WINTER PILLOW LOVE 2017- Winter is the perfect time to bring beauty to your home with textural pillows! I've perused the best pillow sites and found the best of the best!

It’s WINTER PILLOW LOVE 2018!!!! I love “pillow love” posts! And why pillow L O V E? Because I peruse the best sites for pillows and bring the best of the best to you… now that’s love. I’ve done all the work! Winter is the time to get your texture on! Oh yes, a pillow with great texture can be the star and the backbone of fabulous pillow arrangements! Now is the perfect time for a couple amazing pillows to brighten up a room! Let the fun begin…

But first, today’s DTT will be a huge help to all of us wanting to be more organized…

Now let’s sink into those gorgeous textural pillows…

Can you tell what pillow I just got?  Oh, my I am in pillow love for sure with my ivory Mongolian pillow! In fact, I got two. This pillow will find its way to many rooms of my home for many years for sure!

Mongolian pillows are white hot right now but are also a classic! I’ve been crushing on them for awhile and my DTT co-host love them too so I am super thrilled to have a pair now!

It’s a white out here at StoneGable! I’m loving white highly textural pillows! The tighter color palette the more texture! 

Here’s my philosophy on pillows… they are like jewelry for a room. And if you buy great pillows you can move them from sofa to chairs to bed and so on and so on! Pillows are a very inexpensive investment for the big WOW factor decor punch they bring to our decor!

I try to buy or make pillows in groupings. And as I collect pillows I buy them with the other pillows I have in mind.  Winter is a great time to bulk up on the texture value of your pillow collection!

My buy this year is the ultimate I-want-to-hug-you pillow! The Mongolian pillow works with last winter’s pom-pom pillow (so sorry no longer in stock) and this past fall’s wool pillow. Because I’ve got the winter white thing going on I was very heavy handed when it came to texture!

If you think I sound well… a little excited, extra happy and a bit manic… I AM! Hello, we are talking about P I L L O W S !!!!!!!

Now, for a little confession… I loved the pillows I’ve found for you that my research turned into a little shopping spree. Well, a bit of a shopping spree. I also brought home…

This beauty!


I just loved the subtle muted aqua and the gold/bronze/silver chenille. I think these pillows will look gorgeous on my head chairs in the dining room. By just adding these pillows my dining room will have a dressed up look!

You can see them HERE. Yes, I got  two!

And I also got these…


All I can say is faux bunny fur trim!!!! Oh, MYYYYYYYY! My bed will be so happy this winter. If you like them as much as I do see them HERE. BTW… they were a steal!

And I could not leave this pillow so two of them came home to me…

These will look gorgeous on my sofa through spring and maybe even into summer. The colors are perfect for my living room. Or almost any room in my home! Sigh and sigh!

See them HERE.


See that darling lumbar pillow? You know the nubby one? I have it and I love it! And when I say “love” it is almost like an obsession!

I know it’s a bit pricey but it is a pillow I can use in almost any room and it will be wonderful for decades! You have to know the difference between a pillow for a season and a long-term pillow love affair! And if the pillow is a keeper you should be willing to investn a little in it. 

I tend to spend a little more on lumbar pillows because I only need to buy one and they usually sit in the middle of my sofa or bed so need to be extra spectacular!

To see the textural lumbar pillow go HERE.

I also have this pillow. Although I am showing it as part of WINTER PILLOW LOVE 2018 it is a mainstay of my dining room! 

Nubby, and a real show stopper! This pillow has also been on my sofa and in the center of my bed and I’m thinking it will looks perfect in my new bedroom we are working on. See the pillow HERE.


Now that was just a preview… Here are my picks for WINTER PILLOWS 2018…



white cotton fluffy pillow  ||  2 two toned fur pillow  || 3  beautiful Mongolian pillow  || 4  keefer faux Mongolian pillow  ||  5  embroidered pillow  ||  6  white popcorn pillow  ||  7  textured pillow  ||  8 pom pom pillow  ||  9  sand flora chenille pillow  ||  10  basketweave pom pom ivory pillow  ||  11  faux fur beaded pillow  ||  12 faux fur eyelash pillow  

13  contemporary silk throw  ||  14  handmade textured beige throw pillow  ||  15  faux leopard pillow  ||  16  cream faux fur pillow  ||  17  cableknit sweater pillow  ||  18 taupe and aqua coral down pillow (one of my new purchases)  ||  19  plush throw  ||  20  handmade textured dark gray throw pillow  ||  21  bunny fur trim duo pillow (one of my purchases) ||   

22  white shaggy lumbar  ||  23  Magnolia textural lumbar pillow  ||  24  Magnolia Homes Joslin pillow  ||  25  white rug pillow  


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  1. Is there a link to a page showing all the pillows, sources and prices…like you usually post? I think it’s missing.

  2. Aren’t those white Mongolians the best? I bought two at Costco and every single day they make me smile.

  3. Love some of these pillows, especially the Magnolia lumbar pillow. I also like the texture on those cozy pillows. I can’t wait to,purchase some or one of these.

  4. Sandy Pfaff says:

    Yvonne, I love your blog and podcasts and look forward to them! Thank you for inspiring me!

    I love these pillows! Can you check the link? It doesn’t seem to be working.


  5. Sandy Pfaff says:

    Yvonne, I love your blog and podcasts and look forward to them! Thank you for inspiring me!
    I love these pillows! Can you check the link? It doesn’t seem to be working.

    1. Hi Sandy, So glad you are enjoying StoneGable and Decorating Tips And Tricks. Everything should be working now!


    I am in pillow love with all your pillows, but especially that pom-pom one! I’m sorry to hear that it’s no longer available. I love pillow covers because you can easily change your look without having to store massive amounts of pillows somewhere. That leaves me more room to store more stuff, lol!

  7. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my what wonderful pics … I love pillows and thank you for sharing some wonderful designs

  8. I was just lusting after the Mongolian fur pillows in a catalog but realized my 2 puppies would soon have them in pieces! Guess I will go for the ones edged in faux fur. Oh well the dogs take priority.

    1. My cat Hobbes has taken up laying on them! Pets know a good thing, right?

  9. Hi Yvonne! Love all the pillows and their winter styles! I especially love the aqua, coastal one. These are a bit pricey for me that’s why I go to TJMaxx, HomeGoods, or Marshalls! I find great things for less! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Some of my favorite haunts for great pillows. I love that many are down filled!

  10. Beautiful white pillows look like snow drifts! That nubby pillow looks just like a bath rug I bought for $4 at IKEA . It would be easy to sew one to make a pillow cover and slip it over a pillow form.

    1. Actually I should have said “bath mat” whose backing isn’t very thick as a rug would be.

  11. No pictures of pillows or link. Only this:
    [show_boutique_widget id =”677820″]

    On a lot of your posts in the last several months, something like the above is all there is at the end. I thought it was just a fluke, but from one of the comments, it sounds like someone else is having the same problem. I am using an iPhone 7+ and am up to date on everything. Was using an iPhone 5s before and having the same problem. I think it started when you changed your website.

    1. Glitches happen. And it certainly did here! It’s fixed now!!!!! Hope you enjoy the pillow picks

      1. Thanks, Yvonne, for the pillow fix. Guess I should have mentioned it a while back instead of missing stuff. Love your pillow choices and all of the great information you post about decorating. Have learned a lot.
        Many blessings to you and family.

    2. Yes, I know. I hoped to have a “boutique” of the pillows done on a third-party site. But for some reason, it does not seem to be working. So I did it myself. Thanks for your patience!

  12. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    I’m in love with all your winter pillows Yvonne. How right you are pillows are the jewels to any room. Thanks for all your inspiration and have a great day☃❄️☃❄️☃

  13. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love pillows, and I just love Joanna Gaines’ pillows at Magnolia. I would love to have them all over my house!

  14. My décor would be considered a bit Western Lodge, Leather and Pendelton blankets and a bit of a mix with a cherry dining table. So which pillow would work – non other than the Mongolian pillow.
    Just know you must have enjoyed your shopping spree.

  15. Nancy Booher says:

    Once again in love with your choices, making it difficult to decide. Such a problem to have. Oh happy pollows.

  16. I am a lover of pillows too.Nice choices, love the neutrals.

  17. Tape dispensers, scissors, etc, I have 1 at point of use . If I have extra, like tape comes in packs of 3s, but I need in only 2 places, I put extra in office closet. When I use up the tape, for example, I shop the closet before going to a store for a replacement.

    1. I think you are commenting on the podcast episode today! You are a smart one! Thanks!

  18. What a wonderful assortment of fun winter pillows! Since I have been reading your daily blog for the last year you have opened my eyes to the importance of pillows and how to use them. I’m getting a little better at paying attention to them when out shopping but have a long way to go before I have your very great eye for them! Thank you once again!

  19. love pillows…they add so much cozy to every room!

  20. What a great selection of pillows. I can’t wait to see what your dining room looks like with the new taupe and aqua pillows.

  21. Pretty! Tell me…how and where do you store out of season pillows? I don’t have much storage room so I love, but hesitate to purchase.

  22. Pillow 21 DB pair from QVC not available in color shown. Very disappointed. Just received email

  23. So many textural pillows to choose from…Thanks for doing the shopping for us!!! I think the Mongolian may be the showstopper! A pair of these would certainly be noticed…in a good way.

  24. You always find the best pillows!!! Thank you!!

  25. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Please post some photos of your whole sofa, so we can see the full effect! Love this post…addicted to pillows too!


  26. Lila HousdeN says:

    I love pillows!! I always look forward to your “pillow posts” and sometimes find we have matching favorites. I just quickly “ran” and ordered the set of the two fur edged pillows. Thanks so much for doing the leg work for us! Stay warm and safe in this frigid weather. Our windchill here in Cross Keys, Virginia is 5 below at 11:30AM.

    1. How brutal, hope you don’t have a strong wind to go along with it.

  27. Lila Housden says:

    Love Pier One! The one in our town closed. I miss their gorgeous pillows and candleholders! Now I must decide between the more “winter” pillow of the more “year round” pillow. LOL

    Hugs and Blessings!


  28. Bonnie Dearden says:

    Love your inspirations, I’m looking forward to shopping for just the right pillows for our home

  29. Katherine says:

    Oh my! What a collection! That Textural Lumbar Pillow may have found a new home. Thanks for all the time compiling these groupings.

  30. Julie Briones says:

    Good morning! Thank you for these links! Beautiful!

    I was listening to the podcast on the way to work (as usual), and I heard you say that you wanted to upgrade your scanning/filing system. I figure you already know this, but Abby and Donnie Lawson have wonderful system in place, and have an eBook course to teach how to use it. I hear it’s amazing! Just thought I would let you know, or maybe tickle your memory about it. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Wow! Thanks so much Julie!!! I have paperwork coming out of my ears!

  31. So many beautiful pillows to choice from today. I think of you as the Queen of Pillows.
    Question: I bought two lovely sage green raw silk pillows on sale. They look wonderful on my sofa with my floral ones but what do I do on my love seat?

  32. Norma Rolader says:

    You have a great collection and I love each one of them

  33. Although the pillows are beautiful, I believe they’re all way to expensive! Even though you say they’re worth it, there are so many more out there that won’t make you break the bank.
    Also, so many would be easy to diy. I just think showing the majority of readers great priced ideas other than the ones that could be unattainable would make this blog special!

    1. Pamela you are right about the easy and reasonable prices a pillow that you make can be. But I am also concerned about the QUALITY of the pillows. Some less priced ones are not covered on both sides, don’t have good zipper closures and the material is not nearly as nice. These pillows ARE very reasonable. They just aren’t cheap. I think we as consumers need to weight quality, the longevity of use and other things like being down filled should be very important and should be weighed against the price.

  34. I love many of them, in fact buying the one you have in white with the faux fur but the white us out of stock. I am getting the brown with leopard trim. THAT one is me:) Thanks for all these. Most are WAY too pricey for me. I sent you an email too about getting together. XOXO

  35. When I try to open your email a prize pop-up comes up. Does anybody else have that problem?

  36. I love pillow posts. Thank you for always guiding us to new places to look for these fun accents.

  37. WOW!! Love all your pillows!! They do add to the room,!!

  38. Woweee! That is a lot of pillow-LOVE, Yvonne! What I am taking away from this post as well as a lot of eye candy is what you said about usually buying or making pillows in groupings. That struck me as a new idea and makes a lot of sense in terms of coordinating colors and textures and designs. It just never occurred to me before and gave me a little “aha” moment! I have tended to think in singles rather than multiples. So thanks for that insight!

    I love many of the pillows you found. I like the neutral hues and the many textures. I think my definite favorite is the star-shaped tapestry pillow. I just love the colors.

    Well, thanks again for all this “pillow-talk!”

  39. Carol in PA says:

    Wow, I love your pillows. I admire your good taste. I asked yesterday, but I’m asking again. Where do you store your out-of-season pillows? Do you put them in a plastic bin in the garage? I’m sure you’ve left an answer for me. I must check back on one of your previous posts to find it.

    In my small house, I think I should buy pillows that can endure every season. But that would cause me problems with winter textures in the summer. Why do I make this seem so hard? Your look seems so easy and polished.

    Again, I must tell you that you are my favorite blogger/designer.
    Enjoy your weekend.