Summer Home Tour And Easy Decorating Tips


Ready for a Summer Home Tour?

Get your home summer ready with ideas and inspiration from our Summer Home Tour! Lots of simple and easy ways to add a bit of the summery season to the rooms in your home.

Start the season with a wreath, basket, or door decoration like a basket full of faux hydrangeas.

Front Door

Keep decor simple and incorporate annuals and perennials, like a white browallia hybrid in a soup tureen.

The Foyer

 Keep a light and airy look with lots of whites and light neutrals, and switch up the decorations, like trying different pillow combinations and using a white rush seat bench instead of a coffee table.

Living Room

Use seasonal centerpieces, like a large drink container filled with white verbena, and create a cozy space with cookbooks and beautiful views.

Dining Room

Use light neutral pillows for a seasonal touch, and add small decorations like annuals planted in a footed bowl for the coffee table centerpiece.


Update your home throughout the season by changing details, like rearranging accessories or trying new plant combinations.

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