Weely Wednesday Wishlist #79

Join us weekly for decorating tips, recipe ideas, fun and interesting ideas, seasonal posts, and the best finds. Welcome to Weekly Wednesday Wishlist! 

Welcome to Weekly Wednesday Wishlist #79. While you are enjoying the week before Christmas and the 4th night of Hanukkah and the winter solstice take a bit of time to spend with us at Weekly Wednesday Wishlist.

Ann, Lory, and I wish you a very happy Hanukkah and a blessed and Merry Christmas!


flowers in a vase

1. Do you find the period after the holidays to be a bit of a let down? Or do you crave the cleaner look of winter decor after Christmas? If you’re ready to fluff your cozy winter home once all the fuss and glam is packed away, be sure to check out the all new Winter Decor Shop.

Some early standouts from the shop, these are the pieces that seem to be the most popular so far:

2. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $50: This dried flax bunch, this ‘smells like a winter forest’ candle, this acacia wood serving board, these sugared birch flameless candles, and these white artisan handcrafted pinecones.

3. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $100: These colossal cable knit throw pillows, this pair of winter woodland canvases, and this lovely winter faux floral arrangement.

4. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $200: This trio of birch branch vases, these pewter charger plates (set of 4), this winter woods sateen sheet set, this driftwood heart wall art, and my absolute favorite faux fur throw blanket.

5. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared this romantic Christmas mantel of fresh greens and flowers – perfect to arrange the day of the event. I also shared this New Year’s Eve table, as well as how to add French farmhouse style with decorative mirrors and how to create a basement that you’d actually entertain in.

6. FASHION PICKS: I have to admit, I spend a good deal of time in the mall over the winter. It’s easy and it’s warm and I can park once and spend the day. They even have food there! This is pretty much my go-to comfy-casual shopping outfit: Either this turtleneck sweater (on sale!) or this zip-pullover. These phone-pocket leggings (which I even wear out to dinner with a blazer and boots!) or on occasion I’ll put on actual jeans (great fit and comfort). These walk-in-all-day boots in black (on sale!), this lightweight cross-body bag (I need to be hands free and have something no one can stick their hands into) and this “almost warm enough for outdoors but light enough for indoors” puffer.

7. Last week I shared last minute printable Christmas cards. If you need any last minute gift tags, too, or just want something a little different, check out these FREE Printable Christmas Gift Tags.

8. FURNITURE DEALS: I try to keep my furniture picks under $1000, but this lovely bookcase is a bit higher yet still a good deal and a wonderful piece. I’ve been looking for a longer console cabinet for beneath the TV and this one is a great option. For a bedroom or smaller space where you need storage beneath the TV, try this great piece. Here’s a wonderful well-priced sofa that’s both sleek and styled. And this charming writing desk is perfect for a woman’s vanity or office space.

9. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: I love this simple and elegant hallway styling, I find this wall treatment/shelf styling so inspiring, and I’m crazy for this clean and charming kitchen that’s the epitome of rustic elegance.

10. UP NEXT: A lovely winter palette for after Christmas…


flowers in the sink

1.) I finally shared the rest of my Christmas decor. I’m sorry it took me so long! The living room has touches of red and plaid, and the kitchen is festive without going overboard. I’m happy I can now move on to wrapping presents, baking, and (fingers crossed) relaxing!

2.) FAVORITE SIDE TABLES UNDER $100: this cute tray top table with great reviews, this compact, farmhouse-style table that comes in 7 finishes, this stylish gold and marble table, this traditional beauty with cabriole legs, (lots of colors and over 5k reviews) and this small pedestal table that will fit just about anywhere.

3.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “Quiet is clarity. Sitting quietly for a few minutes each day pauses the need to tend to the outside world. Doing this allows you to calmly look inward, clarify your thoughts and emotions, and reconnect to your intuition.”
~Cory Allen

4.) INSPIRING IDEAS: this beautiful and classic burgundy Christmas mantel, this cozy and festive dried orange garland, this stunning Christmas house tour with touches of blue, and this French Farmhouse Christmas decor in a neutral family room. (I love the little tree in the galvanized bucket!)

5.) EASY LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS RECIPES: don’t forget about these Delmonico Potatoes. It’s a make-ahead dish that comes out perfect every time. This super easy Jiffy Corn Casserole that’s a family favorite is delicious, and these sugared cranberries are absolutely beautiful…and if you need a quick appetizer, this Old English cheese dip is a crowd pleaser.

6.) WHAT I’M WATCHING: I mentioned this before, but the next Yellowstone prequel has begun on Paramount+. The first episode of 1923 started streaming, and I thought it was amazing. Helen Mirren is truly a treasure.

Here are some old favorites you might want to watch again that are currently streaming on Netflix: Philomena, The Lincoln Lawyer, Burnt, The Best of Me, The Lucky One, Life As We Know It, The Age of Adeline, The Lost Husband, and The Zoo Keeper’s Wife.

7.) CURRENT FAVORITES FROM GAP HOME: this generously sized frayed edge pillow cover, this yummy organic cotton quilt, my favorite stackable mugs (I have the blue), this cozy sherpa throw blanket, and this modern console table that’s perfect for a dining room or entry.

8.) 8.) I’m planning a Christmas Day giveaway that’s exclusively for my email subscribers. If you want in on the fun, just fill out the form on this page!

9.) Enjoy these last few days before Christmas!


pomegranates in a bowl

1). Happy week before Christmas! This is my absolute favorite week of the entire year! How about you? Sometimes we get so caught up in what we still have to do that we miss the wonder and beauty of this week. Enjoying The Week Before Christmas will help you relax and enjoy and be less stressed this week.

2. Make sure you sign up for the newest StoneGable e-magazine, HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR HOME. It has such good tips and ideas for getting your home organized and keeping it that way. 2023 is your year to have a decluttered and organized home.

3. TOOLS TO KEEP YOU ORGANIZED: These cabinet pull-out drawers, this clear large organizing drawer, this set of 7 drawer organizers, these drawer organizers (love), this pantry organizer, and this food storage organizer.

4. CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENT: This is an amazing Christmas video by the Piano Guys! And here’s the silent monks singing The Hallelujah Chorus. I heard this at church last week. This is who we celebrate on Christmas day!

5. When we unwrap gifts on Christmas morning I like to have an organized way to get rid of all the gift wrap clutter. I put a few kitchen garbage bags along with a couple pairs of scissors in a drawer in the living room so that when we start to unwrap gifts I can get them out. All gift wrap goes in a trash bag when a gift is unwrapped and I have a big box to put real ribbon bows in. This little things makes clean up so much easier! This year I’m saving the tags so may grandkids can use them to write thank-you notes.

6. MUST HAVE ACCENT DECOR FOR 2023: this beautiful lamp, this beautiful clematis candle holder, this brass-finished metal bowl, this long rattan tray, this small rattan vase/candleholder, and this large mango wood bowl.

7. FUN AND INTERESTING CHRISTMAS FACTS: What phrase does the word Noel come from? Who invented the idea of Santa’s flying sleigh?

8. WINTER CAPSULE WARDROBE: Just got this lightweight puffer coat and I love it, and the matching eternity scarf, this pretty winter hat, these stormy weather boots, and these fleece gloves.

9. SOUP RECIPES: Here are a few delicious cold-weather soup recipes that are easy to make, this easy Easy Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili, Easy Italian Tortellini Soup, Rigatoni Meatball Soup.

10. I pray that you are having a beautiful Hanukkah and Christmas. I will be thinking of you and praying for you! Thank you for being such wonderful friends from afar! God bless you all! ?

Answer to # 7- The word Noel was actually shortened from a French phrase, “les bonnes nouvelles” meaning good news. The man who invented the idea of Santa’s flying sleigh also invented the headless horseman!

Thanks for joining us for Weekly Wednesday Wishlist #79. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thank you for this post – this Christmas has been so stressful and difficult- my married son and wife temporarily moved in until their place was finished-I feel my home may never recover. I love Christmas for it’s true meaning but I am so ready to put away all the bling and just cozy down. I am in Alabama and we are forecast snow flurries Christmas Day – what a calm and beautiful blessing that will be.
    PS – I love your new photo.

    1. Emily, enjoy this time. It is so precious to have your child with you and his wife. I do understand. Merry Christmas.

  2. I love your newsletter too with loads of ideas and inspiration. Just want you to note though that today is the shortest day of the year. June 21st is the longest day of the year! ? Merry Christmas and the best in 2023.

  3. Oh I had to laugh, Yvonne….Happy Longest Day of The Year! For years I have called this Dec 21 the longest day of the year..then it’s countdown to spring…but a friend pointed out to me last year that it’s actually the shortest day of the year. Shortest hours of daylight. So my logic is that that makes it the longest day of darkness then. My friend didn’t buy into that. Perception I guess.
    A happy and Merry Christmas to you. And thanks for the Sugar Cookie recipe. Will try it this year.