Ultimate Salad In A Jar Recipes


Need easy lunch ideas?

I think a salad in a jar is the best lunch idea! I make 4 or 5 delicious salads at one time and they are ready to eat when I am.

Select healthy greens and other salad ingredients to prepare and store in glass jars.

Tip 1

 Wash, dry, and layer salad ingredients properly in jars, keeping them fresh for multiple days.

Tip 2

Add proteins, nuts, seeds, dressings, and other enhancements just before eating for a personalized meal.

Tip 3

Prepare and store homemade salad dressings in small containers or mason jars for a fresher and healthier option.

Tip 4

Master the art of salad in a jar for healthy, personalized lunches that stay fresh and delicious all week!

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