Little Wool Ball Acorn DIY


Little Wool Ball Acorn DIY

These little wool acorns are a fun and super easy fall craft. Cluster them together in a wooden bowl, add string to them to hang them up, or make a pretty garland. This is a must-make DIY.

Remove the caps from the acorns. If you are using faux acorns, there is a little trick for removing their real tops.

Tip 1

You can use the wool felt pom pom balls round, just as they are. They will make adorable chubby acorns. Or you can make them a bit more elliptical-shaped.

Tip 2

Put a good amount of glue in the cap of the acorn so it comes in contact with the wool balls. If the wool ball does not adhere, you may need more glue.

Tip 3

Grab a length of twine to make a loop hanger. I used baker’s twine. I used a rubber mat I keep the hot glue on and put the ends of the wine together.

Tip 4

Use these adorable to embellish fall branches. I hot-glued them to faux oak branches I have in a big urn. Find a great real or faux oak branch to glue these wooly acorns on.

Tip 5

Let’s celebrate the wonder and beauty of fall by making these funny and chic wool ball acorns.

Little Wool Ball Acorn DIY