WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

Do you find that decorating after Christmas is a challenge? Especially if you are the type of decorator that wants to change things up a little in a fresh new way after the holidays? I sure do. Over the years I’ve found the best way to decorate during winter is simply using pieces that have lots of charm and decor punch! This is especially true when it comes to decorating a winter mantel! Keep it simple, using a few amazing things. Winter is a time to pare down and cozy up! I’m sharing how I decorated my mantel…

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

The mantel at StoneGable has traditional lines and classic looks. It’s high and quite narrow. I have to be careful what goes on my mantel because of its width. I’ve often thought of making it larger but I’m still on the fence.

The woodwork in our home is all custom made, including my kitchen. We were so blessed to find an amazing local carpenter. Thanks, Landis! So I’m very hesitant to change it.

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

This winter I brought back the big clock. It’s been on another wall in my family room for almost a year. Welcome back big clock! I love the warmth of the wood for winter.

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

I also brought back the candlestick lamps that flank the mantel. These tall lamps went through quite a transformation! They were hideous! With a little paint they work well with the rest of the mantel. These lamps throw off such a pretty glow in the evening.

I like symmetry, can’t you tell?

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

Boxwood balls in mercury glass pots came from the dining room into the family room to sit on either side of the large clock.

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

I added a little ampersand just for fun! LOVE IT!

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

To bring in a little chippy farmhouse style I leaned a white wood barn star in front of one of the black shutters. 

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

The step of the mantel continues the star theme!

WINTER MANTEL 2016-stars-and-basket-stonegableblog-2

Beau, the Wonder Dog, loves to photo bomb. He laid down with his bone when I started taking pictures.

He belongs to my son Christopher and sweet daughter-in-law Abigail. He is the greatest boy! Beau steals my heart! He spends lots of time with GiGi and Pops and we love every minute. He is a Borador, border collie and lab mix. What a perfect combination! (Can you tell how much I love him?) He’s my boy!

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

Besides the stars a duo of baskets sits on the step.

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

Simple is best when creating a winter mantel! Keep it uncomplicated and cozy! Next week I’ll share my family room winter decor!

WINTER MANTEL 2016-A classic mantel with a farmhouse feel.

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WINTER MANTEL IN THE FAMILY ROOM- Creating a warm and cozy winter mantel


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  1. There you go again creating a most beautiful mantelscape!…I so love the black shutters on the mantel that grounds the area and lends to a very beautifully dramatic look. Adding the star was perfect. We have our granddog with us now too…Beau the Wonder Dog looks quite content. He’s a cutie!

  2. Beautiful! I love the shutters!!! Great inspiration once again!

  3. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love your winter mantel – it’s so beautiful and yet so simple – a perfect combination for the winter months! I already love your family room, especially the furniture arrangement and the coziness of it – can’t wait to see how you decorate it for winter! Blessings to you….thanks for sharing!

  4. So pretty! Would you please share your source for the mercury glass pots?

    1. Hi Mary, I bought the mercury glass pots at the Pottery Barn this past Christmas.

  5. Beautiful! I’ve been struggling with my ‘post-winter, pre-spring’ decor, and I love what you’ve done with your family room. The room just envelopes you and is another confirmation for me that neutral decor can be very striking.

  6. So cozy Yvonne
    I love your dog. We just lost our cat, and I really would love a new pet
    Our daughter has 2 labs, and every time I see her with them I want one too.
    She lives in California so I haven’t met them yet –

    Beautiful home

  7. Mary Jo McGovern says:

    So simple and appealing! I’m hoping next week you can address another aspect of how to update a look without breaking the budget. How can we “marry” existing taupe/beige with the gray/griege so currently popular? I’ve always felt gray is so “cold”. Nevertheless, my taupe walls need to stay with us for awhile longer! Stay warm in your cozy home!

    1. Mary Jo, Like you, I’m not a huge fan of gray. I love it in other people’s homes but I could not live with it. If you know that you could not live with a color, then don’t. Keep your taupes. Add a touch of dulled down tan or gold and if you want a touch of griege use it in a pillow. Just because a color is popular does not mean we have to decorate with it. But I bet you already knew that.

  8. Beautiful room!!!!! What material are your white chairs covered in and how do you care for them. Are they slip covered??? Would love to cover two chairs in my family room but they are used so much I wonder if it is practical.

    1. Hi Mary Lou. the chairs are slipcovered in a white duck material. They get washed in the washing machine and partially dried and put on the chair damp to dry the rest of the way. They are very practical! Hope this helps.

  9. Sue Turner says:

    I love your mantle. I think I will copy your design on mine. It’s always been so hard for me to do anything with. The fireplace is in the middle and I have a long mantle across the whole wall with bookcases. Of course the tv is above the fp. I’d love to move it to a shelf . Also, I’ve always wanted to use just comfy chairs in this room because it’s not a big room. Love your idea of different chairs.

  10. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Your mantle is awesome, I love how you mixed the textures of wood, metal and baskets. I like symmetry too. Hats off to another informative post.

  11. Your house is always so Beautiful! I think you could make a card board box look pretty 🙂 You are so talented!

  12. Gail Shafer says:

    I like to decorate for seasons instead of holidays, and I just loved the stares you used this year! I will use them next year! I will use them next year! It is so much fun looking for stares when I go shopping! I love your style and look forward to your blog every day!

  13. Connie Ratcliffe says:

    Hi Yvonne! I am a new to your blog and I am enjoying it so very very much! Your site is just just beautiful, inspirational and so easy to navigate. I have enjoyed every post and have been through most of your previous post and have found so many great ideas. I have a whole list of things to try, ( thinking of making a sweater pillow and your chicken noodle soup today!). Soooo many things to do and soooo little time! I can’t get started fast enough! Love, love, love it!

    1. Connie, Welcome to the StoneGable family! So glad you found us and are finding things to try!

  14. I just love everything about this room… The clock with its wood frame definitely adds that element of warmth to this room and I absolutely love the nail trimmed chair and the houndstooth chair. You have the perfect combination of clean , fresh, warm and still a lil rustic!

  15. Beautiful, as always! I read that the chairs were covered in white duck. Were these custom made slipcovers, or is there a source to purchase?

    1. Hi Nancy, The slipcover material was ordered from Calico Corner and then a local seamstress make the slipcovers.

  16. Where did you find the lamps for your mantel? are they battery operated or plug in? I would love some for my mantel but have not come across the right ones yet….

    1. I found them years and years ago. I painted them and gave them a second life. The are plug-in. I have an outlet on my mantel.

  17. I have always loved the look of your clock on the mantel – so nice. The whole room is just beautiful. I have a soft spot for all dogs – Beau is a cutie.

  18. Such an inviting room,Yvonne. No wonder your grand pooch took up residence. He’s a cutie! I love the warmth of the clock and the pop of the tulips!

  19. I recently came across your blog, and find it to be superb. You have set an example that somehow gives me permission to continue to collect beautiful objects. As do you, I often rotate items from one room to another (while my husband shakes his head). Thank you for sharing your knowledge and good taste.

  20. I love this mantel…the whole room is so inviting..

  21. What beautiful style you have Yvonne…I am always amazed by what you create! The entire room is so cozy and inviting. Love your Beau too. He looks like my beloved lab mix Blizzard with the white spot on his chest. Funny because his name is that of the first dog my family adopted when I was a little girl. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!
    XO Barbara

  22. I think your mantel is in perfect proportion to the built ins. I wouldn’t change a thing, but that’s just my opinion and not my decision to make. 😉 Are the box woods real?

  23. Beautiful as always. I look forward to your posts every day and have gotten lots of ideas. I hope you haven’t already answered this, but where did you get the white stars? Thanks.

  24. love the look of your mantel with the white and black but also really taken with your white slip covered furniturI would like to cover some of my furniture but can’ find them online or local. Would you share your source or any tips. Your blog is on my short list of favorite

    1. Hi Elaine. I got the fabric at Calico Corner and had a local seamstress sew them.

  25. Yvonne,
    Your Winter Mantle is fabulous, dear friend!!!
    I love all the mercury silver to bring light on the weary days of Winter!!!
    The candlestick lamps are wonderful for ambient lighting, also!!!
    Those white stars are stellar on the mantel and the hearth!!!
    Beau is a handsome lad!!!

  26. Love the mantel! Beau is darling. Don’t you love having a granddog? I’m missing mine.. Onyx lives in NE. Just found out we are babysitting for two weeks in March…can’t wait! He loves the Minnesota snow.

  27. I’m wondering also if you would share where you found the white stars. = they are really eye catching. (Then again, everything in your home is!).

  28. Treva Mills says:

    Your room seems to be saying ” come right in sit right down “. I have forgotten the rest of the song but I bet it would also fit.
    There is not one thing I would even think about changing in that beautiful room. You did a great job.

  29. Your mantel looks fantastic Yvonne. I always hate decorating after Christmas it seems all my creativity has been used up and it’s hard to find something to use until spring arrives. You did a wonderful job of making it work.

  30. Norma Osborne says:

    Although our home decor is far from traditional (It’s Oriental) I can use many of your ideas. Really enjoy your blog!

  31. Sarah Barr says:

    Appreciate your comments on decorating!