WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.

Winter is the perfect time to strip all the extras out of your dining room and add only the necessary back in. It’s amazing how much a dining room can collect, especially after Christmas! I like to take everything out of my dining room but the rug, furniture, chandelier, and art on the wall. I clean and scrub it from ceiling to floor and then I start decorating with a very edited eye. It feels wonderful to let the beauty of my dining room shine! Here are some helpful tips for creating a stunning winter dining room!


Here’s how I make my winter dining room sparkle!

WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.


WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.

I love to do a deep cleaning after Christmas. It feels good to strip down all the embellishments and get down to the bones of this room.  I washed the walls and all the wainscoting. Cleaned the mirror, and glass on the art. Dusted the shutters and all the frames in the room. 

Then I vacuumed the chairs and shook and punched up the down pillows. 

I dusted the buffet and lamp as well as the lamp shade.

If you have a buffet in your dining room take out all the contents (You can put them in dish pans). Clean out the inside and clean and polish the outside of the hutch

Wash the windows and all woodwork. Vacuum last!


WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.

This is especially important in the winter. Winter is the time to strip a room down and keep things sparse but warm feeling.  Dining rooms can tend to look cluttered, especially those containing a hutch. Be very discerning about what you put back into your room! Keep decorating simple. Only use what adds grace and beauty to your room!


WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.

In my area, winter is cold and windy and often snowy. So it’s important to have flowers or a plant or something living in each room! 

I grouped 3 Phalaenopsis orchids together in a big gray chippy urn and used them as a centerpiece. I found these white spotted orchids for $5.00 a pot. So I made a dramatic centerpiece for $15.00! 

I would much rather have one WOW factor item as a centerpiece than a smaller grouping.

Twigs, moss balls and even faux plants will work. Organics add life to a room.


WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.

I’m all for sparkle in the winter. Silver, glass, and mirrors are just some examples of how to brighten up dark winter days and nights! 

I love love love mercury glass and winter is the perfect time to show off some of my collection! In the evening when the candles are lit they reflect in the concrete dining room table.



WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.

Pillows and throws look amazing in a dining room! Make sure to give them a try this winter. 

Instead of a throw, I chose to drape a Mongolian sheep skin. I love it’s soft fluffy look!

WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.

Now is the time to work on your dining room and make it something simple and stunning and filled with life and sparkle this winter!

Do you have a tip about decorating your dining room in winter? We would love to hear!

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WINTER IN THE DINING ROOM- 6 tips for letting the beauty of your dining room shine.


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  1. You are making me want to get rid of all the STUFF I have and concentrate on only the things I love. my china cabinet is just a collection of things that we’ve accumulated throughout the years. Nothing that makes a china cabinet look beautiful. Have you come across any way to do a thorough cleaning of wood laminate floors?

      1. Do your hardwood floors have a polyurethane finish? Mine do, but they have gotten scratched up and have “dulled” over the past 15 years. When I had them installed, they said to only use water. I was thinking of trying the Norwex or Bona, but want to make sure I don’t inadvertently screw up the polyurethane. Thanks,

    1. Hi Marisa –

      Not sure the brand of your laminate … ours are Shaw. They have a cleaner they recommend. You may want to check with the manufacturer to see what they recommend.

    2. I turned the upper portion of my china hutch into more of a memory keeper. only china/crystal pueces are the champagne glasses from our wedding. the rest are memory pieces from grandparents,parents, children etc
      love it. still use drawers for linens and good silver as well as dish storage below. paired down to one set of china too.

      moved my hutch to a large main wall in my living room. it was at one end of our DR but always felt it was overcrowded.
      our rooms are adjoining so i can still see it.

  2. I love candles more in the fall and winter because we live in a colder climate. With a grayish cast outside the windows, the glow of candles adds such warmth and sparkle. I burn them all day long and into the evening in my kitchen and open living area where I spend most of my day. You can get great deals at Home Goods, T J Maxx, and Bath and Body Works. The scent warming the rooms appeals to me even more!

  3. Wow! Now that’s some endeavor you took on! Your diningroom looks great and you are a workhorse to do all that cleaning….hope you had some help! Hopefully I will feel motivated to do the same!

  4. Thanks for the ideas. I agree, paring down after Christmas feels good. Its nice to clean things up and enjoy your home in a different light.

  5. lovely as usual ! I have done the same thing, paring back, more restraint in what I put back out. African violets are my organic addition. The restraint of winter will give way to the exuberance of spring when all my birds and nests will reappear!
    Let it snow for now!

  6. I love your big pot with the flowers in it. I may try and duplicate that. I just need to go to my favorite places this winter while I am in the South.

  7. I’ve pared things down a lot after a Christmas too but will be adding back some of my mercury glass. You’re right, winter calls for a bit of sparkle.

  8. My dining room table is bare at the moment and I’m so grateful for your post today. Definitely looking for some floral element to liven up this dreary winter.

  9. I have been doing the same thing. At first everything looks so “Blah” after Christmas, but then after cleaning and reorganizing, it begins to shine. I also added a sheep skin to my decorating, but in the bedroom! Love it! Thanks for your blog. Always look forward to it.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I have always love neutral colors and I love your style of decorating! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. I love your dining room, it’s so beautiful! It’s bright and cheery too. I’m in a cleaning mood too, yesterday afternoon I cleaned out the cabinets in the bathroom. It’s amazing how much we accumulate, and I threw out anything old or no longer needed. Now I want to clean my dining room using your tips! I’ll do it this weekend – thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Deep cleaning is always first on my list once Christmas is put away. I love the idea of orchids as a center piece and just started acquiring mercury glass from your blogs. Thanks again for your beautiful decor ideas.

  13. I definitely love the idea of pillows in my dining room! I will definitely be adding some to my decor. Thanks for the tip!

  14. When Christmas is put away,the cleaning begins.We just purchased
    a new dining room with more of a curio cabinet instead of a hutch.It’s
    been fun arranging items in it.Also added a linen table runner to the
    table.Heading towards a neutral color scheme.Love your urn centerpiece.

  15. Thanks for this wonderful advice.
    Initially , after all the “work” of all the holiday preparations and decorating , it seems daunting to thoroughly scrub and clean like this, but you are right to suggest it. It is actually the essential first steps to the editing process. The cleaning action- while it may appear chore like- is like stretching before the run, or bathing before putting on a fabulous outfit.
    Thank you for pushing us to edit. After expenditures for the holidays especially I often feel if I have spent money on things I must have them out! All of them! This can create a “consumer-confusionastrophy”!
    You photos remind me how wonderful it can be to put away some cherish items and let others shine one at a time. This, by the way, also is cool because I can later, in spring, “go shopping” in my stored goodie boxes rather than whipping out the wallet again at a store.

    As for the monumental task of cleaning , I find it helps if I literally set time aside ( a specific time – with a beginning hour and end hour) and relax into the ” chore”. I put on a favorite tune and open up the curtains to let light in. My dog usually sits and keeps me company. Oh, and I promise myself a treat at the finish line- a run out for a coffee once done rather than brewing at home.
    I also set aside one favorite ” new” item I know I will save and add as my final touch once the finishing details are finishing up…. I am not allowed to bring it into the room until
    I finish up! It could be a repurposed item from another space in the house, a re-looked and newly appreciated item from my closet collection, an idea borrowed from you, or a special gift I received from a friend at the holidays . Saving the coffee trip and the new item are like the ” cherry” on the sundae.
    My fav impressions of your dining room?
    LIGHT !!
    But still comfortable and cozy…
    FRESH and AIRY !!
    But not overly edited and sparse…
    LIFE !!
    With our grey, snowy, dormant winters any sign of life is essential to me and hope-filled. Live plants absolutely add a soft energy to a room. This is especially important to me through the winter.

    And , finally, I have always loved your bench idea… if I am ever blessed with grandchildren one day I plan to switch out my dining chairs on one side and put in a longer bench so all the little bodies can squish in together, as it was when I was a child with my cousins.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I have always loved paring down and simplifying things after the holidays. Its kind of like the four seasons! After the hot temperatures your ready for things to cool down. After all the pumpkins, turkeys, christmas trees, ornaments and packages I am ready for uncluttered simple clean spaces in which I can relax and enjoy! Time to snuggle in and get cozy!

  17. I absolutely love your dining room, that table was such a beautiful addition. But I am hoping you can give me info on how to wash down walls without leaving streaks. I think my paint is eggshell finish and a neutral color. Thanks, Pat

  18. After years of not being able to “let it go”, the desire to purge has finally taken hold. During my after-Christmas cleaning I was able to gather a rather large box of ornaments and Christmas decor I’m no longer in love with. It feels soooo good.
    And, by the way, my daughter-in-law and I made the sweater wreaths for our front doors. We LOVE them! They give a cozy welcome before you even ring the bell.

  19. As a floral designer, interior decorator and owner of a small home decor shop, I would like to encourage everyone to support the small independent shops. While the big box discount stores have some great treasures at appealing prices, the small retailer will often have items that are equally as well priced and offer inspiring displays and professional advice. I, too, enjoy a good discount store bargain, but my crystal ball shows a future image of quaint shops as a distant memory and our only shopping experience being in front of our computers or in big box stores. Go out today and find a sweet little shop…owned and operated by someone that is so very grateful for your support and so happy to welcome you into their shop!!!

    1. Amen to that! My husband and I always try to support local small business, it’s good for the neighborhood too. Our area has become a bit of an onclave of artisan shops but the temptation to go big box or online is always there. Anyone remember local hardware stores?

  20. Just found your blog and love this post. Great idea to take everything out and start fresh! We just celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary so I have a lot of ruby/red accents in the dining room now as we hosted a celebration brunch for family and friends. I plan on leaving the ruby color accents up through Valentine’s but then….purge. Really want to go through the drawers in the server and purge napkins that are worn….and organize them all. Always seem to be missing one ! I look forward to following you – thanks again for great ideas.

  21. I love your home. Looking at your dining room pictures relaxes me instantly! It is so soothing and serene!!! Thank you!

  22. Do you pinch yourself everyday…living in such a pretty house?

    Do you wake up excited with ideas on how you are going to tweak the already wonderful(ness)?

    Even on a bleak day how bright and cheery!

  23. Your dining room is beautiful. Mine will hopefully be getting a much needed makeover this year and your dining room gives me lots of inspiration!

  24. I love your dining room and orchids look special anywhere. I don’t have a separate dining room but I do agree with you about a good spring clean after Christmas. I love all the decorations and all the added bling but when it all comes down there is something equally special about the simplicity and suddenly it seems like a great time to make everything clean and perfect.

  25. I actually just stripped down my dining room too and it feels awesome after all the clutter of the holiday season – love the idea of adding some organic elements!

  26. Everything is so beautiful. I love the sparkle. I also love the sign that you have about being a child of God. I would love to have one. Where did you find it? Or did you make it?

  27. Sounds like a super plan. How do you scrub the walls? I have wainscoting and shutters and floors that I clean but how do you do the scrubbing of the walls?

  28. GREAT ADVICE! How in the world did you do all that from a wheelchair??? You are a truly amazing gal 🙂
    It is a Beautiful, beautiful space.

  29. Thank you, Yvonne, as well as Cherie and Mary. I, too, cleared clutter in my dining area. Centerpiece consists of mercury glass votives, along with cylindrical vase holding only 5 long stemmed WHITE Gerbera daisies on neutral antique linen runner. The flowers appear crisp and fresh and promise that Spring will return. Best of all, they were only $5.00 at the grocery store and last nearly 2 weeks.
    Thank you to Mary for reminding us to support local, independent shops. I work at a local nursery where we offer great finds, other than mulch, annuals and perennials. We often offer a hug and a listening ear with or without a purchase.

  30. I never thought about deep cleaning after Christmas. Spring and fall have been my mainstays. Surely you didn’t do this while being confined to a wheelchair. I can’t believe you found orchids at such a price. I’ll look for some. My DR centerpiece is faux, but live would get rid of the winter blahs.

  31. This is just the inspiration I needed to clean out my china cabinet! I have things in there that I have never used! I’m going to do as you suggested and take everything out, clean it all and then only put back in what I need. Thank you!

  32. I made a stop at a local shop over the holidays and found the perfect little ornaments I needed for a family get together and ornament exchange. They were even on sale prior to Christmas. I usually find the small independent shops have amazing unusual offerings. I am still enjoying a thriving little evergreen tree of some sort I picked up at HyVee prior to Christmas as the dining room centerpiece. The blooms on my orchid are spent, so I insert faux flowers and hope for the best.

  33. Your dining room is beautiful! Cleaning is not my strong point but you are inspiring. Love the drapery in the dining room, would you share where you purchased or the name of the fabric?

  34. I never get enough of reading your tips and you sharing your beautiful home with us, Yvonne.. thank you! Candlelight is so warm and soothing, and I am loving the LED battery operated candles…especially the ones with timers! Some look so real, the batteries last a long time, and I don’t have to be concerned about open flames if I’m not right there in the room the whole time they’re ‘on’. Win!

  35. I love the orchid arrangement as orchids are my very favorite~ They are the perfect accent for the mercury glass. Your dining room looks photo perfect. Also agree that right after Christmas is perfect for cleaning and purging. That gives us plenty of time to go thru home and be ready for spring! I want to be outside then playing in the dirt!


  36. Looks beautiful, Yvonne! Love the ‘preaching-to-yourself’ artwork. Did you have that made, or DIY? My Wee Abode doesn’t have a dining room, so I’ll work in some of the elements in the kitchen and living area. Thank you!

  37. This is so timely as I took apart my Christmas dining room yesterday. I have a big urn and am going to buy some white orchids! Brilliant. But first clean like you suggest. Nothing adds more sparkle than clean and the dining/family room was the only room that didn’t get a top to bottom cleaning last year that included the draperies. I also thoroughly enjoy all the reader’s comments. Thanks to you all.

  38. P.S. I’m also going to listen to a favorite radio broadcast while I clean and treat myself to coffee when I’m done. Great tips!

  39. I have finally removed the last remnants of Christmas from my main living space. I will be incorporating some of these ideas in my dining room. My mind is a buz of ideas right now. Thank you.

  40. Your winter cleaning is as thorough as my spring clean, if not more so. Your dining room looks sparkly clean but still warm. The sheepskin adds the hugge feel to the room. My winter dining rom is kept very simple. I like the breathing space after all the Christmas decor.
    I agree on Edit, edit, edit. I’ve been going through each room and keeping only what fits my decor today and that
    I love or is necessary. I get such a good feeling when I edit and donate.

  41. I totally agree with you re paring down during the winter months. It is refreshing to clear away a lot of the usual accessories (especially after living with all the seasonal Christmas decorations for several weeks) and go for a simplier, clean look. I like to gather some white berch branches in a terra cotta-type urn for the dining room table center piece. I love the airy look of the branches. They seem to blend so well with the bare trees outside the dining room window.

  42. I remove all obvious Christmas things by Jan. 6, but I have a few snowmen and wintry arrangements that seem right when it is -17 degrees!

  43. I love your clean-and-edit idea. The white orchids are so perfect as a centerpiece on the concrete table top. Noticing your beautiful rug under the table in the last photo, I am wondering if it is the same rug you were concerned with after purchase when it would not lay flat? If it is indeed the same carpet, how did you get it to lay flat? And, I thought I read all your blog offerings, but am puzzled what happened to your ankle that you had to have it operated on? I must have missed a blog about that. Did you have a fall? May you have a quick and easy recovery from the surgery – you know we all are praying for that for you!

  44. Inspired by you, I removed most of the colored plates from my china cabinet and left in the white things and crystal. I stood up some white snowflake shaped plates in the back. Added some sweet white teapots and a couple of blue and white teapots to the shelves for the winter season. (Scored another cream-colored teapot at the Goodwill today for $4!) Filled up my soup tureen with pine cones and moss balls for the chest in the foyer. Very happy with results–looks downright pretty. 🙂

  45. After all the glitz of Christmas , it is nice to get back to the warm cozy simplicity of winter. It is nice to receive some winter tablescape ideas. They are the hardest in my opinion!!! Thanks

  46. Thanks for the great and inspirational post. It has motivated me to quit being so lazy, and get this house scrubbed down one room at a time. If you can do it with a cast, I can certainly do it on two good legs!

  47. Love the tip with combining orchids together. Just admired a few at the grocery store. Did you have to plant any special way or just what comes out of the pots!. Love your blog!!

  48. I have the same clock that you gave in your dining room, which thrills me to pieces because I know you have great taste 😉

    Always enjoy reading and seeing what you are doing!

    Hope all is well with the ankle

  49. Your dinning room is beautiful. Love the light colors, it has inspired me to stay with light colors through out my home. It looks fresh and clean. Thank you!

  50. You have a lovely home and I thank you for sharing your ideas with others. You are great motivation and inspiration for me!

  51. I have felt the need to purge and par down many things in our home. I loved our Christmas decorations but at times they seemed too visually overwhelming although I’m sure our guests would disagree with me. No matter. It has opened my eyes and helped me to continue on my quest to “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

  52. Wait! You WASHED your walls????? With what?

    Also want to ask about those spool arm chairs in the living room. Where did you get them?

    Thanks and love the clean look in the dining room.

  53. One of My New Years,resolutions is to treat myself to weekly fresh flowers….and to bring them into different rooms in the house such as my bedroom and bathroom. It’s the little things in life that makes us happy. Love your blog. Happy new year.

  54. Would love for my dining room to look that shiny and clean. I have a foot problem also and there’s no way I could scrub walls and do that much cleaning and I’m not in a wheelchair or in a boot like you are. Maybe this was an older post done before your surgery otherwise I feel like a wimp. No matter when it was cleaned it is a beautiful room.

  55. You’ve done a fabulous job of styling your dining room and your tips are so helpful. I really like the urn you have the orchids in. Do you have a source for it?

  56. I used to do a full house “fall cleaning” before Thanksgiving to prepare for the holidays, just like I used to see my mom do as I was growing up. Then I realized I was kind of doing a heavy cleaning AGAIN after Christmas! I realized how ridiculous that was but it felt so cluttered with ‘stuff ‘ and I just wanted a clean look.Now I wait until after Christmas and do it all like you do! Love the pared down simplicity-it LOOKS clean and it IS clean! Then I do it all again in the spring! Argh! Learning from my mom-both a blessing and a curse!

  57. Love your dining room, especially the concrete table. Where did you find the small size curtain rod? We just built a home in the country, and my husband doesn’t want anything covering the windows and obstructing the view, but I need some softness. You’ve inspired me to get going!

  58. Gorgeous Yvonne…spakling white…like new fallen snow…
    I love the name you have chosen “Stone Gable”…is there a bit of history associated with the name? It just seems to fit…

  59. Love your style!! I too have given up deep cleaning the whole house at once, one room completely done is a good feeling!! It’s so enjoyable to read posts from someone who also loves their home and the one who has blessed us with them!! God bless you and your family in this new year!!

  60. I’m always getting my tips from your site Yvonne. I always give our knotty pine walls (dining room and family room) a good rubbing of Liquid Gold but soooo many chemicals and a strong scent. Does anyone know a good natural product to clean and then moisturize the wood?

  61. I use some silver serving pieces and lemon and limes from my garden to dress the dining room table. Simple white candles in silver holders and my table is finished.

  62. We just put our home on the market last Friday. As I look around my kitchen/dining that I love, I see that I need to do just what you suggest. I need to strip this room down to just the bare bones. I love chickens and they decorate my room. I realize that not every body loves them and I need to remove them so that those looking at my home can envision there kitchen/dining room and not mine. Your post came at the perfect time. Thank you!

  63. Yvonne,
    I love how bright and glam your dining room is. The orchids add a nice touch of mother nature to the space, keeping it beautifully fresh. I have been on a decor purge myself. Great tips!

    Much Love,

  64. I too love the elegant sparkle, and the fresh clean designs! But, most of all, I SO appreciate your “I AM” wall art! How Beautiful❣❣
    Thank you!!!!

  65. What would I do without you? We moved. Sold our farm house we worked on remodeling for over 5 years because of my husband’s job relocating. We bought another fixer upper Craftsman/Farm Style. I thought I had a good idea where to begin. I wanted to update my look with more gray than beige…not working. I’ve halted everything after painting one room and am stumped-it feels cold and the gray reminds me of concrete. I’ve dove in to your blog (my trusty Yvonne and Stone)! I feel like I’m trying to force all my things to work in this house…usually a home speaks to me about it’s style and maybe I’m just not “listening”. Should I take everything down like you did and try to start fresh again-maybe this is the answer? Nothing seems to be working, I’m overwhelmed I think. Usually I’m the one giving advise to friends and family, but not this time, lost in my own home and just not “feeling it”. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated greatly!

  66. I find, lately, when I click on a Pinterest pin, it is yours. Stone Gable is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you. Donna A.

  67. I also start my Spring cleaning in January. I and your style. dust, sweep, and mop before putting out Christmas decor (why decorate a dirty house). After packing away Christmas, I do a major cleaning, including dusting the walls. That’s when I get excited to decorate with a lighter hand. I enjoy your blog

  68. That first shot of your room is perfection. Everything about it is perfect. I am also in the midst of all of that, and it feels so good. I just am tired of all that ‘stuff’. thanks, and I hope you are feeling better daily.

  69. Thanks for the beautiful and timely inspiration , as I am tackling the dining area storage this week as I declutter for 2017. I always look forward to your posts.