WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!

Hi StoneGable friends! Do you notice something different about my living room? If you are one of my fabulous faithful followers (thank you a million times) you might notice that I have changed the vignette on the top of the Curlacue chest (yes, it is spelled Cur-la-cue). Do you notice anything else? How about above the chest. Yes! I replaced my painting Paris Homes On The Seine. Don’t worry, it’s not gone… it was moved to another wall. In its place, I added a chippy, white reclaimed wood mirror. Why did I change out the picture that is so popular with my readers and exchange it for a funky looking mirror? Because change is good and healthy and as a decorator, I needed to. Let me explain.

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WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!

Here is what the Curlacue chest looked like before…


And here is how it looks now…

I think this area now looks a little lighter and brighter and a little more fresh!

WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!

If you are reading this post I bet you are also reading other blogs and decorating magazines and may even have an Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook account. 

And I also bet you love home decor. In fact, you might love all things home!

WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!

I LOVE all of it too. I love home decor and all things home and reading blogs and magazines.  And seeing gorgeous home decor on my social media accounts inspires me! It all inspired me! It makes my heart flutter a little faster and makes my house decor dreams a little bigger! Who doesn’t get a rush from watching fixer-upper?

WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!

Now here’s the question… What do you do with all that inspiration? Do you actually DO something with it? For me, it’s important to take the inspiration I have in my head and heart and create with it! And I do!!! Whether I paint a room or am inspired to make a chippy mirror like the one above (yes, I made it)  the Curlacue chest, or put together a new vignette or pillow arrangement or move the furniture around… inspiration causes me to be creative!

WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!

And creativity is a great, great gift! Creativity blooms from inspiration. And creativity begets creativity!

It pains me to hear people say, “I’m not creative”. It’s like working out… those people are just not using their creative muscles! Creative lays asleep until inspiration is put into action! Each of us are gifted with some degree of creativity. We should cultivate it because we can make it grow and grow!

WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!

When I take the inspiration I see and let it become a creative idea and then let that creative idea actually become something new or different my home is better for it. And so am I! The more I create the more creative and inspired I become! A fabulous vicious and wonderful cycle!

I am compelled to keep on creating and changing things in my home! It’s fun and makes me happy and keeps the creative cycle going strong! It is an outward expression of who I am to my core!

And it propagates love for the home I have… warts and all!

WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!

Even a little change, like hanging this mirror, makes me love my home more and more! And you know it’s really all about loving our home and creating a sanctuary for ourselves, our family, and those who enter inside!   

So, I encourage you to be inspired by what you see and read but don’t stop there. Start using that inspiration to create! Create a home that exudes love and welcoming and good taste. Create a home that is filled with amazing YOU!

So, how about you? What was the most recent thing you changed up in your home? Any great tips for changing decor, being inspired or creating something wonderful? Let’s share!



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WHY I CHANGE UP MY DECOR AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Changing our home decor can inspire us, awaken our creativity and make us fall in love with our homes again!


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  1. Betty Hummel says:

    Love the mirror and the fact you are always changing. I so agree that change is what makes a home continuously beautiful

      1. beth robinson says:

        I love love love your decorating. I too change my mantle for the seasons. My problem is fine doing a place to store everything, lol

        1. I know!!! I don’t have as much as some reader’s might think. When I know I am done with it I usually pass it on.

  2. I change up vignettes all the time. We need to use all of our pretty things and so I just keep moving stuff around. I love your new vignette.

  3. I LOVE the idea of changing the look of a room! It gives a new “meaning” to the room, and takes out the boredom! If we change our outfits, why wouldn’t we want to change our room “outfits”?? Thank you for posting this!

  4. Anne Porter says:

    Creativity is everything you say..,and energizing too;much like a good work-out, or so I’m told! Your creative expressions on SG blog are indeed, inspiring! I look forward to your creative “work out” each day! Blessings !!!

  5. Sandra Barnhart says:

    I love to change things around for a new look. Especially using what I already havesaves money and makes you appreciate something you already have in a different way.

    1. You are right Sandra! Use what we have… or upscale and recycle it! Good for you!

  6. Love it Yvonne! I am always “shopping from my home” to change thinga around. Completely gutted a small bath this week and replacing everything (except the toilet). Going to try light gray paint on the walls and new pictures. Thanks for you input. You really my #1 favorite!

    1. Ooooooh, Connie I hope you send me a picture of your new bathroom!!!!

  7. Teddee Grace says:

    The mirror is great and compliments the chest, which appears to have a bit of pink in the finish, whereas the print appears to have a great deal of yellow. Nice change.

  8. kathy Bogan says:

    Love the mirror and your new look. You are so talented.

  9. BettyAnne says:

    The mirror over the chest is absolute perfection!!

  10. LOVE the new mirror! and, yes, I gather inspiration from your blog and others along with Instagram, etc., too.

  11. Gosh, I hope I don’t get long-winded here, but three of my sisters and I move stuff around in our houses ALL THE TIME. Initially I thought it was because we were used to change and craved it. We were raised in the Air Force and moved A LOT. I went to 14 different schools before I graduated high school. But now I also realize that we are all creative people and I personally have noticed that if I leave something in the same place for a while, I quit seeing it (until I have to dust it) and so by shopping my own home and switching things up, I get to feed my creativity and possibly come up with some very interesting vignettes! One blog follower commented that she put it in it’s place and it SHOULD stay there for life! I was shocked to hear that someone would actually think that way. But then I visited my husbands 94 (but acts 80) year old grandma and asked if I could change up her bowling alley looking living room furniture. She said okay and I made it look great with angles and such. Well the next time we visited, it was all back in the same old position. Why? Because the change made her have anxiety. Maybe I waited too long to do this to her home!

    1. Such great points, Terry! I am also an Air Force brat and moved a lot too!

      1. Ha! I’m an Air Force brat who longed for a permanent home of my own too. I change things a lot, especially vignettes like one commenter said we have beautiful things that should be appreciated or you stop seeing things when they stay the same. When I do homes I tell the owner to put all the smalls in 1 place like a garage and then I ‘shop’ their stuff as I decorate, they LOVE seeing their things used in new ways. I love reading a blog and seeing something I already have used in a new way. Really sparks my cteativity. You are right that once you turn it on it can be hard to turn off. ❤️ Most recent update is replacing our white wicker porch stuff done in aquas and cobalt blue to dark rockers with cinnamon colored cushions which meant ALL the accessories had to be switched out.

    2. Kddomingue says:

      My husband jokes that at our house you need to look behind yourself before you sit down to be sure that the chair that you are used to being there, actually still IS there, lol! I move furniture and stuff around all of the time. I, too, cannot comprehend the mindset that says once you place soimething somewhere, it must stay there. I find that if you never move or change anything in your home, your home becomes…..stale? I know that if I leave things in one place for a long time, my eyes cease to see them so to speak. So, I move things around, group things differently, put some things to a different use, put some things away and take others out, change the bedding or curtains with others that were stored away, rearrange my plants or add a new one, rearrange artwork……it keeps my home feeling fresh. And it keeps me from spending a lot of money unnecessarily!

  12. I love the new look….I’m going to try to change around some stuff today (with the help of a friend). I hope I can make it look as awesome as yours.

  13. I’ve tried many of your suggestions, Yvonne. My mantle had gone through many changes, but I love how it looks now. It’s finally balanced, though not symmetrical. I’ve been playing with artificial flowers now!

  14. This is such a great post. We need to breath new life into our homes, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this. You can shop your home and change things around for a new look. I love your new chippy mirror. It looks beautiful in that spot. I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  15. Love the change. I have a mirror over the cabinet in my foyer and I love it.

    This past week we painted our son’s dresser and night stand a Slate color with dark wax. New hardware and he is so happy to have a grown up look for his new apartment.

    With him moving out to grad school for six years…thinking we can claim his room. Lots of changes happening.
    I’m turning his bedroom in to a sanctuary for me. A favorite chair, books, and I’m dusting off my sewing machine. It will be fun to get a new color on the walls and pull out art work I have.

    Thanks for all the great inspiring ideas!

    1. June, I love the way you are embracing some hard changes in your life and moving forward and concentrating on the positive. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  16. I change things up regularly. Always with the seasons of course but sometimes in between too. It makes me feel good to be able to use the things I have and I try to look for new ways to use them by being inspired by great bloggers like you. It’s usually nothing elaborate. Simple changes can have big impact. I recently took my tool caddy (which I love) put wine bottles in it and then took a greenery garland and wove it around the bottles. It looks great and didn’t cost a cent to have something that perks up my porch and makes me happy all over again. Thanks for your inspiration Yvonne!

  17. Kathy Lahr says:

    I love the change you’ve made! That mirror over your curlacue chest is so beautiful, light & bright!

  18. I like to change things for the seasons. It just gives you a new lease on life. Especially the way a room can be brightened by a few new pieces.

  19. I change things around all of the time. Usually it’s seasonal, but I love moving artwork around and accessories to freshen things up. Change is good! The best part about these changes are that they’re not permanent and if I want to, I can change them back. I love to see your home, because it gives me inspiration for mine. Keep changing things up and giving me more creative ideas!!

  20. JudyCinNC says:

    The white chippy mirror really brings a summer look to your room with the open and airey feeling. I would have put the container handles in the back, and yet I really like your look. Maybe an “old rule” on my part and don’t we all have them? Thank you for another revelation and inspiration. JudyC

  21. Your pins are so inspiring! I rearrange/swap out decor a number of times per year so it is nice to know that I am not the only one doing this because my friends look at me like I’m crazy. Love, love, love it all!

  22. Linda Tozier says:

    Love the change, it looks similar to a vignette I have in my family room, which I’ve had for several years now. Only the chest is black and the mirror has an old chippy blue wood frame and a large blue/green crock filled with flowers along with buffet lamps on either side. The only thing I’ve done in the past is change out the flower according to the season. Thank you for the inspiration to makes a change.

  23. I so admire your new look!!!! Would you mind commenting on where you purchased the mirror and the white lamp? Love you design taste!!!

  24. Lizianthus says:

    Another great post Yvonne! I have a small living room (a small house for that matter) and can only arrange furniture two different ways, (one is for the Christmas tree) so to make it feel fresh I am always changing things out. I have a lot of accessories that I love but can’t have them all out at once! Thanks for your inspiration on how to use what I have in different ways.

  25. Susan Dunn says:

    I love your posts, and the look you give us into your beautiful home and life! I’m wondering…will you do a blog and tell us how you made that amazing chippy mirror? I’m sure others besides me would love to hear! 😉

    1. Yes, I have the mirror diy scheduled for August 4th. You won’t believe how easy it is!

  26. I admire your ability to change things up in your home! And yes, LOVE your DK picture!

  27. Most of us live in home where our furniture will remain with us until it is worn out and if we have downsized we may not be able to move the furniture around. However there are things in each room we can change with the seasons, or with gifts we receive, purchases we make, or just because we need to. I move, collections, family pieces, art, pillow etc. around often. Usually it is because some area of my home is no longer making me smile or it doesn’t feel right anymore. I am always amazed at how different the house looks and feel just by moving a few things. Thank you for your blog and the scoop. You always have great information to share. I also enjoy reading all of the readers comments. Looking forward to all your future posts.

  28. Whenever my husband remarks that once again I’ve moved things around I remind him of our relatives. I don’t know if there’s a connection but it seems all of our older relatives who had Alzheimer’s were the ones who never changed anything in their decor. If they put a knickknack on a table 20 years ago it was still there 20 years later. Just my observation….

    1. Yes, have been in those houses, wait, is it my house, I don’t remember 🙂

  29. The mirror has changed the look completely. It really brightens up that space. I am on a painting spree at my house and I want to paint our living room, family room, master bedroom and kitchen. I’m going to be a busy girl!

  30. Love this thought path. If our homes really do reflect us, then it stands
    that we don’t wear the same outfit for months at a time.
    Life is in accessorizing !
    Embracing your blog, as well as your heart.

  31. What a fresh and bright new look to the curlaque cabinet. The happy mirror makes it look a lot brighter . Summery .
    I think changing things up a bit from time to time keeps our home looking fresh!!
    I luv it!!

  32. Sometimes I get bullied by “fear of failure” in decorating. You are so right, the more we step out and make changes, even small changes, the more creativity is released. I find this true in decorating, cooking and even the outfits I wear. I love the tools and suggestions you provide, helping us to step out and watch the magic happen! Love the mirror and how it scatters the light opening up the whole area.

  33. Theresia Westbrook says:

    Perfect change for summer! Love your saying warts and all?

  34. It was beautiful before but this has a lighter, brighter feel, great for summer. Love it!

  35. You are my favorite inspiration for my home decor…thank you! I love to change things around but with a small house and little wall space, my creativity often feels stagnate. I moved from a 4000 sf home to an 1100 sf home and have a garage FULL of unused decor. Certainly don’t want to overcrowd this little place. BUT, you have inspired me again, and TODAY there will be some changes. I love the chippy mirror that you did, and, did you also paint the curlacue chest? Thank you again…let the changes begin! <3

  36. Yvonne, your home is such a lovely reflection of creativity and graciousness. Only yesterday, I switched out an item or two, in order to incorporate even more summer decor into my home after viewing your mantel. Loving the bright and airy look. Thanks for sharing.

  37. As always, it’s beautiful. I especially like how you are including the ‘Get the Look’ feature!

  38. I agree that change inspires further creativity. Thanks to you and your blog, I’ve sewed new pillow covers for the sectional and started collecting milk glass and other white dishes to use as vases, tablescapes, and various artful displays. I’m also beginning to learn how to use milk paint, originally inspired my your tutorial for redoing your clock over the mantle. Yes, our entire house has endured a makeover, and I love the change!

  39. That mirror is such an improvement! To tell you the truth, I often wondered why you hadn’t changed it up. The print looked dated but the mirror freshens the whole vignette right up!

      1. Patricia Butler Interior Design says:

        I like the mirror as well but love the print,do you know where can I purchase it?

  40. Becky Anderson says:

    I Love, Love, Love it!!! Would you mind sharing the source for those amazing white chunky vases?

    1. Hi Becky, I’ve looked everywhere on-line for them to put in the GET THE LOOK area of my blog, but no luck! I got them at our local Pottery Barn outlet several years back. If you find them please let me know!

      1. Marilyn Clark says:

        I found some with that look atLowes. They are not as clunky looking and are bright green. They work!

      2. Becky Anderson says:

        They are amazing! I will do an online search. Thank you for your reply!

  41. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Nice change Yvonne. I’m one that changes a lot…it seems to give me energy & love for my home that I don”t have when things stay the same. I get bored…move something…and then feel like it’s new again. Love your style…

  42. Nancy Bailey says:

    I am getting so many great ideas for our new home! I really, really love the change-out with the mirror – what a wonderful refreshing look just that one piece can make. Thank you for the continued inspirational ideas. I am getting anxious to start putting them in place.Blessings to you, Nancy

  43. I love the new look w/ the mirror – it totally changes the whole space! You have inspired me to revisit a few areas in my house that need a bit of a “refresh” 🙂

  44. As usual – just wonderful! A more summery feel. Love the riser and using it to elevate the lamp. Keep looking at them in stores and couldn’t figure out where I would use one. I am going to have to look again! Also love the little bird picture – complements the chippy frame so well. Like someone else mentioned – if you don’t change things up you begin to just look right over the décor item. You don’t even “see” it anymore. Just moving it to another table top or shelf can make you love it all over again. Have a blessed day!

  45. Bj Reynolds says:

    Love your page read it everyday. We just moved too a new house so I am always looking for new ideas and get a lot from you and fixer up.

  46. Mary Michelle says:

    Like the commercial about being “nose blind” to household odors, I had become “decor blind” until I found Pinterest last fall. Yours was one of the first blogs I subscribed to and it has inspired me to make changes. I even purchased the same glass dome and basket from Pier One that you used in your kitchen vignette and created one for my dining room. Thank you for opening my eyes and all your wonderful blogs.

    1. I believe that too! Especially when it comes to clutter! Great point!

  47. From Pinky at Designs by Pinky
    I think you know, I change things all the time: for the seasons, for the month, for the week or jsu because!! I change my tables ALL the time, change out pillows, move accessories. It is all FUN!!! Hope you get this!!!!!!

  48. Amazing how our tastes change as we age! And much as I adored your Paris painting, the new mirror does look so beautifully fresh and inviting! Hope you are planning to share the techniques you used to create it….thanks for a thought provoking, well written post.

  49. I do like the lighter look, especially for
    Summer . A question; So do you, as a Jesus follower, ever feel any guilt over
    focusing so much on the beauty of your home ? It’s an honest question (no judgement or guilt ), it’s something from time to time I think about for myself .
    Great job … As always, it is beautiful 😉

  50. Love to change up with the seasons. By adding new elements it helps keep that fresh feeling in
    The house and it lets you enjoy your home more.is not always mean buying new sometimes it just move a decor piece across the room.

  51. I really like the new one with the lace-like pieces and the little bird.

  52. Kymberly Starr says:

    I love your new look! I look forward to opening your mail first thing in the morning. Our tastes are very much the same. I would love love love to do some of the things you have done. I have a few pieces of furniture that desperately need to be re finished. I don’t know how to begin. I also need to re paint my entire interior. I look at your posts and can only dream. I can’t work because of serious back issues, thus do not have the funds to start any project. It makes me super sad. Thank you though for your posts. I might not be able to financially bring my dreams to life, but through your posts my dreams can still keep living. 🙂

  53. Bobbi McComber says:

    I always enjoy your blog! It is my favorite! I love your ideas! Thank you so much!

  54. Your change does lighten the look which is great for summer. I agree that making even such a small change freshens ones world and brings joy to the soul. I change things up often which leave my family scratching their heads however it lifts my heart to do so.

  55. “Honey is that new?”, asks my husband. He is actually wondering how much money I spent shopping. “No, I have just been moving things around again!”, I happily tell him. I love to change things around for a fresh look. Going shopping in my home is fun.
    Thank you, Yvonne, for all the inspiration!

  56. Tina Sipe says:

    Your changes are room brighteners for sure! I finally talked my husband into changing our bedroom carpet out and replaced it with a wide plank teak floor. I cannot believe how just that change made our bedroom so much bigger looking! And the floor really does look nice against our old re-claimed oak floors from my childhood school house. Now, I just have to start on the decor for the walls!

  57. Marilyn Clark says:

    I never thought I would love anything there better than that wonderful picture, but you know I do! I love the mirror there. It is brighter and shows off the chest better. Just goes to show you never know until you try something else. I love your style!

  58. regina jones says:

    I love your decorating. I am in the process right of moving to a new home and i love seeing your changes in your home. It helps me to get wonderful ideas for my new home. Where to place things…new ideas i just love them. Keep them coming! I love love love your home!

    1. I like the change very much. You ask what we/I do with all of the ideas and inspirations. I for one like changing the decorations on my coffee table and kitchen bar the most. Small area , fast and easy to do and it changes the whole room. Changing out rugs and pillows from one area to another also is something I like to do. By the way, I really like your home decor ideas, love your porch!

  59. Love your style and love the mirror. It reflects a lot of light and probably makes the room look much brighter.

  60. Love the change! Yes, I read blogs, magazines and am always looking around. I change things up, shop my home and my garage and encourage my daughter and daughters-by-marriage to do the same. When I go to their homes and see something I passed along, makes me love it all over again. However, I love your kitchen best of all. I could just see us sitting at the table drinking coffee and talking forever. I appreciate your take on home, family and spiritual things.

  61. Growing up, my mother changed her décor all the time. She always amazed me. We didn’t have a lot of money but we always had a beautiful home. The ideas were completely her own. There was no Pinterest back then nor were there the decorating magazines like we have today. A lot of what she used was given to her, thrift store finds, or what she had. Everyone would comment that our home was different every time they visited. I suppose I took after my mother. I get that same comment about my home. Making changes in our homes makes us feel excited and happy with our homes. “Dress it and keep it” (Gen 2:15) my mother would say. Yes this was talking about Adam keeping the garden of Eden but my mom applied it to her home.

  62. I LOVE all your changes! It amazes me how talented your are and when I think you can’t make a spot look any better, you prove me wrong! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your “secrets” and all the timeless tips you have posted on here.

  63. I like both looks,but I have always loved that picture! Where did you end up putting it? Can you show us?
    My creative juices are definitely flowing. We saw my son off to Philly for Medical school, and I have big plans for turning his sporty room into an elegant guest room! I also finally took the sweet Easter bunny tablecloth off my dining room table! No telling where that will lead! Maybe a full dining room reno!

    1. I’ll show more of the living room next week. I’m still working on a couple things to go with the picture.

      1. It is a great picture! Looking forward to what you have going on next week.

  64. Love the new look. The Curlique dresser is a great piece with a distinction all in itself. Change is a good thing. My eyes adored this new look. Your blog is/has been a big inspiration for me to get off my duff and begin. A big heartfelt thank you is being extended.

  65. Love your idea of exercising our creative “muscles”!

    I tend to keep most big things the same from year to year. Rarely do I get a hankering for a new sofa or table and chairs, for instance. But changing paint colors, accessories, etc. is lots of fun, and it’s rewarding to make things look fresh.

    Thanks for all the great ideas you share here!

    1. I know what you mean. But sometimes I get the bug to move the furniture too!

  66. Susan Linn says:

    I have been thinking about putting a mirror above my mantle (and the gas fireplace). I have a basic question on where to GET a mirror. Would hitting the garage sales or a home-type store make more sense? And if purchasing a mirror at a garage sale is there anything you need to be careful about? Thank you for posting.

  67. Rita Spicer says:

    I love to see the creative updates you and other bloggers make to your homes. I don’t think of myself as being very creative so I joyfully repeat some of the great ideas I find on your blog. Sometimes I even go back and read through archived posts for the same season in past years.

    1. I even love to recreate gorgeous vigettes or pillow arrangements or bedding etc. I find! That is being creative!

  68. I’m always changing decor and dishes. I don’t have space to rearrange furniture, but I just switched out 4th of July/patriotic decor for beach/shells decor. I switch dishes every few weeks. You never know what you’ll get when you stop in.

  69. Deb Gregory says:

    I love a refreshing change too! I especially like the light airy feel.
    Like most young wives in the 70s I didn’t have a lot of money for decorating, but it was still in my blood. So when I desired a change ( which was often) I would simply move things around. I did that so much that my dad cautioned my husband who usually came home from work around 1:00 am “be sure you turn on the light when you enter the bedroom, the bed may not be where you think it is.”
    Many years later I am still decorating & changing things around, but the bed is much too heavy to move now!

  70. I like the idea of changing home decor. I do, of course, with the different seasons and for Christmas, Easter, etc. I sometimes will see something that strikes my creative ideas and I think, I’ll try that at home! Sometimes ideas come from blogs such as yours, decorating books, home decor stores, or craft stores such as Hobby Lobby. You keep us on our toes by changing your decor around!! Good for you!

  71. Your new mirror is just beautiful!

  72. Your changes inspire me to look at my home for new ways to look at the decor.

  73. You’re right, creativity is just like a muscle…the more we use it, the greater its capacity. Your new vignette is brighter – perfect for summertime.

  74. I’m always changing things around. It’s amazing when taking old things you already have and using them in a different room or different way, it can make a home feel all fresh and loved again.

  75. I think your mirror update looks fresh, too…very nice! We’ve just completed a bathroom refresh. In hopes of encouraging someone else on a super tight budget, I’ll share what we’ve done over many years. 1st Years: We painted the blue paneling, window, and door trim white. Tore out the blue carpeting, which we replaced with white peel and stick vinyl tiles. Next update: We replaced the blue bathtub, 2 blue sinks and the blue toilet with white ones. We replaced the hardware.. 3rd Update: Replaced the window, beefed up the trim, bought new window blinds, new curtain rod and curtain valance.. 4th Update: Tore out 70’s overhang above tub; installed bead board sheeting on ceiling, replaced and beefed up all trim, added floor trim, added wood trim to the laminate doors (Shaker style), replaced the flooring with new peel and stick gray vinyl tiles, painted everything a fresh coat of white paint, bought new shower curtain rod, rings, liner and curtain. What we kept: the white laminate counters and ceiling lights. The ceiling lights look modern and transitional, which was a nice surprise since I wanted to replace them, but couldn’t afford to at this time. We’ve lived in our 1920-something house for 23 years. Our goal is to refresh (we’re rarely able to remodel) it to a look that fits it’s age but with modern conveniences.

    1. I just love you Jen D!!!!! How nice of you to share and encourage other readers with your bathroom refresh story! You have inspired me!

      1. Thank you Yvonne! Your kind words have really warmed my heart. I feel blessed that I inspired you.

  76. I love your picture but yes I think change is good ! I’ve been taking down my dark pictures and putting up light ones and I did hang a mirror too. It looks great . Enjoy !

  77. Lorri Rauscher says:

    I love the way yr frame looks…yes a fresher look…but I do love yr picture as well..where did you put it? Can you show us where. I love the way you always are using your same pieces but decorate them in different places.I have learned from you to do that…thank you . I change my pieces around and my family says I have Attention Defeceit Disorder ..lol…I just enjoy displaying my pieces in different ways…Once again thank you for showing yr house ..it always looks lovely….

  78. Tracey Harris says:

    Hooray!!! I finally got to read this!!

    You inspire me often. What a gift He has blessed you with.

  79. Yvonne, the mirror is stunning and I hope you will soon share how you made it so we can have one too! I LOVE the new look and honestly, it is my favorite of the two looks. So light and airy. I love to change decorations for every season and holiday. I can’t imagine being any other way.

  80. Gail Shafer says:

    Yvonne, if it wasn’t for you my kitchen in my 1958 home would have never gotten done! My mother left me a small amount of money when she passed and it has been setting in the bank for 10 years doing nothing , so I decided to let it work for me! I took part of it and me and my husband compleatly made over my kitchen! Yvonne you gave me the courage to do it and I love it!

  81. Frances Hurst says:

    When my husband still worked and went out of town on a regular basis, he said he never knew where the furniture would be when he came home! I really like to change things around. It seems to me that we appreciate the things we have more and see them with a fresh eye. This is especially true for me at Christmas. We have a huge loft that needs lots of decorations. I don’t try to do things the same way from one year to the next. Much more fun and interesting that way.

  82. I love the new look Yvonne…yes, I think keeping your creative juices flowing not only is good for the mind, it is good for the soul, yours and the house!…Our rooms do not want to wear the same dress day after day, right?…So we oblige the room by giving it
    a new outfit and all is happy!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  83. I love the new look you created!! Like you, I gather inspiration from magazines, Pinterest and blogs like yours!! Thank you for the great ideas you give us readers!!

  84. Yvonne,

    I just love your summer change up. Your chippy mirror is perfect with the curlicue chest. I also really like the white cut out crock vases (not sure what to call them) I’d love to know where you bought them. You’re right changing vignettes, furniture etc. Doing that will make your home look fresh to your eyes and others and is challenging and fun!

  85. The kitchen (small) is between dining room/living room combination roon…. the dining room is closest to the kitchen. On the other side the kitchen opens to aother room with a fireplace and that’s where the TV is. Really want to flip the rooms… but that TV!!! and there’s a small sofa in the room where the TV is plus a leather chair and ottoman. Driving me crazy cause I don’t know how to do this…

  86. Great post! Yes, it is important to actually take action and do something when we get inspired. I know I am guilty of pinning things and then never following through. Lately, I have been trying to change a few little things around the house. Then I get on a roll. Love the new mirror and vignette. You have the prettiest things!

  87. kay Schulz says:

    I love the new look with the chippy mirror. It all looks so fresh and bright.
    Hugs Kay

  88. I love the changes. you are correct, it brightens it all up. I would have left some of the ‘green’ as it softens the look (to me). I too am a service ‘brat’ (marines) and we moved all the time. My mother always created wonderful vignettes, and frequently painted the walls. My sisters and I all inherited the decorating gene! Thanks for a great visual treat!

  89. ginette4n says:

    I’ve been dying to change things up in my living room..it’s been screaming at me for a few months..finally will have time this weekend and I’m so anxious about the change 🙂

  90. Pat Burch says:

    Yvonne I love your blog and all your decorating tips and ideas. I am in such a rut with decorating. I’m a very creative person, but have been in a rut with decorating and changing things. I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and have been at a stand still on what to do with the “stuff”. Any ideas suggestions? Do you keep everything or just the things you really like? I don’t have a problem getting rid of things, but always worry what if I might need them later. Love all your inspiration! Thanks, Pat

    1. What a great question. As a blogger I do have lots of “stuff”. I need it for my work. But saying that… you might be surprised I don’t have more. I think too many things does stunt our creativity, especially when it becomes clutter! I like to pass on things I no longer use to my kids and friends. It’s so so freeing!

  91. Love the chippy mirror and how you leaned the books up against the lamp! I would love to see where you put the painting. It is one of my most favorite pieces that you have! My heart skipped a beat when I saw that it was replaced, but then got my rhythm back when you said you only moved it. And you’re right…I certainly need to change things up more often so I don’t get stuck in a rut.

  92. I love to change things up in my home. I recently put away 4th of July decor and got more summery turquoise things out. I love your new changes. I especially like those 2 white containers 🙂

  93. One of my favorites posts! Love the mirror, too. I just moved a few pieces around today and it all started with cleaning out the pantry! Go figure!

  94. Jillian Too says:

    I recently changed the lighting in my bedroom. Now it feels brighter and more relaxed.


    Love the mirror and I think you have it in the perfect spot. Read your blog every day, love it!

  96. When I was a young girl living at home, I was the one who wrapped all the Christmas presents, moved my room around on a weekly or monthly basis, hooked rugs and all sorts of crafty stuff. My mother was an elementary school teacher so I did all of her bulletin boards at the beginning of each school year and some seasonally throughout the year. She would always say to me, “I wish I were creative!” And I would respond “well, mom , have you ever really tried it?” This got her to thinking and in her early 50’s she started taking oil painting lessons and was very good at it! Who knew! Mom is gone now but, my sister and I both have a houseful of wonderful paintings of all sizes and subject matter in our homes! You just never know what you can do until you jump in and try it!

    1. Joanne B. says:

      What a lovely story! So nice to know you have those paintings! We typically think our parents encourage us! How very special that you were able to wake something up in your Mom!

    2. Oh what a darling story, Connie! Thank you so much for sharing this encouragement!

  97. Cheryl Bull says:

    Yvonne, I agree that exercising our creativity “muscles” increases our ability to be even more creative. Taking the time to give our homes a personality that reflects the family within is an expression of love and appreciation.

  98. Cindy Baugh says:

    Love the mirror! Cant wait for the DIY. Today. I met your friend and fellow blogger KariAnne Woods in the quilt shop where I work in east Tennessee. Loved her from the get-go. We were talking about other blogs we read and love. I mentioned yours and she gave a squeal and said y’all were friends and she would call you so I could say hello. I went into a major panic. I love your blog and your writing so much I would have felt 13 again and actually meeting Elvis. LOL. (I really did meet Elvis at Graceland). She later told me she called you anyway and told you. I read you everyday, and get so much inspiration everytime. I am not the greatest about leaving comments, but am going to turn over a new leaf after KariAnne telling me how thrilled bloggers are when they get comments.

  99. Joanne B. says:

    Thanks for sharing your zest and love for your home and encouraging us to do the same. Since finding your blog years ago I find I USE my home. I no longer “save” things for a ‘special’ occasion- Every day is an opportunity for a special occasion and beautiful things are meant to be used and enjoyed. And THAT makes ME feel special!

  100. I love your style. It’s so elegant, yet livable. Love the mirror and look forward to the DIY instructions on your blog.

  101. Yvonne, change IS good and healthy! I miss being able to change the furniture around in the house we’ve lived in for the past 20 years. The rooms are smaller and the furniture just doesn’t work any other way. The one thing I do change is the pictures, the accessories, the rugs, etc. along with holiday décor, of course. I do have a set of paintings that I no longer love, but the frames are fabulous. I am going to look for new pictures or art work to use in the frames, because it’s good and healthy to do so!

  102. Absolutely love the mirror!

  103. Constance says:

    I love the mirror for painting change-out!

  104. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    I like it, i brighten things up.

  105. Marcy Leonard says:

    This is just what I needed to read today–been bogged down in the middle of a stuff purge! Love the changes you made and especially that you featured the piece that I love best of all your lovely things: the curlacue chest! Read in an earlier comment that you got it from Wayfair, but did you do the paint treatment yourself or did it come that way? I have been taking chalk paint lessons and haver a dresser in mind that I want to jazz up with panache.

  106. I find that if I just move, add or take one thing way that it changes the room. love the mirror and I think the size of the mirror is much better for the spot then the picture and I can not wait to see were you put the picture. one other thing I think that helps if is you have a friend in your home and they say I love this room or what you did here that it helps your confidence.

  107. Kittyluvr says:

    I have been a long time reader and much loved your home but knew I could never make mine look the same..due to time, money, etc…but recently a mist=fortunate event has turned into a huge blessing… our water heater busted during Memorial Day while we were eat the beach..flooding my den, playroom, bathroom and laundry room…our insurance company called l our furniture a total loss as well as the carpet, drapes, and even the walls were repainted…so I have taken what I have read, re-read some old posts, and am creating my own version of Stone Gable for my family! I am so excited…and can’t wait until it’s all done. Thank you for breaking everything down into such easy affordable steps!

  108. I love to swap out the decor in my home, but I’m also guilty of not doing so when I have an especially pretty vignette that I created. The most recent change I have made is in my kitchen. I try to change out my vignette fairly regularly depending on holidays/seasons. I love taking items I have and use them in different areas. I picked up that tip from my favorite blogger – You!

  109. I love the changes! I hope you plan on posting a tutorial for the mirror.

  110. I love changing things up for the seasons. Question is though, where do you store it all? I have a small house and an overflowing garage!

  111. Bonnie Martin says:

    I love this look! Have a question though. Do you cover the nail holes with wall decor or fill in/paint? I love to change wall decor too, but sometime get lazy and make sure the ‘new’ decor covers the holes.

  112. Helen Woods says:

    My husband is constantly complaining because l change things all the time , l even do it in other peoples houses ( l ask first) . Moving things around make me fall in love with them all over again, your new display looks beautiful the little bird picture is so cute . Thanks for sharing ….can you guess what I’m going to do today .

  113. I like changing things up sometimes, too. For me the things in my home are always changing because my family’s needs are always changing. Sometimes it’s frustrating to have to change things that I thought looked really great, but just don’t work anymore. Most recently we were able to acquire a baby grand piano which is awesome for the whole family but now I have to rethink the whole entry and all the systems we had in place. Blogs are definitely great for ideas and for making it fun 🙂

    1. I would rethink my entire home for a baby grand! Just think of all that gorgeous music that will be wafting through your home!

  114. Love your new reclaimed wood mirror, the use of punched candle holders as a vase and your new lamp! Everything looks so light and airy…perfect for the season!!!

  115. Yvonne

    I love changing things in season and sometimes seems like a season in a season. I love your inspiration. Always waiting for more!!

    Thank you

  116. Tracy Mays says:

    I am constantly changing my decor. I think, largely due to Facebook and Pinterest, giving me inspiration, I am always changing things around. My latest project was to lighten up my living room. My furniture is really dark. It’s only a couple of years old, (inspired by my french/tuscan phase) and cannnot change it out right now. So I changed out my sofa cushions for a creamy white, burlap trimmed, down filled throw pillows. Also changed my lamps out yo lighter wood and burlap shades. It’s still a work in progress and by the time I get finished, it will be time for Fall decorating!

  117. Tracy Mays says:

    I love your designs, and you always give me inspiration! I often change things in my house. My husband jokes that he never knows where he’ll lay his head down at night! Thanks for your blogs!

  118. I agree with you that a change in decor is always good. There is so many beautiful things so why not enjoy as much as you can by changing things up.

  119. Nancy Smith says:

    I am working on a gallery wall in my living room. I love the inspiration of your blog!

  120. Vivian Lane says:

    Having a blue day and visiting your Blog brightened my outlook. Thank you for sharing.

  121. I’m with you! I love to change up my decor with the seasons. Makes it feel like a new space!

  122. I love your post and all things white and beige all the way to brown and black. My decorating never made it to the southwest, but it did stop at red and black. But only for a short time, thankfully. I love everything about your blog. Please continue to keep doing such a great job.

  123. Nam Kaur Khalsa says:

    I am just like you in that I am always de-cluttering ~ I love a simple, light look with little vignettes of color and interesting objects, many from nature. Some remain the same for a long time when I get it right, and others change weekly…I love your curlicue dresser – do you have a tutorial for that? and the chippy mirror looks great with it. I also like the oval line of the black chair, a nice contrast.

    1. Hi Nan, I did not make the Curlacue chest, although I wish I did! It’s from Hooker.

  124. Anne Morgan says:

    I wish I could find things like you do for my house. Your house is so comfortable and warm!!!!

  125. “Change is good and healthy.” I must be very unhealthy since I am at a “standstill” in changing things. I love looking at various decor magazines and your blog, but do nothing about it. I mentally think, “Oh, that’s nice. I would love to do that in my home.” But the thoughts never turn into action. I doubt my creativity and skills.

  126. Mary Kaiser says:

    Love the change, what a great new look. It is beautiful.

  127. Adam Berry says:

    Thank you,for sharing. Really amazing, liked it all !

  128. Cathy Henry says:

    I love the white lanterns you have on your chest and was wondering where you got those.


    1. HI Cathy, the lanterns came from my local Pottery Barn Outlet a few years ago. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen them in a few years. So sorry!