July Is A Great Month To


July Is A Great Month To

Welcome July! As the weather heats up to sweltering proportions and the humidity is high, let’s make the most of July.

Show your love of the USA by celebrating the 4th Of July and flying your flag proudly! And let’s fly Old Glory more than the month of July!

Idea 1

Just because it is July, don’t stop refreshing your summer decor. Add a couple new pillows. Bring the outside indoors.

Idea 2

Why not take a clue from all the July vacationers and take a vacation. Or just stay at home and do nothing but relax and do what you like.

Idea 3

Okay, let’s start thinking about fall. Fall will be here sooner than you think! You will start to see fall decor, ideas, and projects right here in a few weeks.

Idea 4

July is the best excuse for splashing in the water! It’s certainly a fun way to beat the heat. Find an activity that has to do with water.

Idea 5

Lately, I’ve been thinking about starting a club with some of my friends. We live in an area that is overflowing with fun and educational things to do!

Idea 6

It is not too late to start a container garden. A container garden can reward you with three more months of beautiful blooms!

Idea 7

A recent big attraction in our home is the two new birdfeeders I got for Mother’s Day. We are having so much fun watching and feeding the birds.

Idea 8

How about you? What do you like doing in July? Please share!

July Is A Great Month To