November Is A Great Month To…


November Is A Great Month To…

November is a month worth celebrating! Here are things to do and see and rejoice in. November is a great month to … read this post!

One of the nicest things you can do for yourself and others is to start a journal/diary/ gratitude journal etc!

Idea 1

Cross-holidation is a word I made up quite a long time ago. I’m sure you are very familiar with the concept of this word. It’s mashing up different holidays in a bad way.

Idea 2

The October edition of our Great Month Series has lots of ideas that would be perfect for November too.

Idea 3

It’s not too early to make a meal plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and any other gathering you will have over the holidays.

Idea 4

November is a great time to remove all my real and faux pumpkins, mums, and gourds. Then I decorate a few areas at a time with Christmas decor.

Idea 5

I gently reminded us to start our Christmas projects. If you are like me and have not started any projects yet, now is the time to get busy!

Idea 6

November is the month to make cookie dough and freeze it until you are ready to bake it. Oh, I love doing this; it’s so smart.

Idea 7

You don’t have to get out your big tree yet, but think about decorating a tabletop tree! These darling trees can have just as much impact as a big tree!

Idea 8

I usually save this tip for the New Year, but I’m getting the itch to be crafty. Maybe you are too.

Idea 9

Christmas cards are a wonderful holiday tradition. Buy cards now or take pictures for your Christmas cards and get them printed!

Idea 10

There are a lot of fun, meaningful, and productive things to do in November! So get busy and enjoy this glorious month!

November Is A Great Month To…