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Welcome to Wednesday Weekly Wishlist #89. We are so happy you are joining us today. We have lots of tips, ideas, and inspiration for you! Ann is up first…

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potted plants

1.) Even if you don’t really like to bake, or don’t have time, I hope you try these strawberry scones. They are easy and so good. If you want to add some color and texture to your decor in preparation for spring, check out these sources for my favorite faux greenery. (Get the instructions to make the cute little mod podge pots HERE.)

2.) I know spring is weeks away, but I’m starting to think about what I’m going to do around here to freshen things up. Our patio is tiny, but there may be room for a small potting bench…so I’ve been looking. I love this one made with Acacia wood, this budget-friendly choice would fit just about anywhere, and if you aren’t sold on wood, this galvanized steel option would be perfect. If you prefer something with closed storage, this potting bench is super-functional, and this option is more like a work station, which would be wonderful!

3.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “Actually, you can. You can follow your heart. You can alter your path. You can break the mold. You can take the leap. You can free yourself from your fears. You can refuse to settle for less than you deserve. You can live a life aligned with your purpose and passions. You can do the thing you’re not sure you can do. You can take the first step. You can create your future. You can have exactly what you’ve been dreaming about. You are strong enough. You are brave enough. You have what it takes.”
~Zanna Keithley

4.) INSPIRING SPACES: this home by Bria Hammel Interiors has an amazing kitchen…I especially love the cabinets flanking the cooktop. See the transformation of this charming countryside home, if you are lucky enough to have a garden shed, check out these organizing ideas, and if you need inspiration for pantry design, look no further!

5.) So I’m trying something new! On a trial basis, I’m going to share an outfit of the week. In order for you to see the products, I have put a pretty collage on a separate page. The images link directly to the products, so it’s all super easy to access. Click HERE to see this week’s outfit! I’m going to share outfits in all price ranges, and from all sorts of websites. I’ll include Walmart, Amazon, Talbots, J.Jill, and more. When there is a sale running, I will make sure to let you know!

6.) WHAT I’M WATCHING: pickins are still a little slim, but I’ve watched a few things you might like. On Netflix: Narvik and True Spirit. I’m also watching the latest Yellowstone prequel, 1923. Parts of it are very hard to watch, but I am loving the story. The first six episodes are streaming on Paramount+. It’s already been picked up for a second season which will be titled 1944. (Just FYI: you can get an add-on subscription to Paramount+ via Amazon Prime.)

7.) From the archives, but freshly updated: The Anatomy of a Charcuterie BoardEasy Pasta Salad Recipe, and Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipe. I just made this spaghetti for my dad’s birthday celebration. It was such an easy meal, but so satisfying.

8.) RESHARE: My favorite trick for cooking a meatloaf evenly + quickly: use an 8 x 8 inch square baking dish. Make your favorite recipe, and dump the meatloaf mix into the baking dish. (Spray it first with nonstick spray.) Pat the mixture down to the edges of the pan, making sure it’s evenly spread out. I use 1.5 lbs. of ground beef, and I bake the meatloaf for 35 minutes at 375 degrees F. Make perfect sandwiches, a hamburger bun works best, by simply cutting the baked meatloaf into squares.

9.) COMING SOON: I recently shared a post about our two blue front doors, and there were quite a few questions! So I’m working on a post that answers them all. It will feature information about front door colors, how to paint a front door, paint finishes, and more. I’m also writing a post featuring a list of timeless home decor elements that can be added to your existing spaces. These are NOT trends, but ways to add function that will never go out of style.

10.) That’s it for now…wishing you peace, sunlight, and love. XO


living room

1). SPRING ON THE BLOG: I’ve been chatting about spring on WWW for the last couple of weeks about how anxious I am for it to get to my neck of the woods! I’ve finally dug out my favorite spring decor posts from last year to share as I prepare for this year’s Spring Tours. You might like SPRING HOME TOUR AND DECORATING IDEAS and SPRING BEDROOM IDEAS to inspire you as you wait for spring to arrive. Are you looking forward to spring too?

2. A GREAT RECIPE IDEA: My favorite salad is ARUGULA WITH SHAVED PARMESAN, PINENUTS IN A LEMON VINAIGRETTE. I eat it all year long. This recipe’s lemon vinaigrette is so easy to make and delicious and can be used to dress up vegetables, fish, and chicken. It also works as a marinade. You will love its tangy lemon flavor!

3. PRESIDENT’S DAY SALES CRUSHES: These pretty placemats in lots of colors, this beautiful gray and white floral glazed vase, these gorgeous soft linen curtains, my favorite linen sheet sets in 23 colors, the most real looking faux potted plant, and handsome concrete fluted planters in different sizes and colors.

4. EASY SPRING DIYs: The first thing I do to welcome each new season is to hang a new wreath on our front door. Making something for our front door gets me excited about spring every year. Here are a couple easy and pretty things to make: SPRING CHERRY BLOSSOM WREATH, and SPRING FRONT DOOR BASKET. And you might want to also create an EASY SPRING CENTERPIECE for a table in your home. Look for my 2023 Spring Wreath next week.

6. HOME TOURS AND MORE: This beautiful and fresh home, here is a wonderful visual feast for learning to decorate bookshelves, and an interior designer’s take on trends for 2023. You can see what trends I am forecasting for 2023 HERE.

7. FUN AND INTERESTING FACTS: What word was Google named after? What is a portmanteau?

8. SPRING PILLOWS: Here are my favorite pillows this spring… this flower pillow (just got 2), this pillow I love, this happy pillow, this beautiful pillow, and this gorgeous pillow.

9. AROUND THE WEB: This is such a fun article about iconic hairstyles throughout the decades. And this is one of my favorite IG foodie accounts. And this is my favorite IG account when I want a good giggle and some serious truth.

10. I’ve been changing things in my living room and that got me thinking about adding a bit of color to my home. I’ll still keep a neutral color palette and white walls because I love living with neutrals. I think this color is gorgeous, and this one too. And this color might be a nice addition as well as this one. Maybe a mix of them would look nice. What do you think?

ANSWER TO #7: Google was named after the googol which is the number one with one hundred zeros after it. Portmanteau is a mash-up of two words like breakfast + lunch = brunch.


coffee table with lamp and tea cup

1. One of the hardest spots in the home to organize is the cabinet under the sink. With pipes in the way and space constraints, plus a curious mix of things that need to be stored there, keeping it neat and functional is a challenge. See these simple ways to declutter your under sink storage: Kitchen Organization: Declutter Your Under Sink Cabinet.

2. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $50: This pretty faux floral ranunculus, these rustic plant fiber placemats, this effortlessly elegant hammered brass plate, and this soft and pretty-toned throw blanket.

3. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $100: This modern gold metal antiqued candle holder set, this elegant burlap linen striped pillow, these dome shade industrial pendant lights, and this set of 2 blue and white chinoiserie prints.

4. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $200: This dramatic charcoal terracotta jug, this natural woven bamboo basket set of 3, this fabulous lattice umbrella stand (I use mine to store wrapping paper), and this footed light wood vase.

5. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared this guide to side tables and end tables, this closet makeover for extra plate storage, this pretty spring tablescape for St. Patrick’s Day and where to buy an affordable French chest of drawers

6. FASHION PICKS: Some fun great jewelry options include these motif coin drop earrings, this layered necklace set, this coin pendant necklace, and this gold tag bracelet. Collect these gold ball bracelets in multiple sizes. Keep it all in this sweet jewelry case.

7. When we moved into our newish townhouse, the master bath was spacious, but so dark and blah. See how we lightened it up and transformed it here: Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal: Before and After

8. FURNITURE DEALS: These distressed wood and iron 2-shelf end tables, this round rattan coffee table, this upholstered plaid wingback chair, and this distressed woodgrain whitewashed console table.

9. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: This fabulous open concept kitchen and living room, this sleek and elegant kitchen that’s updated but with tons of character, and this magnificent and well organized closet space.

10. UP NEXT: Spring decor trends…

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