October Is A Great Month To…


October Is A Great Month To…

There are so many wonderful things to celebrate in the month of September. Get lots of ideas and inspiration for fall decorating, recipes, things to do, and more.

October is a great month to visit fall home tours! Make sure to check out two of my most recent home tours for 2023.

Idea 1

One of the things that make October so special is pumpkins! Whatever it is, that je ne sais quoi, pumpkins are on the top of the October list.

Idea 2

October is also a great month to make some changes to your fall decor. I decorate for fall a bit early, and my decor reflects the earlier part of the season.

Idea 3

October is brimming with holidays and official days for this and that! Grab your calendar and mark the days you want to celebrate!

Idea 4

Instead of using all your decor, pick out the best you have in a Christmas color palette you love and set your decor aside.

Idea 5

If you are a seasonal eater, like we are, then you are so excited for warming, fall flavors and hearty filling food.

Idea 6

October is the time to start displaying and using all those gorgeous fall-textured throws. My favorite, without a doubt, are tartan and plaid throws.

Idea 7

I hope you have enjoyed all the things October holds.

October Is A Great Month To…