Words To Live By

Our lives are so precious and taking the time to think about what we are living for. In today's post, we will talk about the importance of finding a life verse to guide our lives.

If you could summarize what you want for your life in one sentence what would it be? Wow!   What a big question. But try to answer it and be honest with yourself. Have you ever considered condensing your life’s meaning into just a few words?   

What if we could sift through all the day-to-day, the mundane, the internal clutter, the noise, and the business of life and get our life’s goal in one easy to understand thought. What if we could get this goal into such focus that you can pinpoint its meaning into one concise, sentence!

If you could do that, you would have a central theme around which your whole life and everything you do would turn.  

Can you do that? I think it’s worth trying! 

Time is such a precious commodity! It seems so sad to fritter away our day or to strive after silly things or to spend time on things that really don’t matter.  

Believe me, I know! I so wish I could get back so much of my life and have a re-do. I guess I’m pretty normal in that!

How many of us have said, “If only I could go back and know what I know now”! Most of us are shaking our heads in agreement I’m sure!   That’s why it is important to know what we are living for.  And know what we want our life to be about.  

When we are breathing our last breaths, what will we want from the years we have lived?  

As a believer, I know that at my last breath, this tent, my body, will drop off of my spirit will step into eternity! I will live a life so much bigger than I have now! A life with my Lord and Savior Jesus. A forever life!  

But, I’m not there yet. My race is not over. You see we are responsible for the life we are given here on earth. It is ours to use. We must decide HOW to use it. And really, the way we use our lives here is of eternal importance.  

I made a decision when I was 33 years old to give my life, my whole life, over to Jesus.

When I really understood what Jesus had done for me, how he had died in my place because of the foolish and sinful way I was living, the only response for me was to put my life into His nail-pierced hands!  

My life did a BIG U turn.

I went from darkness to light. From death to life. From the family of Satan to the Family of God. I gained a Savior, a Kinsman Redeemer, a Champion, a King! I gained security and eternal security!  

My life is not perfect. No, not at all. I still make mistakes and am sometimes full of self-motivated sin. But my life is on a journey. I make the daily decision for the path of my life. My life has direction! When I get off my life’s path and follow rabbit trails I’m never lost. I know how to get back on the right path and keep following it.  

I have found a verse in the Bible that my life revolves around. This is the thought that defines my life…    


This is my life, or at least what I am striving for. My life in one sentence! My whole life is about this verse since I have entrusted Jesus with it.  

I love this verse and its wonderful meaning.  

Here’s what it means…   

WALK refers to how we live a life. It means to walk a path that has been cut out. A big circle. I like to think of it as a “circle of life”. No Lion King references, please!  

WORTHY is the idea of matching the values of, being like  

TO PLEASE HIM IN ALL RESPECTS is the idea of being a worker. It is the idea of being a worker who carries out and accomplishes just exactly what the boss wants so He is pleased.    

BEARING FRUIT equals bringing forth a crop. Making a life full of good works that please one’s boss. Having something good to show that we have done at the end of our lives. A crop of good things is worth something to the boss.    

INCREASING IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD is a magnificent phrase. It carries with it the idea of not just knowing who God is or facts about Him, but having a deep and intimate and close, and meaningful relationship with Him.    

Oh, I want that!  

What my life’s verse says is that I want to live a life that looks like Jesus. I want everything I do to be pleasing to Him. I want a life that counts. A life that is full of good deeds that God has laid out before me to glorify Him!

And as I walk this life, I want each step I take to be in the imprint His feet have left. I want to be in a close, intimate relationship with my Creator. I want to continually be awed and amazed by Him. To be humbled that He would even want a relationship with me.

I want to know, really deep down know Him because I have a wonderful, intimate relationship with Him.  

That’s a pretty tall order for one little life. But here it is! That is what I want out of life. That is what I consider a life well lived!  

How about you? What do you want from life? Can you narrow it down into a single, all-important thought?    

Have you found your life verse? They are words to live by.

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  1. What an exciting and inspiring post! I love your Sunday mini sermons. And now that I know you’re a believer and not just a good person, it’s even better!

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart’s desire — it is mine as well and thankfully it’s never too late to start. God bless you for what you have written. ♥️♥️

  3. Thank you so much for today’s post!!! I also want an intimate relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ and to live a meaningful life for Him.

  4. JoAnn McM says:

    What a beautiful post and I love your scripture. My prayer is that when I stand before God He will say “This is my child in whom I am well pleased”.” I am working daily to know HIM, follow HIM and chase after HIM as passionately as HE chases after us! Have a blessed day!

  5. Amen!! Amazing words to live by. I enjoy your posts so much but look forward to Sunday`s post. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for your Sunday messages.
    I especially loved today’s message from Colossians.

  7. Susan Totten says:

    I love your Sunday posts! My life verse is Proverbs 3:5-6..

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. It reminds me not to take matters into my hands and try to “fix” everything! I need the reminder to trust the Lord, even when it’s hard.
    Thanks again for your wise words every Sunday!

  8. Your Sunday posts are now a part of my weekly devotional. Thank you Yvonne and peace be with you!

  9. Debbie Eddins says:

    Thank you Yvonne for todays encouraging post.

    I have been living life “in the valley of weeping” for two years now. My husband had a type of bone marrow cancer and he just had a stem cell transplant at City of Hope in Duarte, CA. We live in Las Vegas so CA is not our home. It has been 2 1/2 months since I’ve been home and I still have another 2 1/2 before we can go home. This walk hasn’t been an easy one. A lot of complications, an 8 week stay in the hospital instead of the predicted 3 (and we’re still not out of the woods.) I had to leave my little dog with some friends in Las Vegas and I miss him so much.

    I have been a Christian pretty much my entire life but I have come to a place that I’ve never been. A place that has me asking God, why? Not why me? But just why? Why must we endure so much pain in this life? When I’m sobbing so hard that I can’t catch my breath, why?

    When I was trying to answer your question about my life’s meaning, I felt nothing. Blank. No words or thoughts because I couldn’t see past the fog of sorrow that I’ve been in. It’s hard not to play the “woe is me” card when my only thoughts about life are weary ones.

    Your message this morning helped me to see that TODAY I need a sentence about what I want my life’s journey to look like. Not when I’m home or my husband is well or when life is bearable., but today. I love your scripture in Colossians and if you wouldn’t mind I believe that I will use it for myself also! I will continue to care for my husband as if I were caring for the Lord!, and I will carve out a new path for which to travel (following in His footprints ?!)

    God bless,
    Debbie Eddins

    1. I just prayed for you, Debbie. Even though I can hear the heartache and sorry in your words, I can also hear hope. You know we are just passing by and this earth is not our real home. As much as you love and miss your home just think how amazing our hope of glory and our heavenly home will be. God bless you! One of my dearest friends wrote to me in a time of trial, “So many blessings amongst the trial, and we thank You for that. If You deem it needed in her life a bit longer, we pray you would give her strength and rest. Ease her tired spirit and give her much grace. Thank you for being a kind and loving Father. In Jesus name, Amen.” I pray this for you too!

  10. Glenda Shine says:

    This post is beyond inspiring. It has helped me refocus to right where I should be striving for my life to be.
    Thank you for being a “Big Sister” in Christ for me!
    All glory to God,