How To Layer Decor In A Room


How To Layer Decor In A Room

Learning how to add layers of decor that work together is decorating gold. In this post you will get valuable tips for layering the rooms in your home like a pro.

I think one of the easiest ways to show you what I mean by keep layers simple is to look at my dining area table.

Tip 1

Don’t forget about flooring when you think of layers of decor. It grounds a room. My best advice is to keep flooring simple and in the background.

Tip 2

When we consider layering decor we need to think about walls and windows. Paint plays such a big role in the overall beauty of a room.

Tip 3

Furniture includes any of the foundational pieces that make a room functional. And when done right furniture makes a room attractive!

Tip 4

I am a self-professed embellishment queen! I love to make things pretty. And accent furniture and decor do just that.

Tip 5

I hope you have enjoyed learning about layering decor and will use it when you decorate!

How To Layer Decor In A Room