Every morning when I bound out of bed and my feet lightly touch the floor I say in a happy sing-song voice, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”! The birds chirp and the sun filters through my bedroom window causing the light to dance on the floor! Really? This sounds more like a script to a Disney movie! Here’s how it really plays out!

The alarm on my phone wakes me, I grown and I turn it off. Fifteen more minutes I say to myself as I snuggle back down in my cocoon of a bed!

Eventually, I rouse and begrudgingly pull myself away from the coziness of my sheets. My hit the floor running. And not in a graceful way but in a “oh, my gosh I should have woken up an hour ago” as I come out of the drowsiness of sleep into reality! And the birds don’t chirp they tsk-tsk-tsk me for being so lazy! And the sun… well it does look pretty coming in my bedroom window but I can’t stop to enjoy it for even one second. I have to get moving!

Sometime between brushing my teeth and my third cup of coffee I remember to greet God and remind myself, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

My dear, dear amazing and wonderful friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farm sent me a beautiful little book. She is a prolific and very popular blogger and if for some reason you have not met her yet you should.

You’ve Got This is  filled with her captivating stories about real life. Full of fun and foibles and sometimes tears! It’s little stories about all the triumphs and failures and toils and troubles of life. And how in all of it you’ve got this… BECAUSE GOD’S GOT YOU!


I opened the little blue book with jaunty yellow accents and the first story was about poodle hair! Poodle hair? Only KariAnn could connect poodle hair to God’s provision in our lives!  Now that’s a story I had to read. And then I looked at the scripture verse under it…


Yes, my good-morning-God-I-know-you-are-in-control verse! Coincidence? I don’t think so!

KariAnne, through her animated, adorable way, tells real-life stories and gives us inspiration and hope by showing us how God is with us and holds us every step of our way! 

We all need to be reminded of that, don’t we?

And each little devotion ends in a prayer. 

I think of all the women that are praying this heartfelt prayer right along with me. Lifting our voices to the Lord and I pray for them too.

There are 52 devotions. One for each week of the year. I must confess I read the book! But I’ll go back and read one story a week and meditate on each handpicked verse and pray the prayer for a week. What a wonderful way to let God’s word sink into our hearts to encourage us. 

KariAnne, you are right! You’ve got this and so do we! Because God not only has you he has all of us too!

You can find this beautiful little devotion book HERE.

This week’s memorization verse…

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24


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  1. always a blessing 🙂 thank you, Yvonne <3

  2. Cecilia from GA says:

    Yvonne, please don’t beat yourself up for lingering in your warm cozy bed for a few extra minutes! After all, isn’t that purpose for creating such a comfortable place? You get more done in less time than I could ever accomplish. The little book is so sweet and your friend must be very special. Have a blessed week.

  3. Thank you for this. I love little devotion books. I’ve put this on my wish list. I do have a gift card too. I’m going to get up out of my cozy spot and rejoice. I’m thankful for your continued hard work on our behalf.

  4. Just ordered the book. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. As a retired middle school teacher, seven years ago I asked KariAnne to publish a book. This is her third and I hope she continues sharing her stories.
    Now Yvonne, I am awaiting your marvelous coffee table book displaying your gorgeous home and all your unique ideas.

  5. Yes everyone really should read just one of Karianne’s blog posts, guaranteed to make you smile. She has been brightening my day for several years and I loved her first book, will read this one too. Thanks for reminding us.

  6. KariAnne Wood says:

    You are the BEST! Thank you so much for sharing the message of the book! You are such a rockstar.

    Happy day!

  7. Thank you so much for this post! I really needed it today!! Blessings to you, Yvonne!!