8 Fabulous Natural Fall Decor For Your Home

Need a little fall inspiration? Here are 8 beautiful fall decor elements to use in your home this year!

Let’s talk about fall home decor ideas! What fall elements can we use to add a bit of the glorious fall season to our home? Gone are the days of fall tchotchkes and tons of fall decor dripping all over our homes. Let’s make decorating easy and natural and elegant!

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Fall is my very favorite time of year and I’m not alone!

We all love the beauty and bounty of the fall season. Let’s take those fabulous fall elements and bring them indoors and use them to decorate our homes.

Just a few beautiful arrangements of organic fall bits and pieces will make our home fall ready! I’m sharing my 8 fabulous fall elements to use in your home!


There are a few quintessential fall elements that most of us use in our homes. Using pumpkins is the best fall home decor idea!

Pumpkins are a must!

White pumpkins are here to stay so let’s embrace them and add them to our decor!

If you can’t find real white pumpkins use great fakes! I actually like faux pumpkins better than real! They last so much longer!

Use them as supporting characters in vignettes, fill a cloche with baby boos or make them the center of attention on a pedestal.

It really doesn’t matter how you use them. Just do it!


Bittersweet is what I call “brambly fluff”.

It’s twiggy and untamed and can fill up lots of visual space.

Bittersweet grows wild in my area so I can find the real deal each year but because it is an invasive plant and illegal to grow in most areas, real bittersweet may be hard to find.

If that’s the case buy some fabulous fakes! Just like pumpkins… just do it!


What is fall without mums?

I love these perfect, hardy, fall flowers!

Mums last weeks and add color and life to our decor! So, we need to be nice to them and give them a pretty container to bloom in and some supporting fall elements around them.


Sunflowers are beautiful, organic, and fit into vignettes and decor, bringing fabulous shapes, saturated color, and great texture!

The fields in Lancaster County are full of gorgeous heads of fall into October!

And once they bloom their seed heads make marvelous natural elements to tuck into decor!


We grew our own gourds for decades! They are great for fall decorating. I love their bumpy surfaces, quirky shapes, and colors, and how they just look like fall to me!

Use them along with pumpkins in any arrangement!


Pinecones are fabulous fillers for any fall decor! Use them as a base or as a great textural element!

They look so pretty gathered together en masse in a bowl or on a cake pedestal!

I have a huge bin of pinecones I have collected over time and I use them liberally during the fall season!


Hydrangeas are flowers that are such pleasers! They begin to bloom in early summer and keep going straight until fall.

Hydrangeas can be dried and used the rest of the fall and winter! And do you know the best thing about hydrangeas? They are GORGEOUS!

Make a wreath, create a beautiful bed of hydrangeas for a pumpkin, or use them in a vignette! They are amazing!


Don’t forget to bring a branch of colorful leaves into your home to celebrate fall! Put it into a tall container with water and it will stay fresh for a couple of days!

If you, like me, celebrate fall before the leaves begin to change then “fake it” till the real ones are ready!


Add these gorgeous fall elements to your home.

What fall naturals will you be using this year?


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  1. Teddee Grace says:

    Love your huge cloche and wish I could find one that size!

  2. Fall is my favorite season.Living in the north east,I always decorated the inside and outside of my home with pumpkins,mums,hay bails, purple cabbages, cornstalks.Living now in central Florida I don’t do as much decorating.It’s hard to get that warm and cozy feeling with the wart temperatures.Love all your fall decorating ideas especially the white pumpkins.

    1. I’m sure it is. If I were living in Florida I would decorate for fall with pumpkins and live greens and flowers. Hope this gives you a little inspiration!

  3. Kathy Menold says:

    Yvonne, Like you I’m trying for a simpler fall decor but I have so much that I have collected during the years and just dont know where to start culling those overstuffed bins! Thought maybe I would use more out on my front porch and in the garden (if weatherproof) and less inside. I am proud to say I have only purchased two autumn pillow covers and those will be used outside on my rocking chairs. I love fall but would like to be able to relax and enjoy it not stress over decorating. Guess I will have to bite the bullet and make a large donation to our local thrift store. Thanks for any ideas.

  4. The change done by Google to save PINS isnt user friendly
    It’s now harder to pin your wonderful ideas and get to my PINS.
    Any suggestions?

    1. All you have to do is hover over one of my pictures and a “pin it” circle will appear. Click that and you can save any picture on my blog to Pinterest. I hope that helps.

  5. I love your creative way of decorating and the way you use
    white. I am inspired after visiting your blog. I am in the process of moving so the new place I plan to use a lot of white. Thank you so much for great ideas. Jean

  6. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Great list! Using Indian or pop corn on the cob would be a nice addition.

  7. Laraine C Larkin says:

    Hi Yvonne! I love your posts. They always brighten my day, and I have learned so much from them. I really like the look of the bittersweet. And by the way, you look fantastic!

  8. Thank you for your blog post today. Fall is my favorite! I love all 8 ideas & now I have a list to go by when I start my fall decorating.

  9. I will be enjoying most of these elements, found in the countryside, or impersonated in Home Goods. Since “meeting” you, Yvonne, my Fall decor has become very natural, and neutral. Will be using wheat and bleached pinecones, along with mercury glass pumpkins, as well as the white baby boos, surrounded by bittersweet. Other than a smidgeon of bling, it should feel like a walk in nature. Here’s hoping.

  10. Mildred Hoppe says:

    I love your decorating ideas. However, when taking pictures it would be really nice if we could see the whole picture. It’s difficult to try to DIY it when only part of the display is shown.
    Thanks for considering….Mildred

    1. I agree, Mildred, I want to see more-more-more! I have to remind myself that there’s an artistic element to the photos that only give us a glimpse of the big picture

  11. Kathy Hines says:

    So beautiful! I love white pumpkins and bittersweet too!

  12. White pumpkins for sure! I always struggle to add orange anything but that said I love the warmth the deeper shades of orange give in the fall.
    Always on the look out for a “caramel” colored throw blanket as the warm up a white room so easily.
    Finding bittersweet is difficult around here and probably for that invasive issue so I always try to find an online site that has a more real looking branch or 2.

  13. I have always loved your living room rug. My daughter is redoing her family room and uses these colors. Where did you buy this rug and what is the pattern name?

    Always am drawn to your decor style!

  14. Fall is such a fun season to decorate for. I was wondering if you have a source for the typewriter keys table runner? So so cute!!!

  15. You are awesomeness !! Thanks for your help and motivation!!