large clock with a glass jar filled with orange berries and leaves

I love fall… welcome home fall! Today I’m sharing some beautiful details to inspire you. Adding just a few vignettes, centerpieces, and other fall gathered arrangements will help you create a fabulous fall home! So, welcome home fall!

Let’s start in the living room. I usually add a bit of the season to my coffee table. I love mums and there are fields and fields of them near StoneGable! Potted mums last so much longer than cut fall flowers and when they are almost spent can be planted in the ground for next year!

If you use potted mums make sure to put the plastic pots in a pretty container. I’m using a big white ironstone drink tub.

Just one more tip,  buy mums that are only partially open and they will bloom for you if you give them a little attention. And as the blooms are done pinch them off.

You can see HOW TO CARE FOR FALL POTTED MUMS HERE. This post will help you keep your beautiful mums looking so pretty all fall long!

burnt orange mums in white pottery

Orange has fallen a bit out of fashion lately but I LOVE orange, especially if it is on the muted, soft or on the burnt side.  If you are not a fan of crayon orange opt for a different shade and hue! Or mix it with a little blue and white. They are complementary colors and look just stunning together!


close up of burnt orange mums

The Curlacue chest is ready for fall too! I don’t keep a lamp on this chest. I have several lanterns that work there. I must admit this raw wood and metal lantern is my favorite. It helps to “dress down” my somewhat formal room.  

large clock with rustic lantern

If you get one thing this fall it should be a large glass jug bottle. I find them so so easy to use in my decor and I can fill them with just a few springs of the season! And they make such a statement.

SEE FABULOUS FALL ESSENTIALS with lots of links you can click on and purchase or just browse. And I’ve made sure to include a big glass jug!

It’s also important to layer decor. So I brought up an old tobacco basket from the basement and added a few baby boo pumpkins to make a little vignette. Super easy, right?

chest with large clock on top of it in a fall home tour

With each new season, I add a couple pillow to my ever growing pillow collection. This year I fell in love with a big, tribal motif, embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn. I thought it gave a nod to the autumnal season without being too “pumpkin-y”.

And I added a complementary plaid throw to my sofa too also from Pottery Barn!

The real trick to a more sophisticated fall look is to mute or dull down the traditional fall colors and add other neutrals. Easy and so handsome!

fall pillows
close-up of fall pillows and a tartan throw

Aren’t these luscious velvet pumpkins fall perfection. And those little acorns adorable? In less than two weeks I, along with 11 other of my favorite blogging friends, will be sharing how we have arranged velvet pumpkins in our homes. This should be a gorgeous fall tour! Make sure to look for it!

Use a stack of books as a riser for a pumpkin. But don’t let it stand alone! Add other fall elements around it!

beautiful burnt orange velvet pumpkins with a feather collar for fall home tour

I think this is the most fun fall decoration! I found the tall 3 tiered tray at a vintage shop. And of course, left with it! How could anyone pass this beauty up, right?  

It’s filled with pumpkins, and willow balls, and pinecones and berries and burlap balls.  You can see HOW TO MAKE BURLAP BALLS HERE. They are great fillers in almost any arrangement!

large wooden tiered tray filled with white pumpkins and other fall elements
tiered tray filled with little white pumpkins

The foyer is next! It’s large and open and I love to decorate it for each season! But fall is by far my favorite!

Here’s what you see when you walk in the front door of StoneGable. 

front door with fall wreath opened into a foyer

It is important to me to decorate the foyer with a nod to the season at hand. I do go a little BIG-or-go-home during fall. I think StoneGable shines during autumn more than any other season! 

chair with large lantern and a basket of fall pillows

I lit the candles in the foyer for you to give you a warm welcome.

The red maple branches are from the trees that line our croquet lawn. Red maples are one of the first trees to show off their beautiful autumn colors!

foyer with stairs and a buffet with a lamp on it

Think about bringing twigs and sticks and branches from the outside indoors this fall! Make a natural arrangement with them.

white pottery container filled with orange maple leaves

Here is a picture standing in the dining room by the bar cart looking into the foyer and living room. Thought you would like to see this perspective.

view of foyer and living room dressed up for fall

Now let’s turn to the dining room for welcome home fall details.

The dining room at StoneGable has been featured in magazines more than any other room in my home. It’s a happy mix of classic neutrals, upscale decor, and farmhouse charm.

The dining room is a DIY and thrifted room if there ever was one! We have laid hardwood floors, painted the walls, refitted the chippy shutters, installed the chandy, painted the sideboard, upholstered and painted chairs, made slipcovers from painters drop cloths and found lots of items from vintage and antique shops!

The rug is actually an indoor/outdoor rug and it has held up wonderfully! The concrete table was our splurge a couple years ago. And I have not regretted it for one second!

I’ve had several emails about showing the changes in the dining room. So look for THE EVOLUTION OF A DINING ROOM, Part 2 with new images coming soon.

dining room table with a big lantern in the center of it

I found this unique candle holder at a local shop.  Actually, everything on the table came from COCALICO CREEK HOME.

concrete dining room table with a whitewashed metal lantern.
dining room table with the words F A L L across it

For a bit of whimsy the word “F A L L” is written in big block letters across the dining room table.

The lantern is filled with an urn full of cut brambles. I love finding bits and pieces of organics to stick in little vases and containers. I should have a bumper sticker on the back of my car that reads, “This car stops for sticks and twigs and fluff and stuff”.

The feathers in the pottery jar and creamer on the buffet were from several pheasants my son-in-law Jonathan got on a hunting trip! We love pheasant but not the buckshot!

close up of dining room table with wooden letters F A L L across it

Thank you so much for stopping by StoneGable. I hope I have given you lots of ideas and fall inspiration!  WELCOME HOME FALL!

fall chest in the living room with big clock on the wall


  1. I love the vase/candle holder that you have the red maple leaves in – it has a mosaic type design opening on it – do you recall where you purchased that?

  2. Love the neutral pallet with the touch of gold.That orange mum is a stunner.Fall is my favorite season.When I lived up north I decorated inside and outside of my home.Living in the south now, it’s hard to move into fall with the heat and humidity.

  3. I love your blog and decorating! Just pulled out a Cottage Journal and saw a great article on your home. I love your large white clock with black numerals and have been trying to find one like it…..any chance you could share your source? Can’t wait to see your fall decor next week.

  4. I can’t let go of summer yet with temps in the 90’s again this week. Your home is beautiful and I will be using your ideas soon.

  5. I always look forward to your amazing post, especially the Sunday posts! You mentioned Calico Designs is where a lot of your table top items came from. Is that a local shop or a shop we can find on the internet?

      1. I am local, and unaware of Calico Designs. You mentioned there is a web site, could you please share? I love to find new and interesting shops to browse.

  6. Oh Yvonne. I couldn’t tell you one thing I like best cause I love love it all. Just love how you mix around things. And make simple things look stunning and look like you spent a lot to put it all together. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Your dining room is lovely, as always! I love all the subtle fall touches. Too hot here, too, to feel “fallish”, but looking forward to it.

  8. Yvonne, thank you so much for all these ideas! I can picture it now – your vehicle stopped on the side of the road picking up the perfect natural decor additions! I’ll have to find some feathers and brambles to add to my decor this season. God bless!

  9. You have such a beautiful home . I have learned so much from you and enjoy your creativity. Thank you for brightening my day

  10. What an absolutely lovely post, Yvonne! So many great photos, and your decor is gorgeous, as usual! One of my all time fave pieces of your is the 3-tiered tray, and I love how you have filled it with pumpkins and other fall elements. Love! And pinned several places!

  11. As always, I could spend all day looking and reading your Blog. Beautiful ideas and pictures. Just wondered if you made or purchased the ruffled slipcover on the dining table bench in your fall decorating photos? And if purchased, if you would share the store name. I have a bench that I need to cover, so I use again. Thanks!

  12. Just lovely. Your attention to detail and sharing the details with us is what makes your blog one of the best . Appreciated! Now tell me about the drink tub. I h ave some ironstone but never heard of this piece. Educate me on its original use, please.

  13. Absolutely love it! Fall is my favorite and my house too shines in that season. Your subtle but beautiful touches make your home so welcoming!

  14. Hello! I love your mantle makeover. The Fabulous Fall Essentials link is not working. Where did you find the bittersweet and pip berry vine that you used on the mantle? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kimberly, Bittersweet grows wild around here. It is such an invasive plant that much of it has been totally irradicated. Not sure what a pip berry vine is? Wish I could help you more!

  15. HI!
    Enjoy reading your posts.
    I also have love for velvet pumpkins and lantern.
    And the seasonal pillows.
    Your home is gorgeous. I wish was a B&B.
    Think you will share how you set up your storage
    in your basement? I love organizing and would
    appreciate some storage ideas from you.
    Thanks for always sharing?

  16. Dear Yvonne

    I just moved back to Canada from the US. I did receive some very bad news last night and felt very forlorn. In viewing your Welcome Home site, it actually made me feel better. You have created such a happy and beautiful place for all of us, and I never fail to read your lovely messages and decor ideas.


  17. Hey Yvonne- did you make the velvet pumpkins please? I collect lovely bits and bobs of vintage velvets for my little online shop here in South Africa and am desperate to turn them into pumpkins! Even though we are going into Spring over here- I am smitten with those pumpkins

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