On The Menu Week Of October 31st


On The Menu Week Of October 31st

This week’s menu is quite hearty and filled again with wonderful fall flavors! I’m going to cook a mini Thanksgiving this week.

Have you made Nani’s Sauteed Rice yet? It’s a staple in our home and goes so wonderfully with chicken dishes! But we make it with most meats.

Idea 1

I get done working a bit later on Tuesday so I need a meal that is either frozen or that I can put together quickly! These easy quesadillas will be perfect!

Idea 2

I don’t make a turkey breast very often and I should! They are easy to roast and are so so good. And a turkey breast offers great leftovers.

Idea 3

I have Thanksgiving on my mind so I am making a vat of chili, having it for tonight’s dinner, and freezing the rest for lunches for all of our stay-over family!

Idea 4

I loved Stuffed Acorn Squash SOOOOOO much that I am reprising it again this week. It was a HUGE hit at StoneGable.

Idea 5

I’m very excited about tonight’s dinner. The chicken with the wine sauce looks so so good! And I love everything that is made in a skillet.

Idea 6

I think these pork chops would be tasty over noodles, but since I’m GF we will be eating it over rice.

Idea 7

I’m so excited to make my friend Ann’s Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Skillet Cake! Doesn’t that sound delicious?

On The Menu Week Of October 31st