WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winter

Winter can be a beauty of a season. I love the glisten of snow and breathing frosty air. I love how Jack Frost covers the windows with a spider web of tiny ice crystals and how still and peaceful the world sounds as the snow falls! My dining room table is a tribute to all the very best of winter. White and sparkle and snow. Transitioning from Christmas decor to winter was quite easy as I used some of the same elements! I am all about an easy transition! Let’s get out our dishes and pinecones and sparkly candlesticks and create a winter white centerpiece!

I’m beyond excited to be working with a fabulous group of bloggers today! We are all sharing ideas and inspiration for winter decorating! Make sure to check out their links at the bottom of this post!

WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winter

The winter centerpiece marches down the length of the dining room table. I think repeated elements arranged down the length of the table makes a grand statement! Such an easy, quick winter centerpiece to create. I bet you can make one similar using things you have in your home too!


Triple stacked white cake plates holding pinecones grace the center of the dining room table. Pinecones are my go-to decoration this winter! It’s a stately start of a winter centerpiece!



WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winter

A gathering of frosty topped pinecones are like “icing on the cake plate”!

WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winter

Flanking the center cake plates are my very favorite mercury glass candlesticks. I used them at Christmas and could not part with them just yet! I love the glow of the candles on a cold winter night. And the mercury glass sparkles beautifully too!

WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winter

Mercury glass is repeated in the mercury glass pots that hold two faux boxwood balls. There is a little ornate embellishing on the pots that make them so interesting! They sit on a couple white plates with decorative edges.

WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winter

At the far ends of the table are two stacked cake plates with pinecones. Simple and pretty and perfectly unfussy for winter!

WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winter

WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winterEmbrace and enjoy the beautiful side of winter and reflect it in your decor! How about you? How are you decorating for winter this year?

Make sure you visit the other great blogs below and see their winter decorating!

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WINTER WHITE DINING ROOM CENTERPIECE-Celebrating the beauty of winter

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  1. Yvonne, I am always amazed at how you put simple things together and make them look so elegant1 I love that there is such beautiful things to create after the holidays.
    Thanks for the inspiration !

  2. Pinecones are so wonderful to use for fall and winter, and I love how you stacked yours on cake plates Yvonne for your table’s centerpiece focal point. Wonderful inspiration over here!

  3. Yvonne, I love the sparkle of the silver with the white and then the texture of the pine cones. You and I both love using those.

  4. Carol Davis says:

    Just beautiful- wintery but not left over Christmas. Have you considered putting some of the bleached pine cones you make in the arrangement? That is how I use mine a bit longer after Christmas decorations have been put away.

    1. Yes Carol! I did add some of my bleached pinecones to the centerpiece.

  5. Jeanette Duke says:

    I just love the elements you put together! So pretty and wintery! I am still organizing all my Christmas. Doing it right this time, labeling as I go. Makes me feel so much better to almost have this behind me and will be so nice when it comes out this next Christmas!

  6. Beautiful Yvonne, I love all the shiny stars from the chandy along with the mercury glass. Stunning girl!

  7. Beautiful Yvonne….even though we often complain about the bitter cold of winter and sometimes the dreariness it brings, but when the sun is out and the sky is blue and it shines upon the snow….that is a blessing of nature’s beauty….and you certainly bring the beauty of winter into your home!

  8. Gwen macey says:

    I’m in love with the Mercury pots. Where did you find those? I love everything you do!

  9. Lovely! Would you please share your source for the mercury glass cache pots?

  10. I’m such a fan of using silvery mercury glass to add a winter look and your tablescapes are always gorgeous. Thanks for joining in today Yvonne!

  11. Elaine Culbert says:

    Hi Yvonne … Another timely post!! as I’m having trouble coming up with ideas for my dining room table and mantel. Yours is lovely and coincidental because I kept my pinecones out this year too instead of tucking them away. I’m in a real mess organizing everything because I’m in a condo and really miss a basement where I could previously store my decor items for each Season. Sure wish you were here to help me!! I have some pieces of blue agate/quartz (??) so have decided to arrange those on top of some old blue books and combine them with my usual crystal candlesticks and a wire-cage “thing” that holds some dried hydrangea, then maybe for the table, I’ll put the cones in a rustic pottery bowl. As I said …. I wish you were here! PS: Still no snow in southern Ontario; hope your weather is mild too.

  12. Yvonne, if I didn’t comment before when you shared your new dining room table, I love, love, love it. Your tablescapes add to its beauty.

  13. Yvonne this is so pretty! Your photos are beautiful!!

  14. Yvonne, wondering how do you like your new dining table. Do you think it has a cold feeling? I might be considering one.

    1. I love it, Dorothy. It is cold, but that’s okay with me. So is wood!

  15. I love all the photos, love the idea of simpler decor for winter decr.

  16. Always so pretty over here Yvonne!! Love your winter table setting.

  17. Jewell Halwachs says:

    I have the exact same chandy! Mine seems a bit too low. What is the distance between the lowest hanging crystal and your table top ?

  18. Sally Shepard says:

    Love your style! Can you tell me about the stars hanging from the chandelier…handmade?
    Thanks…Happy Winter!

    1. Hi Sally! Yes the stars are handmade. I cut them with my Cricut electronic cutting machine and put them together. I used them this Christmas and thought they’d work for winter too!

  19. Tina Dodson says:

    I can hardly wait to open your e-mail each and every day! You have inspired me since I started getting your e-mails,I find myself looking wherever I go somewhere,,Oh she has that,Oh,I can use that! My husband asks Who is this lady? Oh a friend from Stone Gable!!

    Thank you for your inspiration,,


  20. Yvonne,

    I love your dining room table vignette. Is the top of your table painted? I’m considering painting mine because it is stained.



  21. The boxwood in those mercury glass pots look stunning! Great idea:)

  22. Happy Valentines Day Yvonne…I bought those same Mercury Glass Pots during Christmas. I have big balls I bought 4/5 years ago. Had not used but once. The balls were covered with pine cones. They are perfectly round like your boxwood balls. They must have flattened the backside someway. A tiny bit of moss here and there in between some of them and ever so little bits of something that looks like snow. Love them in pots on my mantel. Appreciate all your posts.