candles, as I have done, or maybe even some cinnamon, ginger, apple and orange slices simmering on the stove!
    Your ideas are always welcome in my home! Thank you for reassuring me as I’ve already started putting a few touches of fall here and there! Today, my pretty little gold pumpkin comes out of hibernation to bring a bit of joy into my life!

  92. I have just used your post to d” dress” my night stand – thank you. I am using a fall plant there.

    I have also been inspired to use the things that I love in different ways; using my thanksgiving plates and silver- now as transitional to fall.

    I have my grandmother’s dough bowl❤️

    1. Eunice, what a treasure. I’d love a picture of it dressed up for fall!

    2. What a great post, always good to get a jump on things. I am going to try to get my fall baking done. I always make my grandmothers pumpkin bread and banana bread and wrap them good and into the freezer they go. It’s a time saver and no one is the wiser. Wrapping up really good in Saran Wrap and foil and into ziplock freezer bags is a must. I love that you do lists, me too, it is so rewarding to cross things off!

    1. I adore lanters! And they are so pretty in the cooler seasons when it gets dark earlier!

  93. Jacquelyn says:

    I live in an apt but it’s big enough to be considered a condo. Its an open floor plan that goes into the kitchen with my cabinets not going all the way up to the ceiling. Would it be decor overkill to decorate atop the cabinets and what’s to much. I just love the fall!!!

    1. Hi Jacquelyn, give it a try! But us a very light hand. I think since you have an open floor plan less is best because you can probably see almost everything in your open areas. I’ll be doing posts about open concept homes soon.

  94. Monica Dameron says:

    I take down one large picture that is of a forest of trees in the spring or summer and put up my tree picture that is full or golds and orange fall leaves. Once these pictures have been changed out I really get in the mood for fall.

  95. Fall is my favorite time of year as well. It can be a little challenging in Central Texas when temps remain high through October. One thing I am doing to prepare for fall is collect pinecones while on my morning walk through the neighborhood. I will prepare to debug and scent them with fall essential oils so they will be ready and fragrant to decorate with. Love your ideas and posts, you’re such an inspiration! Thank you!

  96. Suzie Sanders says:

    Good morning Yvonne,
    I love your blog. I have a dough bowl. It’s about 42″ long, because I must have been out of my mind when I picked it out among all of the other size bowls at the store. I struggle to fill it up! I’ve used filler on the bottom level to be able to raise up my “goodies” that I want to be seen, but it takes a whole lot of stuff to fill it up. I would love to hear your suggestions.

    1. Line the bottom of the bowl with pinecones! They create the nicest base and look so attractive. They fill the top with your “goodies” making sure to add a few pinecones to finish the look. Hope this helps, Suzie!

  97. Teddee Grace says:

    Still like my tchotchkes!

  98. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I’m glad to see so many others who like to get a jump on the season early! For #10 – last week I made apple butter in my slow cooker. It was 100 degrees outside, but it sure smelled like fall inside! Since we are all spending so much time at home these days, hubby, kids and I will be having our own little month-long Oktoberfest with lots of German cooking and cool evenings around the fire pit. So, I need to organize my recipes and grocery lists, and make sure we’re stocked up on firewood!

    1. YOU GO GIRL!!! Laura, I love this idea! And how fun to make this time of year special for your family! I love your style!

    Have several in our Den and LR. In years passed I would use different patterns and colors. But with new more neutral Furniture fabrics I have given my gently used clean throws to charity. Love giving unused stuff to charities.
    My question: is it ok to use throws of similar shades for
    my throws? It’s a nice change that I like. My husband
    likes my choices which is a plus

  100. Debbie Thicksten says:

    Love skipping the menus for now to
    Showcase fall and holiday decor and your new kitchen! “Nesting” never seemed more important than now. Thank you for sharing photo of your new grand and the assuring news of your husband’s recovery. ❤️

  101. Yvonne, I have to tell you that STONE GABLE is my go-to decorating blog, and I read tons! Always gravitate to yours. I love your style.
    I am older, just turned 70, we live in Charleston SC, downsized to an oepn concept one floor condo a couple years ago. Moving from a large traditional colonial in VIrginia, I embraced the coastal cottage style (more eclectic I guess since I had to incorporate a lot of my old things). But I do love the more coastal greens and blues. Trying to gravitate toward more neutral (my main pieces already are but have some colorful area rugs). Just love your ideas! My new neighbors/acquaintances here can’t quite “get” that I like to change up my decor so often. I see a lot of “once and done: decorating here. And a LOT of people that downsized from huge homes and kept the very large scale furniture that just doesn’t quite fit the small condos.
    Anyway, sorry to rattle on. Just wanted to tell you I have learned so much from you. Keep up the good work!
    And I am itching to get my fall stuff out!!

    1. Hi June, how blessed we are to be able to downsize and have beautiful homes that work with our lifestyles! Keep decorating!

  102. ?? Posted a comment yesterday, it disappeared. not sure why?

  103. I love all your fall decorations ideas, they are fabulous

  104. CarolbinTX says:

    We don’t get anything resembling Fall until about the middle/end of October, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be decorating for Fall in September – I’m thinking about breaking up the Spring/Summer season into two, all that stuff is just out way too long for me and I get very anxious for the Fall season! I spent some time covering some old unwanted books yesterday in a white on white paper (I’ll tie some of the smaller ones with some twine). I’ll also be covering some of them with burlap. I wanted some risers for Fall decor. I cannot lie, I am not the craftiest person and I had glue adhesive e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e and they don’t really look like yours Yvonne, but I think I can manage to mask the flaws! I also made a cylinder vase with tiny white pumpkins, moss and bittersweet.

  105. CaroBinTX says:

    Gather recipes/ideas for SOUPS! I don’t make them in the summer months because we eat so much during the Fall/Winter. I think I have at least 20 of them and one of my favorite things to do is try to recreate restaurant soups…like the gnocchi or pasta Faggioli from OG.

  106. Ii just ordered lanterns for my large deck at our new home. They are solar and come on automatically. A little pricey but so worth it. I have about 9. I planted hydrangeas just for fall. And sunflowers. I am so ready for fall.

    1. Oooooh, I’d love to know what lanterns you choose. You sound ready for fall!

  107. Kathy Menold says:

    A suggestion to the teacher with young children. I used to welcome the different seasons by doing one or two changes everyday and letting the children help in some way. Whether baking some fall cookies or hanging a new wreath it was a simple change they loved being part of and made them a part of.
    Now that it is just my husband and I my decorating has changed. Today is Sept 1st so the fall dishes will be put in the hutch and a simple tablescape created. All my beach decor will be packed away and if I have any energy left will do some cleaning and make my fall list of future to do things.
    My new motto less bought and more natural items used that can be composted .I want not as much packed in plastic bins as in past years.

  108. I have about a dozen or so wreaths hanging in my basement, and I rotate them seasonally, or in some cases monthly. Just the other day I took down a wreath and put up a artificial hydrangea wreath. I just noticed the other day that our window boxes are starting to look a bit tired, even with all the TLC they receive. So I guess I’ll think about doing something with them as well. The first thing I change inside is our mantel, I kept it relatively simple this summer, but in the fall I change out the artwork over the mantel and place a few antique coffee mills, and decoys. Easy and simple transitions. The other thing I do is purchase several mums for the front porch planter and usually one in a large basket in our family room. Most important though, we are taking a 5 day short driving trip to an historical area in Upstate New York, can’t wait to view all the changing leaves!

  109. Your sunflower and apple wreath is lovely. That’s a great combination. And I second the dough bowl recommendation. I am lucky to have one my grandfather carved. I use it all year long.

  110. I put together Veterans Day vignette to leave up during Nov. Photos of family vets, dog tags, and other pieces inherited from our fathers and uncles.

  111. I’ve started to gather things from the fields and forests for decor and craft.

  112. I’m always excited for fall. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. A new fall wreath is at the top of my list.
    Karen B.

  113. Thanks Yvonne for the fall items list. I’m so trying to get my textiles and wreaths in order before things sell out.
    I forget about pears for the fall…perfect fruit vs just apples.
    The plaid throws are what I’m looking for in fall shades as nothing beats a plaid in neutral shades to warm up a room.

  114. I’m so over the heat and humidity of summer and ready to move on to fall! Love all of your ideas, especially the dough bowl. That will be my first purchase and look forward to decorating it for my dining room table. I will use August as a time to purge though my stash of fall items and really trim it down to only my most well used and loved items. Time for out with the old and in with the new.

  115. Linda Bond says:

    A trip to the beach! Fall is a short season here in Northeast Oregon. It is a last opportunity to travel over the passes before they start to get treacherous. The Oregon beaches in fall are fabulous so I always try to make a trip to the beach before winter sets in!!! There is often an opportunity to collect some beautiful fall foliage along the way.

  116. Deb Myers says:

    I am in the middle of a move, literally with boxes all around me, and taking a break to fill up my energy by reading your blog and getting inspired! I have my boxes of fall/autumn decor set aside to go on the truck last so that I can move into my new home decorating with a new season in the books! Thank you for the inspiration and the push to keep on going!!

  117. Love your blog! I find so much inspiration here!
    #10 Make some pumpkin bread and store in the freezer.

  118. This list of things to do to prepare for fall is exactly what I needed and gave me inspiration. Thanks so much

  119. I’m so ready for Fall to be here. Your decorating ideas are sparking ideas in my head.

  120. BARBARA GOMES says:

    I have started gathering my fall decorations. Hobby Lobby is having it’s 50% off sale on fall decor.

  121. Thankyou Yvonne for great article about getting ready to transition from summer to fall. It inspired me to jot down my ideas for each room in our home that I want to add fall decor. If I don’t write it down I won’t remember come September.
    This month I need to purge the decor items I have and get the things I’m keeping organized.
    Now if our weather here in N.C,would cooperate. Hard to think about fall when it is still going to be near 90 this coming week. Will be making my lists by the pool with a tall glass of homemade lemonade. Enjoy the last days of summer.

    1. I know. Our whole family was in OBX last week and the temps were in the high 90’s. We can organize and get ready for fall even when it is sweltering.