WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and fresh

We have lots of snow on the ground, here at StoneGable. So it’s the perfect time to get cozy and get a look at my winter family room. After Christmas I like to pare things down and keep my family room simple. It feels good to embrace the “less is more” decorating philosophy this time of year. My family room is informal, easy going, all-American and kid and pet friendly! I like the look of toasty taupes and golds with white. They warm up the whites in the room. My family room is a great place to read, watch tv, drink lots of coffee, nap and casually entertain. Come on in I’ve been waiting for you…

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and freshOur family room is not huge. It’s adequate. Although it has 2 windows and a big french door it is the darkest room on our home. A big porch roof  hides a good deal of light coming through my windows. I would love to change out the windows for two huge double french doors. Maybe someday! In the winter the family room fees especially cozy with a fire in the fireplace.

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and fresh The sofa is slipcovered in an ivory stain resistant material. This sofa gets lots of wear. I love to pile it with pillows. When we are sitting or lounging on it the pillows go in a big basket behind one of the slipcovered club chairs.

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-pillows-sofa-stonegableblog

The pillows this winter are neutral. No big pops of color. I’m keeping things simple! I love white, taupe and gold together! They are so so comfortable to live with.

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-pillows-sofa-stonegableblog

The coffee table takes a beating in the family room. We eat off of it, play games on it, put our feet up on it and more! And because it has a chippy, antiqued look it can be abused! It is certainly more functional than decorative. And that’s just the way it should be!


I change the contents on the top of the coffee table a couple times a month. I love creating new vignettes. Right now I have a big galvanized tray sitting at an angle on the coffee table. 

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-pillows-sofa-stonegableblogMy home tends towards traditional styling, but I love lots of farmhouse touches. There are many great ways to add farmhouse elements to almost any home. Galvanized metal has a industrial/farmhouse feel and adds so much trendy farmhouse charm! 

Did you notice the big pop of orange tulip color? How could you miss it. I find it hard to live without flowers! And I love tulips. A bold colored tulip is just what my family room  needs!

I found these beauties for $4.00 a bunch at The Produce Junction. What a steal!

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-pillows-sofa-stonegableblog

Galvanized metal and orange tulips love each other! They are complimentary colors!

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-tulips-in-galvanized-tray-stonegableblog

Stacked burlap covered books sit on the opposite side of the coffee table. Burlap is another fabric I just can’t live without. It’s no longer a trend but a new classic!

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-tulips-in-galvanized-tray-stonegableblog

The little mouse sleeping on the books is our “house mouse”. When Bobby and I moved into our first home as newlyweds that little mouse was sleeping on the mantel. We have carried him from house to house. I took him off our mantel and he temporarily sleeps on the books.

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and fresh

The curio sits to the side of the sofa. The white file drawers won me over when I first saw this piece. I am thinking about liming it. We will see!

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and fresh

 I love this petite chair. I needed one more chair in the family room that would not take up too much space. This pretty small chair is big on comfort… and nailhead trim. A very reasonably priced chair from Birch Lane.

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and freshAcross the room is my houndstooth club chair. It’s really a recliner, but no one would ever know. I just love the bold pattern!

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and fresh

I often get asked about my tv. Here it is tucked into the built in on the left side.

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and freshThe family room is always waiting for friends and family to come out from the cold and  join us!

WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and fresh

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WINTER IN THE FAMILY ROOM-Keeping decor simple and fresh

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  1. I love the big clock over your mantle. Do you remember where you got it!

    1. Hi Judy, I got the clock several years ago at Ross’. It was quite a bargain!

      1. Wow! Ross! I don’t shop there much but might have to start. I have had the same picture and florals on my mantle for years. Seeing your mantle makes me want to create something similar. I love your home! Thanks!

  2. I love your slipcovers! Where did you get them?

    1. The sofa came from Pottery Barn. It is one of their slipcoverd sofas. If I would do it again, I would get a foam core down wrapped sofa like the one in our living room.

      1. Thanks 🙂 Love Pottery Barn!!

  3. Linda Ann says:

    Your family room is lovely! I think we have the same couch (PB comfort roll?) but mine is in the walnut color. It is a really comfy couch! You’re brave with a white couch and pets! My cats are shedding all over the place! I really love your recliner that doesn’t look like one….I’m currently in search of something like that to replace my “hard on the butt” Amish glider! I can always count on you for some great ideas and inspiration!
    Enjoy your fireplace on these chilly days!!!

  4. I just love your decorating style…your room looks fresh and crisp but warm ans welcoming. Very nice!

  5. Good Morning Yvone, I just love you and your blog, so creative. Would you share where you purchased your curio from?

    1. Hi Lindy, It came from Wayfair. I think the designer is Paula Deen.

  6. Karen VanLoo says:

    Looks so cozy and comfy!

  7. I love all of the details in the room. The textures and subtle color is very soothing after all of the Christmas cheer.

  8. Dawn Zukowski says:

    Hi Yvonne! I’m looking for a good white paint color for my living room. What color is yours?? I want white, not ivory but it needs to be warm.

    Thank you!

  9. Gorgeous! I just LOVE your decorating style right down to every pretty detail.

  10. Love it, Yvonne … the perfect Winter family room … so warm and inviting!

  11. Hi I really love your blog I look read it everyday.We have the same sofa could you tell me did it come as an slipcover sofa or did you by it separately if where please. I love metal rings on candles on coffee table could you tell me u find them. I know I ask a lot of questions but your style and mine are about the same that’s why I love your blog. I would appreciate the info I hope you have a wonderful day.

  12. Good morning Yvonne, I know I’ve commented before on your Houndstooth chair but now I’m obsessed with it knowing that it reclines!! Three years ago, we finished the downstairs and my husband insisted we shop for furniture at a local place that sold quality made in America furniture. He wanted none of that engineered or veneer stuff. He also wanted his “man chair” so he could relax (fall asleep, really) in front of the tv. I had to compromise on this because he does work long hard hours and this is his way of trying to spend more time with his family, even if he does fall asleep 10 minutes into a program, except football. Now however, he doesn’t like the way it looks with the rest of our furniture. It really doesn’t look bad, it’s just he likes the direction I went with the rest of the room. I would love to know where you got this BEAUTY . This would be perfect!! Thank you…

    1. Cricket- if I remember correctly I think Yvonne said that she bought it at La-Z-Boy.

  13. Your family room looks cozy and comfortable. Our 2 story family room is not cozy, and the leather recliners always feel very cold to me. I like the lower ceilings for that cozy feeling.

  14. I love the pillows on your sofa. Where did you get the tan woven pillows?

  15. Yvonne your family room is so warm and cozy,very inviting and your touches and attention to detail are noticed. Happy Monday

  16. I have been following your blog for some time now and I love your style of decorating. I have incorporated some of your style into my family room and i always love it. I was wondering dimensions of your family room! I would like to bring the furniture away from the walls. I love your room

  17. Treva Mills says:

    Good morning everyone.
    What a great way to start the first day of a new month. Seeing a beautiful room filled with beautiful things so warm and inviting. I would be lounging with a cozy warm throw over me, an exciting book about home decorating and a very hot cup of tea. Oh yes, a glowing fire in the fireplace. Ahhh!
    Yvonne, thank you for the wonderful blog and especially the Sunday post. Very special!

  18. Yvonne,
    Gorgeous Family Room all decked out for Winter, dear friend!!!
    I’m swooning over your neutral furnishings!!!
    I adore the PoP of orange tulips and the energy they bring to your coffee table vignette!!!

  19. Yvonne, love your family room very similar to mine the way it is layed out. I love the baskets you have on your shelfs if you don’t mind me asking where did you buy them from, and did they come with the numbers, (or did you add those? )if so would you please tell me where you purchased the also. Love your blog get many great ideas from reading it. Thanks again for sharing and inviting us into your home. Always reading. Kathy

  20. I love all the neutrals in this room, and the orange tulips are the perfect pop! The “natural” state of the wood in that curio with its hardware looks stunning just the way it is for that room:)

  21. I think this is one of my favorite articles. I have a mouse that appears in unexpected places and have
    gotten quite a lot of reactions to him, so that made me smile.

  22. Lovely decor – as always, Yvonne! I have commented before on how we seem to share such similar tastes but when I saw the mouse, I actually laughed out loud because I have two small pewter cats and they have always been displayed in every home we have had over the last fifty plus years! After my husband died in 2014 and I disposed of many things readying for my final move into a condo, those little cats had to move with me. I’m curious … is your mouse pewter as well?

  23. Like so many others LOVE your decorating style! I also have questions, the two armed chairs in front of the fireplace would love to know where i might find them as I to need small one. Thanks for your wonderful Blog read and reread daily.

    1. Martha, thanks you so much for being one of my “faithful and much loved readers”! The club chairs by the fireplace are brown leather ones that we have had for quite a few years. Last year I had them slipcovered in white duck. It’s amazing what a slipcover can do!

  24. Your found “house mouse” is so endearing.

    I have read and re-read your how to choose paint colors post so many times!

    I still can’t figure out what I want- pretty much what I have only a shade or two lighter, a warm white or light beige? Ugh.

    I better figure it out soon – my painter is coming to give me a quote and dates tomorrow!

    Do you have the color-code for Sonnet by BM? My painter only uses SW and they mix BM colors for me all the time.

    Thank you. ♥

    1. Sorry. I don’t. You might want to get a small amount of Sonnet and see if your painter can match it.

  25. Mary Soulios says:

    Love this room – so cozy! Where did you get the wooden with white pedestal leg by the chairs? I also love the woven pillows – source please?

    1. Hi Mary! The pedestal table by my houndstooth chair came from a local furniture shop that is now closed. I got it a decade ago and painted the base white. The woven pillows came from my local Pottery Barn outlet. Hope this helps.

  26. Tina Eschbach says:

    I love the sleeping mouse! How sweet.

  27. Kathy Bellew says:

    Could you please share where you get your family room furniture slip covers? I love them……

    1. Hi Kathy, I’ll be doing a post about them next week. I’ve gotten so many questions about them that they are best answered in a post.

  28. I love this room, so inviting and comfortable. The house mouse is adorable. I can see why he follows you where ever you move!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful design and home with us.

  29. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I find it truly beautiful and full of inspiration! I also love your family room and winter decor. I am very tempted myself by white seats for our living room but is it realistic with guests, pets and kiddos? Thank you very much for your advice!

    1. Welcome to the StoneGable family Claire! I love my white slipcovers. The club chair fabric is pure white. Spot cleaning is easy and effective. And they can be thrown into the washer and dryer when they get dirty. I think of it this way. The dirt and gunk in going to be on your sofa no matter what color. With white slipcovers, I can clean them. Healthier for all!

      1. Thank you very much for your answer! I think I’m going to do it! Your experience seems completely positive and I find it so beautiful!It gives such a crisp fresh look to a room and is a great basis with every accent colours (just like the white dishes as you wrote it in another post). Thanks again and have a very nice day!

  30. I love your blog and we seem to share the same decorating style. I have been on the search for large distressed stars like the ones at your fireplace. Do you recall where you found them. I know this particular post was from last year, but I am searching for my 2016 winter accessories and I am swooning over the stars! Thanks so much. Tammy

    1. Hi Tammy! I got the wooden stars a couple years ago at the Luckett’s Spring Market. Sorry I can’t give you a better source.

  31. I loved your wall clock. It gives a grandeur feeling to your living room. From where did you buy the wall clock?

  32. Lynn Colsson says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Do you mind telling me where you purchased the white slipcovered chair and ottoman? Love your style and decor.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thanks so much Lynn! I had two old chairs covered with white DUCKCLOTH. I found a lady who made the slipcovers. After I purchased the duckcloth I washed it. This is an important step. So the next time the slipcover needs to be washed the material won’t shrink. Hope this helps.